SEALIGHT H13/9008 LED Bulbs, Dual Hi/Lo Beam LED Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White Plug and Play, Quick Installation Halogen Replacement, Pack of 2

SEALIGHT H13/9008 LED Bulbs, Dual Hi/Lo Beam LED Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White Plug and Play, Quick Installation Halogen Replacement, Pack of 2

Buy SEALIGHT H13/9008 LED Bulbs, Dual Hi/Lo Beam LED Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White Plug and Play, Quick Installation Halogen Replacement, Pack of 2: LED Bulbs – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are sealight h13/9008 led bulbs features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Better visibility: sealight h13 led bulbs have better visibility, 6000k eye-protection xenon white. 1:1 halogen focus beam pattern
  • 10 minutes easy installation: no need to tools and break anything, true plug and play. Warm tip: we are upgrading our packaging and you may receive one of two boxes randomly
  • Over 50,000 hours lifespan: h13 led bulbs has been rigorously tested for durability. Whole aviation aluminum body, unique hollow carved heat sink design. Ensures a longer lifespan
  • Compact fanless design: the latest non-integrated fanless design is compact and silent, utilizes an advanced heat sink measuring just 1.16 inches, and features a driver for increased performance
  • Sealight h13 9008 led bulbs can fit 99% vehicles without canbus adapter: but for some vehicles, computer system may be sensitive and send error message for any aftermarket bulbs. To solve the issue, an additional canbus decoder is needed to make the bulb perform well. Please contact us with amazon buyer message to get help and solutions
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SEALIGHT H13/9008 LED Bulbs, Dual Hi/Lo Beam LED Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White Plug and Play, Quick Installation Halogen Replacement, Pack of 2 AMAZON

Buy SEALIGHT H13/9008 LED Bulbs, Dual Hi/Lo Beam LED Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White Plug and Play, Quick Installation Halogen Replacement, Pack of 2: LED Bulbs – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

I bought the low beam kit for my 2007 civic. Should i have gotten the combo for the high beam and low beam?

Dear customer, if the daytime running light of your car shares the same bulb with high beam headlight, we don’t recommend you replace the high beam to led bulbs because it may be flickering due to the different working voltage of led (12v) and drl (6-9v).

I know bulb size and type is correct. Will these fit 2006 dodge dakota?

Hi customer,
yes, this is correct bulb model, we have double checked, some of dodge vehicle needs an extra canbus, but in the same year, the same model was refitted led lamp may have different problems.
If you really meet the issue, we will give you further assistance.
Please don’t worry, for sealight product, we offer 30 days no hassles return, 1-year warranty, and lifetime support.
For 2006 dodge dakota, headlight bulb high beam and low beam are h13

I hooked these up to my 2013 polaris snowmobile. I only have high beam. Am i missing something?

These bulbs are plug and play. I would start by making sure you have the correct bulb model and then checking for 12v power on the low beam circuit.

Será que le sirven a un honda accord 2004 ??


Is this correct for 2011 colorado low beam?

As long as you have a us spec’d chevrolet colorado, yes, this will replace your low beam bulbs.

How to connect this item to toyota corolla 2014?

Dear customer,
replace your halogen bulbs as high beam, plug and play. Also you could see the install video on the internet, and also you can see it in the listing page.
For 2014 toyota corolla, high beam: 9005, low beam: h16.

Bought these lights and installed. Love the lights overall, but next day vehicle starts giving off these indicator lights on dash. 14’ explorer sport.

Your vehicle thinks it’s a shortage cause it’s pull less power than normal sometimes it will register it self

Is this compatible with 2016 honda odyssey?

Dear customer,
for 2016 honda odyssey,
headlight bulb high beam is 9005,
headlight bulb low beam (with hid headlamps) is d2s,
headlight bulb low beam (with halogen capsule headlamps) is h11.
Hope it will help you.

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Will these work in a 2010 ford f-150 xlt, or do i need to buy something to convert them? I have just regular halogen bulbs in now.

Hi customer,

for 2010 ford f-150 xlt, headlight bulb high beam and low beam are h13/9008.
For most of 2010 ford f-150 xlt vehicle, it didn’t need any extra part, these bulbs can work well, but please don’t worry, if you really meet any issue, contact us, we will offer you customer service to solve it.

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Installed on a 2013 f250 and it seems my high beams are much dimmer than my low beams whats the issue?

