Roku Express 4K+ | Streaming Media Player HD/4K/HDR with Smooth Wireless Streaming and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls

Roku Express 4K+ | Streaming Media Player HD/4K/HDR with Smooth Wireless Streaming and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls

Buy Roku Express 4K+ | Streaming Media Player HD/4K/HDR with Smooth Wireless Streaming and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls, Includes Premium HDMI® Cable: Streaming Media Players – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Streaming Media Player HD:

Roku express 4k+ is the easy way to start streaming in brilliant 4k picture and vivid hdr color. Enjoy a smooth streaming experience with faster wireless performance, even with multiple streaming devices connected to your network. Power up your tv, adjust the volume, and control your streaming with the included roku voice remote. Use your voice to quickly search, turn captions on, and more. Best of all, roku streaming gives you a massive selection of free and live tv, and a customizable home screen with your favorite channels front and center, like netflix, hbo max, disney plus, prime video and freevee. Setup is a cinch with everything you need in the box, including a premium high speed hdmi® cable. Roku express 4k+ also works with popular voice assistants. Ask alexa or hey google to launch channels, search for entertainment, control your streaming, and more. You can also control your tv using the apple home app or siri on your apple devices.

What are streaming media player hd features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Brilliant 4k picture quality: stream in hd, 4k, and hdr with sharp resolution and vivid color optimized for your tv
  • Smooth wireless streaming: now featuring dual-band wireless, enjoy a smooth streaming experience with faster wireless performance, even with multiple devices connected to your network
  • No more juggling remotes: power up your tv, adjust the volume, mute, and control your roku device all with one remote
  • Convenient voice control: use your voice to quickly search across channels, turn captions on, and more in a touch
  • Upgrade to roku streaming: all of your favorite channels, like hbo max, netflix, and prime video, are front and center on the customizable home screen, plus your device is always getting better with automatic updates
  • Simple setup: it’s easy to get started with everything you need included in the box, including a premium hdmi cable—just plug it in and connect to the internet
  • Save money, stream big: watch what you love, including a massive selection of free and live tv, including 275 plus live tv channels free on the roku channel—it’s great for streaming tv and cutting cable
  • Works with popular voice assistants: enjoy easy voice control with siri, alexa, or hey google
  • Share it with apple airplay: effortlessly share videos, photos, music, and more from your apple devices to your tv
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Streaming media player hd details:

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3 x 1.6 x 0.83 inches

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1.6 ounces

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2 aaa batteries required. (included)

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Roku Express 4K+ | Streaming Media Player HD/4K/HDR with Smooth Wireless Streaming and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls AMAZON

Buy Roku Express 4K+ | Streaming Media Player HD/4K/HDR with Smooth Wireless Streaming and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls, Includes Premium HDMI® Cable: Streaming Media Players – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can i get a 4 k , even if the tv is not a 4 k?

Roku 4k express plus is backward compatible to any 1080p tv w/ hdmi input… But you will only see a 4k resolution image if you have a 4k tv

Does this work on 5.0 ghz wireless networks ?

Yes! This new player is compatible with both 2.4 and 5.0 ghz wireless networks for a fast connection and a smooth streaming experience.

Can you control the volume with the roku remote for a non-smart tv?

Yes, the remote must be paired with the tv during initial set up…. Will the control most tvs less than 1o years old…control volume up and down, as well as mute and tv power

Is there a monthly fee to roku?

No! There are no monthly fees for using a roku device or watching free channels.

You only have to pay for subscription channels like netflix, cable-replacement services like sling tv, or movie and tv show rentals from services like fandangonow. Learn more about free movies and tv shows here:

Do all models get this hot?


Is the unit supposed to get warm

Yes, it is normal for your unit to be warm. However, there are two ways used to indicate that your roku player is too hot: either a solid red light will appear on the front of your roku player, or a notification will appear in the top-right-hand corner of your tv. To learn more, visit

Is this compatible with an older model sharp tv? It’s not a smart tv

If your tv has an hdmi connection, it will probably work. I have an older magnavox tv, and it works great.

Is there a way to hear volume and use headset?

Only the roku ultra model supports that feature. The remote has a headphone jack where you can plug in a headset and control the volume with the side buttons

Is everything i need in this box? Or do i need a streaming stick too?

Everything you need is in the box, just a plug and play device.

