SABRENT 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches [Charging NOT Supported] for Mac & PC (HB-UMLS)

SABRENT 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches [Charging NOT Supported] for Mac & PC (HB-UMLS)

Buy SABRENT 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches [Charging NOT Supported] for Mac & PC (HB-UMLS): Hubs – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are sabrent 4-port usb 2.0 data hub with individual led lit power switches [charging not supported] for mac & pc hb-umls features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Instantly add four usb 2.0 ports to any compatible device.
  • Easy setup, plug-n-play, hot swappable, hot pluggable.
  • Gain four, downstream ports which offer high-speed (480mbps), full-speed (12mbps), and low-speed (1.5mbps).
  • Intelligently designed to be as thin as possible, allowing you to maximize precious work space or travel with ease.
  • Backwards compatible with 1.1 devices and hosts.
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Sabrent 4-port usb 2.0 data hub with individual led lit power switches [charging not supported] for mac & pc hb-umls details:

Wireless type


Number of usb 2.0 ports






Item model number


Operating system

‎windows, mac os x and linux systems

Item weight

‎2 ounces

Product dimensions

‎3.4 x 1.4 x 0.61 inches

Item dimensions lxwxh

‎3.4 x 1.4 x 0.61 inches



Computer memory type


Hard drive interface




Is discontinued by manufacturer


SABRENT 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches [Charging NOT Supported] for Mac & PC (HB-UMLS) AMAZON

Buy SABRENT 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches [Charging NOT Supported] for Mac & PC (HB-UMLS): Hubs – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

If i plug this into the front of my computer and let it dangle will it fall out?

I had the same problem when i have gotten my usb, what i did to fix the problem was” i put a book i didn’t need any more .in the back of the computer. Then i laid the lax part of the usb on the book.
Had mine there for years, no problems yet.

Can i connect this device to a wall plug and charge my iphone/apple products or does it have to be connected to a computer to charge my apple products

This is a un-powered usb hub and is intended for devices which do not draw more than minute amounts of power from the usb port such as printers, thumbdrives, memory card readers. Usb 2.0 specs state the maximum power to be drawn off a usb port is 500ma (0.5 amps). A typical smartphone charger provides twice as much power — 1000ma (1.0 amp). Tablet chargers provide even more — 1.8a to 2.1a.if you want to charge a phone, tablet, portable battery pack, or power a usb-powered device, you need to get a powered usb hub. The easiest way to identify one is that it comes with an ac power adapter which must be plugged-into the usb hub.

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How long is the connection cable? Does it require ac adapter?

Maybe they have changed this device recently but the cable on my hub is 10′ long. The power is supplied by the source usb to which the hub is connected. You will only get out what you put in. As such it will not charge power hungry devices like an ipad when connected to a computer but will when connected to a wall charger.

What’s the performance when. Let’s say, 4 pendrives are connected in? Do you experience any troubles moving data between them or to the computer?

As a result of some files transferring test, i think this item has not trouble some. However, i found one of trouble on usb memory stick. Here i show you my test result. I use mac mini 2012 late model with mt lion, kingston usb 2.0 memory stick 16gb, 1tb micronet fantom drive (hdd) and sabrent 4-port usb 2.0 hub.transfer speed test result (4 files total 5.19gb): 1. Direct usb port connection (hdd)–32.44mb/s. 2. Use usb hub (hdd)–34.83mb/s. 3. Direct usb port connection (memory stick)–3.74mb/s. 4. Use usb hub (memory stick–3.65mb/s. In my conclusion, usb stick is much much slower than hdd. Sabrent 4-port usb 2.0 hub has not trouble some. Usb memory stick has a trouble to transfer a large size file. I need more test, but i found a large size file can not copy into the memory stick with error message ‘…can’t be copied because it is too large for…’ or ‘…can’t copy because there is not enough space to copy…’. However, when i got this message, it was empty on memory stick. I could copy 1gb, 2gb, 4.21gb files but cannot copy 8.75gb and 15.04gb files. I need to find out from the what size cannot copy.

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How do i know if i need a 2.0 or a 3.0 usb hub?

Whether you ‘need’ a usb 2.0 or 3.0 hub is a function of your systems hardware. Most low to mid range systems today may have a single usb 3.0 port and any number of additional usb 2.0 ports. While all usb is backward compatible it makes no sense to buy a usb 3.0 devices if you do not have usb 3.0 ports on your hardware. Short and sweet…check the hardware specification of your system to see if you have usb 3.0 capability.

