Roam Bike Phone Mount – Adjustable Handlebar of Motorcycle Phone Mount for Electric, Mountain, Scooter, and Dirt Bikes – Bike Phone Holder Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Cell Phones

Roam Bike Phone Mount – Adjustable Handlebar of Motorcycle Phone Mount for Electric, Mountain, Scooter, and Dirt Bikes – Bike Phone Holder Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Cell Phones Roam Bike Phone Mount – Adjustable Handlebar of Motorcycle Phone Mount for Electric, Mountain, Scooter, and Dirt Bikes – Bike Phone Holder Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Cell Phones : Automotive

What are roam bike phone mount – adjustable handlebar of motorcycle phone mount for electric features?

  • Universal – compatible with smartphones and devices up to 3.5′′ wide, our bicycle and motorcycle phone holder is adjustable to fit handlebars 7/8′ – 1-1/4′ in diameter. Note: will not fit super sport bikes clip-on style handlebars.
  • Safe – from mountain bikes, to exercise bikes, to motor bikes, our premium phone mount for bike handlebars allows you to safely secure your device using two points of contact, a premium plastic grip, and a silicone net.
  • Secure – crafted with premium quality plastic material, these motorcycle accessories are complete with a heavy duty silicone net that, unlike rubber, won’t crack or break in extreme weather conditions.
  • Compatible – these bike accessories for adult bikes are compatible with the iphone series 14, 13, 12, 11, se (2nd gen), xs max, xs, xr, x; all samsung galaxy phones, including s22, s21, s20, s10. Refer to sizing guide.
  • Customer support – whether this bicycle phone holder is a gift for yourself or for the cyclist in your life, our customer support team is on-hand 24/7 to assist you with all of your needs surrounding bicycle accessories.
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Roam bike phone mount – adjustable handlebar of motorcycle phone mount for electric details:

Product dimensions

2.5 x 5.5 x 1 inches

Item weight

3.36 ounces

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Special features


Other display features



Matte black



Roam Bike Phone Mount – Adjustable Handlebar of Motorcycle Phone Mount for Electric, Mountain, Scooter, and Dirt Bikes – Bike Phone Holder Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Cell Phones AMAZON Roam Bike Phone Mount – Adjustable Handlebar of Motorcycle Phone Mount for Electric, Mountain, Scooter, and Dirt Bikes – Bike Phone Holder Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Cell Phones : Automotive

Looking for specific info?

Will this work for a s8 note?

Yes, holds my note 8 very securely

How wide is the clamp that attaches to the handlebar? I have just over an inch between the stem and shifters.

1 3/4

Will it fit my phone with the case on ?

Really depends on the phone and case width. Fits my iphone 6+ with big otterbox case @ 3 1/2′ wide. The net stretches well over the corners.

Can you mount in such a way on the bicycle handle bars to take video of the road ahead?. As you a cycling

Mine is mounted on a motorcycle and i have a windshield in the way, but i would think so, depending on where you camera lens is on your phone. It would work with my iphone.

Will this fit an iphone 11 pro?

I’m pretty sure it will. It fits my samsung galaxy s10+ (with a case).

Sirve para un y9 2019?

Si yes

Does this hold the galaxy note8?

If galaxy note 8 is bigger than iphone 6 the answer is no.

Does it fit a samsung galaxy 8 plus ?

Yes it will fit.

Will this can hold iphone xs max with an otter box case? Gonna put it in my road bike.

I believe so. I have the 11 pro max in a thinner case case and it does the trick. If you’re using the insanely thick defender case it should still work. I use it on my road bicycle and it’s been reliable so far.

Do i need tools to install

There’s a teeny tiny nut for the long screw (not proper terminology, i know) that you may need to tighten with teeny tiny pliers. May be able to finger tighten. Other than that, simple and easy installation

Will this fit an s10 5g?

I don’t have an s10 but it fits my iphone xr well

What is the definition of a sport bike

Sports and super sports are geared twords handling speed and aggressive riding most of the time.

Will this hold a note 9 with a thin case?

Absolutely. There are different size rubber frame holders / adapters that come with the mount. I have a note 8 with a spigen carbon fiber case….works fine…holds solid.

Will it hold a samsung 20s plus?

I have the iphone 8s which is pretty large and it fits perfectly. If your samsung is around that same size it should work very well. I have been using mine regularly since i got it and have nothing negative to report. I love it. I am able to listen to music as i ride my bike since it sits right in front of me on my handlebar, but am still able to hear sounds around me. Much less dangerous than using earphones. I highly recommend it.

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Will this work on a s7 edge?

Have samsung galaxy 8 and fits fine. Edge?

Will this fit on the 2018 can am rt limited hadle bars

Hi niceguy,

thank you for reaching out. We appreciate your interest in roam.