Same problem on 2014 f350

Has anybody had these in a 2008 ford escape and will i need a canbus?

Hi customer,
for 2008 ford escape, headlight bulb high beam and low beam are h13.
Most of them do not need, but in the same year, the same model was refitted led lamp may have different problems.
Please don’t worry, for sealight product, we offer 30 days no hassles return, 1-year warranty, and lifetime support.

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After installing these on a 2010 honda accord and wondering why my radio reception is weak?

You need to install rfi chokes on the lead wire. Leds cause high frequency noise that affects radio signals.

Will these work for 2010 toyota venza daytime running lights?

Hi customer,
for 2010 toyota venza, daytime running light bulb is 9005.

Note: if the daytime running light of your car shares the same bulb with a high beam, it may be flickering due to the different working voltage of led (12v) and drl (6-9v). But please don’t worry, if you really meet the issue, contact us via amazon message and we will apply canbus for you, which can solve it.

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Does this fit a 2010 nissan pathfinder?

Sylvania bulb finder then cross reference the bulb i am sure they make the right bulb

Does this fit 2009 lancer ralliart with oem headlights?

Type your car and it’s going to tell you if it works with your car

Will this work with a pontiac aztek (low beam)

No idea. Low beam sure but match the numbers

What is the differece between sealight 9007/hb5 bulbs with csp chip design and 9007/hb5 bulbs with x1 design? Thank you.

The csp chip eliminates the need for a conversion to led.

D4r for 2015 subaru forester low beams, what is equivalent part number?

You need h11 leds

How do they work withba 2012;impreza? Any experience?

Dear customer,
yes fit as high beam.
For 2012 subaru impreza, high beam: 9005, low beam: h11(base, with halogen capsule headlamps; premium, with halogen capsule headlamps; sport premium, with halogen capsule headlamps; touring, with halogen capsule headlamps; wrx premium, with halogen capsule headlamps; limited, with halogen capsule headlamps; sport limited, with halogen capsule headlamps; sport, with halogen capsule headlamps; wrx limited, with halogen capsule headlamps; wrx, with halogen capsule headlamps), fog light bulb front: 2504(base; premium; sport limited; touring; limited; sport; sport premium; ); 9006(wrx limited; wrx sti; wrx; wrx premium; wrx sti limited).

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Is there anything for the flicker

Getting some serious flicker. Please help.

SEALIGHT H13/9008 LED Bulbs, Dual Hi/Lo Beam LED Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White Plug and Play, Quick Installation Halogen Replacement, Pack of 2 AMAZON

Buy SEALIGHT H13/9008 LED Bulbs, Dual Hi/Lo Beam LED Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White Plug and Play, Quick Installation Halogen Replacement, Pack of 2: LED Bulbs – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Small hands would help, but with patience you can succeed!

