Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Small

Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Small Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Small : Toys & Games
Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume: “we need more teeth!” rexy made her return to the big screen in jurassic world, only this time she was kind of the good guy. Well, at least she was willing to battle the indominus rex. (and yes, she was the same t-rex from the original!! Check out the scars!) if your child has a tendency to follow flares and is willing to take on genetically engineered alpha predators, maybe they’d like to get supersized for an all-out dino throw down! Outfit them with this child inflatable jurassic world t-rex costume. It’s the perfect way to get them into the jurassic world action! – bodysuit – fan – pair of gloves – instructions – *runs big: please make sure to double check size chart, fabric has stretch

What are rubies child’s the original inflatable dinosaur costume features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 100% nylon
  • Long sleeve inflatable jumpsuit with zipper closure on back and battery operated fan
  • Fits up to approximately 54′ in height; also available in adult size
  • Fan requires 4, aa batteries (not included); do not use rechargeable, nickel-cadmium; remove batteries from fan while not in use
  • From rubies, manufacturer of the original inflatable dinosaur costume
  • Groups and families: combine with other costumes by rubies; look for regular and inflatable designs in baby, toddler, child, adult and pet sizes, also look for accessories like candy bowls, masks and more
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Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Small AMAZON Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Small : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

5′ 7 and a little wide how well would it fit me

Get the adult one. My son is 5’ and 92 pounds, and it is too small. Like way too small. It fit him well when we bought it 4 years ago.

I’m 5’1′ with this fit me?

No. You would need the adult size. My son is 4ft now and it barely fit him.

Will my 3 foot 4 son fit this

He may be a little short. My son is 3’8” and i’d say fits it just enough. He has room to grow and still fit it but i think if he were any shorter it may be too big. Hard to tell though.

I can’t fit over my 3 or 5 year olds head! The inside piece isn’t wide enough to go over like a hat – help?

I know what you are talking about. The inner elastic piece will not fit around my 5 year olds face. I cut the inner elastic and cut the material at the seem, then use the outer drawstring to cinch around his face.

I’m 5’3′ and wide what size should i get

I think you would need to get the adult sized costume. I purchased the adult size for my nephew who is 8 and it’s quite large on him (the other size was way too small).

Will this fit a 7 year old?

Hi there! As mentioned in the product name this costume is for kid’s ages 5 to 7 years old.

Does the tail drag? And if it does, what keeps it from getting a hole in it?

It does drag and we haven’t had a problem with that yet. We have had the costume about 1 month now

Is it possible to receive this item prior to october 31st?? I am an amazon prime member

It’s possible. Walmart has the fullface covering at walmart for $34 for halloween costume.

What’s the difference between sizes standard and teen

My son was 9 when i got this for him, he wore a size 8/10 in boys sizes. He fit the size small in this costume. I also bought a small for my 7 year old nephew and it fit him also.

Can a grown man wear this costume?

I would say no, unless he is tiny! I’m 5’7′ – 138lbs and can squeeze into it. The costume is pulled up on my arms and legs when i’m inside it and my face don’t fit through the opening for the face. (you could probably cut all openings a little bigger, but keep in mind that it needs to be tight for the air to blow it up!) 🙂 i can barely peek through a little hole to see where i’m going. But, i couldn’t wait until the adult costume was back in stock, so i bought it anyways – and it’s still hilarious! 🙂

How do the feet work? Is it a cinch pull (or elastic) around the ankles? Do you just slip your feet into inflatable t-rex feet?

Elastic around the ankle so you can wear your shoes. The parachute type material shaped like dino feet lay over your shoes like most superhero costumes.

Came with no blower? So disappointed as is my nephew… Anyone else have this problem and where can i get one…

Doesn’t need a blower it comes with it’s own built in fan. Put batteries in the battery pack and connect it to the fan (1 wire). It constantly pumps air inside while wearing it. The battery pack clips on to your clothing underneath. Worked for my younger cousin 2 weeks ago.

Need a replacement orange ring for outside of this costume.

No don’t need it well at least i didn’t

My friend is 4’10 what size should i get her

My 11 year old is about 4’7. She fit perfectly in the adult one. It was a tad big but only where you look out. But she had no problems with it. We ordered the child one first and it was too small. The main difference between the two is the child one has a hole for the head to stick out of (which was way too tight for my daughters head, she couldn’t even get her head through it). The adult one is completely closed but had a clear front to look through. I tried it first to make sure it was ok for her to be in and it was fine. I’m claustrophobic too so i thought i’d freak out but once it blows up there is plenty of room. Hope that helps

Is this just for little kids ? My son is 5’1 would it for him or is it to small ?

My son is 4’4′ and it fits him perfectly right now…i think your son might be okay but it could be a bit snug…

Would a 4-5 year old fit it anyone please?

Steve, i purchased this for my niece it’s not a good fit at all. She’s 3 and it didn’t fit her face.

Where can i find the battery pack to purchase separately? We lost ours. Still have the fan and costume, but need the battery pack.

