Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 1.88′ x 22.2 yd, Designed for Packing, Shipping and Mailing, Strong Seal on All Box Types, 1.5′ Core, Clear, 6 Rolls with Dispenser (142-6)

Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 1.88′ x 22.2 yd, Designed for Packing, Shipping and Mailing, Strong Seal on All Box Types, 1.5′ Core, Clear, 6 Rolls with Dispenser (142-6) Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 1.88′ x 22.2 yd, Designed for Packing, Shipping and Mailing, Strong Seal on All Box Types, 1.5′ Core, Clear, 6 Rolls with Dispenser (142-6) : Beauty & Personal Care
Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape: Scotch heavy duty packaging tape, packing tape designed for moving, mailing, shipping, and office supplies, strong seal on all box types, 6 rolls/pack with dispensers (142-6).

What are scotch heavy duty packaging tape features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Guaranteed to stay sealed (if your box does not stay sealed, 3m will refund the purchase price of this tape). Proof of purchase required.
  • Provides excellent holding power for heavy-duty packaging and shipping
  • Strong seal on all box types, including harder-to-stick-to 100% recycled boxes
  • Strong, durable solvent-free hot melt adhesive seals and protects
  • Release coating makes unwind easy. Resists slivering, splitting and tearing..includes 6 rolls with 6 dispensers with fallback tabs to ensure tape doesn’t fall back on the roll.scotch brand’s strongest clear-to-the-core packaging tape.clear backing and instant adhesion.meets u.s. Postal regulations for standard packages.made in usa with us and globally sourced materials

Scotch heavy duty packaging tape details:






‎synthetic rubber resin

Number of items


Water resistance level

‎not water resistant


‎6 count

Tensile strength

‎47 pounds per inch

Compatible material



‎3m office products

Item weight

‎3.68 ounces

Product dimensions

‎7.8 x 7.1 x 3 inches

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Material type

‎synthetic rubber resin

Manufacturer part number


National stock number

‎6520-01-356-3964, 5970-01-137-7860, 7530-00-598-7711

Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 1.88′ x 22.2 yd, Designed for Packing, Shipping and Mailing, Strong Seal on All Box Types, 1.5′ Core, Clear, 6 Rolls with Dispenser (142-6) AMAZON Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 1.88′ x 22.2 yd, Designed for Packing, Shipping and Mailing, Strong Seal on All Box Types, 1.5′ Core, Clear, 6 Rolls with Dispenser (142-6) : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

What is the ‘adhesion to steel oz/in (n/100 mm)’, ‘adhesive type’ and ‘tensile strength lb/in (n/100 mm)’ of this tape?

This is a technical specification that designates the adhesive strength to a variety of materials. If this number is high then things stick. If it it low they will not stick. This sticks to everything except water, ice and petroleum based greases, so it must be so high.

Is each roll 800′ so there are 6 rolls of 800′?

800 inches divided by 36 (36 inches in 1 yard) = 22.22 yards * 6 rolls = total 133.33 yards in the package you pay $12.91 the 4 pack for $9.81 comes with 4 rolls that are 54.6 yards each for a total of 218 yards. So to compare the 6 roll package you pay $0.0968 a yard vs the 4 pack you pay $.045 a yard. Basically the 4 pack is half price. Its straight forward, the 4 pack you get 218 yards for less than less money than the 6 pack which u pay more for only 133.33 yards

Has the sticking problem on this tape been fixed? If i order a new set, can i be assured that it will actually stick and will keep its stickiness?

I had a ‘bad batch’ once myself, a long time ago…3m was made aware of the problem, and sent me replacements. I have not had a bad experience since, and i use a lot of tape!

What is the length in meters

The packaging says that each roll is 48mm x 20,3m and the total for all 6 rolls is 121 meters.

Is this clear?

Yes, this tape is clear. Thanks for asking!