The bike phone mount is adjustable to fit handlebar sizes from 0.7 or 0.8 inches to 1.4 inches in diameter for your bicycle or motorcycle.

We hope you’ll find this answer helpful! If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know by reaching out to us directly —

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are always happy to help!

Kind regards,
roam team

Sirve en un galaxy s8?

No se. Lo uso con iphone. Supongo que si

Does it hold 6′ phone ?

All i can say is that i have an iphone 7 and it fits no problem with its case on the holder.

Can it hold an iphone xsmax ?

Yes. The holder is a stretchable rubber material and will definitely hold the iphone xsmax

Will this work for iphone 6s?

It works on my samsung glaxy note 4 which is much larger. There are 3 or 4 size ‘rubber’ holders…i’m not positive but i am 90% sure it will.

Roam Bike Phone Mount – Adjustable Handlebar of Motorcycle Phone Mount for Electric, Mountain, Scooter, and Dirt Bikes – Bike Phone Holder Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Cell Phones AMAZON Roam Bike Phone Mount – Adjustable Handlebar of Motorcycle Phone Mount for Electric, Mountain, Scooter, and Dirt Bikes – Bike Phone Holder Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Cell Phones : Automotive

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
First ride review: great for listening to kindle books

I am hopelessly addicted to reading, and want books to fill nearly every waking minute of my life. While exercising and many other activities, i listen to kindle books via text-to-speech. This practice eliminates the cost of audible narration; it’s well worth my time to choose a pleasing operating system voice and train my ear to it.

on my bike, the movement of my iphone x, whether in my pocket or in the basket, turns the narration off after just one page.

this phone mount fit perfectly on my fat (1.25′ diameter) handle bar. On our maiden voyage together, lasting 30 minutes, the mount eliminated the kindle book problem entirely. Bumps in the bike trail did not throw it off. The narration kept going, page to page, start to finish.

The future:
i proceed optimistically, on the assumption that the mount will continue to work for me. If that changes, i’ll update this review.

Encouragement for other addicts:
nothing is more important than guarding the contents of your mind. I never regretted any expense or effort to replace random, poisonous mental input (tv, youtube, tiktok) with consciously-chosen input. If you also want to maximize input from books, this inexpensive device can help. However you do it, keep fighting against the quicksand of stupidity, which is swallowing our cultural life.

Victor klemperor wrote in his journal:
october 18, 1936
people treat reason as if it were the most minor and harmful aspect of the whole human being. It’s as if a soldier standing guard were to say to himself, “what good would my rifle be, if i now were to be attacked by a dozen enemies? I shall therefore lay it aside and smoke opium cigarettes until i doze off.”

5Expert Score
Great mount

My wife got a new e-bike and for a while we were sharing it. I put this mount on so we could take our iphones with us when we rode. The mount comes with several rubber holders. You stretch the four corners of the holders around the four corners of your phone. I have a larger phone than my wife so i put both the largest and smallest holders on the mount. So when she rode the bike it would hold her iphone 12 mini and when i rode the bike it wold hold my iphone 12 pro max.

The mount holds our phones snugly inside it. We ride on the trails in our area so our bikes bounce around a lot. The mount keeps the phone securely in the holder.

Now that i have my own e-bike, i need to purchase another one of these mounts for my phone.

5Expert Score
Atv use was fantastic

I mounted this on my atv so i could use a map program on the trails. This mount far exceeded my expectations! We were riding some very rough trails that provided a lot of shocks and bumps. I was nervous initially that my phone might fly off, but that was unfounded. The mount stayed at the exact angle i set it at and kept my phone locked in tight through 120 miles of rough riding. I would definitely recommend! If you are curious, i used the polaris ride command app for the trail map. The combination of having a great map and a mount that kept it clearly visible to me at all times made the ride all the more enjoyable.

5Expert Score
Fácil y práctico de usar

El dispositivo es de muy buena calidad y fácil de montar y ajustar. Debo admitir que estaba apunto de pensar en una devolución, ya que las ligas tienen una orientación con respecto al teléfono que no me di cuenta al inicio. Puse las ligas al revés y mordian los botones del volumen de mi teléfono, pero luego me di cuenta que debía girarlas para que no dieran problema. Execelente producto, y la entrega también

5Expert Score
Great company and works great, use it accordingly and you'll get the most of this mount…