Unfortunately, we do not see the battry pack separately

My son is 4’11 107 weight would it fit ?

It would be a very tight fit. I would go with the adult version.

How long does it normally take to inflate? We’ve been waiting for over 10 minutes

Ours was no more than a minute. Have you checked batteries and connections?

My child 8 year old needs a medium 10-12 ? He is skinny and 52 inches high. Will this work or do you have the correct size?

I would get the childs large.. I bought this for a five year old, so she wont out grow it to fast, she would sleep in it if she could.. It is hysterical.. I bought godzilla for a 12 year old boy in the mens size.

Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Small AMAZON Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Small : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great for any occasion

We ordered these for a t.rex run (that’a going to happen in a month or so). Did not expect much; however, had a great time trying these out and scaring the neighbors a bit. Takes 4 aa batteries; we had them on for about half an hour, and the fan was still blowing strong. After reading other reviews, i was afraid that the zipper would not hold; newerless, it worked fine and is attached securely. We walked around to see how it moves and scare the cats, hence the ‘family picture’ i am 5’2′ therefore i waw afraid it would be too tall for me – not a problem at all, i can see everything clearly. Overall seems sturdy and, i believe, will serve it’s purpose with flying colours.

5Expert Score
Such a cute waddle

Got it for a 5 year old and it inflated super quickly and was so cute but he was a tad to tall for the hood to be comfortable and be aligned with the neck so he just stuck his head out (like a goiter) and ran around in it anyways. It is such a cute costume that everyone watches the tail sway as he walks and the little trex arms flailing. Waaaay cute. Maybe i’ll be able to adjust the hood to fit better but no rush-if has been 90+ degrees here every day and cooler weather will make everyone happy. Buy this guy-it came next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5Expert Score
El mejor disfraz

Hola, el disfraz llego antes de la fecha de entrega y llego perfecto tal cual como se ve en la imagen esta super cool . Mi hijo esta muy feliz, ahora esperar la noche de halloween va a ser una espera muy larga para él. Muchas gracias

5Expert Score

7 year old loves it

5Expert Score

Excelente disfraz para hallowen

5Expert Score
My son loves

My son wears this thing everyday

5Expert Score
Best investment i've ever made

The batteries need to be replaced at least every hour. So just get a big ol’ pack of aa batteries (i bought a 48 pack on amazon for about $13). My sweet son is super destructive and, for as much as he loves this costume, does not go out of his way to be gentle with it. This costume withstood him all day halloween and all day at school the friday before. I’m totally impressed with the quality of the costume. Frankly, i bought it expecting it to not make it through trick-or-treating because he’s so careless (adhd moms holla). He’s still running around in it 🙂 will buy again when needed – it is so entertaining.
Ps – venom and pink elsa are his siblings. Anyone else just love watching their kids run around like mini-adults on halloween?

5Expert Score
Laughs and fun for all!

Got this as halloween costume for my daughter and she was the envy of everyone at halloween time! Such cute idea for costume and had lots of laughs from it! Worth every penny!!!

5Expert Score
A hit with the fam!

Bought this for my 12 year old son who is about 5 ft. He wore it for halloween, but he’s worn them to his grandfather’s house, and his cousins house, too. Everyone loved it and had some good laughs, from 2 years old to 84! Quality is great, fit is good, and we never had to change batteries yet! We can continue to use this in the family for years for sure.

5Expert Score
My nephew loved it

I got this for nephew to wear for his 5th bday party. He absolutely loved it!! Only thing is the hole/hood for his head didn’t have enough stretch so we just led him around since he couldn’t see!!!!

4Expert Score
Big hit with our 9yo

This costume is a bit tricky to learn to get into, and not stretchy at all (so watch the measurements and make sure your kid will fit into it), but the fan works great (4 aa batteries needed) and it inflates quickly and easily and once he figured out how to get into it, my son now puts it on himself. He got this for halloween but now loves it so much he randomly wears it around the house. It’s pretty big once inflated, so watch those vases and chandeliers. It inflates a good foot above their head (or more) and the tail is like having a large dog in the house. Have fun!

4Expert Score
Missing part.

Would have been great, however, the screw piece that holds the inflatable fan together was missing and ended up having to buy a replacement.

4Expert Score
Fan needs to stay on the whole time

We bought it for just under 31 bucks on here so great value compared to other places. Dino loving 4 year old was ecstatic since these were sold out last halloween. This fit kiddo nicely but the neck loop was snug so i can see this bothering some kids. Also am sure folks know already but this was our first time buying an inflatable costume and we didn’t realize the fan needs to stay on the whole time the costume is worn (otherwise it immediately starts to deflate). The circular fan component is attached to the costume, and there’s a battery pack with a belt clip and switch attached to the fan with thin black cords. So the idea is after putting it all on, clip the battery pack to child’s pants and turn it on then finish zipping up. The constant low humming sound might bother some kids. I would recommend keeping the packaging and also giving your child a few days to try out, get comfortable and used to this costume…ie don’t order just in time for trick or treating bc kiddo might end up not wanting to wear it. In our case kiddo was over the moon to see it, took it off after 5 mins bc didn’t like having the battery pack inside or the sound of the fan…after a while did put it on again. Also this may be no big deal to others but will admit am a bit paranoid about constantly having a running battery pack clipped to his pants…but am a) taking comfort in the good reviews ie no leaks or mini explosions and b) he seemed to prefer to stick it out the sleeve and hold it though that meant not being able to wear one of the gloves. If that doesn’t work i might duct tape it to the interior of the costume so it’s not directly on his skin.

