Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, White, Works with Alexa – 2-Pack

Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, White, Works with Alexa – 2-Pack

A compact plug-in indoor camera that lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone or Echo device. Get notifications whenever motion is detected.

What are ring indoor cam features?

  • Compact plug-in indoor camera that lets you see, hear and speak to people and pets from your phone, tablet, or select echo device.
  • Watch over your entire home by connecting one or multiple indoor cams to all your ring devices in the ring app.
  • With a ring protect plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 60 days, and share videos and photos.
  • With live view, you can check in on your home any time through the ring app.
  • Easily setup your indoor cam by plugging into a standard outlet and connecting to wi-fi.
  • Place on a flat surface or mount to a wall with the versatile mounting bracket.
  • For added peace of mind, pair with alexa to help you keep an eye on your home.
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Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, White, Works with Alexa – 2-Pack AMAZON

A compact plug-in indoor camera that lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone or Echo device. Get notifications whenever motion is detected.

Looking for specific info?

Can you download the app on a tablet or desktop? Must you only use a cellphone?

Same discovery as howard stated above. The current software in these cams, it doesn’t not appear on my windows 10 ring app on my computer. It appears fine on my android phone, but i pretty much do everything on my computer. I’m at work at home cybersecurity engineer, so i like to see everything on my computer. I have 2 spotlight cams (over garage and one over the backyard) 2 of these indoor cams in my house (1st floor) and the ring doorbell. I can see everything but the indoor cams that cover my 1st floor of the house.

I have read via threads and forums though that the software is going to update this year sometime and they will eventually appear in the windows 10 app on your computer systems, so that is a plus. The ring devices check for updates themselves over your wifi network, so i’m assuming they will update themselves at one point and they will appear on my windows 10 app one day soon. I’m hoping…it’s one of the main reasons i got these. I want to be able to monitor and check on my three dogs on the first floor of the house, while i’m working in my office on the second floor.

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Does it require any sort of subscription?

You don’t need the $100 a year option if this is the only ring device you own, you can have all of the features for $30 a year. I had until i purchased this one three devices doorbell, driveway wired motion light and a battery-powered spotlight for the backyard. I paid for the three cameras $30 each for a year. Now with my fourth one, i’ll upgrade to the $100 option for the year.

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Is it possible to store captures locally to a nas?

You can store them to nas not directly though. You need to purchase their plan either $3/month per camera or $10/month for unlimited cameras. If you have either plan you can download them from the cloud and store them on your nas. I don’t know what amazon stockholder was talking about as it was stated that you can access, download, and share past ring videos. Also amazon stockholder would be completely incorrect with his reply.

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Can the unit be hung from the ceiling with corrected orientation?

You have the ability to change the orientation in the app if you hang it upside down.

Can this be placed near a window to look outside?


great question! You can place the indoor cam near a window. To avoid getting window reflection at night, we recommend to toggle off the infrared lights for night vision which is located under video settings in the ring app. Please note that it might reduce visibility in low light.

Thank you,
kale from ring

What is the length of the electrical cord?


great question! The cord provided measures 6.56 ft long.

If you have any additional questions, please visit us at ring.com/help or by emailing us at help@ring.com

thank you,
alexis at ring

Can these be used outdoors on a covered patio?

Yes! It works perfectly in my covered patio

What kind of cord does it have?

It’s a micro-usb cord to the unit and the other end is a north america outlet plug.

Is there a monthly fee for the camera?

Each device is $3 a month if you want to keep the cloud storage. If you have 4 or more devices, you can upgrade to the $10 a month plan and that covers unlimited devices – it’s a great deal. I have 4 cameras and a ring doorbell and will be buying more.

If you have wifi at home, do you need to have your wifi turned on your phone to receive notices and videos ?

No, you do not need to have your phones wifi turned on to receive notices and view videos. But, you will incur data charges to view the videos if you are not logged onto wifi: unless you have an unlimited data plan.

Como se conecta con el cell?

Can it transmit to multiple mobile phones on the ring app simultaneously?

When will this be available in black since you discontinued the black stick up cam?


ring will offer the indoor cam in black at a later date.

Thank you,
kale from ring

Does it come with power cord?

The indoor camera uses a/c power only, a power cord is included. It’s not very long, maybe 5-6 feet in length.

Does the ring camera work with fire tv.

Yes, it does. I have a firetv 4k model. You download the alexa app on your phone, and add the ring skill. Then you can say, ‘show me my front door’ on your remote control and the tv shows live footage.

In the picture of the app showing multiple cameras, are those live feeds or do you need to click on each one?

You can set them to turn on with motion ; tell them to take a snapshot on a time interval. But does not record 24/7

Can this be plugged into 220 vac ?


the indoor cam can be plugged into a standard indoor power outlet ranging from 100-240v (50/60hz).

Thank you,
kale from ring

La cámara es conectada a electricidad


the ring indoor cam is powered by a 6.56-foot power cord.

