Royal Dansk Danish Cookies Tin, butter, 24 Ounce

Royal Dansk Danish Cookies Tin, butter, 24 Ounce : Royal Dansk Danish Cookies Tin, butter, 24 Ounce : Health & Household
Royal Dansk Danish Cookies Tin: Danish butter cookies.

What are royal dansk danish cookies tin features?

  • Crisp, buttery cookie classics: discover a selection of rich danish butter cookies inside this 24-ounce tin – all with pure butter cookie taste and some with a flavorful coconut or vanilla twist.
  • Decadent and distinctly shaped: our blue tin cookies feature our iconic and classic mix of assorted cookies in five shapes – pretzel style, vanilla ring, finnish style, country style, and coconut.
  • Made to melt in your mouth: carefully crafted danish cookies from royal dansk bring baking excellence to every batch, delivering the perfect balance of buttery crispiness in every indulgent bite.
  • Why do they taste so good.: we don’t compromise on quality and remain true to fine danish baking tradition, using non gmo ingredients with no artificial ingredients, added preservatives, or colors.
  • Longstanding cookie craftsmanship: our crisp butter cookies have provided moments of enjoyment since 1966. With their one-of-a-kind tastes, they deliver simple and sweet memorable taste experiences.
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Royal dansk danish cookies tin details:

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7.5 x 4 x 4 inches; 1.5 pounds

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Royal Dansk Danish Cookies Tin, butter, 24 Ounce AMAZON : Royal Dansk Danish Cookies Tin, butter, 24 Ounce : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Are these actually filled with cookies or sewing supplies?

The tin is filled with assorted cookies. When finished the tin can be reused and hold lots of sewing supplies.

What’s in the ingredient list?

Wheat flour, butter, sugar, coconut, invert sugar, salt, ammonium bicarbonate, natural flavor. May contain traces of eggs, hazelnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts.

About how many cookies are in the tin?

I received a tin of 40 cookies in october 2020.

Do these have sugar crystals on top?

The rectangle and pretzel like one do. But i’ve noticed the sugar crystals are much smaller than when i used to each too much of these 30 years ago.

Do all the cookies in the tin taste the same?

No, they don’t all taste the same. They all have a similar taste in that they are butter cookies, but there are several different subtle varieties and flavors. Some have sugar sprinkles on the top, some have a faint coconut flavor, some taste like traditional shorbread. They are delicious. They are perfect for munching right out of the tin with tea or milk. I think of them as cookies for adults!

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What are the tin demensions

I am sorry but i never measured the tin

$50 to $60?! Please tell me this is an error?

Nope. Just kidding. $50 to $60 for what? You should ask questions with context.

Is.this one made in denmark ? I had one before is made in hk i love the one made in denmark .

I bought 09/2020 made in denmark

Are those cookies original or the ones made in china?

Mine said made in denmark. I don’t even think the generic ones are made in china. I think some brands just say ‘tin made in china’. This brand i think used to. I’m guessing they took it off to avoid misunderstanding.

Why are so many of the pretty tins dented…but the shipping boxes are in pristine condition?

It’s a packaging issue. The tins aren’t usually padded when they ship. So the tins get knocked about in the box. It doesn’t take much to dent them.

I would like to know if the inside of the top is smooth shiny metal?

Mine had the name punched into the cover so it is not smooth on inside. These cookies have gone downhill. Now you are only getting one layer. Half the cookies for the same price you always paisd.

Made in denmark or in china?

On the container it states baked and packed in denmark

What are the dimensions of the tin? I’m just looking for a good cookie tin- my grandmother always used these.

I really don’t know the dimensions. The regular tin is 12 oz. And are the normal size. The 3 & 5 lb. Tins are taller and it just depends what you would like to store in them.

Is this package sealed?

Partially sealed. I purchased these as a gift. Disappointed.

What happen to the sugarcoating on the cookies?

I think some of them have sugar on top. I can’t remember for sure.

Is this product popular in the market?

Great product loved at our house during christmas, top quality cookies

Is the seal supposed to have adhesive in the inner part. It was almost as if it was scotch taped all around the tin.

Its taped all around from what i’ve seen

I purchased 4 of these for gifts, then went to buy more but the system won’t allow me to – it says i’ve ‘reached my limit’ and removes from cart. Why?

In a way i understand this because it prevents some people from purchasing all available while others can’t buy any if they’ve all been sold to a few people. It’s happened to me with finding distilled water gallon bottles for my bipap machine. I can’t use regular/bottled water and when i asked someone in a store across the street from me why they never seem to have any in stock they told me there’s a man who comes in and buys the whole delivery. I can understand it’s easier for him and maybe the store doesn’t care about having all shoppers have access to it but it’s unfair to the rest of us. Also, think about the toilet paper crisis before stores before retailers finally started setting limits.

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Glyphosate in wheat?

Denmark manned the use of glyphosate (roundup) along with 32 other european countries around 2018.

Delivery is 25.99 for six dollars cookies???

I don’t know about shipping because i am a member of prime, so i don’t pay shipping. That does sound excessive though, i would call customer service to confirm that.

Royal Dansk Danish Cookies Tin, butter, 24 Ounce AMAZON : Royal Dansk Danish Cookies Tin, butter, 24 Ounce : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Just as i remember from childhood!