Ok i say use the mount accordingly because of course if you use this mount in a violent environment of course you’ll experience breaks like i’ve seen. I think it depends in my opinion how you’re mounting it. How are you riding, are you doing bunny hops, hitting heavy mountain biking etc. I can’t speak for those types of scenarios personally but to me this mount is awesome. I’ve used it on my rides varying from a few miles to 14-15 mile trips and it works fantastic. You don’t need to tighten the rotating portion of the mount that holds your phone very tight. For me i left it with a slight give so i could adjust it if need be and even when i hit a few roads through some rough city blocks on my commutes and it held up. I may have had to readjust it, but only slightly and it wasn’t a big deal at all. I have a schwinn road bike with drop bars and it has a set of breaks on the middle of the bars as well but it didn’t impede installation. In fact i was able to try different ways of mounting it whether it be the open side facing me or outward to let the brake cable pass. Turns out the best way was the closed side because the mounting bracket had an open space for the cable to pass through so it worked out. Installation was a breeze. You could take out the rubber grips inside if you have insulated drop bars like mine to help with the closing of the clamp. That was what i had to do and as far as losing the cushioning of the rubber grips, the insulated handle bars made up for that. I have an iphone x and it fit perfectly and held perfectly. For convenience i only used two of four available silicone bands on opposite corners and it held up fine for ease of dismounting it. Not recommended for all because i ride city roads, but that’s just me. Also i should note that the two grips on each side to initially place your phone in have spring tension. So it retracts and grips the phone, with rubber backing. The silicone grips didn’t impede my ability to use my phone either. It isn’t too bulky, it actually looks pretty stylish, and on top of the looks, it does it’s job. Again, i mean you can’t stick this mount on a dirt bike and get crazy with it, i’m sure it would break, but common sense would tell you not to mount a phone when you are doing x-games type of activities anyhow. I think the price for this mount is more than fair for the product. If you are second guessing buying this, i recommend you not to and go ahead and get it, you’ll be happy you did. Not to mention it’s easy to register your product with your email and name for a lifetime warranty, how can you beat that? Do they honor that warranty? Yes they do. I’ve had a unique situation that had nothing to do with the products structural integrity or repairs, but it required me to use the warranty and i can tell you they were more than happy to help me. So not only is the product great, the warranty is too. This is probably one of my first reviews i’ve ever done and i’ve been an amazon member for a long time. I had to write this because i wanted people to buy something good for commuting and who weren’t sure about buying it. Also, because these guys are great. I did not receive the product for free for this review, i paid for it just like anyone else did. Thanks for reading, hope the review helped.
Material: quality four stars because it is plastic, but don’t let that fool you, it’s strong.
Durability: four stars because again it’s plastic and i know others will try to get crazy on their vehicles, bikes etc. And it will probably give way if you are doing jumps and whatnot.
Versatility: five stars, it more than likely will hold all phone types, even notes. It opens up that much. And you could mount it anywhere pretty much as long as your handlebars aren’t already full of different items like horns, bells, lights etc.

5Expert Score
Works great, and for large phones

I have an iphone 12 pro max, and none of the options in my favorite bike shop worked well for it. I ordered this, and it’s amazingly adjustable and sturdy. I have no concerns at all that my phone is going to jump off the bike. The adjustability of the mount to fit a wide range of handlebars is great; i hadn’t realized just how chunky my handlebars are, but the widest setting of the mount was perfect for them. The inclusion of three sizes of silicone net is surprising, but assures compatibility with a very broad range of phones. I view the clamp as a nice bonus for added stability and security but i think the silicone net is the main factor in making the phone safe.

I suspect the phone would go flying in a major crash; that’s a risk i’m willing to take. The corners of the silicone net can get in the way of navigation on the phone, particularly when there’s a badge in the top left corner for an active background app. Nevertheless i like the silicone net because i think it’s the most secure mechanism i’ve seen that doesn’t require replacing my phone case.

5Expert Score
I love this thing.

I love this mount…
Here i was thinking that i had to buy an overly priced expensive mount… Nope!!!

This mount is great. My phone is super secure. I’ve ridden well over 100 hours with this mount, zipping through the horribly bumpy and torn streets of dallas-fort worth. On my can-am spyder.

Phone never slipped, moved, rotated… Nothing. This thing is great.

5Expert Score
Nice and secure

Definitely a 5 star for this one. I mostly use this mount on my bicycle and it serves it’s purpose well. More or less easy to install, just a couple of bolts and screws and it’ll stay straight on a bar well. The little straps around the phone keep’s it from moving around and it doesn’t get bent when i’m on the road or going over bumps.
Only issue i’d have with it is that in the even of a fall my phone probably won’t be the most protected, but then again, that’s what phone cases are for, same goes with rain.

5Expert Score
All good!

Seems to work as it should. Holds my phone very securely. Comes with 3 different sized rubber webs for different sized phones. So far i’m very happy with it.

5Expert Score
Very good product!

If it survived a very rugged, bumby and unpaved road for many hours and days on a motorcycle with no issue whatsoever, believe me that is a fine built product. Also easy to install and use. Enjoyed it very much.

