Roxant Monocular Telescope – Wide View High Definition BAK4 Handheld Telescope – Monoculars for Adults High Powered, Compact Monoscope

Roxant Monocular Telescope – Wide View High Definition BAK4 Handheld Telescope – Monoculars for Adults High Powered, Compact Monoscope : Roxant Monocular Telescope – Wide View High Definition BAK4 Handheld Telescope – Monoculars for Adults High Powered, Compact Monoscope : Electronics

What are roxant monocular telescope – wide view high definition bak4 handheld telescope – monoculars for adults high powered features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Special feature + accessories + great fathers day gifts – retractable eyecup for use with or without eyeglasses. Comes with carry pouch with belt loop, cleaning cloth & neck strap a tactical monocular scope
  • See in high definition – don’t be fooled by copycats. If it doesn’t say roxant on the side it’s not a roxant scope. We use optical glass with premium fully multi coated, bak4 prism all glass lens guarantees superior light transmission and brightness for optimal bright, crisp, clear viewing. Seeing is believing.
  • Wide view – our top of the line wide view monocular offers true 6 x 30 viewing – compact, durable, high quality precision design featuring all glass high end optics, (fmc superior bak4 green film prism) starscope monocular
  • Ideal for travel – concerts, outdoor activities, bird watching, hunting, archery, hiking, camping, , boating, target shooting, climbing, water sports this is a handheld telescope
  • No slip comfort molded grip – provides less shake – very easy to hold steady with one hand – we’ve combined the best of comfort and functionality meaning you can comfortably hold them for long periods of time. Solidly built, yet lightweight for outdoorsman and adventure seekers.
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Roxant Monocular Telescope – Wide View High Definition BAK4 Handheld Telescope – Monoculars for Adults High Powered, Compact Monoscope AMAZON : Roxant Monocular Telescope – Wide View High Definition BAK4 Handheld Telescope – Monoculars for Adults High Powered, Compact Monoscope : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

How well does this function as a spotting scope ?

Well it depends. It is fine on the pistol range out to around 35 yards or so. On the rifle range not so much. For 100 yards and out you’ll need a spotting scope in my experience.

What are the size specs and how much does it weight? I see shipping weight of 8.5 ounces but is that the weight of the device?

I just measured it… It’s 5 inches long and at the biggest end the diameter is a little over 1.75 inches. The scope itself is 5.5 ounces, with the case it’s 6.4 oz. Hope that helps!

Can you focus it with one hand

I recommend using 2 hands to hold the unit and focus. The focus ring has some resistance, but i suppose it could be done 1 handed if it’s broken in

How does this compare to the bushnell compact 10×25 ? Would this be better or worse?


Will this allow a low vision person enough manification to see street signs and read airport signs (arrivals/departures), e.g 25x?

My vision is horrible due to age – i have to wear +225 readers to read and +175 readers to just walk around the house. But with this scope, everything is crystal clear and super sharp because it focuses the light to your eyes, just as a pair of glasses would. However, there is a minimum distance that the scope works correctly, and that minimum distance seems to be about 12 feet. Anything less than 12 feet will be blurry because of the limitations of the focus of the scope. Anything at 12 feet distance and more will be sharp provided you spend a few seconds to focus the scope.

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Will the monocular work well in dark settings like at concert hall or a theater while watching a play?

I have no experience in that environment, but it really is brighter than you’d expect for a monocular in this price range. I was surprised at the quality. I would think it would have no issue being extremely useful at a concert or theater. I find that it even brightens things more than the naked eye.

It says wide view but what is the specified apparent field of view in degrees and/or ft. Wide@1000 yards?

I have not seen spec. Anywhere , but the same optics according to other manufacture like barska states field of view field of view (m/1000m): 183 according to my calculation is 10.2 degrees.

Can it view planes in the sky?

You can see planes for sure; it is not super powerful,l but the plus side with a lower power and wide angle is that it is easier and quicker to find the plane and keep it in view than with more powerful scopes.

Would this be good for watching trains enter the san pedro river valley from a distance of approximately 10 miles?

