Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Audio

Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Audio

Buy Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Audio: Remote Controls – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Roku Voice Remote Official for Roku Players: The perfect upgrade or replacement remote for your roku device. The easy to use roku voice remote with tv controls puts the power of your roku device in the palm of your hands. This remote is ideal to replace or upgrade the remote for your roku tv, roku player, or roku smart soundbar. It’s compatible with all brands of roku tv and most roku streaming media players. Just use your voice to search for entertainment and control your tv. You’ll love its four preset channel shortcut buttons that let you quickly jump to select streaming channels with a single press of your thumb. Plus, it has conveniently positioned side buttons that enable you to control your tv’s power, adjust volume, and mute audio (on most tvs). Does not work with any amazon device

What are roku voice remote official for roku players features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Take control of your roku media player with the roku voice remote: the easy-to-use roku voice remote with tv controls is ideal to replace or upgrade the remote for your roku tv, roku player, or roku streambars
  • Great for roku tvs: compatible with all roku tv brands such as tcl, hisense, sharp, element and hitachi
  • Compatible with all roku tv, roku express, roku express plus , roku express 4k, roku express 4k plus , roku streaming stick, roku streaming stick plus , roku premiere, roku ultra, roku ultra lt, roku se, roku smart soundbar, roku streambar, & roku streambar pro
  • No more juggling remotes: this enhanced voice remote has conveniently positioned side buttons that enable you to control your tv’s power, adjust tv volume, and mute audio (on most tvs)
  • Shortcut buttons: four pre-set channel shortcut buttons let you quickly jump to popular streaming channels with a single press of your thumb
  • For roku tv users: press the microphone button to use your voice to launch channels, search for entertainment, turn captions on, switch inputs, and more
  • For roku player and roku streambars users: press the microphone button to search with your voice and control your tv with power, volume, and mute buttons
  • Power it up in seconds: don’t worry, we’ve included 2 duracell aaa batteries, so you can power up your remote in seconds
  • Does not work with any amazon device
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Roku voice remote official for roku players details:

Product dimensions

5.59 x 1.65 x 0.83 inches

Item weight

3.2 ounces

Domestic shipping

Item can be shipped within u.s.

International shipping

This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the u.s. Learn more

Item model number



2 aaa batteries required. (included)



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Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Audio AMAZON

Buy Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Audio: Remote Controls – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Does this have an earphone jack?

A headphone jack is available on the voice remote pro ($29.99). It is unavailable on the voice remote ($19.99). To compare each remote’s features, check out the helpful graphic on the product page. Select your preferred model product at the top of the page. Happy streaming!

Does this have the pairing button under the battery cover to pair with the tv and system?

Yes there is a pairing button under the battery cover.

Are these edible?

As was mentioned, if you have a dog, then yes, they are edible. That is why i’m here, to replace the remote my dog demolished.

What pre-set shortcuts on this remote?

Just received my new ‘roku voice remote,’ (no headphone jack). It has the new shortcut buttons with ‘apple tv+,’ ‘disney+,’ ‘hulu,’ and ‘netflix.’ i think my original oem remote had a way to change those settings, and i would love the option to change them.

Does this work for the roku 3600x streaming stick?

According to roku website it does

Is this a point anywhere remote?

Yes. It uses rf.

Is this remote backlit?

It is not backlit at all.

How do you pair it with a roku ultra

1. Remove batteries from that old remote
2. Unplug your roku
3. Plug it back in
4. Let the riku boot up . It will be searching to pair up automatically
5. Put your batteries in your new remote. Roku will ask to pair. . If not, there is a pairing button on the remote under the battery door.

Finish. And good luck!

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Does voice command work within amazon prime to search for content? (i see conflicting answers)

With my experience when you press the voice button it takes you to the home screen on the roku device and searches through roku’s search engine. Pretty much you are searching the roku but you dont have to type anything in. It is a cool feature though. You can tell it to open prime and it will open prime but only searches on the home page search engine.

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Will this remote work on a roku tv with out wifi?


Will this work with my spectre tv to control power and volume?

I have roku and i use it with a sceptre tv. The roku remote usually does not turn on the tv. The roku remote does control the volume. I have one roku remote for every tv in the house. Get one, you won’t be sorry. You’ll have more free roku watching options than you can imagine. No cable needed. (i suggest you cut the cable or satellite cord and if you want to, you can pay for amazon prime, hulu, and netflix. I get the lowest priced plans for all and my total tv bill after paying for internet = $24 a month in 2021. The higher priced plans are only a little more. Your wallet will thank you. I’m a 10 year fan and they have alexa compatibles this year. They just keep getting better every year.

