SARLA Highlight Invisible Wire Hair Extension Medium Brown With Ash Blonde Adjustable Transparent Headband Wavy Curly Long Synthetic Hairpiece 18 Inch for Women Heat Friendly Fiber No Clip

SARLA Highlight Invisible Wire Hair Extension Medium Brown With Ash Blonde Adjustable Transparent Headband Wavy Curly Long Synthetic Hairpiece 18 Inch for Women Heat Friendly Fiber No Clip : SARLA Highlight Invisible Wire Hair Extension Medium Brown With Ash Blonde Adjustable Transparent Headband Wavy Curly Long Synthetic Hairpiece 18 Inch for Women Heat Friendly Fiber No Clip : Beauty & Personal Care

What are sarla highlight invisible wire hair extension medium brown with ash blonde adjustable transparent headband wavy curly long synthetic hairpiece 18 inch for women heat friendly fiber no clip features?

  • The invisible wire hair extension,lighter and more comfortable without clips ,and really easier to apply and remove without any extra help in a few minutes.
  • Material:100% synthetic japan high temperature fiber(heat resistance: 300°f-350°f or 150-180°c ) ;length: about 12” 14′ 16′ 18′(when it curl );weight: about 3.5-4.2oz;width: approx 11′;colors tip :color may vary by monitor,select the similar color based on your tail,it will look more naturally.go a shade darker for a highlighted effect,a shade lighter for an ombre look ,colorful color for bright highlight,either way, you can’t go wrong!
  • How to apply the hair extension and adjust the size:please click 7th picture in any product,a video include adjust size,apply the hair extension,and more other details.
  • Unlike yourself hair,the hair extension may get tangled without nutrition,use detangle spray, here is link or get a spray bottle and put some conditioner in it, then fill it up with water.if no conditioner,just spray some water,it will make the hair extensions not very dry and prevent getting tangled in some extent.
  • After sales :amazon offers the return or exchange service.if have other problems please feel free to contact us and we will solve them for you within 24 hours.

SARLA Highlight Invisible Wire Hair Extension Medium Brown With Ash Blonde Adjustable Transparent Headband Wavy Curly Long Synthetic Hairpiece 18 Inch for Women Heat Friendly Fiber No Clip AMAZON : SARLA Highlight Invisible Wire Hair Extension Medium Brown With Ash Blonde Adjustable Transparent Headband Wavy Curly Long Synthetic Hairpiece 18 Inch for Women Heat Friendly Fiber No Clip : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

The halo string is too short. What am i doing wrong?

You need to use pliers (i used my teeth. Not recommended) to press open the little clasp at the end of the string. Then adjust the string to your desired size and close the clasp.

How do i wash this? What kind of shampoo/conditioner should i use?

I use my own shampoo and conditioner! On the little card that comes with the product, are details on how to properly wash and style the extensions!

Is one enough?

If you have fine or thin hair, yes! I would go with the clip in that looks like the halo, they stay in better

My own hair is pretty short (nape). How many will i need so back looks ok ?

My hair is about 3 inches past my shoulders and i used only one. I would try with one first, better not to overspend up front. One will definitely add body, my hair is not very thick.

The hair comes way up above my ears and pokes through…. Am i doing this wrong?

Sounds like maybe you have too much of your hair pulled through.

I love these so much! But the ends are starting to looming really dry and frazzled. Is there a way to make them look more moisturized?

Actually there is. Take a mix of 50 percent fabric softener and 50 water and soak the hair for 12 to 24 hours. I trim mine before i soak them. Then rinse and finger comb. Should do the trick

Is the hair bad quality ??

The hair is synthetic and i was impressed by both the feel as well as the color richness and sheen. Don’t let the price fool you-i was pleasantly surprised myself.

Can you put it on upside down to add as a crown filler?

I’m not sure what you mean but you can’t put this on upside down. There is only one way to put it on so it fits snuggly on your head.

Can kids use it

That depends on how old the kid is, the size of the child’s head, and whether this is for theater, cosplay, or whether the child is suffering from hair loss. If you can narrow it down to age, head size, and reason for use, i can give a more informed answer. I’ll say this up front; a child would not be able to maintain the elastic halo “wire” in place, and any clip-ins would be very uncomfortable for a child.

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Can you trim/cut it?

Yes you can if you want to

Can you use curling iron?

It says in the description that you can use up to 350 degrees fahrenheit to curl your extensions.

Can i use it to put in a high ponytail?

No, that wouldn’t work. But a side braid yes.

My hair goes to my shoulders. Is my hair too short for this?

