Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings – 12 Pack, 2 Sizes for Different Band Widths – Silicone Ring Size Adjuster – Invisible Ring Guards for Women and Men by 5 STARS UNITED

Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings – 12 Pack, 2 Sizes for Different Band Widths – Silicone Ring Size Adjuster – Invisible Ring Guards for Women and Men by 5 STARS UNITED

Buy Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings – 12 Pack, 2 Sizes for Different Band Widths – Silicone Ring Size Adjuster – Invisible Ring Guards for Women and Men by 5 STARS UNITED: Jewelry Sizers & Mandrels – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are ring sizer adjuster for loose rings – 12 pack features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • One pack includes – 12 ring guards for loose rings, a silver polishing cloth, and instructions. There are two different sizes: 2 and 3 mm in diameter. Spacers have a hoop design and are made of soft tpu material. Adjusters reduce rings by two ring sizes at the most. Sizers fit both men’s and women’s rings
  • Ring sizers for loose rings are perfect – for those whose ring size fluctuates from season to season, or finger is a lot slimmer than knuckle. Ring guard is a must have for anyone who lost some weight, or simply bought the wrong size. Ring spacer is beneficial because it is easy to put on, is comfortable, and does not damage the ring
  • Super easy to use – place the first hoop around the bottom of the ring and twist to secure. Wrap the spacer to form more loops. Use as many as you need. Cut off the excess. It can be easy to use too many hoops, making the ring tighter. Tightener is easy to apply, is completely invisible, and can even connect multiple rings
  • Keep rings safe & secure – the ring adjuster for loose rings only temporarily changes the size, making ring smaller without resizing and damaging it. Jewelry ring size adjuster is a great choice for your wedding and engagement rings. With this ring resizer you can feel secure your rings will not slip off by accident
  • Safe for all skin types – ring spacers are gentle and soft. They are perfect for those who has sensitive skin. They do not move around, hold water in, and do not irritate or rub your skin. Your rings will stay in place perfectly. Ring tightener for loose rings is comfortable and affordable alternative to having rings resized
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Ring sizer adjuster for loose rings – 12 pack details:

Product dimensions

6.3 x 3.58 x 0.31 inches

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Item weight

0.352 ounces




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Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings – 12 Pack, 2 Sizes for Different Band Widths – Silicone Ring Size Adjuster – Invisible Ring Guards for Women and Men by 5 STARS UNITED AMAZON

Buy Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings – 12 Pack, 2 Sizes for Different Band Widths – Silicone Ring Size Adjuster – Invisible Ring Guards for Women and Men by 5 STARS UNITED: Jewelry Sizers & Mandrels – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

How do you put the adjuster on?

Hi, thank you for your question. Please, follow the next steps or check the video instructions.
1) place the first loop on the ring
2) gently twist the adjuster around the ring
3) try on the ring to ensure it fits comfortably, and then cut off the excess adjuster material

How long these last and can i use them in water?

I have been using them for over 1 week now and i do not remove my rings before showering or putting them in water. They are in water at least 5 – 8 times per day. Holding up very well , happy with my purchase so far. My friend showed me hers so i ordered them as she loved them and recomended them because of the quality.

Do they work to adjust a ring down about 3 sizes (i.e. From 7 down to 4)?

Honestly, i used it only to adjust from 5.5 to 4, but i would say yes, it doesn’t take much of the adjuster to make it fit. I mean i only used the smallest one and it took 4 twist to make it work. Well worth the money. I have plenty left to work with.

Would this work for combination rings? My wedding band wraps around my engagement ring, so in total it is thicker. Would this wrap around both?

Hi! Unfortunately these sizes of adjusters will usually not work for thicker rings, the larger size would fit a ring that is as big as 2mm in thickness and 5mm in width or less, please check the width and thickness of your wedding band and engagement ring to see if this is the right size adjuster for your needs. We hope this answer was helpful, but if you have more questions, please feel free to get back to us.

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The band of my ring is braided, will this still work?

Hi and thank you for your interest to 5 stars united ring size adjuster. Yes you can stil wrap the coil to your braided ring..

How many rings can this set be used for?

So far i’ve only adjusted 3 rings. I believe it depends on how much of the coiled silicone ring adjuster you cut per each ring– some rings i needed a bit more than 5 coils from the thinner style to wrap around the lower band, others i needed only 4 coils from the thicker band. If you use the same amount like i did, then i would estimate you could resize 48 rings with the larger coil style (since there are 6 coil strands with about 33 coils on each strand) and about 96 rings with the smaller coil style (since there are 6 coil strands with about 80 coils on each strand) though this is is just an estimate based on what i found worked for the 3 rings i resized. Hopefully that helps give you an idea. You may find with your rings you need more coils to wrap around per ring band adjustment to fit you. Though you’ll still get a fair amount of material to resize multiple rings.

