SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill, Translucent Light Yellow, Pack of 1

SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill, Translucent Light Yellow, Pack of 1 SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill, Translucent Light Yellow, Pack of 1 : Patio, Lawn & Garden
SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill: Aquapill – winterpill 4″. Aquapill winterpill all-in-one formula is an exclusive 4-part blend to make spring openings faster and easier than ever! It has a clarifier to maintain sparkling clean water, a scale inhibitor to prevent scale build- up on surfaces, and a stain inhibitor to prevent iron, copper and manganese stains. Springpill is enzyme-enhanced – it naturally destroys all organics, preventing water ring, enhances filter performance.

What are seaklear aquapill ap71 winterpill swimming pool winterizer pill features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Floats under your winter cover all season
  • Performs well with mesh safety covers
  • Patented 6-month delivery system
  • Safe for all surfaces and filters
  • One small winterpill treats up to 30,000 gal
  • All-in-one formula is an exclusive 4-part blend to make spring openings faster and easier
  • Floats under your winter cover all season
  • Performs well with mesh safety covers
  • Patented 6-month delivery system
  • Safe for all surfaces and filters
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SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill, Translucent Light Yellow, Pack of 1 AMAZON SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill, Translucent Light Yellow, Pack of 1 : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Do you use this product in addition to regular winterization of your pool or is it used as a replacement for winterizing chemicals?

We have only unused this to winterize our above ground pool and the water is perfect. We do cover it too.

I live in northern new york, we have harsh and long winters with temps reaching -30 f, will this pill work in my climate?

Yes. We are from minnesota and know winter. If you have any other questions, you can also call 320-695-2899. Familypoolfun.

The winter pill did not come with a pin or instructions. I saw others say the same thing but what worked to puncture it? So annoying.

Shake the pill real well. Use a push pin to put holes into the depressions and throw into the pool just as you are ready to cover. The enzymes will disperse over the winter.

Do you have to run the pump with this?

I used this last winter (2016) in my 24′ round above ground pool. My pool was covered with a solid cover and i did not run my pump from from the first of october 2016 when i covered it and added the winterpill until mid june 2017 when i uncovered my pool. My pool was crystal clear. I used no other winterizing treatments. It was so easy i bought one for this year too.

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No instructions. How is it used?

I just bought one. So i make a pin hole. My question is, is there anything else that goes along with it. The cover shows something like plastic buoyancy, or do i just throw the ball in? Have you used it with closing kits?

Do you keep the filtration system running the winter pill?

No it’s for after you put the cover on disconnect the filtration for the winter the ball stays in till you open it in the spring. The pill slowly releases its chemicals over the winter

.i am confused with the instructions. Can anyone tell me exactly what the process is with the blue plug , the tack and the holes ?

So the plug allows air into the pill… Then you need to use the push pin to penetrate all 8 pin holes… It says to only puncture 4 holes, but make sure you puncture all 8. Hope this helps!

What shipping carrier do you use?

This item will be shipped via usps priority mail.

Can this be used in an above ground saltwater pool ?

It can be used in any pool

Do you still keep the pump running?

It is meant to be used in the winter when the pool is dormant and the pump is not running.

Can it be used in a saltwater pool

Yes i used it for the first time this past winter with my saltwater gunite pool. Worked great! Didn’t last all winter (had to replace) but keep the water clear and made opening super simple!!

Used for winterization, followed directions to a t, but when i opened in spring, it was still full of chemicals. Did i do it wrong? (water was clear)

We have a 16,500 gallon pool. There was still some chemicals left over in the pill, but even so our pool was crystal clear after being closed for 6 months. They probably allow enough chemicals for larger pools and longer ‘pool closed’ seasons. What matters is that it was clean when you opened it!

Do these come 12 to a box? Do you use all 12 for one closing?

‘one small winterpill treats up to 30,000 gal’ stated in the product description…..its only one not 12

Can you use this without a pool cover?

Yes, you can use it with a cover. I’ve used it in northern california with a pool cover for the last four or five winters. It keeps the water clear and the cover keeps the leaves and branches out of the pool.

Can this product be used when the kreepy krauly is working in the pool?

It is best used when the winter pool cover is on.

When i took the cover off my pool, it was crystal clear but it doesn’t appear that any of the chemical was released from the ball. Should it be empty

I still had product left too, but it did the job so i wasn’t concerned.

What size is it?

Up to 30,000 gal

Will this work with just a leaf net?

I think it will, but i still feel small particles will make it thru the leaf net and so imho it won’t work 100 %

How late in the season can you use this?

Any time. Thank you for your interest. Familypoolfun 800-950-2210

I have a 5,000 gallon pool, is this ok for that small size?

That is what i have . I figured since it was released a little at a time it would be ok, so i’m using it. So far so good.

SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill, Translucent Light Yellow, Pack of 1 AMAZON SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill, Translucent Light Yellow, Pack of 1 : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Six months is the high limit

Reviews seem to be one or the other of two extremes. “my pool was green when i took the cover off.” or “my pool was crystal clear when i took the cover off.” i’m with the “it works.” crowd.

I closed my above ground pool in september even though it was still warm enough to swim because i was going out of town for six weeks and i didn’t want to have to deal with it in the cold at the end of october. I followed the instructions, tossed the pill into my pool, 15×4, and put the cover on. I checked it now and then and the water continued to be clear month after month.

March 12, about six months after closing the pool, we had a heck of a storm come through. Plenty of rain, but it was the wind that made the news. They said we hadn’t had winds like this for a decade. My cover came off and blew into the pool. This is one of those covers that looks more like a big round tarp with a steel cable that tightens around the side of the pool. (thank goodness it went in the pool or it would likely have ended up in the next county.) as expected, a lot of dirt and debris ended up in my pool.

March 14 the winds had subsided and i decided i needed to get to work on the pool before all that dirt and debris becomes a permanent part of it. I took the cover out of the water and stared in dismay at all the debris in the pool. That was when i noticed it. If not for the dirt i have no doubt that the water would have been 100% clear. So that’s early september to mid march. Six months. That’s what is claimed by the product and it seems to be what i got. Except for about a three square foot section on one wall of the pool. There i saw a patch of green growth. To be fair, this is the side of the pool that gets the most sun and it has been almost exactly six months since i put the pool pill in the water.

So, the pool pill advertises that it last six months. In my case, it appears that is the far limit. It’s march and i still have a lot of work cleaning out all that dirt, but the pill does seem to have done it’s job. If i hadn’t had to close my pool early then i probably could have gone until april, but i suspect i still would have seen the beginnings of algae growth.

This is the first time i’ve tried the pill and i think it did it’s job well. I didn’t quite get the full six months out of it unscathed, but i think it did a splendid job. No chemicals, except for the pill, and no running the pool filter all this time. In contrast, in the summer i run my filter 24/7 and am always vacuuming and adding chemicals yet i can still get algae blooms and i resort to shocking the water. If i wasn’t doing all this stuff all summer, what would my pool be like? Yet, the pool pill kept my water clear for six months all by itself with no help and no intervention from me.

Next year i’ll buy two pills so i don’t have to worry as the pool closure nears six months. I’ll toss one in when i close it and toss another in four months later. I intend to close the pool in october this year, but prefer not to open it until end of april or early may. Pushing the limits of a single pill so i’ll go with the two pill thing.

If not for the wind storm i wouldn’t have all this work cleaning out my pool. Normally, to start up my pool, i just vacuum any dirt that made it’s way into the water, drop in a couple of chlorine tabs, a bag of shock and about thirty ounces of dawn dish soap to kill any tiny wildlife that might take up residence in my pool. (the soap sticks to them and suffocates them.) another benefit of dawn is that it breaks the surface tension of the water so flying things like wasps can’t land on the waters surface so they don’t hang around the pool. No coming up from under water to feel a wasp sinking its stinger into your neck. I use dawn all summer.

All i know is that after using the pool pill for six months and doing nothing else i’m not having to scrub a pool full of algae. Having that one small patch of green algae simply tells me that six months is the high limit as far as the pill is concerned. As far as i’m concerned, the pool pill worked.

Just a thought: i have a couple of small waterfalls in my backyard. They can tend to grow algae pretty fast and clog things up like cholesterol in a coronary artery. I have no fish so i just add a piece of chlorine tablet to them to kill the algae. I only do it a few times in the winter but pretty much weekly in the summer. I wonder what would happen if i tossed pool pills into the wells. Yeah, we’re going to find out.

5Expert Score
The aqua pill/ pool closing ball is great, but the seller

The aqua pill/ pool closing ball is great, use it every yr, the pool is always clear, they do make 2 sizes so make sure you order the correct size my pool is 21 ft rd an i use the bigger 1 for up to 30 thou gals, the problem im having is i received the ball in a plastic bag inside a box an the ball is leaking an the pin was broke off, it usually comes in the original package, i dont think i normally order this from this particular place bcuz it has never came in the mail like this b4, i will still use it but never order from this place again

5Expert Score
Clean water after winter, now i'll try a winter without.

I put this in my 15′ round above ground pool when i closed it for the winter 2021-2022. I live in colorado where we get bitter cold but also some pleasant weather in the winter. I had a winter cover over my pool with snow and ice buildup for the coldest part of the winter. This was my first year with a pool so i was unsure about what i did and didn’t need to buy/do to winterize my pool. I was shocked at how clean and clear my pool water was when i opened in the middle of may. This year i am going to try a winter without this to see if it’s really necessary.

5Expert Score
Works great!

