Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote

Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote

Buy Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote: Streaming Media Players – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are roku express | hd streaming media player with high speed hdmi cable and simple remote features?

  • Watch what you love: start streaming with a massive selection of free, live, and premium tv, including roku originals and 275 plus live tv channels for free on the roku channel
  • Quick and easy setup: it’s easy to get started with everything you need included in the box, including a high speed hdmi cable—just plug it into your tv and connect to the internet
  • Tons of power, tons of fun: compact and power-packed, you’ll stream your favorites with ease, including movies and series on hbo max, netflix, disney plus, and prime video
  • Simple remote: incredibly easy to use, this remote features shortcut buttons to popular streaming channels
  • The free roku mobile app: control your roku device with a convenient second remote, search with your voice, enjoy private listening with wireless headphones, and more on your ios or android device
  • Always up to date: get the latest features, newest channels, and more with automatic software updates
  • Works with popular voice assistants: enjoy easy voice control with siri, alexa, or hey google
  • Share it with apple airplay: effortlessly share videos, photos, music, and more from your apple devices to your tv
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Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote AMAZON

Buy Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote: Streaming Media Players – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

I have a lg tv but for some reason the hdmi ports don’t work, can i make it work with the av port?

I had trouble with my hdmi ports not working and i read somewhere that if you unplug everything plugged to the tv including the power cord and wait 30 minutes and then plug everything back in it fixed the problem. It worked for my tv.

Do i have to pay an activation fee, if i already have a roku account?

No!!! I have been with roku for 10-15 years & i’ve never been charged an activation fee. I set up my new express this past friday 07/31/2020. When the screen came up, it gave me an activation code. All i had to do was go to the roku website & log-in. Then i clicked on ‘activate’ in the upper right of the screen. A box came up asking for my activation code. I entered the code & in less than 30 seconds i saw the ‘welcome to roku’ come across my tv screen. Any chance that you owed roku for past charges???
During the log-in process, i did notice that they had a disclaimer that ‘roku never charges to activate their boxes’. I hope you have it cleared up by now!!! Since several people have asked this question, .i’m wondering if some sellers aren’t trying to scam buyers. I never call the 800 number that comes with any product. I go to their website to get the advertised toll free number. I set up my account completely online. The only thing i needed was my roku username & password as well as my username & password for every premium channel that i belonged to like netflix, hulu, amazon, etc

Do you need a smart tv to use it?

We use our roku express (purchased in 2018) on a very old tv with no hdmi port with an rca to hdmi converter that supports pal/ntsc that we purchased on amazon for about $12. We plugged in our rca cable into one side converter and then to the tv, (it is the 3 pronged red, yellow, and white ended cable we used to use to connect our vcrs to the tv back in the 1990s that we never threw away-ha ha!). Amazon carries rca cables for less than $6.

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Can i use this with a samsung smart tv?

I have a similar question:
paramount+ is only available for samsung smart tvs manufactured in 2017 or later. Ours was built in 2016.
So: if we hooked up a roku express to this tv, could we somehow get the app or whatever we need to watch paramount+ (we’re subscribed via amazon prime, and watch paramount+ just fine on another, older tv)?

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This design is warm. Not hot, but definitely warm. Is that okay?

Mine gets hot too. It’s not enough to start a fire but it is concerning. I use mine on a splitter and switch it off when it gets too warm

I read that it works with older tv’s lacking an hdmi input. Anyone know how it is set-up on an older tv without hdmi?

Same name for multiple different products — be careful. Roku sometimes uses the same name for multiple devices. For example, there is a version (3910rw) of the roku express+ that works with composite/rca/yellowredwhite connectors and another version (3931rw) of the roku express+ that does not. Look at the picture on the front of the box to see if it has yellow/redwhite connectors. If the picture shows those connectors, then this version should work with tvs that have composite inputs even if there are no hdmi inputs.

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I just got my roku and had to pay an $89 activatiion fee. Did i get ripped off? They said it was required as of 2019.

Yes. You were cheated. Roku does not charge for activation or support. I just set up a roku this morning (june 6 2020) and another one in january 2020. There is no activation fee. I bet roku would love to hear what happened. They could take steps to keep criminals from stealing from good people again.

Has anyone used this with an hdmi switch? My tv doesn’t have enough hdmi ports.

I have an iogear av switch that allows my roku and blu ray to share one hdmi port. My logitech universal remote that lets me include the switch as a device so that when i press the “watch roku” activity button, the switch automatically changes. If you don’t have that kind of setup, you can switch it manually.

Has spectrum tv apps ?

Yes, if you are a spectrum customer you can download the app from roku and enjoy all of the spectrum tv stations that you have on your main spectrum account. I am doing it with a roku 2 and it works great… Depending on your internet speed. If i am not mistaken i can get about 250 spectrum channels from the one app. Your cost $0 per month. Great for additional tv’s you might have in your home.

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What’s the difference between this and the streaming stick?

The streaming stick is more portable due to its design, but more importantly, it comes with what is called an rf remote. What this means in layman’s terms is you do not need to point directly at your device with the roku stick remote, as well as control your tv’s volume and power it on and off. The express includes a more basic ir remote that cannot control the tv, only the express itself, and needs to be pointed directly at the device.

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Does this version get you tube tv?

Yes! Youtube tv is available for all roku customers to download. If you’re having trouble locating the channel, make sure that your device is on the newest software update.

Can you view live streams from facebook or facebook watch or cast from iphone/ipad?


Is this roku device compatible with adapters that permit internet access using ethernet cable instead of wifi?

Only 2 holes in roku device. 1 for power(usb) . 1 for hdmi (output to tv). Sorry , no slot for ethernet wire (cat5/6) input. We should recommend roku to add this slot to accept hard wire instead of wifi only.

Can this be used to access amazon prime?

Yes. Mine came with an amazon prime video app pre-installed on it.

Can i get local channels

Yes, but unfortunately most of them require cable/satellite, or through another app. Such as youtube tv, sling, etc.
I have a digital antenna hooked up for my local channels. All i have to do is change from hdmi, to air, with my remote.

Does it have at&t tv?

Yes, you can add it

Been asking which mini keyboard works with this. People keep saying use arrows on the remote or my cell. I know that. Want 2 know which mini keyboard?

You can use the roku app for easy installation and use for your device with your cellular device. The app is very easy and convenient!

Dfawe use our wiiu to stream netflix etc. But it suddenly says it no longer supports hulu or amazon prime. Will this do the same thing?

No. I am able to watch my netflix, hulu, and amazon prime using this roku express.

Is there an activation fee if you don’t have a roku account?

There is no cost to make a roku acct.

Is this device able to stream modern pandora (november 2019)? My older roku is no longer able to.

Yes, there is a pandora app.

Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote AMAZON

Buy Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote: Streaming Media Players – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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