Can i mirror or airplay from my macbook to my sony tv via this roku? If not, is there another roku device that can do that?

I’m not sure but, i can airplay my ipads and my iphone.

Can u download the spectrum app

I would double check with spectrum. At one point, they could not come to an agreement and roku stopped future downloads of the spectrum app to their devices. My roku tells me not to delete the spectrum app because i won’t be able to download it again.
But then i went and got a this new roku yesterday and it downloaded the spectrum app as soon as i connected it to my roku account online. Go figure.

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Does this work on soyo tv yes or no

It should if your tv has an hdmi port on it. I am using mine plugged into my denon receiver and it works great.

Does this have an option to power off the roku unit to avoid overheating?

Rather than plug my roku into the wall, i just removed the charging brick from the cord, and plugged the roku power cord right into the usb port on my tv. That way when i turn off the tv, the power is turned off to the roku as well. When i turn on the tv the roku powers right up too!

Does it work with a hotspot?

While it could work, not a good idea. You will use way too much cellular data, and go into overage payments.

Does this have fast startup?

Well, it takes about 15-20 seconds for it to initialize, then its always on standby, more or less always on, without a doubt the best, i wish i would have bought the ultra it has a headphone jack on the remote.

Funciona bien en colombia ?


I have a 2 yr old lg tv,which has some apps built in,like you tube netflex,hulu. Will the roku express express be of benefit to me?

It sure will. I have vizio preloaded..auggh.. But roku express hooked up easy.. Just plug in to htm1 or 3, i’m sure #2 is already in use. Good luck

Is roku express 4k is able to watch sport channel like epl, la liga, uefa?’

You would need to subscribe to a streaming package which includes those channels.

Kodi funciona en roku?

My roku does work with spectrum, wondering if only certain models do

Can this do 4k at 60 fps ?


Roku Express 4K+ | Streaming Media Player HD/4K/HDR with Smooth Wireless Streaming and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls AMAZON

Buy Roku Express 4K+ | Streaming Media Player HD/4K/HDR with Smooth Wireless Streaming and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls, Includes Premium HDMI® Cable: Streaming Media Players – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Couldn't be happier!!

I bought this to replace my amazon fire stick that never worked from the day i bought it. I should’ve just bought this from the very beginning & i could’ve saved myself soooo much time & money! I plugged this in & created an account & had it all set up in no time! Literally a few minutes! Not one single problem! I bought 3 fire sticks for each of my tvs and not a single one worked. I spend days and hours of my time on the phone with customer service and still couldn’t get any of them to work. I exchanged them all for 3 new ones & still each fire stick ran into some type of problem, even the remotes had problems not working sometimes. The home screen always says unavailable, apps wouldn’t work, etc. After all the trouble i had with them i could not believe how easy this roku was to set up!! The remote connected automatically, the entire setup process was so easy and flawless. I will definitely be buying one for each of our tvs! Highly recommend roku!

5Expert Score
Always been a fan of roku

For some reason the batteries included in mine were dead but i doubt that will be true for everyone.

I had a chrome cast model prior which was controlled via phone which i would not recommend. No dedicated remote and it would be a hassle to rewind or fast forward etc.

Xfinity flex came with my internet but that system was extremely bulky. About 6 times the size of roku.

Amazon fire stick would’ve hit the wall when plugged into my old tv. Newer tvs tho probably have the hdmi outlet facing the other way so it wouldn’t be a problem.

This model of roku is great cause you can turn the tv on and off and control the volume. Other competitors do this too for a similar price. No need to use a 2nd remote.

Roku worked great for me. Another streaming device would likely work just as fine.

5Expert Score
Awesome so far

This is our second roku, lost the first one in our move to our new house, works great and for a 1/3 of the price of the original, the roku channel is better than ever with plenty of free programming, also lots of apps with free programming, without getting say ‘nbc’ or ‘amazon prime video’ (which we have for now). Also as you can see it can be attached to your t.v with the included double sided tape, very light. They tell you not to attach it to the t.v as t.v’s get hot and can ruin the device but i turned on the t.v for an hr. And found a ‘cool area’ to put it.