The lights work great and look great once installed. It is not technically hard to replace the factory oem lights with these led lights. I wish i had made a video to share on youtube because there are none in good detail to show or explain the process, but i did not make one. So, i’ll try to give an explanation of it… For someone with small hands, this task would be quick and easy for the nissan juke, but for someone like myself who wears at least a size x-large gloves it was not easy to get my hands into the very tight spaces for changing the lights. And, i was only able to get 2 to 3 fingers through the housing holes to reach the lights, but i managed to complete the task. The task is the same for both the dim and the bright lights… You do not have to remove any parts of the front end (bumper, grill, ect) like you do on some vehicle types and you do not have to remove the headlight housing. As you look under the hood, look down to where you will see the back of the plastic headlight housing. There you will see two large rubber caps which are about 3′ diameter each. The dim light will be the rubber cap which is the higher one and directly behind where that dim light is positioned in the headlight housing. The rubber cap for the bright light will be a hair lower and angled towards the engine. Each rubber cap pulls off of the housing easily and will easily push back onto the housing once you are finished. The dim light is easier to reach than the bright light due to the tight space and the angle of the housing hole for the bright light. So, i started with the easy one (dim light) first. Reach inside the headlight housing hole and you will feel the wiring harness for the light. Do not pull on the wires! Connected to those wires you will feel the back of the light. Leave the wiring harness connected for now. The wires will pull out with the bulb once you pull it from the housing. Grip the back of the light bulb firmly with your fingers and twist counter-clockwise about 1/4 turn. Do not pull or push on the back of the light bulb at an angle! Twist it evenly and you will feel the light loosen from its locked position. Once it is lose, guide it out of its position straight back towards the back of the car. Once it is completely out of it’s position, then you can easily pull the light bulb out of the housing with the wires still attached. The wiring harness is short, so you will have to hold it close to the housing hole. Now you will look at the wire connection of the bulb. You will see a small tab which you will press as you easily pull the wire connection from the bulb. If it does not separate easily, then you are not pressing the tab enough to release it from the locking notch on the bulb. Once you have disconnected the old bulb, set the bulb aside and do not let the wiring harness fall back into the housing. If the wiring harness falls back into the housing, you may have a heck of a time getting it back out again as it may be hard to reach without the aid of a small claw grabbing tool which i keep in my tool box. Now to connect the led light, avoid touching the several tiny leds. The led light will connect only one way, so you won’t get it wrong. Align the small locking notch on the light wire with the locking tab on the wiring harness and slide them together until the tab clicks as it locks onto the small notch. Before you put the new light into the headlight housing turn on the headlights for only a few seconds to make sure the new led light is working properly. If working, turn off headlights and insert the new light into the housing the exact opposite of what you did when removing the old light. As you insert the light into the housing also guide wiring harness and light wire into the housing, but be careful not to let the wires get into the hole of the light’s position hole. Again, be careful to not touch the small leds and be careful to not scrape the small leds against anything as you’re inserting the led light into the housing or into it’s position hole. Once you have the light inside the housing and inserting it into it’s locking position hole, make sure that you properly lineup the locking notches (notice that one of the 3 notches is smaller than the other 2) of the light with the notch slots of the light position inside the housing. Once you are sure it is lined up properly and is straight, firmly push the light straight into it’s position (towards the front of the car) even further as you twist it clockwise to lock the light into it’s position. Make sure that you do not push the light at an angle as you’re trying to lock it in! Once the light is properly secured into it’s position try giving it a gentle wiggle and pull to make for sure that it is locked into it’s position properly. Now turn the headlights on again for another quick check to make sure the new light is still working. If all is good, make sure all of the wiring is inside the housing as it will just rest there inside the housing. You can now press the rubber cap securely back onto the hole at the back of the housing. This process is the same for dim and bright lights on both left and right sides. If you are replacing both the dim and the bright lights, you will notice they are designed differently, so make sure you’re using the correct type when installing the new light. There is no left or right bulb. If you’re changing out the bright lights, when you turn on the headlights to test them, make sure your brights are actually turned on to the bright headlights position on the driver’s controls. Good luck and remember that when changing the bright light, it will be more difficult than the dim light (mainly when trying lock in the light into it’s position), but it can be done. To aid you in this task you might need a small mirror which you can adjust the angle and a flashlight, so that if need be you can shine the light onto the mirror as you look into the housing to see what you’re trying to do, but you will not be able to look with the mirror at the same time your hand or fingers is/are reaching into the housing hole.

5Expert Score
1992 ford bronco

I’m in the process of restoring a old bronco. Headlights were the dim 1990’s type. Added these and now it’s a reasonable brightness.

Fairly easy to install if your patiently following the directions. Buy zip ties!!! They are essential to secure the power block so it doesn’t bounce around.

5Expert Score
Made a major difference in night driving

My halogen bubs was starting to get old and was not bright anymore. Since these are about the same prices as replacement bulbs i thought i would give them a try.

I was impressed with the difference they made. Install was easy, i did not need to clock the bulbs for my installation. Would highly recommend.

Installation was on a 2005 f-150

5Expert Score
Easy to install 2005 f350

After reading hundreds of reviews on the problems with led h13 lights i finally decided on these. They just installed light oem halogen bulbs. My only issue is limited clearance for my hands to install in my diesel truck. World of difference in light and distance on dark roads. Perfect cutoff so they don’t blind oncoming drivers. Don’t know why i waited so long…

5Expert Score
Great product

The price of quality led replacement lamps have come down and are well worth the upgrade. Reflective material and colors pop with these lamps. Your visibility on both open roads and in town is much better than halogen bulbs. Should have done this upgrade a long time ago.

5Expert Score
Pretty bright lights

Pretty bright lights, fairly easy to install except it took a little bit to get the beam adjusted properly. I have a 2012 ram 1500 and did get the light flicker and had to install the canbus decoder, and now they work great.

