Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd generation)

Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd generation)

Yakibest.com: Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd generation) : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are ring plug-in adapter 2nd generation features?

  • Plug your ring video doorbell into a standard indoor outlet for 24/7 power and protection, even if your home doesn’t have existing doorbell wires.
  • Plug-in adapter installs in minutes and keeps your doorbell powered without hardwired installation or taking batteries out to recharge them. For video doorbell 2, video doorbell 3, video doorbell 3 plus and video doorbell 4 insert the doorbell’s rechargeable, quick release battery pack. Plug-in adapter will keep the battery charged inside the doorbell.
  • Includes a 10-foot cable with clips and comes with built-in short circuit protection.
  • Connects to standard indoor power outlets only.
  • Compatible with video doorbell – 2020 release, video doorbell, video doorbell 2, video doorbell 3, video doorbell 3 plus, video doorbell 4, video doorbell wired, video doorbell pro, video doorbell pro 2
  • Power input: 100-240v ac, 50/60hz, 0.5a / power output: 24v dc, 0.5a, 12.0w
  • Dimensions: 2.8in (7cm) x 2.2in (5.5cm) x 1.5in (3.7cm)
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Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd generation) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd generation) : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Compre el kit del transformador ¿necesito una resistencia además del transformador

No,yo compre el adaptador y lo único al rin y este a la electricidad y ya funciona

Question for ring, can it be plugged into an outdoor covered outlet? Answers to this question here are conflicting.

The only way we can answer this is … If we had an outdoor covered outlet available we would definitely plug in our ring plug-in adapter there instead of accessing an indoor plug through the wall.

Will it work wireless camera

What type…. If the setup requires it then i say yes call the manufacture

Is this safe to ran under the door ? Will lightning strike it? Is it safe and will not start a fire ?

It is never a good idea to run a wire under your door. Don’t listen to them saying it’s safe.

Does the plug end of the adapter removable to install through a wall

I think what you’re asking is how to string the wire. After you drill the hole, string it from the inside, pushing the small end that plugs into the doorbell (not the adapter end) through the wall to the doorbell, then plug the adapter into the wall.

Can i buy extra cameras to link to my video. Doorbell


If i buy the adapter this will work for a apartment wirh no doorbell ?

Yes it should. I bought the ring doorbell for my backyard and this plug in adapter so i wouldn’t have to worry about the battery dying. It has worked very well with the ring doorbell. You will need to hide or drill through a wall to plug into an outlet on the inside.

It doesn’t say but will this work with an indoor/outdoor ring stick up camera?

It works with the ‘ ring doorbell wired’ camera. It replaces the doorbell wiring that you would normally use.

Is this supposed to keep the battery charged 100%? I started at 100%, and shows as hard wired, but the battery is down to 50% today. Is it defective?

According to ring support: “unlike a purely hardwired ring doorbell such as the ring doorbell pro, a battery-operated doorbell does not use the electricity generated by the hardwire to power its regular operations. Instead it uses the provided rechargeable battery to do all of its regular operations like ring, detect motion, and generate a live view. The charge from the hardwiring supplies a trickle-charge to the battery.” it is not defective

Is this adapter compatible with the new ring video doorbell pro 2?

Is this adapter compatible with the new ring video doorbell pro 3 plus?

Is in-line resistor still required?

I used the resistor that came with my ring on my existing chime door bell

Does it connect to the usb charger?

No, if there is one like that it’s not the one i have. It just plugs into an outlet.

Will this work on 1st generation non wired ring doorbell?

This adapter works with video doorbell 2020 release, video doorbell 2, video doorbell 3, video doorbell plus, video doorbell 4, video doorbell pro, video doorbell pro 2. I hope this helps you.

Ring doorbell adapter is not working according to ring technical team. Could adapter be faulty

Test the adapter with a meter to see what voltage the adapter is producing.

Will this adapter work with gen 1 ring alarm base station?