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Can it reduce 3 to 4 sizes?

I think it would be uncomfortable and not look very nice. One size it is easy to conceal. You also have to consider the width can not be made smaller so you will have gaps on the sides. One size is not that noticeable but 3-4 sizes it would be impossible to conceal.

How do you put this on a wider band? Is there a secret method? I can’t do it! Thanks.

I found just stretching it straighter it would twist around my larger band.

How can i buy it now?

Order from amazon prime.

When will i get my refund for an ‘undeliverable item’?

It takes time for them to investigate. I would say give it 3 days if not contact amazon.

My ring it’s loose less then 1 inch , my size is 7.5 they send me an 8 this can help me ?

Yes, these ring size adjusters do work.
They are a clear material, so you don’t see them readily. If one doesn’t make the ring less loose, you can add more until it’s to your liking.

I have a 6.5 finger and have a 7 ring. This will help keep it secure and snug?

Yes it should!! That is what i needed it for – i needed my ring just a 1/2 size smaller – works great!!! Just put the amount of spacers needed until the ring is snug! Good luck!

Can you reuse the same adjuster for multiple rings

You could but you get 5 different sizes and the pieces are long….you cut them to fit. I could probably get 4-5 rings from one piece of each size. Granted i won’t use all the sizes, some are very large (large mans size) but you could reuse them if needed. They are just so reasonably priced that it is easier to put it on and forget it’s there, i love them.

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I have long hair and tie it back often. Will my hair get caught in it??

No i doubt it. This item is no issue for combing your hair or running your fingers through your hair. I’ve had no problem in that area at all.

The description says it comes in 2 sizes. I don’t see where i can order the differant sizes. How do i order the bigger size one?

Hi and thank you for that good question. The product itself comes with (6 pcs) ø2mm x 10cm coil and (6 pcs) ø3mm x 10cm flat coils.you just need to choose coil that best fits to your ring.

Can you put these on after the ring has gone over the knuckle? My partner’s knuckle size is ~2-2.5sizes larger than the base of his finger

I haven’t tried it myself but it should be possible. They are about 3′- 4′ long and very stretchy coils so 2 people together should be able to manage to loop it around after the ring is on. You might try putting the whole piece looped through once, then slide the ring on and then try to twist the rest on. Good luck

Does this work for a 3 ring set?

It works like a spiral notebook binder. So i imagine u could wrap it around all three rings as once but it might be uncomfortable. U can def wrap each ring individually or even just the top one to stop the others from sliding.

Does this adjuster work with enlarged knuckle?

Of course, it depends on the relative sizes of the knuckle and the thinner finger beyond. But this device can handle a lot of different sizes, and there is plenty of material to experiment with. Plus it is inexpensive. I think you can make it work.

Ummm how do we message u for the ring size its 8

The ring size doesn’t matter. You are only dealing with the space difference between the ring and the finger. It makes a ring that is too small fit larger so that it doesn’t move. You can make it work with any size ring. It should work fine.

Can this take a ring down 1/4 of a size?

Yes. You can put as much or as little of the adjuster on the inside of the ring as you want. It comes in strips that you can cut.

Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings – 12 Pack, 2 Sizes for Different Band Widths – Silicone Ring Size Adjuster – Invisible Ring Guards for Women and Men by 5 STARS UNITED AMAZON

Buy Ring Sizer Adjuster for Loose Rings – 12 Pack, 2 Sizes for Different Band Widths – Silicone Ring Size Adjuster – Invisible Ring Guards for Women and Men by 5 STARS UNITED: Jewelry Sizers & Mandrels – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Best invention after losing weight

I got engaged in march (it’s now october) and i have since lost 60 pounds and my ring is so big that i’ve been wearing it on my middle finger ever day lately because it can easily slide off of my ring finger. I didn’t want to get my ring resized because it was resized when i got engaged and it’s an old family ring, so i don’t want to always be resizing it especially when my weight could easily go back to what it was after in a couple years. This thing is a life saver. My ring feels like it did when i first got it resized and it fits perfectly again. I can comfortable wear it on my ring finger like it’s supposed to be and i’m not worried about it sliding off. I love that i can easily take it off if i ever need to. This is truly such an ingenious invention and i’m so happy i bought it.

