SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display – Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger

SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display – Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display – Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger : Industrial & Scientific

What are scrib3d p1 3d printing pen with display – includes 3d pen features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • [a gift for the whole family] create, draw, doodle, and build in 3d with this affordable yet high grade 3d pen. The new scrib3d p1 3d pen helps improve spatial thinking, creativity and artistic skills. Great for quality family time and as a practical tool for making handmade gifts or decorations, or for everyday fixes around the home. The p1 pen features a stepless speed function designed for optimal speed control no matter the task – whether slower intricate projects or faster infill work.
  • [ready-to-use kit] includes 3 colors (30 feet) of pla plastic to keep you doodling for ages, as well as a power adapter, step-by-step manual, and a free stencil guide. Just plug in, heat it up and enjoy the fun of creating three-dimensional masterpieces. Pla is a versatile, easy-to-use printing plastic that is great for both first time and advanced users.
  • [beginner friendly] plug the adapter into the back of the pen and choose your filament. The red light will turn on indicating warm up, this will take about 2-3 mins. Double click the forward button to start and feed the filament through the back of the pen. Once the filament has reached the nozzle of the pen, click forward to stop. Press and hold the forward button or double click for a continous flow. Once you have completed your design, press and hold the reverse button to retract filament.
  • [multi-functional] the scrib3d p1 pen is temperature adjustable to accommodate multiple types of filament: pla (160-210°c, 320-410°f) or abs (210-235°c, 410-455°f). Unlike other 3d printing pens, the p1 has an easy-to-use stepless speed slider, designed for optimal speed adjustment. Perfect for any task, from slow & intricate projects to faster infill work.
  • [safe & risk free purchase] the p1’s ceramic nozzle and premium motor ensure safety and high performance without clogging. Equipped with 2 minute auto sleep function after 3d doodling stops, anti clogging features, and intititve controls ensure a seamless doodling experience. 1 year guarantee and responsive customer service. Buy with 100% confidence. If there are any quality issues or you need getting started tips, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display – Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger AMAZON SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display – Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger : Industrial & Scientific

Looking for specific info?

What size pla does this use?

It uses 1.75mm diameter filament, and works best with scrib3d filament – check out our amazon store for our pla options!

Does this have a proprietary charging port?

This device does not charge, there is no internal battery, it does use a standard 3.95mm barrel plug that goes into a standard 5v, 2a power plug center positive. You can use any power adapter that is 3.95mm barrel, center positive and 5v at least 2amp (more amps will not hear the pen less and it will simply reboot due to lack of amps).

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What ages are this pen good for?

Great for ages 9+

Puedo usarlo en peru donde la energia es 220v??? O necesito un transformador? Gracias!!

El cargador es multivoltaje hasta 240v

My “speed slider” doesn’t do anything? What’s wrong?

Then it probably is because the speed slider came defective

Is the plastic able to be painted?

From watching some youtube videos on 3d pen art , several people painted their projects.

I was wanting to know if this was the original manufacturer of this 3d pen model?

Yes, this is the original manufacturer.

Cuál es la diferencia entre este lápil y la versión similar para adultos?

No probé el de adulto

Qué precio tiene

Depende del sitio donde se necesite enviar y la tasa de cambio de la moneda.

What country is this pen made in


I’d like to give it as a gift in europe. Does it charge via usb? If not, can i use an adapter to 220?

It uses a usb cord. It actually clogged up the second day, which was very disappointing to my granddaughter. It was a christmas gift to her. I contacted the saler and they acted like they would do something about it, but they never have. I would suggest you look for a different one.

I bought this for an 11 year old. The box states: ‘adult use only. Keep out of reach of children’…so which is it?

The tip is hot but i’d say a 11 year old could use it with out a problem.

My daughter received this for her bday a month ago. Used it no more than 5x and now it doesn’t work. Can she return it?

I had to complain for a long time before i got another one that i received broke

Cómo funciona con los cartuchos fe caramelo?