Was mad at first because the remote didn’t support headphones like it said but figured out you need the roku app which i already had to use headphones on your phone instead of the remote which is awesome as the old way using the remote ate up batteries at a prestigious rate, problem solved, plus the remote can be programed in mere seconds to control your t.v also, overall were very plz with this small way less expensive model with improved remote, highly recommend for all your streaming needs. I would recommend also getting a google chromecast which is around 35 bucks and you can meet all of today’s streaming needs, both are very easy to set up.

I also highly recommend you use the internet to set the roku up without inputting a debit or credit card to avoid say, your cat laying on the remote and buying a 10 buck crap movie (see the perp hiding in her lair of evil in photos) and yes it can be done, enjoy.

Did i mention i’m old as dirt and set it up no problem.

5Expert Score
Forward facing beats out behind the tv any day

This was purchased to replace a much older fire stick in our kitchen / dining area. A fire stick is not bad by any means – but the forward-facing receiver for the signal from the remote is much more conducive. Interestingly, i think the remote for roku does not operate by ir, but rather, by wifi – same story. The tv being a solid piece, was actually obstructing the signal, so much improved performance.

There are different versions of roku – most will function similarly, except for the remote. I believe that having a remote with volume controls is a valuable (this one does have that!), and while the less expensive roku devices are tempting, the volume control adds a considerable value. I have another roku (ultra from 2019) with a headphone jack – it’s useful, but runs out the battery quickly if you use it. This remote strikes a nice balance (no one in my family takes advantage of the microphone function, but i understand it has its uses).

This roku does not have an sd card slot for expandable storage – i’ll be honest, i don’t really use it on the ultra anyway.

Setup is simple – but can be time consuming. A good 10-20 minutes is advised. And have your e-mail (or a new one) ready, because they’ll need registering. It’s a peeve of the newer technology, but i don’t get many e-mails from them to be honest.

The roku search system will check for all listed places to get what you’re looking for – handy if you have your smartphone just out of reach! And occasionally, the roku channel itself will have that movie not streaming on prime / hulu / paramount / starz / hbo / disney / netflix / insert any number of services. Nice perk!

No regrets getting this. Would recommend this to anyone who asks.

5Expert Score
Replaces spectrum box save $

It’s amazing that the roku device has the ability to save some hundreds of dollars each year. If you are a spectrum customer you can now stream your cable line up thru the roku device rather than the ‘rented’ cable box. At 9.99 each, the roku will pay for itself almost immediately.
I have all fire tv’s and the roku device works perfectly. You read that correctly, the roku will work on a fire tv.
Yes, if you have a slight technophobe problem, it may take a few days to get used to the process, but to save 40 bucks a month, i decided it was worth a try. (each cable box is 9.99 each)
i had already had to go to frndly and learn how to stream from a provider that offered different live channels, so this was another learning process. Let’s face it, fox nation is not a difficult streaming channel. So for me to out and try a stream product with live tv it was an adventure .
The stream quality is just like live cable and fire tv. I can’t tell the difference. No circles while looking for a signal.
Extremely happy i expanded my technical skills!

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5Expert Score
Better than appletv… East, easy, easy

Have had appletv for years which has worked well for watching the services the display (eg, prime, netflix) and for screenmirroring from another device. So i wasn’t looking to replace, but thought i’d try roku to be able to watch imdb (freevee), that can’t be screenmirrored, on our tv. Was inexpensive, so…
Installing the receiver was simple and straightforward. Just plugged the power in and then the hdmi cable.
Turned on the tv, switched to my hdmi input and was greeted by the roku setup screen. Language setting, wifi connect was super simple. Note: the navigation to enter account info and passwords is much, much better than on the appletv.
The setup moves you through a simple setup to connect to the tv and make the remote compatible (volume, off/on).
You are asked to provide credit card info, but this is only used if you rent/buy a movie… Using roku is free. Then the main menu comes up.
Comes with a couple preloaded services/channels like prime and netflix. I started with prime which needed to connect to my account. I did this one old school… Entering my email and password (again, easy navigation). Went on to netflix but decided to use an alternative option. I was given a device code with instructions to go to my computer (i used my ipad) and go to Once there i entered the code and the account was paired. Really, really easy for those provided. But it got even simpler.
When to search on the main menu to look for freevee. Came up, selected it… Boom it was added to my feeds and went through the same verification step. Did the same for the great courses which i’ve watched using screenmirroring. Easy to load and the roku navigation for this service is nicer than from the ipad. It also frees up my ipad because it no longer is needed to stream.
As an aside, my wife has had difficulty with the appletv user interface so i had to drive the remote. Roku’s user interface is so easy that i’ve lost my job as streaming service navigator. The remote seems to be much more responsive too.
– easy initial setup
– easy to add serviced/channels
– easy to use and responsive remote

so impressed that i ordered a second one for the tv in the den.
Came quickly. Easy installation and up and running.