I don’t think it would work at that distance

Has anyone ever used this as a spotting scope at a pistol/rifle range. If so, what’s the approximate max distance one can see hits on target clearly?

Yes, at an indoor range its very clear. Outdoor can spot up to 100 yards with no problem.

How close can this monocular focus? Can it focus on a target 15 to 20 feet away?

The closest you can focus this is 30 feet. Meant for distance.

Is this good for outdoor target shooting?

I just purchased this not too long ago and i have noticed it focuses pretty quickly —i usually look at hummingbirds which are very fast but season’s over for them before i received scope—i would say it would probably be good with practice—actually the company mentioned target shooting—so they recommend it!

Eye relief (mm)?


Is this good for astronomy purposes?

My wife and i used it for astronomy while camping. It’s wide field of view and being lightweight means finding objects and pointing at them is relatively easy. Also, it’s a relatively ‘bright’ monocular, so the view is not ‘dim’. We were able to see andromeda, the orion nebula, a number of satellites, and a few other objects i’m’s not a telescope and it’s not high powered, but it will help you resolve objects better than your naked eye. It’s a bit like using wide-field binoculars…with one eye. I’m planning on making a green laser pointer and tripod mount for mine so the fun can be shared.

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So out to a 100yrds will i be able to see my target clear where the bullets were hitting

No, you need a higher magnification spotting scope for that use. This will help you see wildlife at 100 yd more cleary, but in no way will you be able to see a bullet hole on a target.

Where is the product made? Thanks.

Unbelievable that not one of the 1200 highly satisfied reviewers of this scope bothered to respond to this question with information that must be printed on the scope itself. Crypes, even a man-off-the-street took the time to point out another obvious source of this information (“you can contact roxant”). Makes me wonder about how many of these reviewers are actually purchasers. Also, why does roxant seem to passively obscure the country of origin. Now, i am uneasy about buying one myself. Any help out there?

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Is this monocular good for deer hunting?

I’m not sure just yet. Purchased this for my husband, who is blind in one eye. From the reviews i’ve read, it is good for viewing everything.

Is it good for stargazing?


How does this work for short distance and clarity? I need something that can see closeup and magnified.

Not really sure what you mean by short distance. I have one of these for close-up. Awesome!
Carson microbrite 60x-120x lighted microscope

Would this scope work good for the shooting range? Checking targets at 50yds to 100yds

I don’t think so with standard silloette targets but it would work well with ‘show me’ or the florescent targets.

Roxant Monocular Telescope – Wide View High Definition BAK4 Handheld Telescope – Monoculars for Adults High Powered, Compact Monoscope AMAZON : Roxant Monocular Telescope – Wide View High Definition BAK4 Handheld Telescope – Monoculars for Adults High Powered, Compact Monoscope : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Excellent performance for the price

I used for a 4 hr gymnastics event. Great results. I own a pair of nikon and bushnell binoculars, they will now be stored in the closet
when i go to to the horse races

5Expert Score

I was able to get this picture of the moon using this telescope and 8x zoom in the nightcap app on my iphone. Note this is much bigger than it appears if you look through the scope with your eyes, i don’t really recommend this scope for night viewing. As for taking pictures, it’s a pain to get it aligned with the iphone, it wasn’t easy to get this picture. I would opt for a more powerful telescope next time, but this is a good quality one for the price, and works as a budget way to get pixelated moon photos.

5Expert Score
Awesome! Perfect for surveying any area from a safe distance!!!

This roxant monocular is a perfect addition to my survival collection. Sure, you can see the equivalent of 10 city blocks away from a good vantage point, but with this, you can see much more detail. I took it to the window to look about 1/4 mile away, and was able to clearly read the writing on storefront property doors, such as suite #’s, see the edges of the buildings and the areas on the sides and behind them with much more clarity as well. Basically, it’s not supposed to magnify the expression on someone’s face, though it is clear enough to see whether or not they’re smiling! But the point of this, for me anyways, is to be able to clearly identify activity, to clearly see and identify movement, and with this monocular, i will be able to survey any location from a safe distance prior to entering the area.