A mi nieta le encanto. Muy divertido

How do you change filament colors? Does remaining filament come out or does it need to be cut?

I believe there is a reverse button to push the filament back out of the pen. Then you add the new color you want to use. Now, when you go to use that new color, the previous color will still be there mixed in with the new color, but it will clear out pretty quickly. Within a couple seconds.

Have any of the children burned their fingers while using?

Kids being kids the answer is yes. This product should always used with adult supervision. Finger guards included with some models would be the best and safest choice. Keep in mind that children are burned with wood burners, matches, candles, clothing irons, stove tops, lighters, hot liquids..the list is endless.

How do i get a replacement ac adapter? I ordered 3 pens and one of the plugs does not work.

Please reach out directly to us as through your ‘my orders’ page and we would be happy to send you a replacement. Happy holidays!

Will any brand of filament work with this pen?

As long it is the right size it should work. Went to the local 3d print shop and bought filament there. Works better than the bad stuff this came with.

Does it cone with the pen

I really don’t know it was a christmas gift it is very delicate sticks quick nice gift mostly 4 kids 2 have fun not adults if u need a project done.

Id like to purchase refills separately but need to know the size so it fits in. What should i be looking for?

1.75mm filament fits perfectly. Use pla or abs but try to avoid once with filling like real wood and metal etc.

SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display – Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger AMAZON SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display – Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger : Industrial & Scientific

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
So much better than the first one we bought!

I can’t think of the name of the first 3d pen we bought, but it’s definitely in the list of related items on this listing you’re reading. Extremely popular unit. That one used the 3mm sticks and has no speed control and just colored leds to tell you when it’s ready. The speed is too fast for careful work and too slow to fill large areas in a reasonable timeframe.

This one is fantastic! Digital readout shows you how close it is to temperature so you’re less likely to get distracted doing something else while you wait (and then have it time out and turn off). It uses standard 1.75mm filament so i can use any of the pla and abs reels i use for my creality ender 3 printer! It has a simple slider to control the speed and the range is excellent! And the buttons are placed better and it responds faster than that other one. Hard to imagine being happier with a 3d printing pen than i am with this one!

The photos show the process of modifying a pvc electrical box that was too deep for my application, because no one made one of this style that would fit my application (too deep or too shallow). I cut off the excess and drilled holes in the perimeter then used the 3d printing pen with abs filament to ‘stitch’ across and through each hole as if sewing, creating a mechanical connection between the two incompatible plastics. Then i bridged the two sides all the way around, then bridged the gap with numerous layers at different angles. Used a cheap iron and parchment paper to smooth down the bumps so it was even stronger and so i could install it in a reasonably sized opening, as the bumps increased the size quite a bit. The result was as strong as the original but the right size. I had been standing at the third and final store, frustrated by the lack of options for those outlet boxes, and started thinking about 3d printing one from scratch. Thinking about modeling the size and screw holes and everything triggered the memory of buying this pen about a month earlier and i realized i could just modify it, and i would be done faster than modeling and printing new ones. Worked beautifully!

5Expert Score
Great pen for its cost.

This is probably going to be the most in-depth review i have ever wrote on amazon. I am doing this because i feel like it is important for when you are shopping for 3d pens. This will cover the pla that the pen comes with, and also pla i bought elsewhere and why i have chosen what i have.
my first impressions:
i am surprised at how light the pen is. I have small-ish hands for a 5’1′ woman and it felt very comfortable to hold. After reading the instructions, it states that if the pla crackles or bubbles while the using the pen, to lower the temp. Sure, no problem right? Not really.
I use wax paper to trace my designs on, i use this due to a youtube video which suggested it, and its a lot cheaper than the mats. I also prefer it over mats because it is paper thin, which gives me the most accuracy of my tracing which is important to me.
I started using the pen at the default 190f. As i was using it, i noticed that the pla did crackle in the pen, and it did form bubbles. As advised by the instructions i turned it down lower. The lowest point for pla is 160f according to the instructions, however, it would not stick to the wax paper at all. I then tried 170f and again, the pla would not stick to the wax paper as well as it had with the 190f. Once more i turned it up to 180f, it stuck, not as well as i would like but it was a lot better than the other settings. Also, at the lower settings it gives no time at all to adjust the plastic if you need to nudge or squish down a bump.