4Expert Score
Great, but way smaller than expected.

The costume itself gets 5 stars, but deducting 1 for fit issues. We bought this in the children’s size for my 4 year old and once we made some changes got it fit and working, it’s absolutely amazing and hysterical. A warning though, the neck hole for the peek though is extremely small. Product is listed as fitting children size 7. My 4 year old is tall for his age, but nowhere near the size of a 7 year old. Despite our best efforts (and a lot of screaming from my kid that we were ripping his ears off) we could not get the hood on him. I finally took a pair of scissors to the seam in the front and we were able to get it over his head without compromising the air tight seal that keeps the costume inflated because there is a toggle pull in the front. Once on, we had another issue with the elastic around the face being so tight that it completely obscured his vision. A funny visual to see my over-inflated dino-child ricocheting off walls, crashing into furniture and bulldozing over my dogs. Another snip with scissors allowed him to see, but air seal suffered and the costume started to deflate. I gathered the hood and secured it under his chin with a safety pin and it looks like the problem is fixed. We may use some fashion tape around his face on halloween to make sure it stays inflated. All in all, the costume is great, but definitely incorrect for sizing and a little bit of effort to trouble shoot. If you have the patience to fix it, you won’t be disappointed. But i would not recommend buying this costume for any child over the age of 4-5.

4Expert Score
Great costume. Happy kiddo.

We had a very anxious toddler expecting a dinosaur costume and he wasn’t let down. This was incredibly cute. The fan lasted all night plus a few days prior when he just wanted to play. He went up and down porches, in and out families homes, in and out of the car and lots of street walking, no tears or issuee with the tail dragging the whole time. My only complaint is the hole the head goes in, we had one hell of a time getting it to stay on his head. It just kept slipping forward on his hair every time we turned the fan on and you can only tighten it so much before it’s just too tight for comfort. We tried hair spray to give his hair some texture and hair clips, no go. Finally tried a hat and that worked good, it only slid down a couple of times throughout the night.
Kiddo is four and 42 inches tall. Costume fit great and there’s still room for growth.
We got a lot of comments and laughs from everyone we passed. Some people even asked to take photos. Also, if you need a good laugh, just throw this on your kid and tell them to run across the yard. No matter how long we walked halloween night, it was always hilarious to watch him waddle run to the next house.

4Expert Score
Fit off but so worth the purchase

I bought 2 of these for my 8 year old twin boys who are in the 90% for height and weight – even after i read the reviews about fit and i knew it would be too small. I have to say that yes, the costume is too small. But with a few snips based on reviewer comments, my boys were still able to wear it and terrorize the town. We also saw another smaller kid wearing it exactly like the pictures show. So if it is the right size for your kid, then the kids face will fit in the costume like the picture. If your kid is too big, then you have to snip the elastic and plastic around the drawstring to fit it over your kids head and wear the elastic like a cap (so your kids head actually will stick out). The seal won’t be as good, but you can work with the drawstring and tape or safety pins (we just used the drawstring and it was fine). Regardless, my boys loved this costume and have worn it several times and do a lot of roughhousing and the costumes hold up so well. They are hilarious in them and i love this purchase even though it didn’t fit well. We have gotten so many compliments too. The purchase was totally worth it for me, even though they were too big for the costume.

4Expert Score

It’s a cute costume but i’ll say it was smaller than we thought it would be. My thin 10 year old of average height for his age barely squeezed into it

4Expert Score

Broke almost immediately. Had to duct tape it back together where the zipper came lose from the costume resulting in a 10 inch hole. The fan is also very underpowered. It’s barely enough to keep the costume inflated.

4Expert Score
It’s fun but not super quality

2020 halloween costume for small 9 yr old girl. She is 49.75”, 56lb and was probably at the max end of it fitting for height.
The neck/head hole pull thing was the only part that malfunction due to the string unraveling a snot ring able to tighten it. She did get to wear it to school but then it unwound halloween ad she was putting it on. Batteries lasted through a school day but then needed replacing.
Not sure if it was because of sizing but she couldn’t walk normal. Steps were small.
Worked well for a ut night. She could wear a thick coat and you couldn’t tell. It’s also hard for her to hear and loud to listen to the rubbing noise.

4Expert Score

Very cute. Fit him perfectly, however, we got the small & my son just fit into it. It runs on smaller side!

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