There’s a con though! The little bag this comes in is a good bag, granted. My issue with it though is that it’s not padded at all. It’s just the thin material of the bag protecting the lenses, both of them. I tell you that if you drop this while it’s in the carry case and either side of it hits the ground on top of a lucky raised up and pointy object, it will probably be damaged. So i cut out two 1 1/2′ x 12′ strips from a life cereal box and thoroughly electrical taped them together to form one longer, circular protective covering. If you do it right, you can fit the monocular inside of the thin long piece of cardboard and stretch it around it very taut. Then, keep it in that shape and push the monocular out of it, secure the cardboard that way, then complete the tape wrap & it will be perfect. Bend it this way and that and in about 20 minutes, you’ll have a very, very tough circle of protection that you can squeeze the monocular into. Then you can take the included cleaning cloth and slide it into the side of the monocular’s new protective housing, connect the included strap to the loop that the monocular is fitted with, tuck that into the side of the housing, and it’s all done. Then, stuff it back into the carry case and throw it against the wall or out the window if you want, it will hold up to anything except a deliberate and very heavy crushing.

I’m sure there are other ways, i tried using a thin strip of towel, even squares to cover the lenses, but this ended up being absolutely the perfect protection because it is thin enough to fit inside the bag and certainly tough enough to keep it from giving if it lands vertically on either side (sides as in where the lenses are).

Lastly, the adjustable eye piece is perfect because it truly helps with clearing up the picture. Take advantage of it! I couldn’t have asked for a more professional device with which to survey areas from afar. If sehtf, my little girl and me won’t ever be walking into any situation which could have been avoided simply by paying $40 for an awesome monocular that is super-compact.

Buy it, you won’t regret it. Not for this price and for the amount of zoom that it provides. If you’re looking to have power-vision with a monocular, don’t complain about this product. Go spend a thousand dollars and you’ll barely accomplish a better result.

5Expert Score
Perfect for hunting

Let me start by saying that i am a hunter and will primarily be using this scope in the field in pursuit of deer, turkey, fox, and coyotes. My sight is not what it used to be so i was looking for something to aid my vision, especially in the dawn and dusk hours. There are many products available but i was looking for something small, lightweight, not too high of a magnification, clarity, wide field of view and durable. This scope, along with the good reviews, seemed to meet this criteria. Honestly, i was a little reluctant to pay $39 for it, figured i could find something less expensive. But, i also figured you get what you pay for, and i wanted a quality scope, so i made the purchase. Upon receipt from amazon i was happy to see it was packaged well and did not look cheap. Right out of the box i was pretty positive i made a good choice. It met all the criteria i was looking for. I have already used the scope while hunting and the very first time was impressed. The image was super clear with no distortion at the edges. The 6x magnification was perfect for my needs especially while bowhunting. I do not need to see very far, but it did well seeing off into the fields as well. It fit right in the vest pocket and the lanyard gave me the piece of mind that i was not going to drop it. It is very ergonomic as well. The field of view is amazing, very wide. But the real test was going to be at dusk. And once again, i was impressed. The larger objective gathered the light well and i could make out the details of a bucks rack right up until dark. I am very impressed with your product and believe it is worth every penny i paid for it. I take my gear very serious but do not have the kind of money that i can buy all so called ‘top end’ gear. I’m glad that they offer such a good quality scope at a good price compared to the so called ‘top end’ brands for 4 times as much money. I will recommend this product to my friends or anyone else who may need a good optic like this.

5Expert Score
Sharp focus edge to edge

This roxant 6×30 monocular works well for my needs. The 6x power is easy to hold steady and the 30mm lens provides a bright wide field of view. The eyecup can be extended or retracted for use with or without glasses. The rubberized body has rows of nubs which provide a secure grip, and the focus ring has many smaller nubs that make it easy to rotate. The focus ring is snug and will hold position even if bumped or put into the case. The case is nicely made and has a belt loop for field carry. The sharpness of the image is excellent from edge to edge, thanks to the bak4 fully multi coated optics. Overall, the build quality is very good. As long as you are fine with the limit of 6x power, i would recommend this, it just depends on your needs.