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Acepta el idioma español este control?

Sí, perfectamente en español o inglés.

Is this compatible with the sonos sound bar? My old roku remote is. Everything in this remote works except the volume

I know this may sound crazy but check the mute button, it’s in a horrible place. Also make sure volume is turned up

Is there any alternative remote? $20 is a lot when the player+remote is $30!

The $10 ones are generally line of sight, not wi-fi point anywhere like this one. You have to check in the description. That’s why they’re more expensive.

Our current roku2 device is accessed through a yamaha av receiver. Will this remote work with that setup?

I’m not sure.
I have a sound bar i use i bought from costco and my roku tv remote works fine with it.

How to put batters in remote

Check back of roku remote.

Will this work with model# 3810 4k hdr

It should.

Is this remote compatible with roku stick 3600x?

I am suppose to know that.

Is this compatible with model 2500x?

The easy to use roku voice remote with tv controls is perfect to replace or upgrade the remote for your roku tv, roku player, or roku smart sound bar

My remote is a rokue. I can’t seem to find how to turn off volume, the volume that tells you what your reading. How to find this button??

Not every model of the roku remote has this feature

Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Audio AMAZON

Buy Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Audio: Remote Controls – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Real roku and voice search works

1) layout is good

so first of all this is a real roku remote that’s a perfect replacement for the remote that came with my tcl roku tv. All the buttons are in the same place with two exceptions: the voice search button is added in between the back arrow and star button and the the preset buttons were arranged two rows of two instead of vertical. That said, this upgraded remote was made with a feel so similar to the original remote that i needed 0 time to become accustom to the new layout.

2) false advertising regarding preset buttons

so if you’re like me, you see the blank preset buttons in the product photos, and think ‘finally, i’m rid of useless presets and can set my own.’ nope! The four presets came loaded with netflix, parmount plus, and two services that i don’t have: disney plus and apple tv. This what i hated most about the original remote which had a preset for amazon prime and netflix, but also included sling and cbs news (seriously it did) which i didn’t have. Roku, let me choose presets when ordering the remote if i can’t set them myself instead of sending me remotes with the presets apparently randomly chosen!

3) pairing was easy

i’m the type who reads the instructions, but they were short and simple. Go to the roku home screen. Put the batteries in, and press the pairing button located in the battery compartment until the indicator light in the battery compartment flashes green. I didn’t even get to pressing the pairing button. As soon as the batteries in, the indicator starting flashing, and the word ‘pairing’ started flashing on my tcl roku tv. Within seconds i had a second working roku remote (and the other one continues to work too so i can use either now).

4) voice search works

i was a little concerned that this feature wouldn’t work well given the inexpensive price, but it does! I can request to open a particular roku app like amazon prime or youtube, but i am also able to use voice to navigate around inside of an app. So for example, 1) i was able to use the voice feature to go to netflix, and then open a particular show inside of netflix; and 2) i was able to use voice to go to youtube, and then specifically request by voice to open my watch later list. Oh… And you can search out a particular show from the home menu with voice so you can simply say ‘house of the dragon’ and it will pull up options to watch it.


i was disappointed by the presets were pre-populated, but at least roku didn’t stick cbs news on one of them this time. I was surprised at how well the voice function works as it makes finding programs so much easier. Overall, this is worth the relatively inexpensive price to upgrade your roku experience, and i really wish i had seen a mention sooner that roku voice remotes existed.

5Expert Score
Only way to roku

I have several roku devices (tvs and stand alone players) and have used the cheap remotes that come with some of the budget options (cheap roku tvs, stick model) and am always disappointed with their performance. The roku voice remote has a tv power and tv volume buttons and has rf capability, everything i could ever want in a remote. I do not use the voice option, so i cannot say anything about that functionality.

5Expert Score
Best thing i bought on amazon recently

I was skeptical when i purchased it because it was so cheap, but the remote works terrific on my tcl roku tv. The best feature is the voice command to search for a show on a streaming app without having to spell it out using the abc buttons on the screen. The remote can talk into it to search for a show title. It makes using streaming apps so easy. Best thing i bought on amazon recently.

5Expert Score
Great value for replacement remote!

I purchased this as we lost our remote control and i had to keep borrowing one from another television, pairing it, then returning it and pairing again back to the original. My only regret is not looking closer to see that there was no headset option. I love this feature so that i can watch tv without disturbing anyone else in the house!