Anyone know what kind of refill for this? Would the 3” cord work? Thanks

The 3′ core refills will not work for this. This has a 1.5′ core. To my knowledge they do not make 1.5′ refills in the ‘heavy duty’ style, only the ‘sure start’ style which has less sticking power. You would need to buy one of the 3′ core red dispensers if you want to order refills, otherwise for the 1.5′ core you are going to get a red dispenser with every single roll of tape, such a waste of plastic in my opinion.

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Can you recycle the plastic dispensers or do they just get tossed to landfill?

Our shipping and packaging tape dispensers are made of hips (high impact polystyrene). If you so choose, you can carefully separate the blade and take the dispenser to a recycle center that accepts ‘6’ polystyrene. If you don’t feel you can remove the blade safely you should dispose of the whole dispenser. Thanks for asking!

Why is the item showing up as over $32 per item when i go to checkout, when it is listed for $6.71 (70% off $23) on this page?

Scotch sure start shipping packaging tape, 1.88′ x 25 yd, designed for packing, shipping and mailing, no splitting or tearing, 1.5′ core, clear, 6 rolls (dp-1000rf6). Copy and paste in the amazon search bar

How long is the roll ??? Locally they are 27 ft. Per roll.

Great question! The scotch heavy duty packaging tape 142-6 should be 6 rolls sized 1.88 inches wide x 800 inches or 22.2 yards per roll. We hope that this helps!

Can this tape be used is a wand type disperser or only in the dispenser it comes in?

They come with a small hand dispenser already with them, but you could take the tape roll off and use it with another type of dispenser for sure.

Listed as $10.00 for 6 but when i put it in my cart it changes to $29? That’s not happening!

The price that was listed was exactly what was billed.

How to use dispenser

Just what part of dispensing are you having trouble with? I use these daily and never have a problem.

Is this 34-8719-2667?

This product id is 34-8722-0926-6
i hope this helps.

Purchased 4 times on amazon. Still get angry every time. How do i remove the cardboard from the dispenser?

Very very very carefully!
I also had a real bad problem with this product not sticking to the box.
Have not heard back as to where my refund stands
srent my complaint to amazon a month ago
whats up????????????

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Can this tape be placed over the written address and not interfer with laser reader?

I have used it to tape over package addresses and dropped at p.o. With no concerns expressed and no delivery problems.

Does this come with refill? We have plenty of plastic holder/cutter from the previous order.

No, it comes as is on picture. Each one has its own holder/cutter but no refills.

Can i order refills for the dispenser?

The 3′ core refills will not work for this. This has a 1.5′ core. To my knowledge they do not make 1.5′ refills in the ‘heavy duty’ style, only the ‘sure start’ style which has less sticking power. You would need to buy one of the 3′ core red dispensers if you want to order refills, otherwise for the 1.5′ core you are going to get a red dispenser with every single roll of tape, such a waste of plastic in my opinion.

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What is the width of the tape? 2”?

This tape is 1.88 inches wide. Thanks for asking!

Need a tvery thin foam to wrap arond an electrical element that is for an animal’s heating pad

This tape is not foam-like at all. It is a thin film of adhesive plastic.

At the end of the description line it reads ‘by scoth april 12, 2010’ what does the date mean?

I’m not sure but it looks like they mean’t to say scotch with perhaps a posted date. I’m guessing. Packing tape doesn’t have an expiration date.

Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 1.88′ x 22.2 yd, Designed for Packing, Shipping and Mailing, Strong Seal on All Box Types, 1.5′ Core, Clear, 6 Rolls with Dispenser (142-6) AMAZON Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 1.88′ x 22.2 yd, Designed for Packing, Shipping and Mailing, Strong Seal on All Box Types, 1.5′ Core, Clear, 6 Rolls with Dispenser (142-6) : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Totally tapey tape — best for packaging small items

It’s packing tape… That says most of it. Here are the trials and tribulations of our experience, maybe it’ll help or maybe you already stopped reading.