Changing the pla:
after using most of the pla given in the kit, i went out and bought from a local small buisiness (support them!) which uses locally sourced pla. Once more, i tried the 190f temp setting. Not only does the pla come out much smoother, it sticks to the wax paper perfectly, and i am noticing my pen does not get near as hot using it. I can use it for much longer before deciding to give it a break. This means i can nudge the pla, and bend it and it sticks well to my wax paper so it does not shift on me while working. I also notice that it is much less stringy than the pla the pen comes with. Pla brand matters, and it is good to research into a good pla, i am just glad our local pla works this nicely.

bonus, a tip to enjoy your pen even more. You can get a lot more use out of your pen with various other tools. A wood burner with temp control and multi tips is wonderful for shaping and smoothing your project after you had made it. Use aluminum foil covered in painter’s tape to fill in big gaps to use less pla. A course sand-paper followed by a smoothing sand paper also helps in finishing off the nice smoothness of the pla. As stated before, wax paper is a wonderful material to work on. It could be used repeatedly until it eventually tears and painter’s tape peels off it nice so you can adjust and move it. Look for some good youtube videos to get you started on techniques to best build your 3d pen creations!

this is a very nice pen for its cost, you can adjust the temp, its light and comfortable, also easy to use. Pictures provided show the projects i have made with this pen for my d&d sessions. The pla that i bought works wonderful for being painted right on without any primer. If you are curious, i use 3d fuel pla. Someone suggested not to work it too hard, giving it a break every 30min or so, i think some times i do go closer to an hour. Always press the up button and get your pla fully out before you turn it off (by unplugging it). Always trim the tail off the pla. I have yet to run into any of the issues of it clogging or just turning off. Only twice did it seem to ‘turn off’ and i think my pla had nudged the cord since it curls, because it would auto go back to temp after.

5Expert Score
Fun and durable

I use this to ‘weld’ 3d print pieces from my ender 3 into the complete product. I also use it to repair damaged prints. My kids have played around with it to build stuff too. I have no complaints.

5Expert Score
So fun!

Bought this for my 9 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it! Very easy to use. Came as expected and nice packaging! Now we just need to buy more filament! 😉

5Expert Score
Awesome 3d pen

I bought this as a gift to my 9yr old daughter who
excels in arts.she loved it and used it for her art work
and some school projects as well. We find it easy to
use and ofcourse quality is also the best.
We loved it!

5Expert Score
Great for welding 3d prints

This works great for welding 3d prints together and filling gaps/seams. It has a pla and abs temp setting but i find the pla setting doesn’t get hot enough for welding so i use the abs setting

5Expert Score
Wonderful starter tool.

My niece liked it so much i had to get another one for my granddaughter.

5Expert Score
Fun gift

This is an amazing gift for kids, they’ll spend hours playing with it

5Expert Score
Great gift idea!

My 8 and 6 year old fight over this! Make sure to buy extra filament as an add on. Keeps my kids quiet for a few hours. And they have made some interesting designs. Would be a great gift idea.

5Expert Score
Great gift

My daughter took this on vacation and worked with it for hours!

4Expert Score
Cool product but has some down sides.

