Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack

Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack

Yakibest.com: Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are ring rechargeable battery pack features?

  • Works with ring video doorbell 3, video doorbell 3 plus, video doorbell 4, peephole cam, stick up cam battery (2nd and 3rd gen), spotlight cam battery, and smart lighting solar floodlight.
  • Powers your device for up to six months depending on motion and light settings.
  • Includes a quick-release tab to easily change the battery without moving the device.
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Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

How long the battery last?

I’ve had my stick up camera for a month now and still at 87% charge. I check the live few a couple times a day. I don’t have the color night vision turned on and with the street light the picture quality it still great. I don’t have much traffic as the camera faces my driveway. Just twice a day when i leave for work and come home and the occasional delivery i get. I have most of the my setting turned down as to not use battery life as fast. The animals don’t set it off but someone walking through my yard will – which is exactly how i want it. The cold weather will make the battery die faster so if you live in a northern state that stays colder longer in the winter vs north carolina where i live, you definitely want a second battery for the winter time. The picture quality on the stick up cam is amazing. I’m gonna purchase 3 more to put on the other sides of my house. The instructions tell you if you have it set to high quality or allow for a lot of motion to cause a lot of alerts it will kill the battery a lot faster. I’m not sure why other people on here are “shocked” that using it all the time would cause the battery to run out faster. Just make sure your settings are what you want and have a backup. I’ll edit my post when the battery finally dies and we will see how long it takes.

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Does this come with the charging cable?

It does come with a usb cable to charge the battery. In addition, i purchased a second battery, so i always have a quick replacement. The additional battery also came with a charging cable.

Okay, if i charge a second battery, do i have to keep it on the charger or can i leave it in the box unplugged after charging till needed?

I read the ring team’s january 2020 answer that the battery can sit in the box for a few months unplugged after charging it. I did exactly that, and when i took the battery out of the box, it had discharged. It took more than 24 hours to recharge it. This has happened with both of the batteries (the one that came with ring 3 plus, and the one that i bought as a reserve). I bought the second (reserve) battery to put into the ring to minimize ‘downtime’ on the ring device on my door. The ring team reply seems erroneous.

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Does this battery fit the video camera?

Yes, it will fit the spotlight cam. But don’t buy it from here. It’s only $29.00 on the ring website.

How long to recharge the battery?

It takes at least 5-6 hours. I own 5 batteries and all are consistent with those charging times.

Need more information about product

If it’s hard wired then that means your able to plug into a electrical socket. So, yes then it would stay on. No need to use batteries.

I am sorry is this the charger or it is a charger with a rechargeable battery? If this is only the charger where can i buy just the battery?

This is the rechargeable battery. Batteries are charged with a usb cord, which comes with the spotlight cam. Always good to have a backup battery. Batteries can be bought directly from ring.com.

Will this battery fit the the original ring doorbell?

I have a ring 2 and it works fine.

Is this compatible with the ring video doorbell 3?

I don’t think so. But i would check the ring website to be sure.

Will this battery work withring wi-fi enabled video doorbell?

This battery works with the ring video doorbell 2. If you have the original ring video doorbell this battery will not work. The original ring has a non-removable battery. Which is why i had to sell my original ring and get the second generation. My doorbell wiring is located behind a bush, and all the ring saw was the bush. So having a rechargeable battery was my selling point, but i hated having to take it down once a month and recharge it. With the 2nd gen ring i don’t have to take it down. Just pop a charged battery in, and recharge the depleted one.

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Whats the date on the battery looks like 2018

Occasion. Same as far as i know!

Will the rechargeable ring doorbell work without sny sun light

Hi kathy , this is a cute question .
The batteries require electricity to charge if you don’t have a solar panel connected to your ring floodlight 🙂
it just charges up like your cell phone, the battery comes with its own recharging cord .
The app will.let you know whe. The battery is low and in need of recharging , its best to have 2 batteries this way you always have a battery ready to go in so your camera will work

Will it work with video camera 2?

I am not sure. I have ring doorbell 3

I don’t need the batteries can i buy just the charger?

The solar charger is sold separately and you can purchase it. It attaches to the wall mount base. The regular rechargeable batteries are charged through a usb cable to any usb charging device. Note the solar charger will not eliminate manual recharging, it only extends the time between recharges. How much it extends the time is dependent on many factors, how much video your recording, outside temperature, time of the year, etc.

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How do you adjust the ring doorbell for night vision?

Night vision has no adjustment that i know of. The light sensor in the camera turns on night vision automatically and will produce a black and white image due to the fact that infrared sensors cannot reproduce color.

How come when i’m set up with direct connect i still have to charge the battery?

I would assume charging a battery is separate from anything else. I’m no expert.

My hardwired loses connection what do i need to do

Check the wiring connections first to make sure they’re secure. I highly advise putting a dab of dielectric waterproof grease on the outside connections – it prevents oxidation. If you have a volt meter, check the line to make sure you’re getting sufficient voltage. Check connections on the power transformer also.

Why is my order of batteries taking so long? I need them now for my security system!

Probably because they’re coming from china ‍

How do the batteries fare in the cold/ winter?

Not so great. A fully charged battery was almost depleted in about 2-3 weeks during cold weather (30 degrees f and below)

It is a charger or it is a camera?