– very tape-like
– sticks to other sticky or plasticy things very well
– convenient grab and go dispensers, perfect for when you set one down for just a sec and then never ever find it again
– small rolls and dispenser are good for packaging small things and using small sections at a time
– once you get the tape to stick it usually stays stuck even when you are ready to unstick whatever you wanted stuck originally. I recommend a blade of your choice — small will work fine, but large is much cooler.

– does not always want to stick to cardboard. Work around this inconvenient flaw by rubbing your starting section rapidly for 3-10 seconds to create friction heat before trying to pull against the tape to dispense more. If that doesn’t work, give up, because that piece has already been ruined by cardboard fiber. It will need to be cut off and thrown out, where it will gladly stick to all sides of your trash bag and turn it into a ruined wad of plastic. Fold the sticky sides together before disposing for optimal ease, or don’t for optimal wastefulness and irritation.
– sometimes the ‘easy start’ on a fresh roll really doesn’t want to peel up, making it very difficult to use the tape to pack anything. Do not use scissors to try to fix the problem, you’ll only make it worse and will probably hurt yourself in the process. Not that i would know…
– rolls are small and do not go far or last long, especially when you waste a bunch by using scissors to start the roll.
– the sound made by the dispenser while taping a large box closed is detrimental to any sane humans mental well-being and should not be repeated too frequently.
– for reasons stated above i do not recommend these for packing all of your belongings into boxes when you want to move. Get the larger dispensers and rolls, don’t make moving harder to save a couple bucks, it’s not worth it.

In conclusion, this tape did most of what i expect my tape to be capable of. While we may have had some creative differences, overall it stuck with me through the good and bad, really helped hold things together when i was sure they would fall apart, and adhered to most of my expectations without a complaint –1 star

5Expert Score
I do a lot of business with amazon

I do a lot of business with amazon. More specifically, i am the only member of my household who does the vast majority of ordering with the company and i, just little ole’ me, turn in 30-90 orders a month with the company. Not all of them are huge, but that is not what is important. It is of interest because as one person, who orders mainly for herself including general family needs, with the additional occasional ‘hey honey, don’t forget to order me that purple marlin spinning bait i happened to see in that special warehouse sale that ends in 42 more minutes, you know, just sayin”, i post a lot of orders with this company. Going to targets or wahlmart has come to seem like an awful nuisance. I have better things to do with my time. Sleeping is always an attractive option.
But really, i order most of the family and household general needs from amazon. Subscribe and save has become a way of life.
But, as with any systme where ordering sight unseen is involved, things go askew from time to time. I used to be the old gal who repacked things with a ton of scotch plastic tape which is really meant for christmas presents. Then i would go dig out hubby’s masking tape. When that was gone, i used that heavy duty stuff that is generally used to hold pipes in place.
Finally, i got a clue. If you order, you will have to send back. Amazon sends things out in tidy little boxes with air filled little plastic packing protectors which are just perfect for returning that lovely decorative, metal, orange polka dot and turquoise colored gecko wall decoration that the five year old was just certain grampa would like on the wall in his hunting lodge in ontario. Keep in mind that dear old dad was here to push the button when that order went through!?! So, there must be a way to tape these mishaps back into their original packing boxes without resorting to the use of the christmas scotch tape.
Having learned to whip around the amazon site at the speed of light, i zoomed right over to ‘packing tape in office supplies.’ i automatically hit the prime button and went on my search. Bingo. This pack of six heavy duty packaging tape rolls popped right up. I also had the option of getting large rolls of tape and purchasing a gun to hold the tape to use for my return needs. But, i am not that big an amazon shopper. Besides, i might forget what that gun was for and take my hostilities out on that purple marlin lure. So, i ordered the box of six rolls of tape which are two inches wide. They come with their own little red plastic holder so that i do not have to sign up for gun safety lessons at the local rifle range.
Six rolls of tape. Tape held in a small red plastic holder. Snap the small cardboard piece out of the way so that the tape can roll. Print your return labels. One goes in the package. No tape required here. The other label goes on the outside of the box in which the returning item was originally shipped in. Carefully close the box after making certain that 1. The item originally ordered in carefully packed back in the box. 2. Check and make absolutely certain that label number one is packed with the item being returned. 3. Hold the box carefully so that all the edges make contact and no open spaces remain at the top of the box. 4. Cut label number 2 as indicated on your computer print out. 5. Securely fasten label number two to the top of the box. This means using more than one strip of tape. If the thin little computer paper label rips because you were stingy with tape, then you are the one who loses a refund when the entire box ends up in the lost file with ups or the post office. (i wonder if those guys get all of last year’s lost packages at christmast time?…well…a government agency would absolutely not stand for that sort of thing, but it is an interesting concept!) anyway, 5. Tape outer label appropriately. 6. Make certain that no old labels are still hanging around so that the delivery guys can get confused and send that lovely gecko back to you. 7. Put your tape away. 8. Make certain that you always have enough tape on hand to return any unwanted, broken, or unidentifiable items that you receive from amazon.