5Expert Score
So helpful!

This little product is awesome! I had a scare about a month ago when my engagement ring fell off of my finger while i was out picking up dinner. Luckily i found it, after calling my fiancee and freaking out while looking through my car, the parking lot, and the restaurant (it was just chilling on the floor in the restaurant). As soon as i got home, i bought this ring adjuster and now i feel so much better about my ring’s band size. It used to slide and twirl when i washed and dryed my hands, but now it barely moves. Thank you for easing my anxiety!

5Expert Score
Comfortable and stays put

Through pregnancies and weight loss, my wife’s wedding rings did not fit like they used to. She bought plastic spacers but they kept fall out and were uncomfortable. These silicone bands are great. The design prevents them from ever falling out, they are so comfortable that my wife forgets they are on the rings (which is all i need to know).

The band will yellow over time, however, they give you so many that you should have enough replacements for years.

5Expert Score
They worked for my nana!

My grandmother has very tiny bones fingers and her rings have been sliding around her fingers! Someone suggested these and they worked way better then i expected. She doesn’t even notice them on her rings anymore. I can’t see them unless i’m really looking for them. Easy to roll around the ring and just cut the excess off!

5Expert Score
What i needed!

My wedding band kept slipping off my finger whenever my hand was cold or soapy and wet. The is product made me be able to wear it with confidence. The tiny coil can be wrapped around the ring for just the size you need it to be. When you find that fit, then just snip that part off the original coil and there you have it. If needed, the adjuster can be easily taken off the ring or more can be put on it depending on the need. Great product!

5Expert Score
Just a little needed to make the ring perfect.

I just needed a little bit of space removed so my ring wouldn’t slip when my hands were wet or other hormonal things. It wrapped around easily and i just cut off the excess. Plenty to wrap around another ring or two, plus the package came with plenty more for more rings. It also does not irritate my skin so wearing it all day was comfortable.

5Expert Score

Theses are amazing! I got engaged and was worried i’d gain weight or muscle and have to get my ring resized a bunch. So i had it sized bigger and got this adapter, it also doubles as a protective cover for the bottom. I’m constantly doing farm work and anything dirty and destructive and it’s held up through everything

5Expert Score
Good stop-gap

I somehow lost weight in my fingers between ring purchase and proposal. While waiting for my weight to stabilize so we can resize the ring, these things have been a godsend. Keeps the ring on without morphing or feeling out of place on the finger.

5Expert Score
Love them!

Shipped so quick. There were different sizes and multiple in the bag. You just cut them to the length you want, so you end up having a ton you can use later in time! Highly recommend

5Expert Score
Good for resizing ring

Easy to use and don’t feel it at all. Good for people who gain and lose weight fast. Able to take off when i work to much and my water weight goes down. And when i get alittle thicker i can just put it on

4Expert Score
Worked but made my hand peel

These did exactly what i needed them to do. My engagement ring was a little loose and until we could get it resized i was able to comfortably wear it without it falling off. However i did have peeling skin in the area around wearing. It wasn’t bothersome or itchy but just some thing to note.

4Expert Score
Easy to use, hard to wear

I used the larger one (there is a smaller size) as i have a wide band. The corkscrew design is genius. At lea
st for me, when i cut the piece to size, the piece had overlapping edges which were about 1 mm above the band and about 2 mm wide. The edges caused irritation when rubbing my hands together. It did hold my ring on but tended to unscrew/unwind when removing ring and putting ring on.

4Expert Score
Easy to use, but doesn't stay on perfectly

I like it, but the curly end wants to pop off the ring. It’s not too big a deal, though.

4Expert Score
Ring guard

Was ok for the cost

4Expert Score
Never loose a ring again.

The adaptor keeps my large size ring from slipping off my finger and prevents it fro twisting.

4Expert Score
Works as stated

This works as stated but can become uncomfortable. If you want to wear the ring all the time i caution you to take it off every time you use that hand to squeeze anything. I made the mistake of not taking it off while working and now it’s come. Unraveling and poking me.

4Expert Score

4Expert Score
It’s okay

I liked that it isn’t expensive and it isn’t obvious at first glance. But after some time the item discolored, begins loosening from ring and is a constant battle of trying to put back on.
Also really disliked that any cream, lotion, shampoo, conditioner or even hand soap gets wedged in coils.

4Expert Score
What they would look like on the ring

I found them hard to put on the rings

4Expert Score
Very easy to use

Clear, so you cannot tell it is there

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