Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Chime Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Chime Pro

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What are ring video doorbell pro and ring chime pro features?

  • This bundle includes ring video doorbell pro and ring chime pro
  • Upgraded, 1080p hd wired video doorbell with two-way talk and quick replies, advanced motion detection, built-in alexa greetings (an exclusive ring protect plan subscription feature), enhanced dual-band wifi, and customizable privacy settings
  • Notifications get motion-activated alerts on your phone, tablet or pc and check in at home anytime with live view all in the ring app
  • Speak to visitors when you can’t get to the door with built-in alexa greetings, an exclusive ring protect plan subscription feature
  • Enjoy a more reliable connection with dual-band (2.4 or 5.0 ghz) wifi connectivity
  • Hardwire video doorbell pro to your existing doorbell wiring and doorbell chime inside using the included tool kit for around-the-clock power and peace of mind
  • With a ring protect plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos.
  • Connect with alexa to hear alerts on your compatible echo device or see a live view with an echo device with a screen. Talk to visitors by saying ‘alexa, talk to the front door.’

Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Chime Pro AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Chime Pro : Tools & Home Improvement

Looking for specific info?

Do you have to pay for cloud service?

There are some other products that you don’t have to pay for cloud service but they do not have the analytics and features of this product… All the brains of what this devices does are in the cloud

Do i need to buy the doorbell and the chime? Or can the ring use my existing chime?

Actually i think that is depend on the size of your house. Your existing chime will work but with the new doorbell (video pro) my chime still working but less louder than before. You will always receive the ring sound in your phone but in case your volume is off the ring choke will help to listen it. Btw: when you add in your existing account a chime you better check the linked chime alerts because it can be configured to chime for any motion or ring alerts. I kind of like it but again my house is over 3000 sqf and we were needed to increase the sound.

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What is the advantage of an echo black dot?

When your ring doorbell is pressed it will play a door chime “plenty to choose from on the alexa app” and announces someone is at the front door, you can then ask alexa to answer the door and it will open a two way conversation from your eco dot and the ring camera, if you use an echo show or spot with the built in display you can view who is at the door as well, and if you have a fire stick you can ask alexa to show the front door and she will show a live feed from your ring to your tv, you can’t have a conversation because your tv doesn’t have a microphone, but you can hear sound from the ring doorbell.

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Can you wake up the camera view manually from your phone, or does is it only activated via the motion sensor?

You can wake camera in live view mode from you phone.

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Whats the video quality at night time?

Video quality at night is good, however, my night vision never turns off in the morning until i turn the power off and back on. Annoying.

If i can talk and see the person at my door on my android phone what do i need alexa app for?

The alexa app for the phone would only allow you to configure the ring doorbell but does not respond when the bell rings. Through the alexa app you can now configure your alexa devices to announce rings through most alexa devices. My door bell is called ‘front door’ so when someone rings the ring doorbell my alexa devices announce ‘someone is at your front door’. If you have a ring at your back door, and it is named ‘back door’ it would say ‘backdoor’ etc distinctive ringing at it’s best. Also you can turn off alexa features if you prefer. But this works on my dot, show, and spot in my home.

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Is there a way to install on a side wall? We do not have enough wall facing the walk up to the house

Mine is mounted to the side wall. I did not use any of the included shims to angle the doorbell. I have found that it sees quite well down my front steps and towards my driveway, where virtually all arriving visitors will come from.

Do you have installation available?

If you are handy, it is very easy to install yourself. I would suggest checking your existing doorbell transformer and if it’s not 24v, 30-40va you need to change it to make the ring work properly. You find this out when you read the installation instructions.

Is the pro ring better than the ring im trying to decide if spending the extra money is worth it are there any issues?

The primary difference is that it’s wired, so you don’t have to worry about battery & picture quality on the pro is 1080p compare to 720

We live in a condo with the neighbor’s door right across from us. Can it be adjusted enough so that they aren’t always setting off the video?

If you have motion turned the ring pro may, you will have to set the motion zone to look down and out only a foot or two and see a person’s shoes to detect motion. But you can turn motion off and just use the ring function to prevent false alarms if needed.

What is earliest ios that ring can work with?

I have an iphone 6, updated to the most current ios software, it has worked great through numerous updates.

Will the ring doorbell camera work with siri and my iphone?

Not sure what you mean about siri. The iphone does work with ring . You will download an app that connects the doorbell with your phone. When someone approaches, your phone will “ring” and you can see and talk to the person at the door

Has anyone had any luck hooking this up to an elan system? My doorbell works through speakers throughout the house.

Yes its connected to my alarm and alexa

Does it record to the cloud when you do not have a subscription? Or in another words if i subscribe today will i see the videos from yesterday?

When you first purchase the product they give you 30 days of their subscription which allows you to play back videos, take pictures or post videos for other people to see in your neighborhood. Once the 30 days are up that subscription is over and you have the option to purchase your own. They have two options available one is a little more pricey the other one is $30 for a year which basically keeps the videos on file for up to 90 days. You are able to email individual photos and videos if you have a subscription. We actually waited 2 days after our free trial to get a subscription because i didn’t think we would need one but to be honest once you get the alert that someone or something has set the ring off by the time my phone connects to show me it’s completely gone so if i didn’t have a subscription to be able to view what had just happened i would never know who or what is actually at my front door. We do have high-speed internet and i do have a new apple phone but there is a pretty big lag time when opening the app. I would 100% recommend the cheaper subscription for peace of mind.

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Can it be installed on vinyl siding

Yes, i have vinyl siding on my house and it looks and works great.

Does live view through the app use the speakerphone on the phone? So say i’m at work and i get an alert, will my whole office know i’m responding?

I guess if you choose to answer. You can answer when it rings or choose not to. If your phone is on vibrate not sure what happens. I love it. I have answered it at my work. It is no big deal.

Can i use the existing holes on my holes that i used for the ring doorbell 2? Or are the holes for mounting positioned differently?

They’re the same

Does anyone have one of these in very cold climates? Does the extreme cold affect the performance?

I live in new york and the temperature gets below freezing into the single digits at times. It doesn’t work below freezing! That is a total lie that they will be blaming on everything else but it clearly works until the temperature drops below 32°f and only comes back above 32°. You will have no doorbell or camera on cold nights and will need to reconnect by standing outside in the cold and holding down the side button for 15 seconds. Very disappointed and wish they would be honest about their product. They only admit this after weeks of troubleshooting and checking everything. Then they finally admit there is a problem in cold weather! Not ready for the consumer and rushed out to market.

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My picture have a black ring around the edges like im using a fish eye lens. What did i do wrong?

You have done nothing wrong, the only downside to the doorbell camera is those edges, that is the shape of the camera and that is how the picture shows, other than that it is a great picture.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Chime Pro AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Chime Pro : Tools & Home Improvement

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Extremely satisfied so far!

I was looking for a replacement to my rusted doorbell and thought why not one of these more advanced video doorbells compared to the old, existing button doorbell.

i will talk about the transformer since there aren’t too many reviews based on it. The ring website states, “requires a 16-24 vac transformer.” however, on the technical detail section on amazon, it states, “hardwired to existing doorbell systems (16-24 vac, 30 va) or powered by ring plug-in adapter.” the ring website did not specify the 30 va requirement while the amazon detail section did. This made me a bit hesitant on purchasing as my current existing doorbell has a transformer of 16 volts, 10 va (not the 30 va listed on amazon). I contacted ring via phone and chat and i was informed that 16 volts, 10 va should be sufficient but i could only run one video doorbell pro with that transformer since i didn’t have the recommended 16 volts, 30 va transformer. I was advised to monitor it for a few weeks. I noticed that the voltage was decreasing from 3984 volts in the ring app down to 3900 volts (3900 and above is the recommended voltage range). However, upon reaching 3900 volts (or 3898 volts the lowest), it would jump back up to 3980s to 3990s. In terms of functionality, there has been no problem regardless of the drop of voltage. Live views, recordings, motion detection, doorbell ring, etc. Worked well throughout the day. I’ve had the device for more than a month now and i stopped worrying and looking at the voltage as it would drop but then increase back up and has been within normal range the entire time since purchase. I called ring and was subsequently told that since everything is functioning well and has always been within the recommended voltage range, i was told that there is no need to replace the existing 16 volts, 10 va transformer. If you are planning to install multiple video doorbells, i believe you should get the higher voltage/volt-amps transformer.

(note: finding your doorbell transformer may be a challenge, especially for older homes. You can look first behind the doorbell chime, in a nearby closet, attic, closet of water heater, or basement.)

installation was very easy. They provide all the tools required. You will need to turn off the circuit breaker for the existing doorbell and locate your doorbell chime and attach the ring power kit to the existing doorbell chime. Then remove the two wires from the existing doorbell and place it on the ring doorbell pro. Just follow the prompts on the ring app from beginning to end as it guides you throughout the installation process. For proper installation, see their instructions and/or even their video installation instructions on youtube. I would contact ring if there are problems as they are always ready to help but for me, there were no issues during the installation. Overall, it was a breeze installing it.

Videos and recordings:
i have the other ring cameras and cameras from different brand so this is not my primary video recorder in terms of recording everything. I wanted this primarily as replacement to my regular, doorbell button and to detect and record motions nearby. I set the motion zones to cover only the driveway up to the door. You can set up to three customizable motion zones, which is very helpful. You can also set the motion setting to “people only mode” if you don’t want too many notifications such as cars passing by. Like the other ring cameras, there is a motion schedule option to alert you with motion alerts based on your schedule. It has a color night vision, tap camera preview for live view, and audio streaming/recording video setting options that you can toggle on or off.

An important thing to note is that it requires a $3 per month subscription or $30 a year. However, if you already have the $10/month or $100/year plan for the ring alarm, this is basically free as this plan includes professional monitoring, ring alarm cellular backup should someone lose electricity, and includes unlimited camera and doorbell cloud recordings.

Alerts and notifications:
you get instant notification once a motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed. There are only a few occasions when there is a one second delay of notification when someone pressed the bell but i’m not sure whether it is due to my older phone but in terms of alexa from echo dot or echo show announcing, it pretty much notifies me when motion is first detected or doorbell is pressed. For android, i love how you can customize the notification sounds per device. For instance, you can choose the one that rings like a doorbell followed by a voice saying, “someone’s at your door” when someone presses the doorbell or “motion detected at your front door” when a motion is detected via your doorbell pro. You can change for each ring devices such the cameras. For ios however, i couldn’t find a way to do this so hopefully apple catches up in terms of customization.

Ring app
i know many people complain about the ring app. For me, i love it. I love how you can see all your cameras in the dashboard and how it updates after a few seconds so you can quickly glance at your cameras when you are too busy to check out all the recordings. This for me is a game changing feature. I don’t like other brands whose images of the cameras in the dashboard is just a still photo from who knows when. There is also the rapid ring app the answers the doorbell and cameras or allows you to “live view” much faster than the regular app.

Echo dot/echo show integration:

i love how you can set routines such as alexa announcing when motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed. This works both on the echo dot and echo show. You can also customize the light to turn on when the bell is pressed at a certain time frame that you have set. As stated earlier, alexa notifies instantly as soon as activities occur, whether someone pressed the doorbell or a motion is detected.
My issue is with the echo show (in my case, echo show 5) where it takes a few seconds before the device shows you who is at the door/answers the doorbell. I wished it was instantly as the when alexa announces it with the echo dot 3rd generation. It would also be a game changer if there was an option to show/answer the front door as soon as the doorbell is pressed. I believe this is a popular request. Perhaps ring will make this possible in the future.