Suggest 14inch for you ,or order u-part design hair extension in my shop
here is link
u-part design is suitable for short hair

Can you perm this product??

No because it’s synthetic

Son abundantes??

Si son abundante

How to use clips that come with sarla halo

I don’t use the clips

I have warm brown hair with blonde highlights, what color would be the best match?

I have blonde with brown highlights, so i ordered my main color blonde

Can it be strightened?

I haven’t tried, but i seriously doubt it, it’s not real hair so i wouldn’t put any heat on it. Typically hair that can be straitened is much more expensive

Does anyone have a picture of themselves w/the 9th swatch, the brown/ash blonde color?

Not as of yet but i will and when i do i will post a picture

Hola hice 4 pedido de pelo , estaba para ser entregado hoy pero solo recibo una cola de pelo y faltan tres.

Verificar en el apartado, posiblemente llegue en la siguiente entrega.

SARLA Highlight Invisible Wire Hair Extension Medium Brown With Ash Blonde Adjustable Transparent Headband Wavy Curly Long Synthetic Hairpiece 18 Inch for Women Heat Friendly Fiber No Clip AMAZON : SARLA Highlight Invisible Wire Hair Extension Medium Brown With Ash Blonde Adjustable Transparent Headband Wavy Curly Long Synthetic Hairpiece 18 Inch for Women Heat Friendly Fiber No Clip : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Amazing. Do it!

I’ve had my fair share of halos and clip in extensions both synthetic and human hair over the years. This hair is honestly amazing. If you were to tell me that it was human hair, i would believe you. Not very shiny at all like most synthetic and can be styled between 300-350°. Just make sure you hold the shape of the curl until it cools. I also have very thick hair so i bought two of them. The color i got was golden auburn. Which is slightly darker than the rest of my hair but i got so many compliments. I did end up removing the halo and sewing on some clips that i had because it is a decent amount of hair, it felt a bit heavy on the band. I preferred the security of the clips. I think the only thing i would do different is buy one of them a size shorter so that i could have a more layered look between the two. I am honestly amazed at how great the quality is for how inexpensive it is.

5Expert Score
Good for the price

I bought this to use for my wedding and i was honestly pretty impressed! It’s fairly easy to put on, the color matched well which is amazing because it’s so hard to find extensions that match naturally red hair. Everyone said it looked great and blended well with my natural hair. It does have cons expectedly since it is so cheap, if you have thin hair it is super easy to see the wire but i used a headband which fixed that problem, and it is also very heavy and doesn’t stay out for all day wear. I only wore it for my ceremony and pictures, and then removed it for my reception because it was bugging me. It’s definitely not for wearing on a hot day or it will make you feel like you are suffocating. Very cute for a photo shoot though!

5Expert Score
Pleasantly surprised

I was not expecting much from this product given the price. I honestly bought it just to see if i liked the length/color before investing in a higher quality product. I was shocked at how much i love it! It’s easy to use, nice and full, and the color is gorgeous! It doesn’t look “cheap” at all! No need to invest in another one. This one will work just fine for my needs.

5Expert Score
Amazing, soft and top quality

I bought this to add into a wig to increase the hair density. I cut off the line and sewed the hair into the wefting on the underneath side of the wig. It was very easy to sew on. I was amazed at the silkiness and softness of the hair given that it was so inexpensive. My wig is heat friendly and so is this extension. I was nervous that the extension was not really going to hold a curl but i was pleasantly amazed that it curled perfectly. I’ve washed the wig one time since adding the extension i sewed in and it washed and dried perfectly. If you have any doubts about purchasing this extension, let me assure you that you will be very happy with this hair. I could not be happier.

5Expert Score
It matched my hair perfectly!

I can’t believe it worked so well being so cheap! I wasn’t really expecting to be this nice. It feels like real hair and the color matched my color 100%. I dye my hair light auburn (6r).
I went to disneyland with this extension and it stayed perfect during the whole day and rides and even a bit of rain! It did started bothering me after a couple hours for not being used to it but nothing overwhelming. I love it!