It is the battery for the doorbell/camera. Useful to have an extra battery so you can swap out without waiting to recharge.

Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great rechargeable battery!

We used to live on a busy street and the ring would go off constantly. Two batteries in the device would last a week tops. Would have loved the solar panel, but we were renting and that’s a no-go.

Now we bought a place in a quieter neighborhood and the ring actives much less frequently. Two batteries in the device have been going strong for over 8 weeks now, and they’re the same two that i bought back in 2016.

So if you have an issue with battery life, it may not be the battery.

5Expert Score
Great back up!

I purchased this so that i would have a second battery to rotate when the other died. I didn’t want to be without my ring until the battery charged. This works so well and works for just as long on a full charge as the battery that came in the box with my ring. Worth it!

5Expert Score
Comes with 2 batteries…a must have for back up batteries, charged & ready to use!

Easy to use. Just plug in and it starts the charging. When the lighted dots quit flashing and are a solid lighted set of dots they are ready. Great to have a replacement ready the moment your current battery in your cam drains! Very useful product!

5Expert Score
Avoid down time

So glad i bought these because i avoid the down time it takes to recharge batteries i just removed from my ring camera. Instead i’m bringing a new battery to the cam and replacing the drained one right away. I’m all about saving time and making things easier yo!

5Expert Score
Long life in the elements!

What i love about these ring batteries is they have a long life once they a charged. I have two of them on my camera, and i would recommend getting two. During the summer they lasted two and half months without a charge. During winter, they will last about 45 days. Of course that depends on your climate. Where i live we get very cold winters.

5Expert Score
Easy to install.

Battery is easy to replace. The ring doesn’t pick up all motion and the night vision doesn’t make it easy to see.

5Expert Score
Prefect video doorbell 2 replacement

Not the precise exact battery at original but i have not had any issues with fitting charging and longevity. Go ahead and use for your video doorbell 2!!

5Expert Score
Good to have on hand

I don’t know how long the batteries run on this door bell yet but i’m glad i have back up charging when needed. I ended up with 3 batteries i ordered 2 and one cam with the door bell (didn’t know that) but i’m sure they will get use

5Expert Score
Ring doorbell

I like to have a fully charged extra battery to install in the ring doorbell when it runs down.

5Expert Score
We need a new one

Our ring product which is the doorbell which is hardwired with starting not to work it was acting defective.
I discovered even though it’s hardwired when the batteries get defective the whole thing doesn’t work so we had to purchase a new battery it’s all working good now the batteries cost almost as much as of new unit

4Expert Score
The batteries work good but they have to make them so they will light last longer

The batteries work good but they have to make them so they will light last longer. I use mine for a cabin that i’m away for 3 to 6 months at a time and the batteries last a maximum of three months so my ring doorbell is useless when the batteries don’t last long i put a solar power station in but that didn’t work good either so i live with it but it does have its drawbacks

4Expert Score
Seems okay. Charge time listed in my review

No issues with the seller or shipping speed. That all was 5 stars!

I just received a notification that the battery is at 30%. I installed it at a full charge 2.5 weeks ago. I have my motion turned up to ultra-sensitive as well, though.
Hope this gives you an idea of charge time.

I’m concerned because we aren’t even experiencing cold weather to impact the battery life yet. We will see how it goes in the long run. The battery that came with my ring doorbell purchase lasted for years, and the time in between those battery charges seems to have been longer….

If i let the battery drain down some more, i will update you with that information.

4Expert Score
Charges my ring doorbell

I like that it works as advertised but like most batteries, they get used up. Not all at once but eventually and then you have to replace them with recharged ones. It works but i would recommend getting wired connections instead of rechargeable batteries if you don’t want to keep changing them all the time.

4Expert Score
Handy but expensive

I like it. It’s handy to have extra. But man its expensive. And i don’t like expensive. So -1 star.

4Expert Score
Works great but doesn’t last too long on rong doorbell

Easy to use

4Expert Score
Finally the right one

Took forever to find right battery

4Expert Score
Happy to have another battery. Only one came with the camera.

Very easy to charge. Don’t have to wait to charge the battery.

4Expert Score
Stick with the stock orange cords.

I bought two of these chargers. I thought i would like them better than having multiple orange charge cords because i am anal.
However, no matter which batteries i drop in the charger it’s never 100% charged. At first i thought i had a bad battery. Then i found it was this charger. Some of my batteries only get 4 out of 5 on the light meter. Some show 5 lights and being fully charged until i put them in camera. Usually 90-95% is all i get.

My batteries will charge to 100% with the orange factory cord.

I went back to the orange cords.

4Expert Score

Serves its purpose good security, great 3rd eye.

4Expert Score
One star due to charging station

This purchase included the charging station and two batteries. For some reason, i can’t just review the charging station. I put two batteries in it overnight and they discharged. One was dead and one was at 3% in the morning. I gave them over 10 hours to charge. Using only the supplied usb charging wire for the battery i am now slow charging one while another seems to be correctly charging in the battery charging station. These are 100% ring products. I would give five stars for these products if there wasn’t this little issue. Easy fix, but annoying. I may return the charging station. The batteries that came with the cameras fit looser than the ones i just got with this charger. The ones i just got fit snuggly.

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