4Expert Score
It works, and works well!

After i received my package and opened it, i was a bit concerned that the part that holds the phone to the holder is just a piece of rubber that you stretch over the corners of your phone to hold it in place. But it’s designed and works very well. It’s easy to assemble and easy to mount. And as long as you have your ear buds on (and set to a volume where you can hear them but you can still hear everything else that’s happening, too) then answering a call is as easy as tapping the front of your phone or your ear bud. But that still leaves the piece of rubber and it’s durability, because that’s one of the biggest reasons we purchase gear like this: durability. But the only way to find that out is by using it over a long time period. So, i will do that and put a reminder in my calendar to update this review, so i can let you know how well it holds up after a year of use.

4Expert Score
Would not use this on a motorcycle

I would not use this on a motorcycle. Your camera make break. Some motorcycles are known for having high vibrations. My rear camera broke after a month or two. Some stabilizer in the camera breaks and the camera will no longer focus and just vibrates and makes a noise when you turn it on. Look into quad lock. They have a vibration dampener. Haven’t used it yet personally but it looks promising.
I have had this mount on my motorcycle for the past year. It’s a harley fatbob. Today i almost lost my phone while riding. It never comes off my bike and due to being out in the elements, except when at home, it’s garaged then. Today the plastic failed and sheered off where it attached to the clamp and almost fell off. It was dangling and i had to pull over and tear it the rest of the way off. Other than that the parts have held up fine. The straps that secure your phone are a pain because they cover the buttons in the corners of your phone. If it wasn’t for that, and the fact that it sheered off today, i would have no complaints. This mount is probably more suitable for a bicycle. For the price, i’m not upset that it failed after a year. Just glad my phone still hung on and didn’t fall to the ground while i was riding.

4Expert Score
Iphone 12 pro max with case barely fits – but it fits

I bought this because i’m always reaching for my phone to look at a gps map and i wanted it right there in front of me. This holder does fit my phone, but barely. If the case was off, it would probably be better, but it seems to be ok. I’ve gone out already and the mount is secure. The phone doesn’t move around (although – i haven’t ridden anything super technical yet – so we’ll see). It serves its purpose. Btw, because there are rubber straps that fit over your phone to keep it in place in addition to the side prongs holding it in place, it does not come out of the holder quickly or with great ease – so if you wanted something that did (say to take pictures or you’re a casual rider) – this isn’t it . I want my phone to not bounce around when i’m riding a rocky path.

4Expert Score
Kind of a pain installing!

Kind of disappointed that it didn’t come with directions on how to install on my bicycle, and because of this it was a little bit of a challenge. Other than that, it has done well holding my phone in place while riding light to moderate trails.

4Expert Score
Good product.

Very handy for my cell phone. Just walk up and slip it in the pocket. It holds it secure enough without even zipping it up. The only drawback is it needs stronger magnets to secure the bag to the tank
i had some strong magnets that i slipped in the small pockets and presto, wham-o, it works like majic.

4Expert Score
Nice bike phone mount – too tall for my needs

I really wanted to like the roam bike phone holder but that it’s high profile on the handle bar wasn’t going to work for me. Installation is not the easiest i’ve experienced even though it is a well designed product that held phone securely. Long term durability is concern due to being rigid molded nylon. Going to pass it along to a friend rather than return.

4Expert Score
As advertised

Once i realized there was a very tiny bolt under the center stem, installation was extremely easy. The rubber that holds the phone appears to be sturdy enough.

4Expert Score
Great mount for the price

The roam bike phone mount is a great solution for mounting your phone to your bike handle bars. It’s easy to install and easy pop your phone in and out. It also holds your phone extremally well.

Two minor issues:

1. The rubber holders tend to squeeze the side buttons on the phone. In my case, it squeezes the volume up button which is a bit annoying.

2. These rubber holders also interfere with using the corners of the screen. I use some biking apps and there are on screen buttons that are in the corners and can be a pain to get to.

For the price and the ability to hold the phone on the bike really well, i can get over these issues! I would recommend this mount to anyone looking for a cheap and effective way to mount their phone to their bike.

4Expert Score
Phone stays put!! But fragile parts

Highly adaptable to a lot of layouts along the handle bars and/or bike frame. Rubber straps offer extra security in case side clamps are not enough. In my case, one of the side clamps did fail during my last ride less than 1 month of ownership. The internal springs are held on by plastic parts and will eventually fail. I’ll keep using this since the one good clamp still has enough holding power to compensate for the busted one. Besides, the rubber straps keep it in place as well. It really was great while it lasted in one piece. That’s why i’m giving this a 4/5 stars.

4Expert Score
Good for price

The rubber bands that hold the corners are kind of a pain, but you can take them off and just use the base clamp

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