5Expert Score
Great monocular in its class!

I recently received my roxant grip monocular after researching ‘best monoculars for 2021’ at a few sites and seeing this one pop up as a ‘best in its category’ option. I like monoculars in general better than binoculars because of the size, weight, and cost benefits and i wanted something that could live in my car (which gets broken into periodically, so it had to be something i could either semi-conceal, or something i would not cry about too much if it got ripped off.)

when i first got my grip, i was underwhelmed. Fuzzy view, weird blockages in the field of view, and so on. I was actually about to send it back when i decided to look at the instructions about the warranty. I was greatly embarrassed to find out that the ‘focus’ adjustment i was making was nothing of the sort and the actual focusing ring even had a sticker on it to tell me what and where it was. Yeesh.

So, once i got that figured out, i found that this thing is wonderful for what it is! Sitting on my porch, i could look into the branches of a tree behind my ‘across the street neighbor’s’ house and clearly see a nest in it. It was easy to follow a bird in flight and read a yard sign several houses away.

We’ve got a couple pairs of cheap small binoculars, and a couple pairs of good to very decent binocs i don’t want to risk leaving in the car- but that we also forget to grab way too often and have missed things because of it. The grip will fill in that gap for us by staying in the car, ready for action!

5Expert Score
Just what i wanted.

Easy to use and carry.

5Expert Score
I can see clearly now

The monocular is very easy to pack into a pocket.

5Expert Score
I am very pleased with my grip scope, clearly the right choice for me.

I’d like to say that on most points your fine product exceeded my expectations. The grip scope was very reasonably priced and i really didn’t expect the stunningly clear and bright view it affords. The image is uniformly sharp and bright, right out to the edge of the field of view and eye relief is excellent, i can see the whole field while wearing my glasses. Depth of field is also quite good, minimizing the need to refocus when the subject moves around a little bit. This is a very good thing because my only criticism of this excellent scope is the resistance to changing focus. I find it impossible to even tweak the focus with one hand and it requires significant effort to focus with both hands. The focus ring does turn smoothly, and requires about 120 degrees to go from infinity down to (i estimate) about 10 – 12 feet for near focus which i feel is quite good, i just wish it were a little bit easier to turn.

I appreciate the fact that you didn’t try to incorporate too much magnification, 6x seems about right for a scope like this and it is very easy to hold steady with no jitter or shake at all. The scope is a little bit large for pocket carry, although i can fit it in the front pocket of my jeans, and the case is very well made with a secure belt loop. There doesn’t seem to be any need for lens caps, indeed they can be a nuisance unless they are built in and the case does seem to offer good protection. Since optics have certain physical requirements to perform at this level i can’t imagine this scope being made any smaller. I am using it right now for bird watching, but find it convenient enough for travel and keeping it handy in the car. I really like the twist adjustable eye cup, and even though i wear glasses i usually twist it just enough to let the front of my glasses rest on it at all focus points.

The armor coating is quite comfortable and easy to grip, the supplied lanyard is the right length for me. All in all, (and despite my minor criticism) i think the roxant 6×30 grip scope is an excellent and affordable product and i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or even purchase another one should the need arise. The funny thing is when i started researching monoculars i hadn’t even heard of roxant. I stumbled across your product during an internet search, and was impressed by the reviews i read as well as your design philosophy (which i think is spot on in regards to power, brightness and size ratios.) seems a shame, i think your name should be better known, anyway i am glad i made this purchase. Thanks again.

5Expert Score
I use it to get a good view of balls and strikes. Lightweight. Has a good feel. Excellent view.

My brother and i have been going to cape cod baseball league games. As much fun as they are, we have felt it could be even more fun if we could get a better view of balls and strikes. So after spending a lot of time comparing products, i settled on the roxant grip scope. I admit i was someone who thought more was better when it came to scope power. I was skeptical of the folks who said that was not the case; it all depended on what you were using it for. And the grip scope fits the bill for getting a clear view of what’s going on at home plate from my spot in the left field bleachers. Important to note: until you have one of these scopes, you just do not know what you are missing!