I bought and used this slow release floating ball last year for the first time. When i took the cover off this season, the water under the cover was crystal clear. It did such a nice job, i did the same just a few days ago when i again, had to cover the pool. Easy to use and relatively cost effective. Sure makes the pool start up go much more smooth and quicker. Well worth purchasing, in my opinion.

5Expert Score
Easiest way to close a pool

I used this winter pill last year. I have a small intex pool that i don’t want to bother taking down. When i opened it this spring the water was clear. Hoping for the same results for next spring. Just remember to use the blue spike to puncture the ball and then throw the spike away. Put the open area down in the water. That’s it!

5Expert Score
Get this is you want zero problems in the spring

I have used this product now for 5 years straight. It’s the last thing i put in before i cover the pool for the winter. Water is always clear and fresh for next pool season. I’m happy with it.

5Expert Score
Use it every year

I have used this before. When i open my pool in the spring, the water is as nice as it was when i closed it. This year received it damaged in shipping but the seller was very quick to respond and refund my money, which i used to order another. No problems this time.

5Expert Score

I used this last year to winterize our pool. The water was crystal clear and chemicals right on the money when we opened. I used it again this year.

5Expert Score
Wonderful product

Bought this for my above 24 foot above ground pool last year. When i opened my pool in the spring, the water was crystal clear. I have purchased another one for my pool closing this year. Definitely recommend this product.

5Expert Score
Opened my pool in the spring and my pool was crystal clear!

Push in the included blue perforation drain (so the magic pill contents can drip out all winter long), drop the aquapill into your pool, cover your pool and then open your pool next spring and find crystal clear/clean water!
I have used winterpill for two winters and just added it to my pool for the third winter. We have always had an above ground pool, now have a 18’x54” deep pool, about 15,000 gallons and this is our third year using the aquapill and it has worked perfectly for us!
Prior to trying the aquapill, my salt water system water was green and it took days to clean the sides and bottom of my pool before we could enjoy clean water. Since discovering the aquapill, pool opening in the spring has been a breeze! 5+ stars!

4Expert Score
Missing piercing tool

Truly hope this works. Closed our pool yesterday and discovered that there was no piercing tool included in the packaging although there was a spot where one could go and the directions require it. Retraced the few steps to box it came in but no blue piercing tool. Had to improvise with a large needle. I guess we’ll find out if it works next spring when we reopen.

4Expert Score
There is only on hole in this thing that will allow the chemicals to drip out.

This is my first experience with this product. There is only one hole in this round ball where the chemicals will seep out into the water. I am worried that during the winter this ball will flip over so that the hole is on top leading to the fact that the chemicals will not be dispersed in the water.

4Expert Score
No packaging.

I’ve used these winterizing ‘pills’ before back when they were $18. They really do work! I have a 16k gallon
in-ground-pool. It came in a taped plastic bag in a box no formal packaging. Glad i knowwhat to do.

4Expert Score
Kept pool clean lastyear

Through in, put on winter cover, and ran filter till it got real cold.
Opened pool in april and had out of tap clear water, just needed heat to swim.
I will do the same this fall.

4Expert Score

I think it’s a good product, but it was leaking when i got it before i put in the pool. Plus, we put it in pull a couple of months after we closed the pool because we had to add more water. (don’t ask!) anyway, just uncovered pool and it looks good, but ball is empty and it was not in the full season. Suggest adding another mid-way through season or just returning if it is leaking.

4Expert Score
Worked good

Water was nice and clear when we removed the tarp, however there was a lot of white stuff floating in the water. Maybe from the liner deteriorating? Taking a long time for this white debris to filter out.

4Expert Score
It worked

Other than the tadpoles that were swimming around in the pool after uncovering the pool and we tried to fish out. The pill kept the water clean and clear. My 1st and last time i’ll cover the pool cause i definitely don’t want to deal with tadpoles. I’ll just treat the pool year round.

4Expert Score
Love this stuff

Way easy to use

4Expert Score
The pool looked great when i pulled off the cover last spring.

This review was based on last years findings for 5 out of 5 stars. This year is yet to be seen. As the picture shows this year there was a slight broken off piece at the bottom of the plug in…there was a little bit of liquid coming out of it. I went ahead and used it rather than returning it, because i was in a rush to get the pool winterized. Hoping it works properly!!

4Expert Score

I was a little skeptical about this but i’m so glad i went for it! We have an 18’ above ground pool that has always a pain to clean come springtime. We popped this into the pool last fall and put the cover on hoping for the best. Fast forward to this spring and we were shocked at how clean the pool was! There was still a little bit of gunk floating around in the water but it’s possible that could be from the debris that fell through the holes in the pool cover too. The main thing was the water was clear and not even the slightest shade of green like in the past few years. 5 stars for working product. My only issue with it is when we got it, it was an absolute mess. It cracked open and about 1/3 of the blue liquid leaked out all over in the packaging and the shipping box. If it was intact like it should’ve been, i have no doubts our pool would’ve been even clearer when we opened it up this year.

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