No, this adapter is only for doorbells that are not wired. Was extremely easy to install, i mention it just in case you eventually have the need to power a battery powered doorbell. Wish i could attach pictures but it only allows videos. My best suggestion is to try to trade-in your 1st gen base & get the 2nd gen (which comes with a power adapter), honestly the newest base does not have many good reviews. Hope this helps & that you find a quick solution for your issue with the base.

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Can you hear the doorbell ring inside the house.?

If youre ring doorbell is paired to your alexa devices(or cell phone) and connected to a home network, alexa will announce each time the doorbell is pressed. Otherwise u might need a ring chime.

How do i check if it’s actually charging the battery? Does the ring app change power source?

There’s no battery. This adapter plug directly into the wall outlet and will have constant power. I had to use an extension cord because my outlet was pretty far away. I was able to run it along the floor so it looks neat . I have not had a single issue with this adapter

How long is the cord?

10 feet. Buy extra extension cord if not enough.

Do they have a cable longer than 10-foot?

No they do not, sorry.

Is it normal for plug to get extremely hot for touch for a minute and then back to normal?

Contact ring, i think my plug didn’t do same thing

Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd generation) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd generation) : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Finally. Count this as a winner.

I have the ring doorbell 4. The battery drains fairly quickly if you use any settings other than default. I tried the ring solar mount. Bad mistake. Tried the wasserstein solar mount. Better, even charged a few points a day. But still had to change the battery eventually. Now the power adapter. Finally. Been using it for 3 weeks now and haven’t gone below 90% charge. It doesn’t charge continuously, which is odd, but it charges for sure. I’m more than pleased with this purchase. I’ve read that cold weather will effect the ability to charge sufficiently, will just have to see. I’m sure there will be some deteriorating charge. But when you chose to use a battery you have to expect to charge it sooner or later. Right now it’ll be much later.

5Expert Score
Excellent charger and wire length for a ring camera.

Ring door video/button is handy. This charger allows the use of the ring push button while maintaining the internal chime button that am used to. I find that very worthwhile.

5Expert Score
Best solution

Great product same price as a transformer but easier and cheaper to install.

5Expert Score
Todo bien

Funciona bien

5Expert Score
Perfect product and price

Works perfectly as expected

5Expert Score
It does it’s job

Needed it for the ring doorbell and it does what it’s supposed to do.

5Expert Score
Our ring doorbell finally works.

Bought a ring wired pro doorbell and hooked it up in place of our old mechanical doorbell but it went on and off as it pleased saying it didn’t get enough power from the transformer.

After accepting i’d never be able to find the transformer i finally caved and wired this through the wall. Camera works nonstop finally.

5Expert Score
A great item

It’s a perfect item nonproblem instal the item plus it helps with people coming to the door as well as walk by.

5Expert Score
Need this with certain models

Good purchase needed it for the kind of camera i got.

5Expert Score
No more changing batteries

Easy to install. Works well as expected

4Expert Score
Installation should be more specific specially for each type of doorbell

I rated installation 3 stars not because it is not easy because to install, it is basically super easy (the problem relies on the base mount on the [doorbell2] that does not have an opening to get the cable out without crushing the cable and ruining it and instructions are too general instead of being specific to each doorbell that is supposed to work with.

So here is what i had to do:
1. Dismount camera & connect cable to the camera. (super easy to do & if working the light wil change to a permanent white color)

2. Since i live on a rented apartment, i am not allowed to drill holes, specially in the back porch door [metal one], and had to figure out how to make the cable extend out of the mount without crushing it & ruining the cable.

3. Did my due diligence & researched for compatible mounts to see if one had an opening but found none, called ring support to see if they could help me with more info or suggestions, but there are not mounts available for my needs, when asked if i could drill a hole on the mount they said it would not invalidate the warranty as long as camera was not affected.

