Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels (01804) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets, White, 16 Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack

Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels (01804) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets, White, 16 Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack

Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels (01804) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets, White, 16 Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack: Paper Towels: Industrial & Scientific

What are scott essential multifold paper towels 01804 with fast-drying absorbency pockets features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Each case 16 packs of 250 trifold paper towels (4,000 total)
  • Each white multifold paper towel is 9.2′ x 9.4′ / 23.4cm x 23.9cm (substitute for c fold paper towels)
  • Exclusive absorbency pockets soak up water fast, so these trifold paper towels are designed to reduce waste
  • Fits into most universal multifold paper towel dispensers (great replacement for c fold paper towels, which can over-dispense)
  • Meets epa standards and are fsc and eco logo certified

Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels (01804) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets, White, 16 Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack AMAZON

Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels (01804) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets, White, 16 Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack: Paper Towels: Industrial & Scientific

Looking for specific info?

I get only one pack or a case ?

I recieved a case that had 16 packs, if i remember correctly. This is fantastic for my work shop. Should have got these a long time ago. Much more convenient than a paper towel roll.

Are these towels interwoven; that when pulling one out of the dispenser the next is there?

Yes – when pulled out the next is there

Does this come in any plastic packaging?

No plastic at all

What are the dimensions when the towel is folded? I need to know if it will fit in my dispenser.

The dimensions are: 9.5 * 3.25 inches. I feel the need to add that these have been so disappointing. They are 1 thin ply and do not absorb liquid. They are ok for drying hands, though they are rough and one does not dry enough. They are not suited as a replacement for paper towels or to dry surfaces.

Will the frost paper towel dispenser hold the scott brand

According to what i have read yes. To be honest i am surprised that frost and scott didn’t answer your question. It is in their interest to do so. I think it is bad business practice.

Does this dissolve when wet?

In my opinion after buying these, “dissolve” seems a pretty accurate description. They are single-ply and because everyone seems to need 2 to dry their hands, i would count on that. Probably will look for a double ply next time.

What is the fold width?

The towels are 3 1/4′ wide x 9 1/4′ long. They’ve been my favorite, and hold up very well.

Will these work with a spray cleaner to wipe surfaces?

They work for cleaning the bathroom and mirror.

How many plys are these paper towels?

They are one-ply paper towels. We have been very satisfied with them.

Will these clean blood and/or remove fingerprints? Asking for a friend.

These are paper towels. No magic formulas. If a paper towel from a roll will clean it then these will too.

Does this fit inside here :

These are multifold towels and the description of the dispenser you’re asking about says that it’s suitable for multifold towels, so i would say yes they will fit. I have an older dispenser that is for multifold towels and they fit just fine. By the way, these are the strongest recycled multifold towels i’ve found and i highly recommend them.

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Does this come in any plastic packaging?

No it comes in paper package

Will these fit in a tork dispenser


Are these towels made from recycled material?

Not sure

Is the cost per pack or case? Is it only $33 for an entire case of 4k towels?

$33.00 a case.

Are these safe to use for food (e.g., wrapping a sandwich)?

They’re not antiseptic, but fairly well-packaged so probably almost as safe as paper towels but less than better plastic or wax paper wrap.

Can this paper be used in a tork countertop multifold hand towel dispenser 30 20 28 ?

According to the dimensions yes.

Does this dissolve easily or will it hold up for reuse?

No. It doesn’t dissolve at all. It also doesn’t absorb well. I use it to clean out my iron skillets before i wash them. It collects grease and food scraps to throw away. Started using them when i couldn’t get paper towels. They work well for lots of stuff like drying hands. I also use paper towels for some things but these are terrific for some cleanups. They are the towels you find in a bathroom to dry hands. I don’t have to buy many paper towel rolls anymore. You can stack them in a tray or container that they fit snuggly in and they pop up like tissues.

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How many 250 towel packages are in the case?

Towel multi fold brwn 250ea/pk 16pk/cs

Are these actually recycled fiber? It says it in the amazon listing, but nowhere on the actual product does it say it’s made from recycled paper

Probably best to direct this question to the seller/manufacturer.

Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels (01804) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets, White, 16 Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack AMAZON

Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels (01804) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets, White, 16 Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack: Paper Towels: Industrial & Scientific

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
All the way to 5 stars

I have been ordering this product i approve of this product lol. I am in the tech industry and work with glass all the time or electronic devices that come in dirty. So i have to clean, wipe down and sometimes just sometimes on my break in the kitchen i may spill some stuff cause im always in a rush lol these napkins have saved my buttocks lol. They are strong but soft material, absorbs well and does not leave any fuzzies on my devices or kitchen counters and/or cleaning my mirrors. And the for the price is a plus. I will continue buying this product.

5Expert Score
Good for shop use

I bought these paper towels to refill my towel dispenser in my garage. Nothing bad to say. They should last me a few years.

5Expert Score

Traffic, don’t wash towels any more

5Expert Score
Served it's purpose well

It works

5Expert Score
Worth the money on quality and quantity

Excellent absorbency, tight and firm quality. It worth a recommendation.

5Expert Score
Good value

Order bulk of these and are good value for the money.

5Expert Score
Does the job

These are basic one use towels that save us money and last a long time. We have purchased them 4 times and the case typically lasts 6 months.

5Expert Score
Worth the nmoney

Very happy with this product

5Expert Score
Great addition to our busy household

Great for drying hands, cleaning and wiping up after little ones.

5Expert Score
Needed for central valley california family

My husband is a nurse and i am a teacher. We have a 3 year old. I cannot leave the house with our son, so my husband has to go out to get us things before or after his shift at the hospital. For 3 weeks now because of covid19 we are not able to find anything at costco, big/small groceries, online stores for costco, walmart, target, you name it… I could not believe the lines. Then my husband who is a nurse finally was able to cut in front of lines or go into stores an hour early so, he did that. Just to get us paper towels, toilet paper and diapers. Nothing big bulk just what is needed to get us by. Guess what, in norcal all of these stores were still out of stock at early times or throughout the day when he cut lines. Totally wiped out. So i found these, ordered them, they got to us quickly. They are nothing fancy but they get the job done. I will probably have them for 2 years, but now since baby wipes are hard to find i am thinking about making baby wipes out of them. We are very thankful for these paper towels and will probably have to use them as bath tissue since we are almost out and made an order a while ago (tmi?). Anyways, thank you for these towels during this time. When i am out, i will order again because it is great for the value and getting the job done. Thank you!

4Expert Score
Great trifold paper towels

Use these in garage and bathroom, love that they aren’t ‘rough’ to touch, very thick and absorbent. I have used cheaper brands and always come back to these.

4Expert Score
Good value for the money

Good value for the money

4Expert Score
Paper saver = money saver!

We’ve been using these scott paper towels for over 2 years now just before the pandemic. We will never go back to regular rolled paper towels. This method is quick easy and saves us so much on paper. We take only what we need. Which has saved us paper overall, which has saved us so much money! It’s not that soft but that seems to be the only sacrifice. It absorbs well and doesn’t rip easily.

4Expert Score

Bought for value for the price. Towels are a quick wipe to have.

4Expert Score
Absorbent but not for medium or heavy use.

I bought these when the paper products had dissapeared from the shelves as a back-up in case it took a long time to find more during 2020.
They took a long time to come, several months, but that is, i assume, because they came from overseas while we were all in the midst of a health crisis, so i am simply glad that they followed through and sent them despite the confusion and uncertainty and danger of what was going on. I was very relieved and greatful to get them, and am very thankful to the sellers.
In comparison to other paper towels, i wanted to use them in place of kitchen paper towels but found them too soft and quickly soaked through to use for any medium to heavy use. They are nicely folded, however, and look like they are made to be pulled out one by one from a dispenser. The texture is delicate and a little toothily – patterned, like something that would be found in an inexpensive common area like a public-use restroom or in an office kitchen. I’d almost consider them heavy tissues.
Though they didn’t stand up to what i wanted to use them for, they didn’t fall completely apart with moisture, didn’t shred, and wadded up easily to scoop up jobs like a spilled soda or a dropped cookie. And they were soft enough that if we had had to use them in place of toilet paper, they wouldnt’ve been too much more abrasive on delicate skin than the regular tough toilet-made stuff.
I have no idea how affordable they are because at the time all paper product prices were inflated.
They seem to be a quality, general-use, light-weight disposable tissue – like towel in individually bound bunches.