Integration with other ring devices:
i love how you can integrate the ring devices with each other. You can integrate this with the ring alarm so all your cameras will record should the alarm goes into entry delay or when the alarm goes off. You can also integrate this with their lights such as the pathlights or even their motion sensor. You can also have the other cameras record when the doorbell pro detects motion. As mentioned above, you can integrate this with other lights that are non-ring lights via routines in the alexa app.

Recent activities:

i love how you can check the “recent activity” and see all the recent activities such as when the doorbell was pressed or missed so you can know when someone has rang your bell or what time a package was delivered assuming the delivery guy actually pressed the doorbell. It’s definitely helpful to know when someone has pressed the doorbell, such as visitors and guests.

for me, this is the best looking doorbell. There are other doorbells out there that older people may not even think are doorbells since some don’t look like one with their ugly designs. Some also looks like plastic while this one looks class to me. This one for me has the best design. I also love how they give you different color faceplates so you can choose from four different colors such as silver, black, etc. The ring circle is white and is lit up the whole time. When pressed, it changes to a rotating blue. You are also able to hear the doorbell sound from the outside when pressed.


i got this on sale with the echo show 5 so i got it a cheaper price but i do think the $250 is a little bit on the high side. However, i do think it’s worth the price and would probably by this compared to the other competitive brands. I like how i don’t have to bypass my existing doorbell chime as i prefer to have that ring as well. Other brands require you to bypass your existing doorbell chime so you cannot use it but i think they do provide a free chime of their own compared to ring where you have to buy one if you need an additional chime in another part of your house.

Customer service:
i have contacted ring a lot regarding various devices, whether it is for troubleshooting/first time setup, product information, etc. I have to say that they remain courteous, professional, and helpful. However, some representatives would give different information compared to others. This might exist with other companies as well but i do wish everyone was on the same page in terms of knowledge. I feel that some are more knowledgeable than others. For the most part, they are helpful and are able to resolve all my issues. Ring on tweeter is also very helpful. You can private message them and they respond pretty rapidly.

overall, i highly recommend this video doorbell. I am pretty much satisfied and happy with this doorbell addition to the home.

5Expert Score
A pretty good system, but commercial is misleading

4 year review: my original pro finally had an issue that they admitted could not be fixed. They offered me the latest model with a 30% discount. Ring said if i wasn’t happy, i’d get a full refund. I took the offer because i had tried a different company and had more issues. This one did the trick. I get a live video within 3 seconds using the ring rapid app. The pictures are share with great color. I do wish i could make my voice louder at the camera. I’ve done everything i could with my phone but when it’s noisy outside, it’s a little difficult to understand me. Now i am satisfied and it’s definitely worth the current price.
3 year review: i’ve had the ring video pro for over 3 years. This is absolutely the last update. The creator of the ring doorbell camera has diversified into different cameras and a security system. He also sold the company to amazon. Throughout the time i had my camera, there have been many rough times. They have continuously tried to improve the system but it has not always been a smooth ride. The biggest flaw is still the time it takes to get a live connection from when it is motion triggered. The commercials show thugs trying to steal something from the house, but the owner scares them away by talking to them. That is more fantasy than fact. I can’t even say ‘thank you’ to a delivery person. By the time the camera comes online, all i can do is watch the delivery person get into his truck and drive away. If someone tried to steal something from my stoop, they’d be long gone before i could say ‘boo’. I would have a great recording of the person stealing a package, but it couldn’t do a thing to help me stop the crime. And i believe it’s all because the signal goes through ring’s computers first before activating their app on my phone. It’s done that way so they can charge you a monthly fee to save the videos. I have set up my own wireless ip cameras that i purchased from amazon. I pay no monthly fees, i can save the videos on the camera or my phone and when they sense motion, i get a picture within a fraction of a second. Way ahead of the ring. So after all this time i’m waiting for a doorbell camera that works like my other cameras; without the middleman. There is at least one that is close to being released as i write this. Not only will i save the monthly charge, but i’ll have a doorbell camera that works like the ring advertises in their commercial.
One year review: i’ve now had the ring video pro for over a year. I can honestly say that i am happy with my purchase. Ring is constantly improving the doorbell camera by upgrading it’s software. The company is honorable and stands behind their products. Even with the initial problems i had, i highly recommend their doorbell cameras and would certainly buy it again.
Final update: i have been using the ring pro for about 6 months. After troubleshooting with my internet provider (they supply the router for my wifi network) my problems were due to my house’s construction and my router. All my internal walls are sheetrock & cement with some having wire mesh. My network has many items on it and may get overloaded at times. It was suggested that i buy a better router that could handle the traffic at $350. So far that hasn’t been possible. The ring pro works over 98% of the time. The doorbell button works, the live picture is crystal clear, the motion detection is constantly improving. The mobile app keeps improving too. That is a problem i can live with. The only issue i find difficult to live with is the time it takes from when the button is pushed, to when i can see who is at the door and talk to them and unlock the door. My workaround was to add a remote lockset that lets me ‘buzz’ people in. Technology is wonderful when it works and is a nightmare when it doesn’t.

2nd update: i am sorry for the length of this review. I thought you would get the best picture if i left the previous writings. You can understand the six weeks and how & why my reviews changed.
I have been trying to get a ring doorbell pro camera to work properly for over 6 weeks and 2 cameras. I have used email with level 1 techs. Email and phone sessions with level 2 techs, and finally level 3 techs. (which you have to use a ‘neighbor advocate’ as go between) i have always thought that the ring techs were really nice and were trying their best. However, after stepping back and thinking about the events of the last few days, i wonder. How much time should it take to get a doorbell camera to do what it claims. When do you say, ‘this is taking way too much time.’, and give up. The second camera, after 2 weeks of trying, deteriorated to being worthless. The push button stopped working, the manual ‘live view’ stopped working and motion detection worked 30% of the time. I wrote 4 emails in one morning pleading for help and saying ‘please answer asap ….please.’ and
‘sorry but this is a plea….please help!’ those got no replies. I finally got a response after the tone of my emails changed. No cursing, no threats, just,

‘i hope you haven’t gotten any of my recent emails and i hope you’re not ill. But i feel deserted. I had sent at least 4 or 5 emails without receiving a reply. Lucky for me i can rely on myself. At least for now, i have my ring doorbell pro button working along with ‘live view’.’
then i got replies. Coincidence, you be the judge. When no one answered, i unplugged the camera for a few minutes and plugged it back in. Unbelievably, that fixed the button and ‘live view’, but not the motion sensor. I had asked in a previous email, if unplugging the camera could help, but they never answered. There are still issues. However, the doorbell button and the ‘live view’ video now work. When they stop working again but i can still fix them, i’ll continue to use them. When i need customer support again, i’ll get rid of the ring doorbell pro camera and look elsewhere.

Update: i just got off the phone with timothy, a level 2 support rep. It was an excellent experience. He took his time, listened to everything i had to say and was respectful of my medical condition. He signed on to my laptop, which had the ring app on it, and checked out my system. He felt the problems were due to my router settings. He made all the necessary changes to correct my problems. Since he couldn’t stay connected all day, he checked what he could and gave me his personal email address. He wants me to check everything out and contact him on monday to let him know how his changes did. He also gave me a year of cloud recording to make up for the difficulties i had. He apologized for the 3 weeks of problems i had. Unfortunately, i’m one of those people that picks up food from a drive thru and when i get home they forgot the fries. If it wasn’t for bad luck, i’d have no luck at all. So the fact that i ‘fell through the cracks’ didn’t surprise me. I use a lot of technology due to my illness. I judge a company by their support and there are very few companies that pass my judgement. Ring passes with flying colors and i changed my review from 3 stars to 5. They are definitely a good company to deal with 95% of the time, and in today’s day of overseas money saving support, ring stands out as one of my favorites.

I purchased the ring pro to replace an aging wired system. I originally tried the doorbell camera from my alarm company,vivint. That was way to slow, had only one way communication and full of glitches. I then got the ring pro. I decided on the pro, instead of the standard for a few reasons. I wanted to use my 5 ghz network for the speed and the 1080 hd video for clarity. I originally had difficulty setting up the camera. I called support and they were great. First, i was told that i can’t use the power pack because i didn’t have a doorbell. So they sent out the proper cable with the ringer at no charge. When that didn’t help, i spent about 45 minutes on the phone with a great support tech. I offered to pay to have a professional to set it up. The tech said i wasn’t doing anything wrong and i should save my money. How often do you hear that from support? It wound up being a problem with my phone and not the camera. I used an older phone and setup worked fine. I have an htc 10, so be aware. I do know others with the ’10’ that had no problems. I couldn’t use the 5 ghz network because my walls were too thick which also caused sporadic connection problems. I finally purchased a wifi extender and that solved my problems, for 2 days. As days went by, i started having more problems. The main one was sporadic live video pictures. Sometimes i would get a black screen instead of a live picture. Again, using ring support by email, it took about a week to solve the problem. I had to move the extender around. Finally, it worked, for half a day. Now the problems became strange. The motion detection working sporadically, the black screen returned, the software crashed. We kept trying different things and nothing worked. I asked for a new camera, no deal. They are very much against sending a new camera. They finally upgraded my problem to level 2 support. That was 2 days ago. When i asked approximately how long it would be before they contacted me, i was told, ‘we’re not allowed to give out that information’. That’s never good. One last item that i told them. I did not get the doorbell camera for convenience. I have a chronic pain condition that makes walking difficult and very painful. That’s why i also have a remote door lock. Being without the ability to talk to some one at the front door is a hardship and each day that i wait for level 2 to contact me is painful.

5Expert Score
Great product with lots of room for improvement!

