Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home Security System 360° View,Motion Detection, auto Tracking,Two Way Talk,HD 1080P pan Tile Full Color Night Vision Boavision

Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home Security System 360° View,Motion Detection, auto Tracking,Two Way Talk,HD 1080P pan Tile Full Color Night Vision Boavision : Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home Security System 360° View,Motion Detection, auto Tracking,Two Way Talk,HD 1080P pan Tile Full Color Night Vision Boavision : Electronics

What are security camera outdoor features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【motion-tracking&alerts 】 motion-tracking allows the camera to track objects in motion. When enabled the camera will begin to automatically record and follow the object in motion. You will receive alerts directly on your ios/android device from the app once motion is detected.
  • 【floodlight&alarm siren】the floodlight can be set to turn on when the moving objects detected in the darkness,you can also set sound alarm to make loud siren when the moving object is detected. .then built-in advanced microphone & speaker allows you scare away uninvited guests,send commands to pets, say hello to welcome guests.
  • 【pan tile 4xdigital zoom&1080p night vision】view live video in up to 1080p (1920×1080) day and night,4x digital zoom, with 350° horizontal and 120° vertical,the camera support b&w/color/auto(intelligent) night vision modes.allow you customized your best night vision experience.
  • 【 all platform supported 】support 2.4ghz wi-fi(not 5ghz wifi) ,supports smartphones (ios, android), tablets (ipad, android), pc(mac os, windows). This is the most convenient way to watch from anywhere, anytime.
  • 【3rd party software support】 the home security camera allows you to connect most famous nvr , nas and 3rd party surveillance system, like blue iris, ispy, tinycam, ipcamviewer, synology, qnap, 2k/4k nvr, etc
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Security camera outdoor details:

Product dimensions

6.5 x 4.2 x 3.9 inches

Item weight

1.87 pounds

Item model number




Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home Security System 360° View,Motion Detection, auto Tracking,Two Way Talk,HD 1080P pan Tile Full Color Night Vision Boavision AMAZON : Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home Security System 360° View,Motion Detection, auto Tracking,Two Way Talk,HD 1080P pan Tile Full Color Night Vision Boavision : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Is the connection simple as mounting outside/running power cord inside to outlet, and open app for programming and connect with xfinity wi-fi router?

Yes, i did everything right from my phone. You do not need to plug into router however there is a cable included if you feel you have to plug it in. Connection took me less than 5 minutes. Took longer to nail the cord to the ceiling of the garage than it did setting it up.

How long is the warranty?

1 year and i used it once out of 4 cameras. Service was extremely good and reasonably fast.

Se puede grabar directamente a la nube?

Hola querida, lo siento, puedes grabar el video en tu tarjeta sd local y almacenamiento en el servidor nas, pero si necesitas un modelo en la nube, puedes elegir nuestro modelo s10-wifi.gracias

Do i have to put up with the video chop since it’s impossible to adjust frames per second in the app? Will a ethernet cable reduce the video chop?

I wired mine with ethernet cable and i’m about 200 feet away from it. Mine is good and clear. Wired mine because my router is in a meatball building.

How do i change the sensitivity setting? After i change it to 2, it keeps going back to 50.

If you are using different devices to control you will have to program the same values in each device. Each device holds its own settings

Hello, is it possible to capture still images and in what quality?

Yes the online software gives you a video and still capture capability. I’m not clear on what the actual spec is but the pictures are perfectly viewable on my phone.

Can i plug an ethernet cable into a camera that’s on wifi and share internet with another camera?

I does have the ethernet port but i do not know if you are able to share it with another camera

Puedo verlas desde otro pais

Si claro desde que tengas conexión a internet

How do i get flood light to come on when alarm is triggered

Open camera live view page on phone app, slide left twice at the bottom, tap ‘night vision mode’ icon, you can see ‘ordinary’, ‘color’ and ‘intelligent’. ‘ordinary’ means only ir led work, black/white picture at night; ‘color’ means only flood light work, color picture at night, ‘intelligent’ means flood light work when detect motion, otherwise, only ir led work, please select the best according to your request.

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There a wire in the picture, it’s wireless right??

The wire is for the power source of the camera.

A qué distancia puedo ver las imágenes de la cámara en mi dispositivo ?