Thank you,
alexis at ring

Does this camera have the ability to be manually tilted if its mounted high up? Or is it fixed on the base?

If by manually you mean you move it by hand yes. It seems to tilt up or down 20° and side to side 45°

Is there continuous recording?


no, the ring indoor cam does not record continuously. Depending on your notification settings, you will be notified when your camera detects motion in your home. You can customize your notification settings in the ring app. If you miss an alert and have a ring protect subscription plan, you can view the recording of the activity later via the ring app on your smartphone. Videos are saved to your ring account for 60 days (in the us).

If you have any additional questions, please visit us at ring.com/help or by emailing us at help@ring.com.

Thank you,
danielle from ring

For 24/7 feature, does it have any service charge? Like service plan?

After the 30 day trial you will bees to subscribe to a plan. Basic is one camera for $3 mo/$30 year or for all cameras $10 mo/ $100 year

Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, White, Works with Alexa – 2-Pack AMAZON

A compact plug-in indoor camera that lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone or Echo device. Get notifications whenever motion is detected.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Big fan for anxious doggo

Using this as a dog cam in my new home. My rescue doesn’t love being left home alone, but we place these by the door and in our main living space to watch and monitor him so we best know how he’s getting used his new space. Love that it doesn’t make a shutter sound every time you open up the app and that it can withstand staying on for all hours. He gets really triggered (so smart!) when he sees me touching his old dog cam, and it would make a sound that would scare him. He’s quite comfortable with these and my parents use it at their house too. Recommend!

5Expert Score
Not a bad little camera for the bedroom

Overall it works well, alerts me if anyone walks into my bedroom (mostly my dogs) but the notifications are nice though i had to set the times when i’m home and when i’m gone so it doesn’t constantly alert me that i’m in my own bedroom, the app works easy enough though it would only cones with a 30 day subscription however it connected right away to my wifi router so no problems there. Overall i’m pleased

5Expert Score
Peekaboo i see you

The simplest camera i’ve every used. Setup installation connecting multiple devices everything was great. Cords are a little annoying but for the price and for the proformance and simplicity it worth it. The app is straightforward and easy. So go for it.

5Expert Score
Great camera!

Great little camera that’s super easy to set up and has an easy to use app for smartphones that you can view your live video feed from anywhere. Wifi is required. Gives me great peace of mind knowing my home is video and audio protected now while i’m at work and i’ll be buying more soon!

5Expert Score

Don’t dislike anything about it. Pictures the camera takes is fantastic. Motion detection is good. Use for at home as a security camera. No problems.

5Expert Score
Landed a perp

Updated review
a criminal who had been released from jail on probation because covid, robbed my garage 2 nights in a row. I got a crisp and clear video, posted to the ring app, other neighbors checked their video and found the same man on their property, the police were involved immediately and the perp was taken back to jail.

From the press release of our local pd:

‘on 5/11/20, [city] police department patrol responded to a residential burglary that occurred the night before. The victim had left their garage door open and went for a walk around the neighborhood. During that time, from about 8 pm to 8:30 pm, an unknown subject later identified as [nam,e] entered the garage, rummaged through the cars and stole the victim’s mountain bike. While [name] was in the garage, the victim’s family was at home in the house.

When the victim realized his bike had been stolen, he checked his ring camera video and saw that the suspect had been inside his garage. He posted the video onto the ring camera neighborhood app, warning others in the area.
Many community members had seen the video of the suspect and had been in contact with the [city] police street crimes unit (scu). Scu and pros (post release offender supervision) detectives along with patrol officers began looking for the suspect.

This was an excellent example of the community working together to put a criminal back into jail.

A review of the [city] superior court website shows that [name] has prior convictions for stealing a vehicle, robbery, using pepper spray to commit a violent felony, being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of narcotics. [name] is currently on pros/ab109 and was in custody and had recently been released from jail on may 8th by probation due to covid-19 concerns.’

for a $60 camera, this was a great investment.

Original review
i had 5 of the amazon cloud cams, purchased about 18 months ago. Amazon then acquired ring and blink, and discontinued the cloud cams, although they still provide support (for now).

I needed two new cameras, so i went with the ring. Primarily because i heard nothing negative about the security, as opposed to wyze. However, ring has some real downsides relative to the amazon cloud cams.

1. More latency.
I have great wifi. I have multiple wi-fi mesh routers throughout the house with no dead spots. Still have to wait ~5-7 seconds to connect to live view. Cloud cams was 3-5 seconds.
2. No zoom
i could tap and zoom on cloud cams. Can’t do that with ring.
3. No live view via web browser.
Apparently you can download an app on windows 10, but i’m on a mac and wonder why i can’t view the video in a browser. I could go with cloud cams.
4. I can’t see multiple cameras at once.
With cloud cam, i could stream audio and video from all five cameras at once over the web. It was great. Having to switch between cameras, one at a time, and having to wait 5-7 seconds per camera, is a big downside.