5Expert Score

I have had “real” extensions for years!
First tapeins, and for the last year keratin tipped.
I got very use to them, i’ve always had thin hair but alot of it, i just recently decided to take out my extensions and see if i can get my real hair to grow…. Sadly the extensions have made my hair so much more thin!!
I mean it’s so bad
i knew immediately i would need something! So i went off the reviews of this one, i’m glad i did!!!!
This extension is the only one ever that is not noticeable doesn’t leave lump, bumps etc even with the thinnest hair i’ve ever had!
It is secure too, if i was going out dancing id probably secure it just for the extra protection.
It did take me a little to learn how to adjust the string (is that what it’s called?) and i’m not sure i even did it right but it worked out.
A few key points, 1. It does tangle easy, which should obviously be expected since it’s synthetic, meaning fake, if you want real hair extensions you’d pay hundreds to thousands (trust me i know) my advice? Buy a wide tooth comb to comb out the ends when needed, i just use my fingers, 2. In the past before i started doing “real” extensions, i used to wrap them up to stay curly.
3. Depending on the thickness of your hair you may or may not need to slightly curl your hair if you keep it curly. I have a slight wave to my hair plus it’s so thin it blended with no issues. The color blended perfectly despite desperately needing my hair done (highlighted)….i’m wearing the 18” one, i foolishly thought they would be too thin so i brought a 18” and a 22”, i don’t think i’ll need 2 of them! One was just fine.

5Expert Score
Makes a great alice in wonderland 'wig'!

This extension is actually quite beautiful and soft and has a good amount of hair. I bought it to use as part of an alice and wonderland costume for oogie boogie bash. I didn’t want to put on one of those caps with an actual wig, which look so uncomfortable, and decided this was inexpensive enough to give a try – and it’s perfect. It even matches my hair very nicely – i was just looking for a pretty alice color so wasn’t worried about matching but there it is! In fact, it is so nice i just might wear it as an extension some time just for fun. My plan for alice is just to hold it on with the headband, as i am not concerned with people knowing it is fake, which seems to work perfectly – no hassle. I am probably going to spray it with an anti-static spray as even my natural hair, when it is longer, gets a lot of static and tangles easily, but this arrived untangled and with beautiful soft curls that are easy to arrange. I am very pleased with my purchase – perfect for it’s intended use and likely to be used even more it is so nice!

5Expert Score
Just buy it!!

Its obviously not the best quality hair but its super fun. It holds in well, i used pins but you don’t need to. Color matched for me perfectly. Just a fun add on when you want some extra length or fullness

5Expert Score
Gorgeous invention

I bought two of these one 22 and one 16 inch to layer together and blend my short hair. I was expecting them to be awful for the price and weird install, to pretty much return them. I use tape ins and clip in extensions religiously. Sometimes i may not have time to put either in, if i just want to run an errand, shop or get something to eat. I can put these on, bobby pin them and go in like 5 minutes flat. The quality of hair was better and lighter than expected. The color is gorgeous. Best money i ever spent. Love them! No idea why i didn’t buy them sooner!

5Expert Score

I usually don’t leave reviews but this product is worth one. I used it yesterday for my costume at work and it lasted me the whole night, and i received so many compliments. Quick and easy to install, low cost, looks high quality.

4Expert Score
Surprisingly great quality

So, for the price, i kinda figured i was gonna get some cheap looking, low quality item… But, i’m happy to be wrong. The color matches mine perfectly. The texture is natural and soft. I originally ordered the 18” first… It’s a bit long for me at this point… Gotta get used to it… So i also ordered the 14” to ease in to getting used to having the longer hair. Definitely takes some practice working the fit of the band to the head.. But keep practicing with it. Overall… I’m impressed and would recommend for a fun change of looks without the expensive and often damaging extensions that are sewn in or glued in.

4Expert Score
Absolutely love these! Cannot put heat on them though

These extensions absolutely exceeded my expectations. I was curious one day so i typed into amazon “halo extensions” and this one was the first one came up and it looked like it matched my hair. So i said what the heck, we’ll see. They match my hair 100% . And they blend sooo well!!! The clips are kind of hard to clip to the hair and your own hair, it would be easier if they were already attached to the hair. Also. I wish you could put heat on them. I tried to curl my hair into the extensions and it completely straightened that piece and won’t curl now. Other than that, they were perfect!

4Expert Score
Thick silky and beautiful

This is amazing. I bought 2 lengths so it could blend with my hair length. Mine is about 14” because the 16” and 18” are perfect lengths for my hair. The 18” is almost at least 3/4 way down my back. Both pieces hair are so thick and silky that i love them but i haven’t figured out how i can wear them because it’s not biddable with the metal side things and plastic fishing line sticking out. I’ve tried everything i can think of ways to style my hair with this hair but my hair is so fine that it doesn’t look good enough to leave the house. I’m going to try to sew the two pieces together and then sew this into a fabric hair band that is close to my hair color and wear it like they did in the fifties with the front nd sides forward and the back parts behind the hair and, much like it i’d worn with the fishing line, because i couldn’t get the fishing line and thick wefts with the lace fabric they come sewn onto to stay put even with bobby pins. I also tried braiding and pulling my front hair back combining my front sides and top natural and fake hair into a sort of pony tail with the long locks hanging down my back, but that didn’t cover the fake ness either with my hair. I’m hoping the hair and idea makes this wearable and easy as well as not as painful because my scalp still hurts from trying to figure out how i could wear this last night. I was originally just going to paint the fishing line so it’s not shiny and matches my hair but i can’t keep it still so i’m not painting it. I will try to update and add photos after i figure out how i can wear these. Fingers crossed!