I debated whether the ring video doorbell pro really deserved 5-stars but in the end decided that it really met most of my expectations but still could be a lot better. The review is to let you know that you may face a challenging installation but may very well be like me, reasonably happy with the performance in the end. First, the camera is wide-angle, 100 degrees vertically, 160 degrees horizontally. That means unless your entryway is low with an overhang, e.g., on a roofed porch or in a low archway, the device may see a lot of the sky. Unless it’s facing in a northerly direction, the sky may be very bright relative to the area of your front door at certain times of day, causing people close to the doorbell to sometimes be underexposed and extremely backlit. What ring products really need is software that detects moving objects in the picture and optimizes exposure to the moving object, relatively ignoring bright parts of the background that are further away. Secondly, the claimed resolution may be hd 1080 for a non-moving object within a few feet of the fisheye lens in a well-lit situation. But more than a few feet away, if the subject is dimly lit or appreciably moving, the resolution is not so great and can be blurry, especially at night illuminated by the infrared beams in the device. Another general lament is the instructions for setting up the device take an apple minimalist approach. There is very little detail and you are often referred to videos. Well, you just want to know one little thing and the videos are linear, each several minutes long, and must be watched from beginning to end. And which of many videos has the answer?! You can be left searching, searching the ring web site for the right video. This conundrum could be solved by offering a complete, detailed manual on setup and operation to download for those whose installation problems are more complex. The pdf manuals that you can download are just pdf’s of the minimalist ‘guides’ that come with the product. Ring’s approach to only serving up minimalist answers is to include in the product literature the offer to have a pro come to your house and complete the installation for you for only $50. On installing, the first big hurdle you face is making sure that your doorbell transformer puts out the 16 to 24 v required by the doorbell pro. My transformer was so old that its faceplate labeling was impossible to read until i actually took it down but when mounted in its location, the 10 v transformer actually put out 14 v. No instructions on how to read ac transformer voltage or that free of load, a transformer can actually put out 4 v or more than its rating, etc. After you hunt around to find an authentic 16 v transformer (my home depot only had one rated at ’10 to 16 v’; a straight up 8, 16, or 24 v one was found at lowes), you have to be sure that your doorbell chime will take the increased voltage or you’ll be buying (and mounting) a new chime or using only the ring wi-fi chime. Installing the required supplementary power kit on your chime or using the extra wires and connectors provided to install the doorbell at its location is predicated that there is space within the chime and space within the wall the doorbell is mounted on to accommodate the extra wiring. It took quite a bit of wire bending to get the power kit mounted inside the chime without interfering with the chime mechanism or having the cover fall off. The doorbell mount instructions say ‘push the wires back into the hole in the wall.’ there is no space in the wall. The doorbell cable must be rigidly mounted to a stud and occupies most of the space created by the hole penetrating the wall so if i had had to use the extra wires and connectors, i’d have had nowhere to put them. My classic doorbell button had a slight hollow recessed space behind it’s plate that accommodated the protruding wires but the ring doorbell makes no such allowance. The mounting holes for the doorbell pro did not match the old holes on a brick wall. That meant drilling new holes with the supplied drill bit. Not so bad for the first hole but the second hole in a different brick took forever either because the brick was baked harder or the supplied bit was failing after one hole. Perhaps ring should supply a better drill bit or anyone facing a similar brick veneer mounting problem might want to pick up a better masonry drill bit for themselves. On wi-fi setup, i’d used both an android phone and a windows phone at the install location to check out wi-fi strength before purchase. With the ookla speed test, i could get 22 mbps download, 6 or 7 mbps upload. Yet the first attempt at install of the ring failed with a message ‘unable to establish wi-fi connection’ and the suggestion to try moving my router closer or get a wi-fi extender. I accidentally terminated a second install attempt whereupon the voice in the doorbell pro that’s active during setup announced, ‘wi-fi connection established…..’ except for light exposure problems related to sky and low light situations and moving people, things have been excellent since the install triathlon.

The really good parts. Motion activation works great. In spite of the install warnings about network quality, within a second or two of a person entering the device’s motion detection range, my windows phone will get a notification of motion activation. Pressing the doorbell also similarly quickly activates my phone or the ring wi-fi chime but there is strangely a multi-second delay until the classic mechanical chime rings after a doorbell press. On a windows phone (a lumia 950 xl), it takes quite a few seconds to launch the ring app, so if you’re planning on quickly answering a doorbell press yourself, you might want to have the app loaded and just sitting in the background all the time. On a surface pro 2 computer, the ring app launches in a flash after clicking on a notification but most of us are more likely to be close to a phone rather than a computer when the doorbell rings. So maybe ring should have a really fast-launching applet just for answering the doorbell and talking rather than launching an app with the other 9 yards of setup and reconfiguration routines for all your ring devices.

The customizable motion detection zones work pretty well, too. Wish there were more drawing points to determine the shape of included or excluded zones. Cars moving in excluded zones whose headlights shoot into active zones will trigger alerts. So will sunlight reflected off shiny objects moving in inactive zones. Flicking on bright interior lights within the house will also trigger the doorbell at night if you have windows opening onto the area(s) the doorbell camera is looking at.

But it’s an eerie jetsons’ feeling to be walking through your house, your phone vibrates, you look towards the front door, and see the shadow of the ups delivery person on the front door glass before they can even reach for the doorbell. And the ring chime has taken up residence in a remote part of the house from which we could never hear our old mechanical chime before. Great product after the install routine with hopes that someday they’ll offer a version with a high-end drone-quality video cam (at an affordable price)! But during the day, the video close to the cam is very good. And since hardly anyone ever comes to our door at night except on halloween, the just ok quality at night is easy to live with.

12/02/16 update: discovered that the ring universal windows app (works on win10 phones, tablets, computers) is not as full-featured as the android app (nor probably as the ios version, too). With the android ring app, you have a general sensitivity control over the customizable detection zones that’s not offered in the windows app, you can create rules to exclude motion detection by time of day and day of week, plus access to info on wi-fi signal strength to the device, device health, etc. Would be nice to see the same features available no matter whether using the ios, android, or windows ring app.

12/07/16 update: there is literally a night and day difference in motion detection sensitivity. During the day when set on max sensitivity, the device detects me walking up and down my driveway about 45-50 feet away. At night, the detection sensitivity seems to be limited by the infrared beam output by the device to a distance of 10-15 feet (in both cases i’m bundled up in thermally insulated clothing that probably hides my own infrared output quite a bit).

As others have noted the quality of the audio output isn’t fantastic and seems to depend a lot on the device you’re using. My wife on her iphone 6 has no trouble understanding me and comes through the device’s speaker pretty clearly. The audio didn’t sound as good at either end when using my windows phone (lumia 950 xl). Quite often in playing cloud-recorded video back using the windows 10 app, the audio is not synchronized with the video but that may be the fault of the win10 app or ring’s cloud service and not the device per se. The audio sensitivity of the microphone is pretty good and can pick up the plop of the newspaper thrown by the delivery person from his car landing 45 feet away on our driveway or a neighbor talking loudly with a handyman 60 or 70 feet away.

5Expert Score
Excellent do it yourself home security

Ring product review – nov 7, 2016
after three months of use of the ring products, i highly recommend them as a practical and cheaper solution to home security than the more expensive systems available today. I did have some issue with the products, but ring customer support was more than helpful in successfully resolving my issues. When they could not help, they replaced or provided devices to me as stated in the review below. The only real recommendation i have before purchase is to ensure the user is somewhat technical such as being able to find the wifi router password, knowing where the wifi setting are on their mobile devices, and knowing how to install apps to be used when installing the ring app.
I’ve found the ring devices to be responsive regardless of my location on the planet. For example, i was on a long australia trip where i had the same fast response to the ring devices as compared to sitting in my home. The cloud service and the overall design of the solution is well done, thus there are typically not delays in any of the capabilities.
I highly recommend the ring solution for any home.
Products review and used:
• ring pro app (ios version)
• ring pro video doorbell wired, not battery
• ring stick up camera
• ring solar panel (to charge camera)
• ring chime
• tp-link wa850 wifi extender
• ring.com customer service
• ring cloud storage
ring pro app (ios version)
the ring app (ios version) is very well designed and easy to use. Most setup options or configurations have been designed well and meet 99% of the user’s needs. Ring has really thought of just about every possible configuration item you may need.
Recommendation: install the app before attempting to install any ring device.
Ring pro video doorbell (wired):
the ringpro video doorbell was easy to install per the instructions, but i do recommend having an electrician on call as the instructions to have the ringpro work with your home doorbell may be difficult for some people. I installed the wired version that used the preexisting doorbell power supply. This is the non-battery version, which i wanted as i didn’t want to watch the battery power. The setup of the ringpro to my wireless was very easy and as the review will show, setup of all devices is exactly the same.
Recommend: having the wifi router password handy before starting.
Ring stick up camera:
the stick up camera installed very easy, much easier than the ring pro as there were no wires to connect or preinstalled doorbells to work with. After fully charging the camera (recommended as a battery device to be 100% charged), the installation as easy and complete in 5 minutes. Setup of the device on my network was very similar to my ringpro and configured easy on my ios app at the same time. I installed two cameras and each time they installed just as easy.
Recommend: charge the camera fully before installing.
Ring solar panel:
since the stickup camera’s are battery operated, i highly recommend the ring solar panel to be installed in conjunction with the camera, otherwise you will have take the camera down every 3 to 6 months and charge it again. Installation was easy and setup was simply plugging the cord into the camera. The cord is extremely long that connects to the camera, which is good in some cases, but bad if they are mounted next to one another.
Recommend: obtain 3rd party (3m products) to secure the wires to your home. These do not come with the product.
Ring improvement: provide plastic clips / accessories to connect the wire to the house or a way to shorten the cord that connects to the camera.
Ring chime
the ring chime allows you to put the doorbell ringer anyplace in your home. The setup is exactly the same as the ringpro and stick up camera. Once connected, it appears in the app and is fully configurable. Even the sounds can be changed so you no longer use a ‘ding”, but dog barking and other sounds.
Recommendation : i recommend buying at least one of these to put where you do not hear your manual doorbell, for example back yard, deck, or garage.
Installation tp-link wa850 wifi extender:
if during setup or operation you notice a significate delay in video or sound you could need a wireless extender to boost the wifi signal. The tp-link is an approved ring 3rd party product and is an excellent extender in the event your ring video lags due to being a great distance from your central internet isp router/source. The configuration was very easy and takes about 3 minutes. As compared to 5 years ago when extenders where the size of a small computer, these are excellent as they look like a night light when plugged into the electric outlet. The cost is around $20us and will also boost the wireless on other devices in your home.
Ring customer service:
i’ve used ring customer service several times during installations and troubleshooting some device errors over the 3 months i’ve owned the devices. I give them top marks for 1) answering the phone with a live person quickly, 2) providing a call back service so you are not on hold for long, and 3) very well educated and knowledge people that understand the product.
I’ve called customer support for 1) issues with my preinstalled/preexisting home doorbell, 2) one of my stickup camera’s had technical issues/battery issues, and 3) i lost wifi connectivity on my ringpro doorbell. I will address each below, but need to state i’m 100% satisfied with the customer support from ring.
1) manual doorbell not working: upon installing the ringpro doorbell, my preexisting doorbell would not ring upon pressing the ringpro button. Roger from tech support helped me greatly, but in the end, i could not use my home doorbell. In response, ring then shipped a ring chime for free since their product more or less disabled my home doorbell. They said, although they have tested hundreds of doorbell models, there are still some they can’t support.
2) camera battery issues: upon installing one of my ring stick up camera’s, i could not get the setup to function. Ring had me depress the orange button the back for 60 sections (factory reset) and perform the setup again. It worked, thus i was able to install the camera, but i continued to have issues with this device. The battery only lasted two weeks, so i called ring and they shipped me another one that arrived quickly and installed without any errors. So far, it has lasted more than 3 weeks without any issues or loss of battery power.
3) reconnecting ringpro: about 3 months after installing my ringpro doorbell, i could not get the video to come up on my app. For some reason the device needed to be reset, which is only taking off the cover, depressing the button on the left for 20 seconds until it is in setup mode, and then waiting 30 seconds and pressing the button again. As with all technology, it needed to be reconnected to my wifi again. This was quick and easy.
Ring cloud storege service:
the ring cloud storage service allows all video alerts, motion, and live views to be stored on the cloud for up to 6 months. This is a crime deterrent as all video is stored off site and can’t be deleted without access to the user id and password on the app. The cost is $3 per month per device or $30 per device per year.
Ring recommendation: i would like ring to offer a home package for the cloud services up to say 4 video devices instead of charging for each device.