I get that amazon needed to simplify its product portfolio after their two most recent acquisitions in this space, but it’s a shame the cloud cam isn’t sold anymore. It was a superior product offering in this space.

Design, packaging, ease of setup, and from what i can understand, security is all excellent in ring, and i have no complaints. The app, in spite of the one camera at a time limitation, is well-designed too.

*** updated 3-jan-2020 ***
i found the rapid ring app. It works in conjunction with the regular ring app. Rapid ring has limited functionality, but it does everything i need. Somehow, it manages to reduce latency to connect to the cameras. When i pull up the rapid ring app, i can connect to anyone of my cameras in <1 second. The app will also continuously reconnect to the camera after the 5 minute timeout period, so i can stream a camera indefinitely. I have upgraded my review to 4 stars. If ring ever develops a generic web interface to view all cameras simultaneously, i will give 5 stars.

5Expert Score
Loving it so far!

I was informed by my neighbors that i had someone peaking into my windows. I decided to get a security camera and didn’t want that would be outside for fear of it being stolen. I got this indoor camera to just set in my main window. It has done amazing! It was also super easy to set up; both the camera and app. It picks up people and vehicles in the street and the pictures don’t seem too bad either! The low night review is only because my window makes it hard to see at night, but the camera still picks up activity. I will purchasing a couple more later!

5Expert Score
Fun and easy to setup and use

Great for any purpose. Speaker built in is fun to use, we use it for our dog. Would buy more ring products after trying this!

5Expert Score
Great addition to my ring set up

I use this to watch my dogs. Easy to install, great video quality at night as well.

5Expert Score
Cameras work well..

Cameras work well.. The delay in some of the motion detection, quality of night vision and especially the slightly subpar picture quality may be due to my wifi rather than the units.
I was so pleased i purchased a second pair….and am about to buy a third as well as a pair of exterior spotlights for wither side of the house.

4Expert Score
Very worthwhile but not perfect

I am able to check on my wife in her hospital bed while i am in a different part of the house or possibly out of the house. The night vision is barely adequate but it is functional. The day view is very good. The motion detection usually works but just like my front door camera, it doesn’t capture all movements and sometimes records when there is no motion.
Even so, i would buy it again. It was very easy to install.

4Expert Score
Security is good, always

Security cameras are the new normal. This camera works fantastic, so i can keep à eye on things

4Expert Score
Works well with wide angle lens, but i sorta wish i had a gimbled camera now.

This camera works well and provides a very wide area view, but i wish i had a gimbled camera now with zoom capability.

4Expert Score
Doesn’t work with captive wifi!

If you are in an apartment that requires you to have a first-level wifi password and then takes you to another login page where you enter another username and password, this will not work! I don’t think this is any fault of ring or the product, (which is why i still gave 4 stars) as “captive wifi” is designed to be difficult to get into, but definitely something to be aware of! I bought this and didn’t know and now i can’t use it to check in on my fur babies 🙁

4Expert Score
Works on 220 v/50 hz

The product description and q&a led me to believe that the the cameras would not work on european voltages. I called ring customer support to ask about that, and they told me that the camera doesn’t care about the line voltage, as it is powered by a usb cable. They said that as long as i had a usb power adapter that produced the same output as the one that comes with the camera, it would work.
In fact, the power adapter that came with the cameras was for 110-220v/50-60 cycles, so there was no problem at all. See the picture i uploaded.
I downgraded the overall rating, even though i awarded five stars for the night vision, motion detection and picture quality i was a bit disappointed in the vertical field of the picture. I had to mount the cameras at about waist height. If i put them on top of a bookcase or other tall furniture, i would not be able to monitor the lower half of a glass door or a staircase coming up from a lower floor.

4Expert Score
Great for the price!

Worked great in my indoor dog area for potty training two dogs at once!

4Expert Score
Good replacement for nest

I am already on the ring plan with multiple devices, so purchasing this to replace a nest was an easy switch. With nest, i didn’t want to pay for their plan to be able to see historical video. I get that with ring for free as i already have multiple devices on the plan. The video quality is the same or better than the nest. I am very comfortable with the app already, so no learning curve there. If you already have the ring plan paying for multiple devices, why purchase any other indoor camera?

4Expert Score
Subscription required

I love these cameras, they’re great. I use them in place of baby monitors in my toddlers room. The only thing i wasn’t crazy about was having to pay for a subscription to record but it’s fine. I also wish i could better tune my notifications but the camera itself is a gem with 2 way talking and it’s night vision is awesome. The picture quality is one of the best i’ve seen so far.

4Expert Score
Works good

At first, the videos were fuzzy and kept freezing. Working better

4Expert Score
Learn this before u get mad with it

If u don’t place in a specific spot or mount it any movement will set u off annoyed me for a month till i researched n learn to lower motion settings and lower the aim box (peripheral gets smaller)

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