Some of the things i like about the scope: lightweight, clear image, easy to adjust, feels secure in my hand i.e. It doesn’t feel like it will slip out easily. As for price, i thought it was very good. Which is why i bought one for my brother, too. That, and so i wouldn’t have to share mine.

The belt pouch and neck strap make it easy and safe to take places. The ballpark is not the only place this scope will be going. Also, i now have an item i know will be well received as a gift. So, while my kids and siblings don’t know it yet, i see scopes in their future. Just a great product.

4Expert Score
Reasonably good, pretty much as advertised.

Seems well made. Magnification level is modest. Compact and should travel well. Not a substitute for a good pair of binoculars however.

4Expert Score
Great scope but no flat side (rolls off)

This is my third (!) purchase. Why? The first 2 rolled off the shooting stand and broke. So why keep buying? Because this is the only clear close-focusing monocular i’ve found. Roxant! Get with the program and imbed a flat side on the body or a wing for the neck strap or something. Meanwhile i need to improvise.

4Expert Score
Sturdy little field scope – updated

I purchased the roxant grip scope for regular general purpose outdoor activity use – specifically for inspecting distant objects in the field while out kayaking and hiking in the florida wildlife areas in my own backyard.

I went with the monocular style because it’s less bulky and easier to pull from my belt or backpack than a pair of binoculars are. The roxant grip scope feels like a rugged tool when being held and used. The optics provide an incredibly clear and detailed image when viewed through, and it is easy to focus. I was very impressed with the quality of the tool for the price – it really is a great value for something you aren’t going to baby as you would a very expensive piece of equipment, but it’s definitely meant to be thrown in a pack and used while outdoors.

I was also quite impressed with the information pamphlet that was included about the piece’s features, such as the retractable eyepiece, as well as its construction and materials used, like the coating on the lenses.


after about a week, i had accidentally dropped my scope, even contained within the supplied protective casing it still did not prevent all of the inner lenses and pieces from popping out of the device, so it’s not quite as sturdy as i thought it was. However, i will say i was very impressed with the revealed quality of the craftsmanship of the optics – the inner prism was cut so fine i actually cut my finger along the edge. So unfortunately it is not drop-proof, but higher precision instruments tend to be more fragile. The lenses were good quality, its a shame they are cracked now and i’ll need to replace it.

4Expert Score
Love the scope, not so much for the case

The scope is great, very handy. But i am definitely going to get a studier case, one that has a clip or hook-loop, so that it is easier to hook up to a bag.

4Expert Score
Small size and clear view

Good field of view and clarity

4Expert Score
Performs as expected, lighter than expected, better fit than expected

We bought the roxant scope for two purposes:
1. We live in a wooded area and have a variety of wildlife around that we can see from our deck and would like to get a better view of them without approaching them.
2. We have season tickets to a nearby playhouse but our seats are a distance from the stage. My daughter and i would like to be able to see actor’s faces from time to time and the roxant seemed to be the right solution for us.

It comes with a nylon pouch that has a wide belt loop for wearing at your waist. The pouch relies on a modest piece of velcro to close – which does not feel secure – but in regular walking/hiking the scope is in no real danger of slipping out – it is snug in the case.

The objective lens is well-protected against scratches by a centimeter-deep rubber ring that projects beyond the end of the scope body, but the ocular lens has minimal protection – no more than 2mm of rubber ring projecting beyond its surface. The closing flap of the carrying pouch appears to be a soft material that may be the equivalent of a lens cloth but it doesn’t quite feel the same to me, so do not assume that is the case. In routine carrying inside the case, the ocular lens will come into direct contact with the inside of the top flap of the case. There is plenty of room to place a folded lenscloth on top of the monocular if you are concerned about scratches from this contact, with the added bonus of always having a lenscloth handy when you pull the monocular out to use.

The focusing ring is not knurled – it is a plastic ring with raised (‘proud’) dots at regular intervals to give your fingers some grip. It works well enough and there is no play in the fit on my monocular. Overall fit and finish of the monocular are better than i expected, given the pricepoint of this item. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

4Expert Score
Not water resistant

Really liked this but after only a month of use, a little bit of water got in and it is now unusable.