5Expert Score
6/5/18 update up to 5 stars from first impression 4 out of 5 stars and here is why…

Update on original 4 out of 5 stars to a straight 5 star rating and here is why:
my original post is located below the original post line, this review is coming 1 year and 1 month after the original post.
My wife and i recently noticed that the ring app would freeze up when trying to use the microphone. After self troubleshooting and research online i finally made the dreaded call to customer technical support which is something that everyone dreads. Dialing the support number i braced myself for the never ending conversation with someone that is hard to understand and even harder to get to understand the issue so imagine my surprise when the person i was directed to was not that at all. I am not sure if i should share his name so i will just call him mr. K., mr. K. Slowly walked through the issue with me and indulged my interruptions of what i believed the issue could be and what my trouble shooting methodology was (i’m an it by trade so i kinda nuked it, <— military people will get the reference lol). I gave him temporary access to my ring device as we slowly walked through the troubleshooting process one inch at a time. I will spare you the painful details (which to be honest i think he went as far as he did troubleshooting just to indulge me and my compulsion to over analyze everything to the smallest degree) before dropping the big bomb, my ring unit would have to be replaced and it was out of warranty. Of course my first thought was, of course it is and now i have to pay another $200+ dollars because this is what all these companies do, sell you something that is going to fail right after the warranty expires! So containing all my rage and indignation i asked how much it will cost hoping he would have a less costlier solution. His reply was simple, we appreciate our customers and would like to show our appreciation to you for being so patient during the t/s'ing process as well as being a loyal customer that we are going to replace your device at no cost to you. Immediately i found myself deflated and embarrassed for my unexpressed anger, but still still that feeling of suspicion hung over me so i politely asked if this would be a refurbished or new replacement, his answer was honest and straight forward. It depends on what is in stock. Sometimes refurbs are sent after going through the re certification process if they are in stock, and if not, then they will send out a new one. They do not have a set policy of replacing with either or as a priority. Well now i really felt like a jerk because i have finally come across that rare gem in customer service, the person that is there to actually help, takes pride in the company they work for and the products they sell. This interaction in itself (not the free replacement) was what made this company and product 5 out of 5 stars for me, even with the original issues still in play. I can be happy with this product even without the things i noted knowing that when i need help with the product, i can get it, and the person on the other side of the phone is patient, helpful, knowledgeable and willing to help. So to summarize, ring is in my experience, one of the few companies willing to continue to provide great customer service by not farming it out to cheaper alternatives and having what in my case was a very knowledgeable and patient cs rep as well as a superior product (i am referring to the ring door bell since it is the only product that i have been able to purchase). Did it have an issue?… Yes… Was it a non functioning product?… No … Most importantly, was i able to get the issue rectified at no cost… Absolutely… Thank you mr. K. And thank you ring for your exemplary customer service.

________________________________________original post_____________________________________________________________
i just received my ring video doorbell pro and the installation was very simple and straight forward. The first thing i noticed was that the it took a little while after the installation was complete for the bell to start working. I am not sure if that is normal but if you do the install and the door bell does not work immediately you may want to wait 10 or 15 minutes before trouble shooting. I set up the motion senser zone and it worked as advertised, so far no false triggers but it has only been installed a few hours. The video is clean and very clear, the voice function works well unlike other users, the lag from sensor being triggered to app notification was about a second or two. The live view works and is a very convenient function. The ios app works well and was very simple to use, the windows 10 app… No so much. The reason it gets a 4 star and not 5 is because of the following.

1. Windows 10 app is buggy, when i try to set up the detection zone distance it gives me the following error ‘arg_invalidcastexception’
2. Only six partners and none of them are smart home technologies i use. (this is of course my personal pet peeve and they may expand the partner list in the future)
3. The lens they use gives the live view and video a fish eye lens effect. I don’t understand why they did not use a field flattener to get rid of the distortion.
4. Live view has a time limit. This is very confusing to me, i am not sure why i can not open the live view viewer and just let it stream the video to my computer when i am sitting in my office. One of the reasons i got this particular model was because of the live view, i thought i would be able to live stream to my computer when i am sitting in my home office so that i can watch for packages being delivered. Usps has a habit of dropping off packages and leaving without ringing the door bell, this has led to many packages being stolen from peoples porches and doorways.

Lastly, if you are like me and have multiple smart home products that you would like to tie in to your ring video doorbell (i have hue lights and wanted to set it up so that my porch light would come on when the motion sensor on the ring video doorbell sensed motion, this can only be done through ifttt, needless to say, that is not a good solution since it takes 10 to 15 minutes before ifttt polls for new action requests which means that if someone walks up to the door my light will probably not go on till they have either entered my home or left.) you will need to have wink products so if you are using wi-fi, zigbee, or z-wave you are out of luck. If it is compatible with a hub such as smart things, wink, insteon or any of the others is a mystery to me and i have not been able to find anything online. All and all it seems to work well, with a few tweaks i think this thing can easily be a 5 out of 5. I will post a follow up after it has been installed for a while.

5Expert Score
Great product but do your homework first before buying

The ring pro is a pretty cool product and i’m enamoured with it. The regular ring however, did not suit my needs so i would
only recommend deploying the pro version. But you must do your homework first. This is not a very forgiving product if you

App issues:

i use 3 different devices with my ring pro: android based phone, ios based ipad and a windows 10 laptop. Where i am at any
point in time dictates to some extent the device i will use with ring app. If i’m not home, but out buying something or even in my
car, then i will reach for my phone. If i’m visiting certain folks i often take my ipad and if i need to do more intense computing,
even composing documents, creating spreadsheets, or running windows-based application like sas, then i’ll use my laptop and
execute the ring app as any other metroapp.

I’ve accessed the rings app on each platform extensively over the last 2 days and noted significant issues. The android app must be held
vertically and will rotate for the camera either for previous or live views. However, when invoking any function the phone must be
held vertically. In setup mode the app invokes some google-based mapping app that does not have half the addresses on my block. When i put in my address then saw it confirmed in the list below and selected it, the app inputs either of my next door neighbors addresses. The app leaves me no way to associate my real address with any of the ring devices. Even though the device health of my doorbell shows an rssi of 47 (which is good by any standard), 30% of the time it takes my 2 tries to get a live view because the first attempt says my android phone is having trouble reaching my doorbell. By the way, my rssi fluctuates between 42 and 47 (that’s normal).

In moving to my ipad i note that ring app, although written to run under ios, looks very much the same as the app on android, similar look and feel. However, i often use the ipad from a horizontal position. The ring app if invoked from a horizontal position will initially
show all screens in the horizon position. When i turn the ipad vertically, the screens automatically rotate (like they should). I can then
select my doorbell device and invoke recent activity. If i ask to see motion the camera shows the movie horizontally. When i end it the
prior screen comes back sideways. However, unlike the android phone, i can then physically turn my ipad vertically and then horizontally
and the screen reverts back to horizontal. Invoking live view from a horizontal position shows the camera in that position. If
i then turn the ipad vertically, the camera rotates to vertical. The android will not do that. Ending live view puts the previous screen
sideways and i have to physically turn my ipad twice to get the screen in horizontal sync. Unlike the android, i can change my address
by selecting the device and then its setting and then selecting change location. The mapping app called has my address! The ipad is the
most functional platform for the ring app.

In using the windows 10 laptop i note that ring app looks different. The home screen allows me to select the device such as my doorbell
select its settings and change my address. The map invoked finds my address. Furthermore, there is an explicit save button to save my new address. Also, saving a video to an mp4 is snap. Since i have a larger screen on the laptop the videos are clearer. On the downside, i see no way to invoke a live view to the camera. I can click on the live view column and see live views that were saved (and invoked from some other platform), but i see no way to invoke a new live view. It should be noted that on the laptop i use, screen rotation is not an issue. I do have a microsoft surface and i have not tried it on that machine yet.

Administrative issues

i had previously ordered and installed a regular ring doorbell on december 31, 2016. I was dissatisfied with the battery powered model
and 10 days later, on january 10, 2017 i installed a ring pro. Upon installing the first doorbell i prepaid $ 30 for annual cloud service.
On the 10th i decommissioned the ring and used the ring app to remove the ring and add a new device, namely the ring pro.

Now the app wants me to purchase cloud services, yet the app shows me having paid the annual fee. On all the platforms i’m asked to
select either the trial, pay monthly or annually. There is no way to transfer my prepayment to the new device. It would be nice if this
were an option.

Wifi issues

if you are getting a ring or ring pro it appears imperative that you purchase a wifi extender. I did when i ordered the first ring.
I then installed it some 30 feet approximately from the doorbell. Periodically i received notice of poor signal strength and live views
did not work. So i moved the extender to about 20 feet from the doorbell and performance improved. Then a day later i moved the
extender to within 7 feet of the doorbell and signal quality ranged between rssi of 42 to 47.

As far as upload speeds, you need at least 1mbps, however previous documents indicated a minimum upload speed of 2mbps. My upload
speed is 34.8mbps and downloads are 40.2mbps. So i meet the minimums easily.

In summary

it is imperative that you read every document you can on the website. There seems to be new ones added daily. My ring pro was installed
directly to a 24v transformer. I purchased all the parts recommended by ring: the transformer, wifi extender, and wire. I saw the installation videos and felt comfortable installing the doorbells. That part was a breeze because i had all the parts needed when i began the
install that lasted maybe 15 minutes?

The only issue i have is that the motion settings need a lot more explanation and show and tell. I’ve reset the motion settings
multiple times. These setting are extremely sensitive. At one point i was being notified every time a car came down the street.
So i moved the boundaries back, then every stranger walking down the sidewalk tripped a notification. So i reduced the boundaries again
and moved them back.

I finally got the boundaries the way i wanted them. What i learned was that it was impossible to use my android phone to draw them. The
picture screen was too small and the captions intruded on the area i needed to draw. The windows 10 laptop had no way for me to redraw
the boundaries, and there was no way to delete a zone and recreate a new one. The laptop version was useless, furthermore, there was
absolutely no guidance. The only platform that worked for this purpose was my ipad. I could tap the existing diagram, reshape it to my
liking and save it without any issues.

In fact, i would have been very frustrated with this entire setup process if i could not use my ipad.

5Expert Score
Can't recommend enough

I was originally disappointed, as the first unit i received was defective. It installed quickly, powered on, but then would not create a wifi network as it is supposed to in order to allow initial setup. After a quick call to ring customer support determined it was defective, i got in touch with amazon, and they overnighted me a replacement. I will say, despite the frustration of getting a bad unit and getting almost completely through installation before having to stop, i was thoroughly impressed with ring customer support. When i called, i was able to speak to an actual human in under 10 seconds (a rarity today). Not only did he try to help me fix the device, but after determining it was defective and instructing me to contact amazon to have it replaced, it wasn’t 30 seconds after we hung up that i had an e-mail from the rep letting me know that if amazon wasn’t able to immediately replace it, and if they weren’t able to offer me free overnight shipping for the replacement to get it to me as quickly as possible, just to call or e-mail him back directly and he would ensure it was taken care of on the ring end of things. Literally could not have asked for that situation to have been handled better.

Now, after installing the new unit, i was thoroughly impressed with it. I currently have a 1080p security camera mounted above my front door. The ring pro has a very noticeably clearer picture than my other camera (so much so, that i am now replacing that camera with one of the ring stick up cams).

Installation was simple and easy (took less than 15 minutes).

Before my purchase, i read through a lot of the reviews and seen a few consistent complaints, so i figured i’d address them based on my experience. From what i can tell, it appears they have all been resolved.