5Expert Score
Roku is the superior smart tv experience

Have you ever had a tv with clunky ‘smarttv’ software and interface?

Me too.

That’s why i decided to keep the smart out of my tv and go with an external solution.

It’s been almost a decade since i got my first roku device. In fact, i got a roku before smart tvs were really the thing. Perhaps that’s why i prefer that little box over anything i’ve seen built into a tv including roku!

The benefits of an external roku device:
– you can upgrade your streaming device any time
– if you don’t like how it works, you can unplug it!
– if it’s not working properly, you can troubleshoot and possibly update it to fix the problem
– you can use multiple devices if you so choose i.e. Chromecast, fire stick, etc.

Roku has been around long enough to perfect their user interface. Let’s pro and con it out!

– intuitive and easy to use
– well documented online for troubleshooting
– has everything. As a streaming staple, there will be a roku version of most everything you could want
– integrates easily with tv. This version can be stuck on your tv with the provided double-sided tape
– voice recognition – no more typing difficult searches with the roku remote
– compatible with smart speakers, so alexa can operate my roku via voice prompts
– easy to install
– has a variety of features in addition to streaming like screen savers, and music
– phone app available

– takes a minute to load when you first power on your tv – about 10 to 15 seconds – nothing terrible

as you can see, i don’t have many cons for this device. I’m really pleased with it and i love the dimension it adds to my tv viewing options.

Pro tip: if you choose to power it with the usb on your tv, buy a usb hub so you can maximize your port and have more options for lights, etc.

5Expert Score
Not a fire stick

Not a fire stick but i love it. Roku is the way to go as far a streaming video entertainment. I have a fire stick and it has not been used since we received this roku. I am really pleased with it. They give you everything you need to install it. Makes it easy.

5Expert Score
Brings 'smart' to a dumb 'smart' tv

My samsung tv is awesome, but the ‘smart’ feature was horrible. I would fight with it any time i wanted to stream anything and was just about to purchase a new tv. Got this roku express+ and the difference was nothing less than amazing. The unit integrated to my tv in seconds and i now have just one remote to use for all my viewing needs. I can watch spectrum, netflix, prime, etc with no issues whatsoever. I will be purchasing more and returning the spectrum boxes asap.

5Expert Score
So much better than the firestick

I have been a firestick user for about 5 years…. I switched to roku for one tv recently and will be switching my other tv’s to roku shortly. The ui is so much easier to navigate than the firestick. Everything seems snappier and more responsive. It has all the same apps (even amazon prime). It costs a little more than teh firestick but is worth every penny.

Oh!!! And the remove has colors on it and it slightly larger than the firestick remote so it doesn’t disappear on my dark couch every single time i sit it down like the firestick remote does.

4Expert Score
So far, i've only found 1 issue

Like the headline says: so far, i’ve only found 1 issue that i can’t stand. For some reason, the roku likes to change the display settings from standard 4k to 4k hdr and it is annoying the crap out of me. Now, don’t get me wrong…it’s not something that happens every time i touch the tv or anything, but for some reason, it randomly changes it to 4k hdr.

Why is this an issue, you may ask? Well, when it turns the hdr setting on, i’m left with extremely blown-out colors; as if someone over-cranked the contrast, hue, and saturation levels. For example, people no longer have normal flesh tones; instead, they have an orange/red bloom that looks absolutely hideous. Now, you can go into the settings and adjust everything so that it looks correct. However, the next tv show/movie that you watch will likely cause you to go back into the settings and revert everything that you had to change to begin with.

Other than it occasionally pushing the unwanted hdr setting, the roku works fine for streaming from netflix, disney, and hulu services as well as locally from emby or plex.

The only other minor gripe that i would have had is the ‘are you still there’ setting that kicks you back to the menu after a few hours of not pushing any of the remote’s buttons. It took me a couple of days before i noticed the setting so that i could turn it off. It’s not a horrible feature, but if i’m watching stuff from my local collection, i don’t really care about bandwidth.