4. Decided not to drill because bottom edge of the 45° mount is too thin, so i used my soldering kit [set at 250° f] to begin marking where i needed to create a space to have the cable exit without damage. After a while the plastic melted to where i needed to create the space without ruining the mount and was able to use a round file to clean the edges. [tha did the job & cable was able to exit out of mount without any damages]

5. Double checked on the app & camera was recording and detecting motion [as a matter of fact the video looks better that when you have a battery pack only] double checked the battery still installed on the camera [you can locate info under device health tab] and it was chargin it (went from 50% to 63% in less than 30 mins)

6. Placee camera back on the mount & was done with installation.

If ring would have provided a different mount for my doorbell 2, this would have been a less than 5 mins installation, that being said it took me a while to figure out my options, call ring support, call amazon to end up deciding what to do.

Pros: overall the cable does what it is meant to do, will charge your battery pack, and video output looks better than before. The installation process it is super easy [unscrew 4 smaller screws on the mount, attach black & red cables to the back of the camera (do not overtighten please] and presto! Camera should work without any issues.

Cons: if you have a doorbell 2 like me, and have very few options of installation like me you’ll need to figure out a way to make the cable exit from the mount without damaging it.

Overall: im happy that the cable works and gives me peace of mind that i won’t be needing to change a battery pack every few days (my back porch is a high traffic area) and it works as describes. Would have rated 5 stars if i didn’t had to go the extra mile to install the cable.

Note: i know that there is a solar panel exists for my type of camera but it does not help when the camera is inside an enclosed screened porch & it is located where it does not get direct sunglight at any time of the day. My back porch is facing north & does not get direct sunglight at all, plus my hoa will not allow the bigger solar panel placed outside of my porch. Any questions feel free to respond to my review if you are allowed to do so. [not sure if you can]
happy shopping! & do your research before buying.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Not easy to maintain

Ring adapters are great once set up, but if anything happens or changes, the work that goes into getting everything set up again is too much. If/when i go to another security system, it won’t be ring because of the amount of time with maintenance with the batteries and such.

4Expert Score
Only issue is the cord length

The older version of the plug in adapter had a 20′ cord and this 2nd generation only has 10′. It’s my only con with 2nd generation as i really appreciate the lower profile and reduced weight of the power block.

4Expert Score
Works as advertised, but the length is a little short

I’m using this power sully for my ring doorbell (2020 version) and it works exactly as it’s supposed to. I bought this genuine ring branded power supply over the 3rd-party brands to make sure i get a reliable product, but i do wish it also had the wire length of the other brands – 10 feet of wire was a little short for my requirements, so i had to solder in some extensions in order for it to reach my ring doorbell’s location.

4Expert Score
Ring ac adapter

After several different attempts of waiting/ordering/receiving the wrong product,, this is what i needed (not the power pack kit). Once i received the adapter, we connected the ring power and tada – the doorbell was fully operational.

4Expert Score
Just what i needed for my wire ring after moving into a new home without a doorbell wire.

I moved to a new home that didn’t have a traditional wired doorbell, so i wasn’t able to hook up my ring wired doorbell. Luckily i have a plug outlet just outside my front door and the cord was just long enough to go from the socket to my ring doorbell. It worked perfectly and now i can use my wired ring doorbell again in my new home. I was able to run the cord underneath the front door and up the wall to the ring. I think this is a great product but for many i think the cord will not be long enough to reach their outlets. I wouldn’t want to have to splice wires to extend this or drill holes in the wall, so taking away one star for lack of convenience.

4Expert Score
Short cord

Ok so i have a wired doorbell but after look up everything and thinking id need to replace a transformer and all that i rent an apartment so i decided to get this and so glad i did installed the ring i have a plug close but i guess not close enough lol i had to use a execution cord that’s why 4 and not 5 stars out of the 10foot cord unless you have a outlet right below were its installed u will need a execution cord ‘why such a short cord’ other then that it made installation so ez and when i move i can uninstall it ez as well i did drill a hole thru the wall to feed the cord thru and 2 screws so ez for those who cant drill there are ez ways

4Expert Score
Ring is ok

Motion sensor is tricky and takes time to adjust

4Expert Score
Good item


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