5Expert Score
Perfect fit

I installed these on my 96 ranger after replacing the factory headlights with clear replacements, you will need to modify the locking collar or find thinner ones to fit around the body of the headlight bulb( where the wiring comes out specifically) but it fit perfectly and looks great

5Expert Score
No lights dull

Easy to put on and the are very bright

5Expert Score

So far i have installed one. 2006 dodge charger. Why only 1 installed? Well it was late. I wanted to get food and it was very dark. So i flipped the hood.. Removed the old using a small, very small flashlight and my key. Took a few mins but… Wow.. Works great! Super white, love it and if i was smart super easy to install. Thank you for selling me a great product. And a wk later the 2nd one. They work and look great!

5Expert Score
Easy installation

I was a bit concern, when i first got the light bulbs due to the installation having a different setup then usual. But was very surprised to see how easy it was to install and get everything working. I’m very happy with the outcome. Big difference from the old yellow blubs to these white led ones. I can definitely see much more clearer at night. Would recommend!

4Expert Score
Wrong direction for subaru wrx

I used the 9005 bulb on my 2019 wrx high beam slot, and the leds are pointing up/down rather than left/right. This causes a much brighter glare as the high beams run as daytime running lights (drl), but it isn’t too terrible. It’s just brighter than it should be due to the rotation of the lights.

You cannot adjust/rotate these like some other leds on the market, which is why i’m not giving this 5 stars. It has been good though, just wished they came with the option to rotate so that it can work for all cars.

I would look for another that has the ability to rotate the leds if you drive a 2015+ wrx that need this size bulb.

4Expert Score
Bright lights

Bought these lights for my f 150 they work great very bright at night no problems no flickering very happy but another set for my wife’s car so she can see you at night then bought another set for my other car thumbs up

4Expert Score
For the jeep patriot, these will require the additional cambus.

Upon initial install, they would turn on and off at random making it unsafe to drive at night. After reaching out to the company the additional cambus was delivered quite quickly, and now work perfectly. The lights are world’s better than the oem headlights.

4Expert Score
It is not on right angle.

Angle is off, i have to unscrew it. Use the tape and glue to put it in the right angle .

4Expert Score
Must install correctly

These lights work great, but they must be installed correctly. The led lights must be facing sideways. There are two set screws on the side and the mount needs to be rotated so that the lights are oriented with the leds going sideways. It’s helpful that the wire coming out of the bulb is facing down when installed properly.

4Expert Score
Bright lights

So far so good , easy to install and super bright.

4Expert Score
Great lights for the price

Great lights for the price, easy to install would recommend

4Expert Score
Put on a 2011 ford mustang

Put on a 2011 ford mustang the lights are decently, bright, and illuminate the large area, when install the “high beam “is actually the low level fog light

4Expert Score
Needed some modifications, work good after.

Check my pics and review for proper installation.

Purchased for 2007 dodge ram 2500 cummins. Canbus does not like these leds, even enabling hid option w/ alphaobd i still needed resistors. Luckily, if you need them, they will send to you free of charge, although that put my truck out of service while i waited. (why not just add an option to get them with initial purchase?!).

Out of the box these were not oriented correctly for my truck. These are adjustable (see pics) by removing two screws and rotating the locking ring. You will first need to remove the locking ring and install into headlight and see which holes to use for proper alignment. On my driver side light i actually had to add holes to get center, passenger side was fine with included holes.

Take not of 5th picture marked ‘low’ ‘high’…leds orientate low to the top and high to the bottom with the leds facing 3 and 9 o’clock. So you want them facing left to right once snapped into housing. As you rotate away from this orientation you will loose output (scattered pattern) and in some cases loose your high beams all together.

All in all the output is better than my old halogens (though debatable if they are better than silverstar ultras). The color is more on the blue side of white which i don’t particularly favor.

Got them on sale though and they didn’t hesitate to send me the resistors so 4 stars for the small inconvenience/issues i ran into.

Would i buy again? Probably if i could get a truer white.

4Expert Score
Great fit with ok brightness worth the money

Installed these on my 1500 ram. Previously had diesel leds in there and figured i would give these a shot. They are not as bright as the previous leds i had, but worked great. Plug and play with a good fit, can’t really complain for the price.

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