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Can i plug it to my tv to power a chromecast and amazon stick?

Yes, it can does this according to another review on april 12, 2016 which says: ‘great product. Use it with my tv to provide power to several usb powered devices, such as the roku stick, a chromecast, and a leaf antenna.’

Are the ports spaced adequately to accommodate 4 pny thumb drives at the same time. The marketing pictures seem to be going out of their way not to sh

The center-to-center distance between (or spacing of) the ports is 0.725′.

Can you charge devices with it?

Yep its one of the functions i use it for since i have a lot of mobile devices anything with a usb can charge on it and multiple ones at that

Will it work on a mac and pc?

I have mine on a pc. It should work fine on a mac but not as well on a mac mini.

Can i use this hub for my hp 4250tn laser printer?

I see from the specs of this printer that it prints via usb but only usb 1.1. Although i have no personal experience with that particular printer, the sabrent 2.0 hub says it is ‘fully backwards compatible with the usb 1.1 products’, so it should work fine. Bottom line is that if works with usb now, it should work with the sabrent hub; but, of course, performance will be only as fast as usb 1.1 provides. This is a compact hub that is 3.25′ wide x 1.25′ deep and about 1.25′ thick. The cord is only about 2.5′ inches long, some will like that, some won’t. I find it attractive and functional overall. Hope this helps!

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My wife likes a roller ball type pc mouse, i prefer the regular/traditional style. Would we be able to switch between the two using this?

Yes. I tried this port with both an older roller ball mouse and a newer laser mouse. Both worked well. As long as both can connect with a usb port, you should be fine.

Does it work for charging?

I have not tried to charge any device from it, but devices that require current to run work when the button is pushed ‘on’. If current is there to run a device, it is also there to charge a device.

My tv has 2 hdmi ports but i have 4 game consoles will it be able to switch between them

He has to manual switch. Between hdmi ports on his tv..

I have a microsoft surface & it’s limited to only 1 port; i would like to use wd mybook external hard drive & usb mouse- will this hub power both?

I think you would be better served with a power adapter hub… Search ‘usb hub with power adapter’ on amazon. I wouldn’t put a hd on this sabrent usb 4port hub 2.0, it seems to lose connections with hds too easily.

If i were to connect two logitech game pads to this splitter will my pc recognize both of them?

Yes, 2 logitech controllers work fine. I don’t remember if i ever tried all 4 of my controllers, but i use 2 regularly with no issues. I did run into a problem where the controllers no longer responded very well when i used a 6 ft usb extender between the hub and the computer, but i’m not sure if that’s a fault in the hub or the extender. It works fine plugged directly into the computer.

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Description says compatible up to windows 8. Will this work with windows 10?

I am using it on an hp elitebook ultra running windows 10 64-bit professional and have had no issues.

I have an alienware laptop, would this actually give ample power to a ps3 controller? Or will it just say its driver cannot be installed, cuz its to weak?

Had my son try it to answer this question, yes, it works. Now he uses this device to charge multiple controllers at once & can do so while playing, plugged into the ps3 or computer. We are quite impressed with this device actually.

Will it charge an ipad

No its just to add additional ports

Can i plug this usb 2.0 hub into a usb 3.0 port on my pc?

I tried it and it worked fine. Usb 3.0 is faster, so obviously data will only transfer at 2.0 speed, but it works just fine.

If i plug multiple usb mics into it, will they register in garageband?

I perhaps should answer i don’t now but i was stimulated to research it out. Each port can be a separate feed. You can assign these inputs to be different channels of the aggregate device, so you still get the same control in garageband that you would with a full set of inputs on a device like a firewire mixer. See. Using multiple usb audio devices in garageband | adam weiss … › 2007/03/14

SABRENT 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches [Charging NOT Supported] for Mac & PC (HB-UMLS) AMAZON

Buy SABRENT 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub with Individual LED lit Power Switches [Charging NOT Supported] for Mac & PC (HB-UMLS): Hubs – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Simple and easy to use – great value

Two of the three usb ports on my aging laptop no longer function. I have a usb mouse dongle plugged into the remaining port so when i need to copy files from my phone or a usb stick, i have to unplug my mouse and use the touch pad on my laptop temporarily which is not ideal – for me anyway. A small non-powered usb hub is a perfect solution and this one fits the bill very well.