4Expert Score
(rok) u may just want this one

Just kidding, you will want this, especially if you want to use a different remote. Especially a backlit one.

This, like any roku, is easy to set up. The transfer of your channels (apps) is easy too. Just follow the screens to ‘register’ your new roku device & give it a name, or location.

I wanted this one, because ‘her son’ is a wifi hog, & this one has a better wifi than the other one. So it stumbles less often. It also has a better hdmi cable, & that’s always nice.

I got this one, because the 4k+ stick i have, used rfid, & the backlit remote i want (see review) needs ir. Actually all of the back lit ones us infrared.

Is it (roku) great? Kinda. You still have to associate a few channels, with either cable itself, or a provider of some kind, so that’s a pain. Like history, syfy, & so on.
I like roku, & since having the other one (stick) a few months ago, haven’t watch cable tv, but once. There is so much to watch. Commercials are different, & a friend of mine told me she got spoiled with the small roku batch of commercials, that ‘regular’ cable really sucks. Some channels count down till a commercial break, others just cut when they’re ready, no matter the content.

Many of the channels, will e-mail you their line up. Like what’s going away, or being added, & the suggestions, wow. I’ve never watched so many great programs or older movies, documentaries or shows!
You can’t hook up a dvr, but more often than not, the show remembers where you left off, even a week or two later. Oh, & you can bring your roku device with you, or log in on your friend’s device.

Get one already.

4Expert Score
A few issues, but still glad i bought it.

I bought a roku express 4k+ because my smart tv was made 1 yr before that model added bluetooth for headphones – which the roku makes possible through the mobile app made for it. It has also added a lot of free channels, which was an unexpected bonus. The issues with roku that i’ve encountered are: sometimes it’s been very difficult to sync the sound, but not very often; the other problem is it doesn’t seem to be working in 4k with my tv, & hdr is frequently very dark. I’m planning to contact cs about it. Probably something i can fix by changing some settings.

4Expert Score
My second roku.

The seller was great. My device arrived before i expected. However, this roku looks like the first one i purchased, but it acts very differently. I have the remote paired to my tv, so when i press the ‘on’ button, the tv comes on, but roku takes awhile to start. Once the light on the roku comes on and they connect, it takes even more time for the ‘home’ page to come up completely. My first device is practically instant. Other than that, i love not being a slave to the cable company..

4Expert Score
Glad i got this

So, there are some big differences between this and the older models. I noticed some complaints that it doesn’t support youtube tv, but they’ve actually just combined that with youtube into one app. One thing i don’t like is that a lot of the wallpapers are really busy, which gives me a lot of visual, ‘noise.’

otherwise, i’m still working on figuring out how to work the controls, it’s not as obvious as it should be. That being said, i have all the apps i want, they work well and no lags.

4Expert Score
Love the roku

I recently ‘cut the cord’ and bought 2 new rokus.

For the price, these are outstanding: 4k, voice recognition, etc. I had to turn down the stream quality to 1080p because the streaming services (netflix, hulu, amazon) were using too much data per month (at 4k).

I only gave 4 stars overall because i own a number of rokus and the remotes always seem to die eventually.

4Expert Score
Good reception and works consistently… Sometimes…

I purchased this roku express 4k+ (2021) unit to replace a much earlier version of the roku and it seems to be more consistent in reception although it does occasionally needs to reboot in order to function. Overall it does function better than the earlier roku units but its not perfect. Its pretty much the same interface so i don’t see much (any?) improvement there. We don’t use the voice recognition feature so can not pass any judgement on that. Our service provider is spectrum and it works ok with that service.

4Expert Score
Never really tried it

We ordered it to put on our old tv ,and the tv died on us so we bought a roku tv for in its place and are gifting this roku to our brother in law for his family.

4Expert Score
Would buy again.

I’m in my late 60’s so technology doesn’t come easy… The remote took a while for be to get the hang of… But i don’t regret ditching cable. Roku has everything i need.

4Expert Score
Works great, but requires a credit card to create account.

Works great, but requires a credit card to create account.
Box says , plug in , turn on, stream. Doesn’t mention needing a credit card to create a roku account on the box, which is ridiculous, i already have streaming accounts, don’t need roku to have my card info directly.

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7″ / 18 cm

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