Well, you can see how i make use of this scotch heavy duty paking tape. I order and i send back. Occasionally, i actually order something and send it to someone anew; that is, from myself. I have two friends who live in viet nam. Not too many companies are jumping up and down to post packages to them. So, i get out the trusty tape and do it myself. I love the stuff. It is just the right size for me to use without getting that gun thing and shooting myself in the foot. I do order this using the s & s option because between returning items…properly packaged, and sending things to others, i use about six rolls every six months. Amazon does not make many mistakes with its orders and i try not to change my mind about things all the time, so six rolls is quite sufficient for our family needs. It is small and simple to store. I have a little area in a drawer where i keep my batteries and small light bulbs. My packing tape and other types of tape all fit in the one big drawer. The tape holds boxes together well and gets the box where it is going. That should be about it. I buy the tape. I use the tape. It works well and performs as it says it will. It is priced optimally for my needs considering that it is delivered to my front door every six months. I am very pleased with this deal. Great tape that works just as it should.
Sign up and check it out for youself. If you are not happy with this, get one of those tape gun thingies and shoot yourself in your foot. Seeeee…..told you. You do like this tape. I’m so glad you gave it a try. Ho ho. I must be getting really tired. The tape is good and i hope you try it and like it. Have a good one shipping your trusty dusty packages held together with scotch. Cindy o.

5Expert Score
Durable and reliable

Had to pack a bunch of boxes for a move, and most of them contained heavy books and electronics. This tape dispensed easily, adhered nicely, and felt secure on the boxes. The tape held up well for the cross country move, and the multiple transfers from truck to truck. Would recommend and although a bit higher in price than some other tapes, the value is worth it in the long run.

5Expert Score
Exactly what was advertised

We moved recently and needed a lot off tape for the moving boxes. This tape was great. It stuck just fine, we didn’t have any boxes popping open. The dispensers were easy to operate and all functioned as described.

5Expert Score
Secures packing boxes

I have tried other tapes for packing and shipping boxes but have found this works the best. Tape securely affixes to the cardboard. I use this tape each time i move and always have it on hand for small shipments.

5Expert Score
A versatile and useful product

I have used this tape for several years now. The package lasts a year or more. It is a convenience product that has a number of tape rolls with disposable dispensers. Each roll is a good amount of tape and small enough as a package that it can be taken places in your car for potential use during outings. I use it to remove cat fur from my clothing and furniture. It works great for that. I also use it to seal my cell phone and bike computer when riding in the rain. It is pealed off after the rides. There are many uses and this is a brand name, high quality tape that has done well for my needs. Oh yes, and it works for packaging too.

5Expert Score
My favorite tape

I have this tape on reorder as i use it for my at home business. It’s affordable to buy in bulk. The only thing is i wish it came in refills so i didn’t have all the tape holders having to be thrown away or recycled.

5Expert Score
Great price

My local super market had just one of these rolls for $5 so this price for 6 is a great deal i’m glad i found this

5Expert Score
Great buy!