1) wifi connectivity issues – i seen several complaints that it would randomly disconnect from wifi without notice. My pro is reading a constant ‘good’ wifi signal, and has not disconnected once.

2) delay in recording once motion is detected – i genuinely couldn’t ask for this thing to pickup motion any faster. For example, when i go to walk out my front door, before my foot can touch my porch, my phone is vibrating to let me know motion was detected. In fact, last night i got a notification that motion was detected while watching tv. Pulled up my phone and played the recording, and it literally started as a cricket was in mid-air jumping onto one of the stones on the siding of my house. Not really sure you could ask for more than that.

3) delay in doorbell chime inside the house after button is pressed – so, a few people mentioned that someone would hit the doorbell button, their phone would go off, but it would take 5-15 seconds before their chime actually rang out in the house. I have a standard hardwired digital chime in my house. I will say there is a very slight delay (half second to one second), but it is so short it is almost unnoticeable (the only reason i noticed it was because since i’d seen the complaints, i specifically wanted to test for it). Had i not have been actually looking for the delay, i wouldn’t have even noticed it.

4) price plan for multiple cameras – so, ring offers their cloud service (which you have to have in order to save your recordings) for $3/mo or $30/yr per camera. There was one or two people who were upset that a discount wasn’t offered for those owning multiple cameras (if you’ve got a big house and purchase 10 cameras, after all, that adds up). I am happy to say that ring has added a second plan that is $10/mo or $100/yr for unlimited cameras. So, if you’ve got 3 or less, stick with the per-camera plan. Otherwise, definitely switch to the unlimited. After calling customer support to ask, if you currently have 3 cameras, have paid your $30 each for the year, and add a fourth, you can either call or go online to convert your plan to the unlimited. They’ll issue a credit for any remaining time you had, so the most you’ll ever pay is $100/yr (if you do the annual plan instead of monthly). They also give you a 30 day free trial so you can check it out before you decide whether to sign up for the plan or not.

So, my only complaint thus far about the pro is that the angled mounting bracket is not included, and must be purchased separately. In my opinion, this should be a standard part of the installation kit. Most people probably won’t need it. That said, my doorbell is located directly next to a stone wall. As a result, without that bracket to tilt the doorbell away from the wall, 50% of my picture is just the wall. To make matters worse, this causes period issues where the camera will focus on one of the stones instead of the walkway, so someone walking up is *slightly* blurry, and at night, the ir lights shine on the stones and wash out the remainder of the picture. You can still see a person walking up at night, but you can’t see them until they get right up to the door. The bracket is cheap, and should solve the problem entirely, it’s just annoying to have to purchase it separately. In the grand scheme of things, though, not really a big deal, and certainly not worth knocking off stars. I’d just suggest that if you think you may need it, go ahead and order it. Worst case scenario, you can always return the bracket if you don’t need it, but it’s a lot easier to set everything up once and be done than to have to take it down, add the bracket, and remount it.

Tl;dr – amazing product, even better customer support, and previous issues have been fixed/addressed. Definitely recommend. Will definitely be purchasing other ring products in the near future.

5Expert Score
Best of many i've tried, can handle high heat

I’ve used quite a few different video doorbells. Three other i used before this all failed or at least shut down occasionally due to the heat on my front door / patio. I live in colorado, which is not that hot, but it is very sunny and in the evening on a hot day my front door gets blasted with direct sunlight. All other doorbells i tried would either totally fail, or at least shut down due to heat for a couple hours every afternoon. The ring doorbell is obviously better made, other were lighter weight and cheaper plastic. This has handled the high heat at my door with no issues and has been more reliable than other models. The app features are really good too.

5Expert Score
Nice to keep an eye on the house

This was pretty easy to install. I like that it has no batteries and runs off the house power. I also really like that it sets of my existing doorbell chimes in the house.

5Expert Score
Ring pro (wired) is great, but needs strong transformer

Installed easily, wi-fi worked well, but had issues with existing doorbell. Seemed to be not enough power to consistently ding dong. Original transformer was only 10v5a (house built in 1990). Replaced transformer with 16v30a and now it works perfectly. Definitely check your transformer before ordering, in case you need to order a stronger one, you can order at the same time and install together.

4Expert Score
As a camera only, i would give this 5+ stars, easy.

I have had my ring doorbell pro for just under 2 weeks. Last week we were on vacation so i figured it was the perfect time to buy and test it out within the 30 day trial period. I’ll split this review into 3 bits. First impressions, install, and operational use.

1) first impressions. We have a security system installed but didn’t go with their camera system because it was cctv and i wanted something with an internet connection or way to access it from my phone. While making small talk with the security system guy, i mentioned the ring to him. He was super excited to get out his phone and show me that he has one. He said he couldn’t buy any camera with nearly that quality at that price even with his discounts. He spoke so highly of it i was sure that’s what i wanted to get. We want to do a whole system with cameras on the back of the house, but we purchased the ring pro to see how we liked it before we commit to buying everything.

I went with the ring pro over the original ring because i was going to be wiring it in place anyway. I also like the slender profile and the possibility to use wireless 5.0 in the future if i desire. Plus i live on a very busy road and wanted the advanced motion detection zones on the pro. Since i did my research, i was aware that the ring pro has a 160 degree field of view compared to the 180 degree view of the original. For this reason, i purchased fiberglass shims to angle it more towards my large 6 foot doors when i installed it.

I talked with ring customer service and asked if there was any advantage to ordering through them versus amazon and they said there were none, so i went with amazon for my prime shipping and additional protections of ordering through amazon.

2) install. I was a bit intimidated with the install as i’ve never wired anything up before and our house is new construction. But the youtube video and pamphlets made it pretty clear to follow. They also emphasize that you can call them at any point for assistance. I had also been told by the security system guy that install was super easy and i could do it myself (he’s also the one who gave me the tip about the fiberglass shims). He also gave me an extra tidbit for those of us with stone or brick exteriors: drill into the grout lines – they drill easy; stone does not.

I started with the extra power pack that gets installed inside and connected to your door chime. It was the more complex part of the installation and involved a very tall ladder but it went well. I was impressed that the ring doorbell came with everything you need to install it – including the drill bit and a screw driver. It even has extra bits you might need (like extensions wires and extra screws). I also really appreciated how everything was in separate baggies for which part of the install you were doing and was very well labeled (extras were labeled as extras, pro kit wires in one bag, doorbell wires and screws in another). I was unable to fit the power kit inside my chime housing but it doesn’t look bad attached to the wall just outside the chime housing (see picture). It’s just a bit larger than a matchbox.

Installing the actual ring was even easier. I was able to drill into grout lines between stones so i had that going for me. The hook up was super easy, two wires from the house connect to the two connectors on the ring – doesn’t even matter which is which. Nice and easy. I will have to work out something to cover the shimmed side, but i’ll work something out.

Set up was easy and step-by-step. I was concerned when it was downloading the new firmware and updates and then rebooted because the light was off for (what felt like) a long time (maybe 5 minutes). But it all went flawlessly.

3) operational use. I like being able to set up polygons for the motion detection zones. I was able to easily mark my drive way, flowerbeds and porch. I’ve never had a problem with the busy traffic from the road (something the security guy mentioned was a problem with his original ring). There are two problems they need to work out: you will get a motion detect when the night vision clicks on in the evening and when it clicks off in the morning. Expect that.

Also, this is not a miracle product. It will only work as well as your internet connection. That means a little lag if you’re on a cable connection at peak times. There are a few times i’ve had the video come up in laggy and weirdly pixilated forms that took a second to work out. I’ve also noticed our voice connection is very quiet. As in, the person at the door can barely hear the person on the phone, so i consider that feature a bit useless. We managed to scare our cat sitter from the other side of the country and greet my mom, but i wouldn’t rely on it for communicating with people often. We managed to talk to our lawn service but we had to yell into the phone and they had to ask us to repeat ourselves a few times. Also we live on such a busy road that there is a lot of noise which makes the video sound very choppy. So again, i just consider this feature a novelty and not something to rely on.

I mentioned a cat sitter. It was kind of awesome to be able to see that she came by every day. In fact, the first day she didn’t come by until 11:00pm and i worriedly texted her to see if she was going to come. Every other day i took solace in knowing that she had already stopped by without having to text her or fear her shed forget. I was able to see when the lawn service came by and did their thing. I was able to see when packages were delivered and when my mom brought the nephews up to use the pool. I also got to scare the crap out of our friend as they were leaving our empty house and i wished them goodnight. That was worth some money right there. I even caught a few people using my driveway to turn around.

My favorite bit was the unexpected bonus video of my husband going outside to inspect my work. I’m keeping that one.

It catches us leaving for work every day and coming home. It catches me when i go to fill the bird feeders. I’ve not had it miss any movement that i’m aware of. If you have motion sensors on, expect more notifications than you think you will get. As said, you’ll get the two from nightfall and sunrise. Plus i get two from me departing for work and my husband departing plus 2 more for each of us coming home. Add on more for checking the mail and anything you may do in the yard. This is where not being limited on storage size is handy. The cloud storage is $30 per year and it keeps videos for 6 months. It doesn’t say anything about size so having these extra videos doesn’t bother me. I find the video quality to be great and i can easily identify who is at the door night and day.

I also like that it came with a decal showing that the house is monitored. I placed this prominently in my front window along with our security monitoring service decal. Avoiding bad guys is worth more than catching them.

I feel like this was a great purchase. The price is excellent. I love being able to access it anytime from my phone. I love knowing what is going on at my house even when i’m on vacation. I love the security aspect both in surveillance and as a deterrent. It looks sharp (see photo). It’s also a lot of fun. I’ve shown it off to many friends and coworkers, at least one of which decided to get one themselves.

4) summary. Cons: only as good as your internet connection. Sunrise and sunset motion detects. Sound quality is useless in my experience. Pros: access from anywhere, anytime. Surveillance and deterrent. Motion zones let you cut out areas you don’t care to monitor (neighbors yard, roads, ect). Great price.

As a camera only, i would give this 5+ stars, easy. I deducted 1 star because they heavily play up the speaker aspect and that seems worthless in my experience with it. I’m insanely happy with the purchase over all. In the future i will probably buy a chime and a stick-up cam to go along with it.

Update: 1 year-on. We have had the ring pro for one full year now. I’ve also added two of the chime accessories. I’m just as happy with it now as i was when i wrote this review. We tried to trouble shoot the sound a few times and still have had no luck with it. I think my unit might just be defective in that area. However i still think if this was advertised as a camera only, it would be 100% worth the price and 5 stars. I did have someone point out the sticker over the ring might be the cause of our sound problem, removing it didn’t help.

Our indoor chime had the oddity of only ringing the first chime (rather than a series) after installation. As our indoor chime was never loud enough anyway, we added two of the chime plug in accessories without even trying to trouble shoot. We added one chime downstairs and one in our master bedroom. We’ve been super happy with them as well.

Update: 3.5 years later. Still working. It stopped working for a while so i called customer service before i purchased a new one to make sure it wasn’t some power issue. They sent me (for free) the version 2.0 power kit and the chime bypass kit. Turned out the chime bypass kit fixed it. I didn’t need the indoor mechanical chime anyway as i have two ring chime devices. I used it this morning to tell the pest control guy the gate code without getting out of bed. It’s been up 4 summers now.

I still look at it every week to see what animals were creeping in my yard at night. Love the raccoons that come hang out on my porch some nights.