4Expert Score
Quality and cost

Paper towels much better than the once sent before,

4Expert Score
Value for price great, absorbency, towel are thinner than first time purchase.

Quantity for price is great. Absorbency not so much. I use on spills, counter tops, drying hands (have to use multiple sheets) etc.

4Expert Score
Exactly what i needed it for

I had a hard time locating paper towels in the past 2-3 weeks due to the demand from covid-19, i stumbled upon these and took a chance. First amazon is amazing at first i was told it would take 2.5 weeks to arrive then it changed to 1 week and it was received within 4 days of ordering them. These are not the best most amazing paper towels you’ll ever use but i don’t think of them as paper towels. They are thinner and smaller than your average paper towel but durable. They don’t rip easily, no lint, and the absorbency is good. I needed them to dry my hands after washing, help wipe down counters with bleach, clean up after the cats (they’re messy eaters). And yes depending on the job you will need 2-3 sheets but then again that’s the same issue with paper towels. Overall i’m happy with my purchase especially during these times where paper items are more valuable than gold.
Update 4/22/20 just wanted update that i’m still using these towels, and i will continue to buy them. My household contains 3 people with 2 kittens and my husband and daughter so through paper towels as if they’re in a competition who can waste more. My husband for some reason cannot rip just 1-2 towels on a regular roll he pulls on the roll taking 3-4 towels just to dry his hands. With these scott since they are individually separated he is taking just 1-2 now so is my daughter. We go through 1 pack of 250 in about 9-10 days not bad in this household.

4Expert Score
Right thing, right time

16 pack, product number 1804 when i couldn’t find paper towel rolls anywhere. Family is spoiled with b***** pick-a-size. We are using these for all of the normal things; quick kitchen wipe-ups, messy food eats, wiping out greasy pans/dishes so grease doesn’t go down kitchen sink drain-preventing grease clogs, small spills, doggie drools (from both ends), all of the normal things for paper towels. Hub dampened two to quick wipe grimy kitchen stove flat-top, they did not shred and cleaned without scratching. I tried on kitchen floor swiffer, worked pretty good for doggie ‘mud’ on vinyl floor.

Had a little water on floor in front of refrigerator the other morning, i’m going with somebody dropped an ice cube as i don’t want to consider the alternative ramifications, i threw down 4 of these and they sucked it right up. Surprisingly absorbent for as thin as they appear.

I do not have a wall or counter-top dispenser for these, just a repurposed box, laid package flat opened package, we pull them out as needed. Later on i might get fancier, probably not. One package lasted nine days with three adults and two dogs. I will buy again.

4Expert Score
A comparison of 3 scott towels – 01840, 01801 & 01804

Updated review:
over time i have purchased 3 different versions of the scott multi-fold paper towels and happen to have a package of each for comparison, scott # 01840, 01801 & 01804. I’ll copy this review to all three products.
# 01840 a packet weighs 14oz. It is stronger/stiffer and best suited for wiping off our work equipment. I am still ordering it for that purpose.
# 01801 a packet weighs 18.5oz. It is not bleached, is thinner as others have noted, but i found it was fine for drying hands and general purpose use. I’ll continue to use it in the restroom and eating area.
# 01804 a packet weighs 13.6 oz. It is thinner and softer than 01804, works fine for drying hands and general purpose use but i don’t like the way it clings when wet – it reminds me of a face tissue. Of the three it is best suited for wiping if a stronger than tissue paper is needed. I won’t be reordering.

Original review: if you hold them up they look thin but when i wipe with them they hold up well. A sleeve of these kraft towels weighs more than a sleeve of the scott 1840 white towels. Overall i like them fine and appreciate that they are not bleached.

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