I have very fine hair that is a little longer than shoulder length. I’m 5 feet tall. Blonde with many difference colors of hair. My hair is basically ombré bayalage with silver and white roots then my younger natural dark ash blonde and some medium ash brown streaks and it’s the darker color at the bottom of my hair. My experience level is pretty well experienced as i’ve worn hair pieces, wigs and clip ins since the early 90’s. I never had a halo kind and i don’t think i like how this one is made. I believe the ones on tv that are expensive are much thinner and don’t have the thick lace band so maybe that’s they put it in and take it off one handed so quickly and easily. This is probably too thick for my hair and too heavy for my sensitive scalp. I tried it with just 1 but want the layers and the lengths so i’m also probably going to layer them and see what works with 1 and try both together but with less weight. Also, i have nice hair that in the back has some thickness to it so 2 is better to give me the natural volume of hair i would have if my hair was longer. Oh, and, when i got them, i tightened one fishing line and the weft on the right instantly lost hair! That part has been driving me nuts sticking up more so that’s a negative too. Those pieces of metal aren’t easily to work with, neither is the plastic line. I see the concept is good. It just isn’t working for my hair. I’ll be back soon with more on solutions.

4Expert Score
Lovely 🥰

I have a thick blunt lob so blending it will be a challenge if i want to wear it down. If it’s swept to one side it blends pretty nicely. The color match was surprising. In the sunlight and indoor lighting it’s hard to tell where my hair stops. I’m going to rinse it to get it softened up (it’s a little stiff straight out of the bag) but i was excited to try it so i put it on straight out of the package. It’s a fun piece if you want to change up your look affordably.

4Expert Score

I have a very small head. The invisible wire is not small enough because the actual weft of hair just wouldn’t lay flat against the back of my head. I am ordering another one but i did use it and it stayed but i was not confident wearing it. It takes some getting used to and caring for it is tough because i am a novice. But don’t try to use a curling iron on it.

4Expert Score
Great for price!

The hair itself was very nice and cute curled but it felt like a babie doll hair. Very hard to brush through and it gets tangled a lot! I used deep conditioning spray to help it. I did also straighten hair to match more and it worked but once you straighten you can’t recurl. Hair was pretty heavy and kinda felt like it would slide off but it didn’t! It’s comfortable and stays in place!

4Expert Score
Worth the low price.

I honestly was surprised! I was expecting to receive something with less quality because of the price, but this was worth the less that $20 price. Matching colors is hard. I got what i bought but i didn’t do a good enough matching. I cannot get the halo piece to set right on my head and stay. The piece you use to size the band is hard to use and also just sticks out of your hair. I cut the halo and added clips.

4Expert Score
Great for the price

I bought this for my halloween costume but would wear it out too! You just need to kind of work with your hair and hairstyle to blend your natural hair to it,but definitely worth the price!
I am a natural blonde wearing the ‘ dirty blonde’ 22 inches.

4Expert Score
Great quality for the pricd

My daughter use these 1 time for homecoming, and they he held up great for the night. They were a bit tangled when she got home, so we probably won’t use them again. They were cheap enough that it’s fine for 1 time use. Good quality hair, match hair color well. Is exactly as the description says it is. Very satisfyed with the product

4Expert Score
Looks great, but not secure

Hair looks real, isn’t too shiny, and i got plenty of compliments. I loved how it looked, but the upkeep is stressful. My only complaints are it definitely doesn’t take heat/styling tools, so after two or three uses, the curls are out and there’s no getting them back, and the tangles are a nightmare (think of brushing the hair of your childhood barbie dolls). My biggest complaint, however, is the band doesn’t stay locked on the size you set it at, so it isn’t and doesn’t feel secure, making me constantly worried someone will see it. Pinning it, and tying the band didn’t work either. So it’s just this huge gap (size of my hand) that i can feel, also making it feel like the hair is coming off every time i lean back a little. Overall i recommend though if you are just taking pictures with it.

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