If this thing died tomorrow, i’d replace it with the exact same model, no regrets.

4Expert Score
Ring paid for itself in less than 6 months!!! [updated october 2018]

[october 2018 update]
revisiting my review once again, making it 4 stars. My doorbell would randomly die after someone pressed it, rendering it useless until i reset the power. I decided to reach out to ring and after a very brief conversation they offered to send me a replacement device right away. Once i received it, i quickly noticed that it was the same in the front but completely different hardware in the back. I swapped out the old (sent it back to ring), installed and setup the new (very easy to do by yourself), and for the past month+ it has been working very well. None of the issues i had been experiencing with the original unit have since resurfaced with this new unit.

I’m glad i decided to reach out to ring for support on this and was very appreciative of the support i incurred including the replacement device.

[june 2018 update]
well, my ring doorbell pro died this week. It had gone offline about 3 months ago… Then again about a month ago… And now it’s completely dead. Previously i would go through the reset / setup procedure and it would come back online. Now there’s no lights, etc. Apparently it’s a ‘known issue’ according to ring. Read the numerous reviews here.

I understand electronics are not necessarily meant to last forever, but a $250 weather sealed doorbell that sits in a sheltered environment should last much longer than 2 years. In addition, the fact that ring claims it’s a ‘known issue’ means that they are aware of a design flaw. The flaw could be hardware or software, but a flaw means it’s their fault.

However, since they only provide a 1 year warranty, i suppose that makes it my fault.. Not a single person who’s reviewed this issue and had any luck with support on this issue.

Support did call me back to advise me to disconnect and reconnect the ring pro to see if that would work. Others who have tried this indicate that it’s just a matter of time before it will fail again though. I had to try 3 times before it properly reset.

I’m not going to hold my breath. Buyer beware – if you have money to burn, it’s a fantastic device while it is working. I for one will do my research and see if there’s a better alternative available while i wait to see if this one dies.

[original review]
one day while i was out running an errand my ring app on my phone notified me that someone was ringing the doorbell. I don’t always answer, but decided to. The young man at my door seemed a bit ‘off’ and asked for ‘nick’. There’s no one named nick on my street… Or in the small area where i live. I told him he had the wrong house and the guy left. Few minutes later i could not shake that something was off, so i reviewed the entire video footage – ring captures motion so i was able to see what he did prior to ringing the doorbell. This guy was wearing a hoodie so he covered his hands, looked through my front door window for a good 5+ seconds, then started to check the door to see if perhaps it was open, before deciding to ring the doorbell… All with his hands covered. It was 70 degrees out. Once i answered, he seemed shocked and he quickly pulled up his hood.

I contacted the police and they filed a report. I shared my ring video with them and they said it was the cleanest video they had seen in some time. Less than two weeks later a detective called me to let me know that the guy who came to my door was indeed looking to burglarize my home. He had been arrested and put in jail for other area burglaries. The detective said that had i not answered the doorbell, my home would most certainly have been broken into that day.

I’ve had the ring doorbell since september 2016 and this was the first and only time something odd/suspicious was captured and, to say the least, it works!!!

Now onto some of the issues i’ve had:
1. Ring initially was recording very poorly and sometimes would not capture video properly if at all. I installed a high end wifi extender nearby and problems went away. Previously my wifi signal strength was about 40% at the doorbell location. Now it’s close to 100%.
2. My ring doorbell went offline and it took me who knows how long to realize it. The app has a health monitor – ring why are you not telling me that you’re offline??? Why do i need to discover it for myself???? Getting it back online was a bit of a hassle also.
3. Angle. I now see some angled plates for sale but would have liked to have had those when i installed it. It’s perpendicular to my door, which means i am not capturing as much motion as i would like. Someone needs to be on my porch before it starts capturing motion. With an angled plate, i could catch them coming up my walkway instead, which is more useful.
4. Costs $30/year to maintain recordings. If i install additional devices, it’s an additional $30 per device. Would have liked to get a price break.

Overall, great product. Not sure i’ve seen a better one on the market. As with any tech, there are always likely to be issues somewhere. Overall, i think this is a good product and well worth the peace of mind.

4Expert Score
Excellent business, customer service, and product concepts, but product could definitely use some improvements

I have only had this for two days so far. I know it’s short, but i came across a lot of problems already.

i was pleasantly surprised that the ring came with the installation kit. The screwdriver was of high quality! They gave extra screws, anchors, and even cable stuff. I love this type of packaging and thinking. Thank you, ring, for thinking of those extra steps.

the installation is very easy. I have a mechanical doorbell and i already know where the transformer box is. I installed the power kit that came with the doorbell easily. Then came the ring doorbell itself. Unfortunately, whoever did the stucco finish on the outside of my house sucks because the doorbell wall was not even at all. I couldn’t just install the ring doorbell–otherwise it would have been so simple. Since my surface was not flat, i had to purchase some stucco patch and even out the wall. After the stucco patch, i simply attached the two wires to my ring doorbell and set it up with my android phone.

set up was easy as well. I don’t have to do any manual port forwarding configuration changes on my router. I have two routers at home–one downstairs and one upstairs. My doorbell’s location happens to get a stronger signal from my upstairs router so i connected it to that. Simple and done! Ring seemed to be working fine.

— problems —
lag time
like some of the other reviewers have said, there is a 5 second delay to when my mechanical door bell actually makes a sound. That is so bad! I don’t want my amazon delivery people to wait at the door for 5 seconds! What if they leave with my package thinking no one is home?? Then you might think, what about my phone app? Well, the phone app has a lag of 2-3 seconds too. Besides, what if my phone isn’t near me when i’m at home; this is when i need to rely on my mechanical doorbell sound…but the 5 second delay is really bad.

Mechanical chime
okay, i’m not sure which is worst: the 5 second delay or my original mechanical chime. My mechanical chime used to go ‘ding-dong.’ now, it only goes ‘dong’…where is my ‘ding’ ?!?! What if my phone isn’t near me, and i don’t hear that ‘dong’ ??? I don’t know how to fix this issue. I have taken the doorbell off and did the rewiring again just to make sure the contact is there. When i took the ring off, i took the two wires and made contact with each other only to find out that my mechanical doorbell chime is still okay (it makes the ‘ding-dong’ sound even with the power kit installed), but somehow, when the ring is installed again, the mechanical chime doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. If anyone has a solution, please let me know. I’m already missing my mechanical chime, and i fear that i might miss some visitors. It’s only been my second day with ring and the ups man had to bang on the door loudly this morning just to get me to sign my package…

Network (1)
my upstairs router is connected to my insteon hub as well for my insteon plugs and insteon switches throughout the house. After connecting ring to my upstairs router, my insteon hub stopped working. The light on my insteon hub was still green and all my switches were working, but my insteon app and the browser interface could not get the status of my lights and could not control my lights at all. After the first night, i switched the ring’s network to my downstairs network so my insteon hub can work again. Once i removed ring from my upstairs router, my insteon network worked again! I don’t know why ring and insteon would have a problem when it’s on the same router. I don’t have time to figure it out, but after googling, i didn’t see anyone else with that problem. I thought it might be some port issue, but i don’t think ring and insteon uses the same ports.

Network (2)
after connecting ring to my downstairs router, i left for work…only to find out that ring had some issues. I always got a black screen on my phone when i’m trying to do a live view. I couldn’t even hear any sound. When there was motion or someone at my doorbell, i would get the notification, but i see a black screen. On the ring website, the videos that were recorded were either black or white. There were a few videos which had real picture and motion; however, only the first 3-4 seconds played the video and then the rest of the recorded video is just frozen. I read other reviews and did some search, then i figured that i’ll try a wifi extender for my downstairs router. I amazon now prime’d a wifi extender. When i got home from work, i set up the wifi extender with a different sid (to make sure that ring would connect to the extender and not the router), and then i set up my ring again. Ta-da!! No more black screen!! It worked again. So the reviews i read were correct–ring needs a very strong wifi signal and connection.

— thoughts and comments —
i’m lazy to return this, and i really like to monitor when my packages arrive so i’m keeping this doorbell (especially when there has been package thieves recently). I hope i can find a solution to the mechanical chime and the lag time. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

The subscription is stupid. It makes things very easy, but what if i don’t want to pay $30 a year? What if that $30 subscription fee will increase in the future? Is the cloud safe? Where are my videos located? Where is the data center? Are they using aws? (sorry, getting a little geeky/it right now, but security is always an issue). What if i get hacked?? I wish there was an option to save the video recording to my own local hard drive. Perhaps i should have researched other options. I was too excited and impatient when i saw the youtube videos for ring so i immediately ordered it out of impulse. Others, please do your research on what’s available out there first! Another doorbell i heard of while searching for solutions for my ring problems was ‘skybell hd’. Just google! Good luck!

update — day 3
i’m knocking 1 star off the 3 stars that i initially gave this product.

This morning at 9am, i found out that the ring wasn’t working because it didn’t capture my family member leaving at 6am. I checked my phone app to see a live view. Unfortunately, the app is incapable of telling you whether the ring doorbell is connected/powered on/powered off. This is an important feature that needs to be implemented. I had to go downstairs and physically check the ring. I pressed the button, but nothing happened. The ring lost power! Why? I have no idea.

I removed the face plate and tried pressing the setup button–nothing. I unscrewed the ring and checked the wires. The wires were still intact. I took one wire off and probed it on the second wire/screw to make contact. My mechanical chime was working fine! I put the first wire back on, but the ring did not turn on. I unscrewed both wires and then screwed them back on, and the ring powered on again with my previous settings.

What??? Why did the ring lose power anyway? Why did i have to remove both wires and screw them back on!? Do i have to do this every morning?? I guess we’ll see.

So back to the feature i was talking about. They really need this feature. If your ring doorbell is off, stolen, or disconnected from the internet, you have to figure it out on your own because when you try to do a live view from the app, it just shows a black screen. So how do you know if it’s a power issue or an internet issue? They need something to detect this so you can troubleshoot the issue more easily. I should have been able to tell that it was power issue this morning and not internet.

update — day 4
this morning, i found that the ring has no power once again. The last activity i got was 10pm of the night before, but i did not see my family memeber leave at 5am again. This means that the ring lost power between 10pm and 5am, and i still don’t know why.

I disconnected one wire and reconnected it. By doing that, the ring powered on to normal again. I don’t want to do this every morning, and what if there is some suspicious activity between 10pm and 5am?

I will have to contact a customer representative (thankfully, someone has commented with that info–thank you, kandyce) and see what can be done to fix this. I will update later.

update — 10/10/2016
my issue has been fixed. A customer representative (kandyce) had commented on this review and offered help. I contacted her by email, and she immediately responded. She forwarded my issues and concerns to her technical team which called me.

I scheduled an ‘appointment’ the next day for the team to call me in the morning. When the person called me, she restated the issues i had, and then asked me to do a couple of things. Here are the things she asked me to do:
* disconnect the power kit from the power kit from the door bell transformer and reconnect the original wires
* try to ring the ring pro

somehow, she diagnosed that the transformer in my house isn’t giving enough power to my ring pro so she said that she will send another power kit along with a ring chime and that it should fix my issue.

