Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set

Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set : Toys & Games
Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy: Stacking rings has never been more fun with the stacks of circles! The center of each ring is the same size, allowing it to be stacked in any direction for frustration-free play. The stacks of circles promotes early stem learning by teaching a child about sorting, size, sequencing and building.

What are sassy stacks of circles stacking ring stem learning toy features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Straight post accepts different sized rings, strengthening hand-eye coordination
  • Chunky rings make it easy for baby to grasp, strengthening fine motor skills
  • Each ring features a different texture and weight; textural variety is great for mouthing!
  • Colorful beads in the clear ring allowing baby to connect the sound to sight
  • 9 piece set
  • Manufacturer age: 6 to 24 months. Bpa free
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Sassy stacks of circles stacking ring stem learning toy details:

Product dimensions

4.25 x 4.25 x 8 inches

Item weight

10.2 ounces

Country of origin


Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

6 months – 2 years




Sassy baby, inc

Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set AMAZON Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Can someone provide documentation of the package that lists this as bpa free?

It is not bpa free according to packaging! There is zero quality control information anywhere. Extremely simple packaging like it’s from the dollar store. If a children’s toy is truly bpa free, you bet the manufactural would make sure that is stated on the packaging!

Can you sterilize this product in a sterilizer?

No you can’t! We put it in our baby brezza sterilizer and it melted 3 of the rings and warped the holder. Wash it by hand with soap and water instead.

Is it bpa free?


How do you get water out of the rattle ring?

It can be washed and dried in the machine

How long can this product be used?

This is a great long term you, first the play with the rings which have great textures, colors and even different weights to them, then as they get a little older they learn to remove them from the stacker and then a few months later then start to learn how to stack them back on. My little is 11 months and has been enjoying hers since around 4months old, she hasn’t yet learned to put them back on but she is working on it.

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Is the plastic in the sassy stacks of circles stacking ring toy bpa and phthalates free?

As parents ourselves, the safety of the children using and playing with our products is our primary concern. Rest assured that all of our products meet and exceed all safety standards including astm, cpsc, en71 and health canada standards and pass testing for the california prohibitions of phthalates in toys. Our plastic products are made from materials that are bpa-free & phthalate-free.

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Is this toy still made in china?

Unfortunately yes, there’s very few things made in america anymore

Is this product good to use?


Are the rings hard plastic, or sort of soft and squishy? The clear one looks hard, but the orange looks sort of squishy.

Some are hard but it’s harmless my baby had this since he was 3 months and still have it he started enjoying it at 6 months next month he’ll be 1 highly recommend this the blue one with dot’s is his favorite because i guess cause he was teething and it soothing to him

How long can it be maintained without damage?

This toy is made well and will last a long time. My granddaughters played with it for hours.

Is it really good to wear this product?

Not applicable

Exactly what type of plastic or material are these made of? And do they contain any pthalates or pvc? How do you know?

I hope they do not have harmful ingredients. It is advertised as a teething toy.

I cancelled this order but i still got charged? Will i get a refund.


Is this product really as good as advertised?

Our grandbaby loves it and his parents do, too, so buying it was a win. They all like the different textures and colors/patterns.

Dbt, pvc and tbt free?


What are your best characteristics?

Very easy for a toddler to play with safely. Every piece has different colors and textures. Teaches hand / eye coordination without being to hard , your child can see their progress !!

Is this product really as good as advertised?


Is the base first piece flat? Mine is not 100% flat and is causing the whole thing to slightly titl- is yours flat?

It is not flat. The curve adds to stem learning and cause & effect for baby.

How do i access my shopping cart?

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Is this product good to use?

The two that i unwrapped look very fun to play with.

Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set AMAZON Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love the colors and patterns

My baby is more into the actual part that you use to stack the rings on than the actual rings, but still plays with them (got this when she was 6 mos). There is a part on the “pole” where the plastic is sealed at the top of the orange part. Be careful if you have a teething baby as this part can cut baby’s gums if they rub their gums on it hard enough. With that said, it’s not a good teething toy unless baby is chewing on the rings, but i’m sure your baby will enjoy it.

5Expert Score
Encantada con esto

Mi hija lo ama y mi perro ni se diga los diferentes colores y texturas le llaman mucho la atención y ademas uno suena. La entretiene de lo mas bien. La uso desde que ella tenía 4 meses

5Expert Score
Baby must- have

Put on your registry right now! Great toy. It’s been my babies favorite for a few months now. The different textures, colors, etc are stimulating and a great source of learning for those early months.