When i was a child many decades ago, an out of state aunt used to send us these every christmas. I hadn’t had them in years when i stumbled across these on amazon. When they arrived and i saw the distinctive blue tin container it brought back a flood of memories. Tasting the cookies dredged up even more. It’s like time has stopped. Same exact container. Same exact delicious cookies! It’s so great to know that there are at least a few things in this world that don’t change!

5Expert Score
Too delicious!

My roommate and i can’t get enough of these cookies!

I bought this size to share, hid it in my room, but found them and ate them all. I ended up buying a smaller tin just for my roommate.

These are great with coffee or tea. I like the coconut flavor, the the texture, and the crunchy sugar on top of some of them.

I also enjoy using the empty tin as storage. I don’t sew. Sewing tools have never magically appeared in an empty tin.

5Expert Score
Decent cookies

I notice these hit the shelves close to the holidays every year or maybe i just don’t notice them the rest of the year ..they are a decent cookie in the 3 to 4 dollar range. I wouldn’t pay more than that.good variety with a sealable tin for freshness.. I like them with coffee or cappuccino

5Expert Score
These bring me back to my childhood!!!!

While i mostly remember these being filled with mom’s sewing and scraps when we lucked out and actually was around when they were freshly opened we got to enjoy the amazing buttery shortbreads that remind me happy fun filled childhood adventures!! Don’t think i didn’t finish this whole tin off in a weekend while cozied up in my favorite reading chair with a cup of strong coffee! Love these cookies so much, i will forever treat myself to these just for shhhs and giggles!!!

5Expert Score
The very best buttery cookies!!!

My whole family absolutely loves these cookies. Everytime my girlfriends are over it’s like they expect a plate of these to be out. Of course i do have some out, i can’t say enough about these. They really sell themselves. Better than my homemade butter cookies, hands down

5Expert Score

Yes, my tin has a ding… So what! Yes, a couple cookies were broken, they still taste the same! I’m super happy i found these here! Cannot buy them at the stores during off season, so i’m very thankful! I love these cookies! Reminds me of my childhood.

5Expert Score
All these years later, i now know grandma's secret!

If you’re a gen x’er, you probably always wondered what these cookies were like, but only ever saw this container with your grandma’s sewing things in them.
Now i know why. Omg. I understand grandma, because i don’t want to share these either!
Warning: these will have you happy to gain weight, because they’re so deliciously addicting.

5Expert Score

These are surprisingly fresh! You never know what you’re going to get when you purchase food off amazon but this was a great buy! Love these cookies – remind me of home. They also go great with tea.

5Expert Score
Loved these since i was kid 60 years ago.

Somehow they taste even more buttery than i remember as a kid. Great gift for anyone, the tins are large and strong with many uses after they’re empty.

5Expert Score
A cookie tradition for a long time

These cookies came fresh and undamaged. I’ve been buying these for many many years and they are hard to beat. Treat yourself to a ton of them.

4Expert Score
Royal danske cookie tin – the style of cookies are not equal in number

The flavor is very good & they were fresh. I’ve opened only 1 tin & found only 3 cookies broken. Both tins are in good shape as they were packed well & the shipping box was not smashed. My only reason for holding back one star is that the type of cookies weren’t packed in equal numbers. I think there were 4 sleeves of round ones. The insert says there are 2 different flavors of the round type, but there is no flavor difference that i can tell. 2 each of rectangle, pretzel, & swirl shapes. Again, there’s not enough taste difference for me to tell there is one! They are not as flavorful nor as soft/crumbly as they used to be.

4Expert Score
Not quite like i remember as a kid

I’m not sure if my mom would by a different brand when i was a kid… These worked great for a low cost baked goods treat to tuck away in the pantry. A good 1/3 of the cookies were broken (could be shipping of course). They tasted fine, but maybe not as rich as i remember when having this type of cookie as a kid.

4Expert Score
Taste good

Good cookies but came in crumbled in the can.

4Expert Score
Crushed cans can't make for good gifts. But, the cookie were delicious.s

Love the cookies, one can dented really bed and the other one had some damage. Couldn’t use for a gift, need better packing.

4Expert Score
Royal dansk danish cookies, nice assortment

I was happy to find these on amazon, as our local target store ran out at christmas. My mother-in-law is 96, and they’re a nice treat for sharing and to keep in her room at assisted living. I ended up buying a second tin, as the first one had a dent in it; second one was perfect. My husband and i enjoyed our fresh treat, though the cookies left a slight coat of slime and we both ran to brush our teeth at the same time. For the price i will buy them again. Update: my mil passed away 33 days before her 97th birthday, but really enjoyed these. I’ll always remember her when i buy her favorite danish butter cookies.

4Expert Score
Same tast as always, good

These have been around a long time and are very good

4Expert Score
The cookies was all broke up

Dislike the cookies was broke up,

4Expert Score
This is a great gift

Good price for great butter cookies they need more sugar coated but nicely done and satisfying.

4Expert Score

Best cookies

4Expert Score
Everyone loves these cookies

I remember these cookies when i was a child. Great taste and that has not changed.

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Wheat flour, butter (milk), sugar, desiccated coconut, inert sugar, salt, ammonium bicarbonate, natural flavor (vanilla)

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