When the new power kit and ring chime arrived, i installed it and the ring pro worked perfectly. It didn’t power off anymore. Unfortunately, i cannot use my mechanical chime anymore and will have to rely on the ring chime. I say ‘unfortunately’ because i do like the traditional door bell sound and i am afraid to completely rely on the network and wi-fi; however, it is a cost of using ring pro. I prefer to have the ring pro as part of a security system so i have no other choice.

Since it took a week to two weeks to fix the issue, i did ask for an extension on the free cloud trial since i didn’t really get to use it, and fortunately, kandyce was able to do that.

I changed my review to 4 stars because of the superb customer service ring has provided and especially since my ring pro is working fine now. Kandyce and her team were very patient and helpful when i’m asking for help. Kandyce even did a follow up to make sure everything is alright.

Good business, but the product could definitely make some improvements.

Some of the things i would like to see in future updates:
* ability to save videos in personal cloud storage (not using their service)
* ability to see if the ring doorbell or ring chime is offline/online (maybe network might be down)
* less black screen while doing a live view or answering a ring when i’m not home
* ability to change the chime on ring chime

4Expert Score
So far so good.

Ever since we got our candy cane christmas decorations stolen a few years back i’ve wanted to get a camera by our front door. With so many options for cameras, i thought the best move was to get a video doorbell. I ended up purchasing the ring video doorbell pro. One of the main factors in choosing this option was that it used the wiring from my existing doorbell so i didn’t need to worry about power and it connected to my home network without needing to be plugged into another box. The ability for it to connect with smartthings was also a big factor. I was also able to get it on sale, saving myself about $50.


the installation was very easy. They provided the tools and clear instructions on what to do. The first step was to install the power kit to your doorbell box. It is only a couple of wires and then you are done.

The next step was to remove your existing doorbell and hook up the ring. The kit even came with a drill bit and anchors if you need to go through cement or plaster. My home has siding and wood so all i needed to do was put in the screws to mount it. Again, very easy.

My main concern is with the placement of my ring because of where my previous doorbell was placed. It is about 12′ from my door so the angle isn’t what i had hoped for. The other problem was my siding, it is sloped so the bottom of the sided comes out more than the top which makes the ring camera point upward. When looking through the camera i could see the side of someone’s head while they stood at my door.

I decided to hack it a little bit by attaching some material on the back of the ring. I placed it on the top and on one side of the unit to angle the camera down and tilt it more towards the door. This helped but didn’t completely fix the issue. Doing this made a big gap on the top and right side of the unit which i filled in with clear caulk. Luckily, it still looks okay. If you have this issue, ring actually sells wedge kits that will angle the device downward or tilt it to one side. That would be another $19 so the diy hack is good enough for me.

Mobile app

the next step in the process was connecting it to my network and setting up the app. This was also an easy process. It took you through the standard process of changing your wifi to the signal that the device sends out and then going back to the app to select your network and authenticating it to establish the connection. The rest of the process was giving the device a name and location and choosing what type of doorbell you have, mechanical, digital or none.

The location uses your home address and is used for their my neighborhood service which is still in beta. This feature has some cool potential and hopefully it turns out good. It allows you to connect to a neighborhood and if others are using a ring device you can share videos or alert others of any suspicious activity.

Overall. The app could use some improvements. The biggest announce was the constant banner telling me i need to sign up for the free month of video hosting. I couldn’t get the banner to leave until i signed up, which i did. I am not a 100% convinced that i want to use their hosting. It stores up to 6 months of the video for you but for a diyer like myself, i’d rather send those videos to another hosting service that i control. I realize it is their money maker but it also might be their downfall. It is $3.00 a month so it won’t break the bank but it still is another hosting service i am paying for.

I really like the notifications from the device and how it allows me to quickly open up the live view. The rest of the app is functional. You can easily turn off the ring alerts and motion alerts. There are some prominent buttons on there that i won’t be using and i wish they were out of the way, like the device health, partners, and linked chimes. Even the shared users don’t need to always be there. These are things that you might want to set up once or see every-so-often but they need to be out of the way.

Motion zones

i love the idea behind the motion zones. I don’t want to be notified every time the camera picks something up. My camera picks up houses across the street and a heavy used sidewalk in front of my house. Being able to set the motion zones enables me to be alerted only when someone has come to my door.

Unfortunately, the simple task of setting up the zones isn’t as simple as you’d think. Because the zones i wanted to set up are at the bottom part of the camera i have to fight with the action bar that is there. You can tap the screen to hide the bar but when you go move one of the anchors the bar would reappear, making it hard to get the anchor to the position you want. Its actions are still doable but it gets a little frustrating having to keep tapping the screen for the bar to go away only to have it come back. This could be a quick win for the ring product team to fix this issue. I have seen others complain about this issue and i’m convinced that if the ring team watched their users go through this process, they would fix it. Hopefully in the next app update.

Smartthings integration

i am a big advocate for the smartthings system and anything i buy for home automation needs to be able to connect to it or i won’t even bother with it. The ring does connect with it and allows you to use the motion sensor to trigger events but you can’t utilize the camera within the smartthings app. Not a big deal right now but would be nice to see. Of course, smartthings keeps telling us that using a camera and capturing video from their service is a premium feature but we can use it free while in beta. This might be the reason that i look into another smart home system so hopefully, they figure that out that will benefit all of us and let us use our cameras.

Overall thoughts

1. I have been satisfied so far with what the ring is capable of and i’m happy that i have purchased it. Of course, the price point is still too high and i wouldn’t buy it unless it is on sale. Don’t worry, if you watch amazon, it seems to go on sale often.

2. Because of my existing wire location, the camera is set too high and doesn’t give me the best angle. Also, with the slant of my siding, the camera is slightly pointed upward. I had to do a hack to get it working okay.

3. They force you into the monthly service option. Every time i got on the app i would see the annoying message to sign up before it’s too late.

4. The motion zones aren’t easy to set up. Because most of the motion zones that you’ll set up will probably be at the bottom of the picture, you’ll be fighting with action bar at the bottom of the screen.

5. My neighborhood feature could be a great benefit. I’m really excited to see what this feature brings. There is only one other person using this in my area, it would be great to get more people using to really benefit from it. Now that i think about it, that is a great marketing feature since i will probably start telling my neighbors about it.

4Expert Score
Ring pro – good, but could be better

Review update 1/15/2018
i’ve been using the ring pro now for 10 months, and have some mixed feelings about it. When i’m at work, and someone rings my doorbell i get a notification, but the video refuses to load – i get that spinning cursor and nothing else. I thought that the concrete block walls were blocking the wifi signal, so i placed a mesh wifi node in the window, right above the ring, but that hasn’t helped.

Recently, the doorbell stopped ringing, and the app ceased notifying me when someone pressed my doorbell. I found that the button you press was cracked down the center. I don’t know that i can fault the doorbell – i’ve got video of the ups delivery guys running up to my front door, throwing my package down, and slamming the doorbell with the heel of their hand. Think any doorbell stands a chance of breaking the way some of these delivery guys hit the bell. Anyway, i just got off the phone with ring support, and i have to say the support technician just handed me one of the best customer service experiences i’ve had. Since the ring is still in warranty he immediately ordered up a replacement. While he was placing the order he filled me in on how amazon just acquired ring, and the line of products they now offer that will support and enhance the video doorbell. Got to admit, he got me interested, all right. I’ve been looking at the ring neighborhood part of the app, and i’m seeing (to my surprise) how much crime is going on close to my home. I’m really interested in beefing up my home security, so the ring line of products sound appealing.

I still like the ring pro; it functions far better than the previous video doorbell i had (an august product).
i purchased ring pro to replace an existing august video doorbell. The august had terrible wifi connectivity problems, and after listening to coworkers who’d installed a ring unit, i decided to give ring a try.

First impressions out of the box were good. The unit looks very nice, and included a lot of documentation for each step in the installation. I couldn’t help but notice, though, there were 4 additional face plates in various colors. Really? I’m not pleased at having to pay for additional faceplates when 4 of them will be trash. The ring unit itself is smaller than i’d pictured. It’s tall, but quite slim. Good thing ring included a backer plate in the box.

Installing the door chime unit – this process was simple enough – ring gives you pretty clear step-by-step visual instructions, but the connectors they included were huge, and i had to struggle to fit them inside the chime casing without interfering with the mechanical chimes. It probably wouldn’t be an issue inside an electronic doorbell, but a mechanical chime present a real space problem.

Installing the doorbell – my doorbell is surface mounted on a concrete block and stucco (cbs) surface. The previous august unit was able to use the existing mounting holes from the original doorbell, but the ring unit is much longer, so i had to drill new holes. The backer plate had handy ‘stand-off’ pegs on the back that i could break off if needed, so it fit the irregular stucco surface quite well. Once again, the ring-supplied wire connectors were huge, and couldn’t be used. Luckily, i had some crimp connectors that could be used in the very tight space. There are some very small screws at this point in the installation, so use a lot of caution – if you drop one, that could easily be the last time you’ll ever see that screw. Fortunately, ring included some extra screws. I was fortunate in that i didn’t lose any. The installation – once i brought in the connectors that worked – was pretty easy, and once the power was back on i almost immediately got the pairing prompts from the doorbell.

Pairing – almost ridiculously easy. The app and doorbell found each other immediately, and setup was quick.

Post-install issues – right off, i noticed that i couldn’t see the face of anyone standing at my door after they rang the doorbell. My location is just to the right of my front door, so the field of view is great for anyone approaching my door, but once they got close enough to ring the bell i could no longer see their face. I had to purchase angle plate adaptors for the unit so i could see those faces. Once installed, i was able to clearly see faces standing at my door and that issue was resolved. It really irritates me that i had to spend additional money for these. Bad as it was, the august unit included the angle plates when you purchased the doorbell. With ring, i had to purchase the angle plate kit separately from another vendor, which includes two plates to handle a wide range of view angles. Why can’t ring put in an angle plate adaptor instead of 4 extra faceplates? I know i can’t be the only one with a doorbell mounted six inches to the right of my front door.

Poor app performance for remotely answering the doorbell – when using the app at work to answer the door, it takes a very long time for the video to begin. I have real-time audio, but the video never kicks in for at least two minutes. I have a pretty good signal at the door – the app reports a ‘good -38’ signal, and at work i have a very strong wifi and cellular connection, so not sure why this is happening. I have a window directly over the door, and a wifi mesh network point sits in that window, so there’s plenty of signal strength at the doorbell. The poor app performance for real time viewing is the single biggest con i have with the ring pro.

Overall, i like this unit. It is much superior to the august video doorbell it replaced in nearly every functional aspect. I’m less fond of the fact that there are 4 extra faceplates in the box, no angle plates, and the wire connectors provided are way too large for the spaces they’re intended to fit in. The app performance could be better. That having been said, though, i really like the ‘neighborhood’ feature, where ring owners can share videos of worrisome visitors, and ring owners nearby can see them and can react/comment on them.

4Expert Score
2 ring pro's are up and running for me, i share my notes and ideas for improvement

Seems like a lot of problems i read about in other reviews boil down to using older power supplies or weak internet. This device is working solidly now using my netgear orbi router and several iphones, win10, and hopefully soon to be my new echo show (as of early july the echo show is mostly useless as it takes a long time to link to the video and there is no 2-way voice communication via that promising amazon echo device. Until amazon and ring get their acts together the iphone method will have to do though i was hoping my amazon echo with alexa would be a faster way to answer if my phone is not nearby.