This is a really cool substitute for a 3-d printer and it’s fun to make cute little charms for jewelry and slime although it’s a bit annoying on sleep mode because it still keeps squirting out filament for the remaining 10 minutes but then it slows down so i just recommend putting a paper plate or small piece of paper under it for the first five or 10 minutes of sleep mode. And you should definitely keep away from children younger than five though because the tip can get pretty hot! The biggest problem was the first time we tried it out the filament got stuck in the loading area and it started burning up the motor and making weird sounds and then it wasn’t working so we contacted the company but they sent us a new one and that one seems to be working good so pretty cool i think it’s a really cool safe alternative for glue gun and a lot less easier to bring yourself .

4Expert Score
Bought on a lark, fun for beginners, some of the button placement needs work

I got this as a low-cost entry into trying 3d pen artwork. Overall, no complaints as it is a basic decent pen.

My biggest complain is the ‘reverse’ button is very close to the ‘feed’ button – you aren’t supposed to reverse the pla unless you are removing it, so having it right next to the ‘feed’ button meant i accidentally would remove the pla filament semi-frequently if i changed grip on the pen. The reverse button should be on the face, near the led screen, imo

4Expert Score
She was a beginner

My granddaughter loved it i gave it to her on her birthday she was the happiest little girl i had ever seen but she was getting really frustrated with it when the paper would got stuck on it but other wise she like it thank you amazon i will continue ordering stuff not till i get more funds thank u

4Expert Score
Process to learn

I like the pen but i am still having difficulty learning how to use it. There is a booklet with design templates and a clear plastic sheet, which i assumed was to be used together.

Unfortunately, it stuck to the plastic and the plastic sheet broke when trying to remove work. I also tried using it onto the design template, and it stuck to the paper (see video).

I have been researching on youtube how to not get my work stuck. One example says to use aerosol hairspray onto a piece of glass. I haven’t tried it yet, aerosol hairspray is not that easy to find in stores.

Also, to clarify it that it wasn’t just me, i had bought my adult daughter one too. She also had the same problems.

4Expert Score
Decent quality for the price

You get what you pay for with things like this. Bought for my 9 year old. He was so thrilled about it that he played with it for one day and put it back in the box, it’s been there since! Lol it’s good quality, but the instructions are a bit odd. It’s easy to figure out though and great for children. It’s the starter kit so it comes with everything you need. I suggest buying baking sheets though because the plastic that comes with it melts by the pen

4Expert Score
Good pen for beginners

When i got into 3d printing, my girls showed some interest. My oldest is very creative so i purchased this pen for her 10th birthday. She used it a number of times and quickly got used to it. The nice thing is that it takes all kinds of 1.75 mm filament so my leftover pieces can be put to good use. She has created some small furniture and 2d art. I haven’t seen her use it in a while but i also haven’t heard that she doesn’t like it anymore.
It warms up reasonably fast and we only had a couple of stuck filaments, nothing that couldn’t be resolved quickly though. All in all a decent purchase.

4Expert Score
Nice gift!

I would actually give it 4.75 stars: purchased as a gift for an 8 year old. With parental supervision, they had a good time using this. Easy to use! Easy to upload. Adjustable speed. The only negative (minus 0.25 stars) is that when you draw over the semi glossy paper templates provided, the plastic sticks to the paper template and the template rips when you remove your project.

4Expert Score
Why not tell the size of filament?

I ordered the filament that was under the pens on amazon because pla and abs did not mean much to me and the size was 3mm. The pen takes 1.75

4Expert Score
Pretty cool pen

Easy to use, quick setup. I got it today and just got done doing basic shapes. There is an extruder speed slider and temp control. There is also a feeder start/stop button, and a regression button. The only problem i could find for the price is that, the start/stop feed button is right where most people would hold the pen, it’s just like the power button on the side of a cell phone. There are more expensive ones and other brands but for the money the scrib3d is very cool.

4Expert Score
Muy recomedable

Cumplió con las expectativas de una niña de 10 años, lo esperaba para su cumpleaños y esta muy feliz. Recomienda se le agregue un estuche donde poder guardarlo junto a los filamentos.
La recibimos en uruguay no precisamos adaptador de 220 a 110 voltios.

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