5Expert Score
Excellent for roku and tv control

This remote is exactly what we needed. We have a small roku streaming box and an old school insignia tv. This remote controls the roku and the tv! I love having one remote for power, volume, etc.
The best part, it took less than 3 minutes to sync. Praise be.

5Expert Score
Great remote, better than the rechargeable.

First, i bought the new rechargeable remote that roku makes. I trust them fully as a company but this one they messed up on. Every 3-4 days i have to recharge it. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s defective? But its a real pain, so i downgraded to this one, (this is the model right below the rechargeable) it basically has all the same features (most of them at least) except it uses batteries. Which is so much better. They last longer (months not days or weeks) i wish it had the remote finder as the upgradeable one does, on this one… But thats my only critique. You can however use your phone to find the remote if you lose it. You just download the app.

5Expert Score
Perfect replacement remote

I bought this to replace the remote that came with my roku ultra remote because it didn’t have a mute button. When i pressed a button on the new remote, it immediately paired and has worked great. I tried several other universal remotes before this and all had something that wasn’t quite right. This finally worked perfectly.

5Expert Score

Until i got this remote i didn’t use my roku tv that much, was a pain in the butt to use, since getting this voice activated remote, boy what a difference i now enjoy using the tv

5Expert Score
Perfect roku remote!

This remote is perfect. Makes finding the programs you are looking for easy as the touch of a button.

5Expert Score
Turns on tv and controls volume + roku

Using with a roku 3. I’m thrilled that the remote can turn the tv on and off and control its volume. Setup was compleyely painless. It even figured out what tv we had ( few years old lg)..

4Expert Score
Doesn’t pair properly with everything!

It’s a great remote, but we threw 2 replacement remotes out because it wasn’t pairing with our older roku stick. It would pair, but then stop working after about 15 seconds. Turns out it just needs a firmware update that it got automatically when we attached it to our newer roku, and then we re-paired it with our older stick and it works fine. Out 40 bucks because it was too late to return the ones we had purchase earlier, then didn’t figure out how to resolve the issues until the new one was doing the same thing!

4Expert Score
Great replacement remote. I like the updated tab with disney+

This remote works well and it seems better made than the original i got with my roku stick. The only thing that is dissapointing is i cannot use the volume control nor the mute button with my soundbar/tv. I have a slightly outdated soundbar connected via optic cable. I may decide to upgrade to a new soundbar with hdmi (arc) so that i can control it with the roku remote. Still this is an a+ rating all around as a remote. The only feature that’s dropped is the 3.5 mm jack

4Expert Score
No hulu

Picked this model after many questions were answered that this remote had a hulu button. Purchased same day shipping since my dog ate the previous one. To my dismay, no hulu. Otherwise as expected.

4Expert Score
It’s not quite sensitive enough

I think this issue is getting better as we get used it it, but the volume control especially seems to be just not sensitive enough: the roku player doesn’t recognize it immediately and you have to press a couple times at different angles to make it work.

4Expert Score
Volume control and mute capability are great.

Volume control and mute capability are great additions to the original version. The voice control will probably be a good feature for people who use it. I don’t use it for any of the other remotes that have it. It’s too intrusive for others in the house.

4Expert Score
Great remote, bad mic?

The old remote was getting bad to the point where we had to aim remote at tv from 5 feet away and still had issues.

This remote works very well and was easy to pair with roku tv. I can change volume and channels from the other side of living room of about 15 ft even when behind my back.

The con was the voice recognition. I’ve never had this before so not hundred percent sure if it’s remote or the roku app itself but after trying the voice recognition with 4 people it does a horrible job picking up what you said and performing the request.

Other then that, 5 stars!

4Expert Score
Love roku

Roku always makes excellent products. Make sure your roku platform can use the voice command feature.

4Expert Score
It is a satisfactory replacement device for a roku stick

We bought this as a replacement device for a roku stick. It paired up with it fine and so far has worked well. I have not used the voice recognition feature and i have not used it on an actual tv so i do not know how well it would pair up with a tv.

4Expert Score
Volume and mute

This is a pretty nice remote control the voice works well everything works well on it except those buttons on the side up and down volume and mute on the right hand side of the remote no matter what you do you always hit these buttons and i mean all the time what a bad location for these buttons but i have to deal with it would recommend but they really need to change the location of the volume in mute button

4Expert Score
They've changed something

A roku remote is a roku remote. Other than differences in features, they’re all about the same.

However, they seem to have changed the material the buttons. Rather than the nice grippy rubber material of the past, these buttons are harder and more slippery. A minor point, but the tactile nature of the previous material was better in my opinion.

Other than that minor point, you of course get the same ease of use and solid build.

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