I share my installation notes that helped me get through a few small problems initially:
1. Skipped all old chime hardware and wired directly with a new elk 24vac transformer as recommended by ring. Older houses often have weak transformers and the old chimes draw a lot of power themselves. For in-house chime it was optimal for me to purchase the ring chime plug-in unit and bi-pass that old mechanical bell equipment with a straight wire to the door (finding the original transformer is the trick with this approach though so may be tough for some).
2. My netgear orbi system was initially part of a problem i initially believed to be with ring but i think it is just that orbii is itself a new product and needs some time to improve with firmware. For the benefit of others struggling to get a strong rssi signal strength with orbi even when it is close enough that it should be a perfect signal. I kept finding my signal would start off strong at about -55db but over an hour or so would drop back to a not so great -70db despite my orbi being nearby the ring units. I was puzzled but came across an internet discussion that hinted that orbi had problems with nest cams also when the orbi advance feature of beam forming was active. As soon as i disabled beam forming my ring pro wi-fi signal stabilized at a good level and the video choppieness, audio drop outs, and other periodic unreliability all disappeared. I am hopeful my orbi beam forming issues will resolve with future firmware updates but until then, i figured out my fix here. Note that orbi units today seem to come pre-configured with beam forming off but if you are a techy, like me, who enabled it to help connect other devices more optimally, you may need to revert for both this and for nest cameras at present.

I tried telephone customer support as i needed the pro power cable (effectively an inline fuse) since i was wiring direct to a transformer). The call was answered domestically and the agent was prompt and courteous in both cases when i installed 2 ring pro units.

Things ring still needs to fix to get this to a 5-star rating for me:
1. The process of answering via iphone needs more streamlining for speed to answer. I’d like an option to allow the app to go straight into conversation mode when i click on the notification as the present model of clicking that notification, entering your iphone passcode or fingerprint, combined with a need to click the answer button in the app to start talking means nearly 25 seconds pass meaning some leave the door before i can answer.
2. The amazon echo show integration is horrible at present. To be fair, this amazon and ring partnership is new and holds promise to improve (hopefully soon). The time it takes to load the doorbell with all the buffering (20 seconds or more even with my 50 down and 12 up bandwidth) plus there is no two-way voice communication at present meaning my amazon show is effectively unusable with this ring pro at this time.
3. The regular old amazon echo’s should be made to work with this system – of course the video would be skipped with them but you should be able to voice link to the front door to answer a call nonetheless.
4. I’d like the ability to customize the ring tones for the two different doorbells i have. The garage camera should sound different than the front door but i cannot seem to change the sounds using the iphone app at present.
5. Many have complained about the monthly video feed charges. I am not too deeply concerned here as long-term these companies will need a revenue stream from users who want the video recording in order to stay solvent. Yes, i’d like to store the video myself but i can only imagine the challenges ring would experience trying to support many trying to save money by using local storage options. I hope ring will come up with a plan to help reduce my monthly costs for 2 or 3 devices as i have now (their consolidated plan becomes relevant at 4 or more devices). I’d rather pay the $30 annually (in my case $60 for 2 devices) and have the company stay financially viable with their video services rather than get something that becomes insolvent in a couple years with no revenue stream. Perhaps a plan where 2 devices could be registered for the $30 annually but get less video retention time?
6. I’ll need to wait a few more weeks to ensure this system remains stable as it appears to be now. This video connectivity holds great promise but early adopters need to go into it with a sense of adventure and willingness to work with the company as they work toward making things better.
In closing, this is a nice unit that requires a few things to be setup right at home, a sense of adventure as with all new tech products, and hope/optimism that ring and their partners will keep innovating to make a good product better over time.

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Had an issue, but ring did their best to make it right.

I truly love the technology ring doorbells offer however mine simply quit working 7 months after installation. I tested the power to the unit and from the transformer and all is well. It is the ring doorbell that failed. Incredibly disappointed and potentially forced to buy another as i prefer this technology and security. However, i don’t have faith that my product will have any longevity.

Update: my ring device strangely came back on? Even without the proper reset? Nonetheless , the folks at ring did their best to help me. As it stands right now? The device is on and working. Should it fail again? Ring has my back. Thank you brett and the ring team.

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Good looking and works, so far

We live in a rural area and wanted a video system. We decided to go with the wired-in pro version and had an electrician install it. I am not tech-savvy and had issues getting it connected to our wi-fi. Once connected i started getting my first notifications (mostly for me walking around on the porch). Overnight i got a bunch of notifications which i didn’t see until morning because i have my phone set to ‘do not disturb’ mode overnight. Retrieving the videos was easy. I didn’t know we had so many cats roaming our porch. Deleting the video is easy too. We plan to continue the cloud storage once the 30 day trial membership is over. It’s inexpensive, and i don’t see what good it is to have videos if you can’t save and retrieve them later. The only issue is that our wifi internet connection isn’t the best so sometimes it affects the doorbell video. Bummer, but that’s the price of living in the boonies.

Update may 2019: we have had this connected for over a month now. I reduced my rating from 5 stars to 4 stars because of a few issues as follows.
1. The video doesn’t always catch cars and people going by, even though i have the zone set up to view the walks and roadway. It picks up the morning school buses and odd cars going by at night, but it doesn’t pick up the afternoon school bus, the people driving by on golf carts or the joggers during the daytime. Not even once did it video them, and only rarely did it record the mailman driving up. But it almost always picks up the ups truck.
2. The video bell records every cat that walks across our front porch at night, but when the mailman walks up to our porch, it usually doesn’t begin recording until after he presses the doorbell….and even then it’s often recording him as he walks away. But it records just fine when i take the dog out for a walk and then return later. So far i haven’t used this to communicate with people who ring the bell. I tried once with the mailman but by the time i signed into my phone and brought up the live feed, the person was already halfway back to his vehicle.
3. When i’m away from home, only a couple times have i ever received a notification that someone is at my door, even though when i return home and check i can see that the video had been triggered while i was gone.
4. Retrieving the live feed after getting a notification that someone is in the front yard is almost useless. It takes about 15 seconds for me to retrieve my phone, log in and then bring up the ring app. By then too much time has gone by so that whatever was in the video zone is long gone. I’ve determined that, unless i’m actively using my phone and the ring app is already open, it is better to just ignore it, let the video record the event and then retrieve it in a minute or so.
5. Something i didn’t expect is that thunder and lightning activates the video. At first i thought maybe the wind blowing the trees caused it but it wasn’t really windy. But often when the lightning struck, i got a ‘motion detected’ warning. It was a little annoying, but the system has a function that will allow you to put it in snooze mode for as long as you want so that you won’t have to hear the alerts. They’ll still record so you can retrieve them later, but the alerts won’t disturb you.
On the pro side, the audio on this thing is amazing. I retrieved one video of a car late at night that stopped in front of a house kitty-corner from us. Two men got out and were talking to each other, and i could understand most of what they said. And birds? Holy cow, i can hear so many birds even at 2 am. Can’t sleep? Just open the live feed and listen to the crickets, frogs and birds for a while. Also the video quality is top-notch. Very clear.
Overall, so far i’m satisfied with this purchase. It bugs me that some movement in the zone is not caught by the doorbell, but i like the quality and ease of playback when something records. For those times when i’ve been home and i know someone has been on my front walk or porch, the doorbell has always alerted me and recorded it, even if it was a bit late on rare occasions. I purchased the $30 per year plan so i can keep and access my videos any time, and i think it’s well worth it.

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Decent for close well lit video

It was easy to install and set up. The daytime videos that are within 20′ are pretty good, but as you move away or if the light level goes down, it’s hard to get a good shot of someone’s face. It’s good enough that i can recognize people i know, but not a stranger. I’d like to see a higher resolution video.

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Ring video doorbell pro could be 5-stars, but . . .

After using the product for nearly one year, i can say with confidence, the ring video doorbell pro is a reliable product and is backed by an excellent usa-based support team.

Question: why not a 5-star rating??
Answer: unexpected power requirements.

After the ring pro was installed, the product did not work as expected. The video response time lagged, and the video quality was not as expected. Additionally, the original ‘mechanical’ doorbell would not consistently chime when a visitor pressed the ring pro button. After troubleshooting with ring’s excellent tech-support, it was discovered the original doorbell transformer was not powerful enough to operate the ‘pro’ model properly.

My home was built in 2003. I guess in those ‘old days’ many homes were built with doorbell transformers rated at 16v/10va. I’m not an electrician, but ring tech-support stated the ring ‘pro’ model needs a transformer with a minimum rating of 16v/30va (the ’30va’ is the important part). Something tells me, even if your home was built in the last year or two — it is likely has a ‘contractor grade’ transformer that will not adequately power a ring pro.

I purchased a new 16v/30va transformer (edwards signaling 598 120v 8/16/24v 30w) from amazon for $30, and i did a self-installation to avoid the additional cost of a professional electrician. By the way, locating the doorbell transformer can be a mystery — depending on the age of your home. My transformer is located in the garage, and it was not an easy install because it is in an awkward position –11 feet off the ground (tall garage). A little advice: if you decide to install a new transformer yourself — the electricity needs to be turned-off at the breaker box!

The new 16v/30va transformer resolved the ‘video lagging’ issue. However, it did not resolve the mechanical (hard wired) wall chime operating sporadically. Again, ring tech-support was contacted, and they suggested the original (2003) mechanical wall chime still might be demanding too much power from the transformer and suggested replacement of the nutone chime box.

Since i had just purchased the ring pro and had the unexpected expense of a new $30 transformer, i expressed to ring tech-support — i was not about to add the cost of a new mechanical wall chime to the scenario, and perhaps it would be better to return the ring pro to amazon. Understanding this concern, ring tech-support was kind enough to send me a ring wireless chime free of charge.

Actually, i like the ring wireless chime better than the old mechanical wall chime, and here are two reasons why:

(1) the ring wireless chime offers 20 different ‘ring’ chimes; plus a selection of ‘motion’ chimes. The motion chimes are great for when delivery drivers drop off packages at the door — but do not ring the bell. When the ring wireless chime sounds for motion at the front door area, i always check the ring pro camera to see if a package is sitting near the door. (an excellent feature for thwarting porch pirates.)

(2) i can move the ring wireless chime to a different location in the house, or it can be moved to the patio when i’m working outside (electrical outlet required). That way, i always hear the doorbell ring or sound motion activity anywhere inside or outside the house.

Now, nearly one year later, i have had zero issues with the ring pro and highly recommend ring’s products to family and friends. However, the rationale for the 4-star instead of 5-star rating was based on the disappointment of encountering ‘unknown power requirements’ after the purchase. After checking youtube and other online sources, apparently, operation issues around the 16v/30va power requirement are very common. I think ring should disclose this anomaly prior to purchase — or at least offer a discounted 16v/30va transformer for around $20 and free shipping.

All-in-all, if i were asked to recommend either a ring pro or a ring doorbell model that is battery-operated, i would suggest going with the pro model and upgrading to a 16v/30va transformer. Plus, here in the valley of the sun, with over 100 days of 100+ temperatures each year, batteries don’t live long. So, not having to worry about heat-related battery failure is worth the extra cost and effort to install a ring pro.

One last thing . . .

Because ring was excellent at resolving the electrical issues encountered with the ring video doorbell pro with quality tech-support and customer service, i recently purchased and installed the ring alarm home security system. So far, the ring security system is excellent, and i will talk about this product in a separate review after a few months of experience.

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