Boxes held up nicely for my move

5Expert Score
Only tape i use for packaging

I’ve been using this tape for a number of years for all my packaging and shipping needs. Never had any problems. Tape is the perfect size to seal a package and sticks very well. It is strong and will hold the package closed. The tapes are easy to dispense and come with their own dispenser. The dispenser is sharp enough to cut the tape but not too sharp that you could hurt yourself when used properly. The dispenser has a lip so that the tape stays on the dispenser and doesn’t go back to stick to itself, although i can’t say that never happens; it still can, but at least there is a mechanism to help prevent it. The price on amazon was pretty reasonable for the 6 tape dispensers. Amazon prices do change all the time so be sure to price check online before you buy to get the best price. I actually had bought this exact same product from another amazon seller a while back but when i did a search i noticed that this seller’s price was better so i switched over to them.

4Expert Score
Great tape but pricey

I use a lot of tape. So when i saw this package i thought it looked like a good value. This tape is thick and is a wonderful tape. It gets the job done and the tape glides smoothly from its dispenser. I was just expecting more on the roll. Each roll will seal up aprox 3 average size mailing boxes, so what i thought was a good value was not disappointed in value.

4Expert Score
Should sell refills, already too much plastic waste

This product is great! The only reason i’m giving it 4 stars over all is because no refills available to purchase, there’s so much plastic waste already, the red dispatch plastic can be reused many times.

4Expert Score
Better than most no name brands

I was surprised the adhesion wasn’t that great considering this is ‘scotts’ brand. Overall the tape fulfilled its duty. I did notice on some boxes we wrapped the tape easily came off the boxes. We use brand new cardboard boxes from homedepot. I like the thickness of this tape, it could have been a bit stickier.

4Expert Score
Great tape, not a lot of it

The tape is strong and works exactly as i expect it to. It’s nice having multiple dispensers as well; however, we’ve used almost the entire 6 pack and have done 18 boxes for our move so far. Granted we may be using more than the typical user but for us, it doesn’t seem cost-effective in the long term.

4Expert Score
Not the easiest to dispense otherwise it’s good tape

The handle isn’t very sturdy so it’s a little difficult to dispense the tape. I found that if i pull the tape out a couple inches, apply it to the box, the use the handle it works best.

4Expert Score
Smaller than expected. Worked just fine

This tape is great. I was surprised by the smaller size of the product than i expected.

4Expert Score
Good hold but awkward to use

It was great for packing and held well. Just kind of hard to use it

4Expert Score
Its a good product but just buy a tape gun and bigger rolls instead

What the title says. For a similar price you can buy a tape gun and a roll of tape. That will be a better experience. What this really shines for is if you have 4-5 people in a house moving. If you need 6 dispensers all at once, this is great, but if you just need a lot of tape for one person this is a poor solution.

4Expert Score
Great for moving but better for smaller packages

I like this for moving since it has the dispenser and cuts easily since we use tons for moving packing up boxes. I bought this since we needed a lot for moving and it was in a deal so i got a great price but normal price is more. My only issue is i wish they were a big wider for moving since heavy boxes need wider tape to close big heavy boxes. I therefore landed up using a ton on tape for each box to ensure they were closed. Secondly i find the dispense not perfect since sometimes it wouldn’t work and get stuck to the rest of the tape forcing me to peel it off and waste tape and time. Time i don’t have when we’re packing a zillion boxes. That’s why for regular packages you’re shipping these are likely much better. I would love to know a better option for moving boxes though for next time!

4Expert Score
You will use more than necessary!

I recently moved and purchased a box of these and some of the rolls worked great but some of the rolls did not adhere to the boxes as well as designed so i ended up using more tape to secure the boxes. I do not know if it was just a bad batch but some rolls lacked an appropriate amount of adhesive. Personally, i think the rolls i purchased at a big name brick and mortar were more reliable. They were the same brand. In the end, only one box popped open upon delivery and fortunately nothing broke.

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