5Expert Score
Son loves to take this apart!

My 7 month old son’s favorite activity with toys that come together like this is taking them apart. Stacking cups? It’s a race between me stacking them and him knocking them down. Shape sorting box? I can get maybe three of them in before he rips the lid off and spills the pieces everywhere. And this stacker? Forget it! His favorite part is the middle stack part, he loves taking all the rings off and using the middle part to swing around and bang on the floor or other toys. He loves chewing on the rings, too. I thought he’d be really interested in the fourth ring, the clear one with the beads inside, but he doesn’t really care for that one over all the rest. Overall a great toy and gets used daily in our house.

5Expert Score
Great toy but definitely wash it first!

This toy is perfect for my 6 month old, even my 3 year old loves it. One thing i noticed upon opening this item was that the orange ring in particular was extremely oily. I washed the whole unit by hand and the greasy feeling is gone. Please wash it before giving to your babies! Other than that it’s exactly as pictured.

5Expert Score

Nothing wrong with it. Looked like a perfect teething toy for my grandson. Had to return it due to budgetary constraints.

5Expert Score
Perfect size for tiny fingers

The nursery at our church has this in their toy bin and my 1 year old loves it so i got one for home. I had a much larger version for my eldest when he was a tot and i find this one to be much easier to handle. This is the perfect size for fine motor development. The rings are different sizes, color patterns and textures. They can go on in any order which i love. The other version has a slanted base and the rings must be placed in order to fit. This is one of my favorite toys. Points for style, size and sensory.

5Expert Score
Do not boil them to sterilize them or clean them..

I melted one of the rings trying to boil it to clean it hehe so hand wash only

5Expert Score
Entertaining toy

My baby loves playing with this, she’s so entertained with it. This is the first thing she grabs in the morning. It’s held up well after washing it many times.

5Expert Score
Perfect little toy for babies

Bought for my granddaughter who is almost 6 months old now. When she visits, this is always a favorite toy. The colors are wonderful as well!

4Expert Score
Paisleighs favorite

Probably my 10 month old granddaughters favorite toy. Lol, she likes the center the best… Idk.

4Expert Score
Birthday gift

Looks nice, was gifted out.

4Expert Score
Smaller than expected

This toy was smaller than the traditional stacking ring tower, but what was i expecting for the price? It’s colorful (just as pictured on amazon) and we are excited to give it to our grandson when he comes to visit!

4Expert Score
Little ones love it

Nice that the rings can go on in any order. The rattling ring adds interest and the different textures seem to keep the little ones interested. The texture on the pink ring seems to make it harder to put on than the rest, it is a tight fit and has to be put on perfectly straight, that makes it a bit challenging for little hands.

4Expert Score
Worth the $

It would of got a 5 ☆☆☆☆, the behavior needs weight to hold it up. If the base could unscrew to put water/sand so it wouldn’t slide around/fall over so easy. My would stack the rings more.

4Expert Score
Great for tiny hands

This product is pretty good overall. The size of the rings are perfect for an infant to grasp. The stack itself, as mentioned by others, is definitely shorter than it’s competitor, but it makes up for it in color(s) and texture. The only knock was that the bigger rings had a strong smell of plastic… But our baby enjoys it!

4Expert Score
Smaller than i thought it would be.

Smaller than i thought it would be

4Expert Score
Great except one small flaw

These stacking rings are so cute! I bought them for my daughter when she was 5 months old (she’s 11 months now) and she still loves them. Before they were just for teething but now she’s actually getting the hang of stacking them and it’s the most adorable thing. I love the high contrast colors and the different textures which is why i chose this one over the basic rainbow fisher price one. The only thing is that the pink ring on it has a little bit too small of a hole. When taking that piece off, it kind of gets stuck at the top (i think it’s because the base/stick is just one width from top to bottom and doesn’t get skinnier towards the top). This makes it nearly impossible for a baby to get this piece off. I ended up just throwing that piece out and replacing it with a teething ring we already had. No biggie but if that issue was fixed i definitely would have given this 5 stars!

4Expert Score
Smaller than you think

The toy is smaller than it seems in photos

4Expert Score

Nothing he seems to enjoy his toys

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