This sabrent 4 port usb hub is well made and solid so should last a long time even though it did not cost a lot of money. It’s a simple elegant design and does exactly what i need it to do. It was recognized by windows 10 on my laptop with no issues and provides four usb ports. Since i only use it occasionally the cord length is fine for my use too. I don’t really use or need the port switches but they do work and might be helpful for others.

It was the least expensive hub i could find at the time at under $10 and works well for what i needed, so i am very pleased with the purchase. I can’t say much about the speed of the device since speed does not come into play for how i use it, but it is only usb 2.0 and is a non-powered hub, so take that into consideration before you decide to purchase one.

5Expert Score
Great hub for low power peripherals

Port works well so far. With this only being usb 2.0 i wouldn’t use it for serious data transfer. I was able to plug in 3 portable hdds before overloading the port so for more intensive workloads get a powered hub. I’m using it to run separate keyboard /mouse dongles, 1080p webcam and a usb audio dac with no issues so far. As a hub to condense peripherals it’s great!

*individual hardware buttons to disconnect drives which is great for webcams!

*limited to device power only so 2.5 watts at 0.5 amps shared across 4 ports.
*usb 2.0
*short cable length

5Expert Score
The best gadget ever!

This is the perfect gadget to extend your usb ports. This changed my life with my setup. The cord is long enough to set in the front of my laptop lift, so it’s not dangling, and 4 extra ports is more than enough. I also like the fact that there is an on/off button. This allows me to turn everything off from one place either individually or at once. Great buy!

5Expert Score
Sabrent port hub

Arrived when promised. It’s exactly what i needed to able to use multiple electronic devices without having to unplug. My modem only had one port. The is compact and perfect. Please do not ask me technical question, i won’t be able to answer those. I plugged it in and it works, i’m good go! Thanks for such a good product and yes i do recommend this.

5Expert Score
Works well and is priced great

My office has a docking station shortage so i needed something to plug in all my usb devices for work. This works great for that purpose. I plug in my headset to this device and you can turn off ports with a click of a button on this device. This allows me to very quickly & easily toggle between my headset and the speakers on my laptop itself which i need to do numerous times a day. Fantastic product.

5Expert Score
Not a charger, a uhb hub

Which simply does a great job. We use laptops for our computing, and there are never enough uhb ports on modern laptops. This is great. Each port is switchable, and just simply does its job. Love it!

5Expert Score
Works with psvr and the g29 racing wheel.

Bought it for my ps4 after buying a psvr and realizing i have no open usb ports if i’m using an external ssd. Other products look sleek in design but the usb 3.0 pass through doesn’t work with an external ssd.

5Expert Score
Great product, use it every day!

It does just what it’s supposed to. No issues at all.

5Expert Score
Good product

Simple and easy to use and works with all 4 ports

5Expert Score
Best purchase ever

When i tell you!!! That 1 usb that’s on the laptop is frustrating. But after making this purchase, i love the face a can plug up my phone, ear pod case, my mouse all at the same time

4Expert Score
Great and useful product

This is a great addition to the top of my pc case since my front panel for my case only has 1 usb port, so it was nice to have the extra 3 usb ports for easy access.

Unfortunately the led on the far right side port, that indicates if the button is pressed down or not, stopped working and no longer lights up. But it doesn’t affect the functionality of the hub at all so it gets 5 stars still!

Overall a great product and very neat!

4Expert Score
Perfect for what i needed it for!

This was pretty inexpensive and so far holding up to my son’s little gamer area setup, it works great for what we needed it for and i like that you can turn on and off different usb ports, plus it lights up pretty cool.

4Expert Score

Bought to give me more usb ports on my xbox, this filled that purpose perfectly. Only complaint is how small the chord is, wish it was a little longer.

4Expert Score
Works as intended

It definitely is a usb hub. Probably the best one to get cause its cheap.

4Expert Score
Works perfectly fine, so far!

Great product, good adapter compatibility, and even charges with a good amount of output. No complaints, yet.

4Expert Score
It can fit in the palm of my hand. But it is worth it!

I like this product i am satisfied with the look and how fast it was shipped, the price was amazing for this product i suggested to buy if your looking for extra usb ports.

4Expert Score
Four stars

I gave this product for stars

4Expert Score
Good for the price

Not the fastest nor the largest usb hub, but it’s a pretty good bang for a buck.

4Expert Score
Cable is very short.

Works great.

4Expert Score

Creo que los puertos los hicieron un poco pequeños cuando introduje el del mouse no quería entrar igual el del teclado. La soga es muy corta pero cumple la función.

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