4Expert Score
Great tool for long hunts

I have been enjoying the scope so far. I will be using it for hunting this season because i travel many miles in a typical hunting day and do not like to carry the bulk and weight of my binoculars. Thus, i began shopping around for a lightweight monocular to use during those long days. I stumbled upon the roxant and decided to give it a try. It’s the perfect weight and size for a hunting hand held optic. The clarity is acceptable especially for the price and the focus ring works well. My concerns are its water resistance. Any good field optic should be waterproof rather than water resistant. The average home user would not need to use a lightweight monocular because they would not be carrying it for long periods of time. They would also not need a waterproof optic; it is the field user that the monocular appeals to due to its minimalist size and weight. As i said, field use requires waterproof qualities. Another key element with the monocular is its ability to be used with one hand. Binoculars can be used with one hand and focused with the same, but they are difficult to stabilize and steady in order to get a clear picture (as well as heavier). The monocular’s inherent design is made for using and stabilizing with one hand. The focus ring on the roxant can be used with one hand, but it would be far easier if there was an elevated piece of plastic (like a square knob or protrusion) that came out from the ring and allowed the user to utilize the strength of their thumb to adjust the focus. The leverage of the knob and the thumb would make it far easier to manipulate the scope’s focus. Realize that a hunter will almost always be holding something else in their hand: a bow, a rifle, a shotgun, a walking stick, the side of a mountain, etc. Easier one handed manipulation would be key. The last suggestion i have would be a bit higher magnification. I realize that lowers the field of view in a scope, but i really believe most people using this scope will be more focused on a singular target rather than a wide landscape. For example, counting the points on a deer’s antlers, watching a bald eagle perched high up in a tree, counting the number of turkeys in a field one at a time. This is where this scope could excel. All that being said, its a fine scope and at an even better price point and i look forward to using it this coming season.

4Expert Score
Clearly brilliant…not your average $40 grip scope.

Ok…so this is just another cheap $40 grip scope, right?
Is it the best grip scope that i have ever used….no!!
Is it the best grip scope in this price range…..yes, without a doubt!!

The optical clarity was pretty impressive for the price. It has a decent field of view and a very nice and bright, crystal clear image even in lower light situations. The optical brightness and clarity far exceeds that of any other scope that i have found in the price range.
The optical quality is 5 star worthy for sure.
The focus ring is a little stiff and hard to turn…ok…maybe a lot stiff at first but it frees up with repeated use and was really not an issue. This has been mentioned in other reviews and is even addressed by the company. The adjustable eye piece is adequate but i found it to be somewhat lacking. When fully retracted, it is almost flush with the metal ring that holds the glass in the scope and that may cause scratching of eyeglasses. The directions say to fully extend it when using without eyeglasses. I found that with the eye ring adjusted out fully, i had issues with eclipsing of the image. This problem was resolved by holding it further way from my eye. No big deal really, just takes a little trial and error for figure out how to hold it in a way that provided stability without eclipsing the image.
I carry it on my four wheeler for use when checking cows or as needed during my daily chores on the ranch. It works great for reading ear tag numbers on cattle that are not close by or for looking at wildlife. The magnification is not all that powerful so there is no long range spotting benefit but it works great out to about 50 yards.
This grip scope came with a nice bag for storage and a lens cleaning cloth.
Overall, i am very satisfied with the product. I like the feel and overall shape. It fits nicely in the hand and is easy to hold steady.
I feel much better about tossing this one in the fender bag and leaving it without having to worry about dust, moisture and the general beating things take on a four wheeler that is used daily for work and not as a weekend play toy. My more expensive monocular can be properly stored in a less harsh environment until i need it.

4Expert Score
Its a 5x zoom that serves its purpose.

30×6 is a 5x magnifaction. The images in the ad are misleading. You’re not going to check out bikinis on a yacht from 300 ft though it is nice for those nose bleed seats at your favorite concert. I bit over priced for what you get but focus and seems well made so i can’t doc it much. Solid 4. Halfway between suitably ok (3) and fantastic (5).

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