Yo la tengo en la terraza abarca bastante y se ve todo muy nítido no te se decir la distancia.

What is the correct time setting for longview washington?

Minus 8 hours

Se puede conectar 2 camaras en la misma app

Si, yo tengo 4 conectadas

Funciona con alexa

No … Y te aconsejo buscar otra ya que hace un
auto tracking pesino

How do i set this up to work with firefox ip camera extension?

Install the same app on windows and use the login credentials

What are the settings for an camera app such as tinycam? 1)brand=generic? 2)model=generic? 3)port=8080? 4)protocol? Can’t get it to work!

Brand=onvif, model=profile s, port = 82 or 80 (i don’t remember which one is the cam ́s default, can be checked by the web interface of the cam), protocol=rtsp over tcp (h264/h265)

La camara graba 24hrs o solo cuando detecta movimiento?

You can setup the recording as 24hours continuely or motion recording on app.

How use with pc?

You can using hip2p client software to view on the computer. (download able in our website)

Will this come with the lan port cable. If not were can i get one to fit.

I believe so.

The web interface of this camera has a download link called ‘setup software’ which downloads an .exe called clientplus_setup.exe. What is this???

You sound like my buddy mr.c, lol
anyways you musta got into somewhere you werent supposed to be. I never had any of that sort of technicarl ((lol) see what i did there))

Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home Security System 360° View,Motion Detection, auto Tracking,Two Way Talk,HD 1080P pan Tile Full Color Night Vision Boavision AMAZON : Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home Security System 360° View,Motion Detection, auto Tracking,Two Way Talk,HD 1080P pan Tile Full Color Night Vision Boavision : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Can't beat the value.

Have had two of these installed for several months now. Both are outside exposed to weather and have done well in multiple storms and 100 degree heat. Both are powered via poe using adapters. One is over 50′ away up on a 20′ pole.

Setup is a but confusing since they want you to do everything from a phone. Once you find the ip address, you can log in from a computer and do everything that way which makes it all much easier. Works fine on a digital nvr, but you don’t have full control of all settings that way..

Zoom is digital only and is more image magnification than true zoom. Pan and tilt work fine though.

Night viewing is surprising considering the small size and price. Two low power led fixtures on a garage provide enough light for full color images of the driveway overnight.

Infrared mode makes trees almost 200′ away visible. With the full moon tonight, i can see trees about 1/4 mile off in the distance (red arrow in attached picture).

5Expert Score
Camera is great bang for the buck

I have had this camera for over 6 months now, and it located on the corner of my wrap around porch so it is well out of direct sunlight or rain but it handles the transition from light to dark really well when i pan and zoom the camera. The picture quality is really nice for day, night and infrared. It was easy to set up and install by myself.

The downside to this set up is the notifications. I have a lot of insects flying and crawling around along with trees and bushes blowing in the wind so it was constantly going off. Even with the sensitivity all the way down.

5Expert Score
This camera is absolutely amazing clearer than the ring flood light camera it replaced by far.

Ring flood lights still work and detect motion but they won’t sell me a screw in camera lens which likely costs $10. So i will not by any more ring cameras. This camera’s movement tracking is very good too. I can now see down the street when i want to. However the motion alarm is so sensitive even on the lower setting.

5Expert Score
Boavision camera

I am perfectly happy with the boavision outside security camera. It has a crystal clear picture and is easy to move around. I highly recommend this camera.

5Expert Score
Good little camera

Inexpensive and easy to set up. I bought this to use while we were away on vacation and it worked perfectly.

5Expert Score
Im satisfied. Would buy another one

Works like it said. I can sleep better at night n feels safe. Worth every dollars.

5Expert Score
Great camera

Works as advertised. I’m sorry that it needs to be wired. Not total wi-fi

5Expert Score
Install using “method d” for. Perfect experience.

This is an incredible camera and software viewing system, for my iphone. Everything is fully integrated, intuitive, and works perfectly, with razor sharp video, two way sound, etc.
I bought two of these ip ptz camera, tested them, and bought six more … And the quality is so high and the price so reasonable, i bought an additional two more “just in case”. (spares). A lot of thought went into the design and materials, and the free software “camhipro” available on the apple app store. How they make the tf card slot truly and permanently waterproof was a joy to see.
Make sure you use “method d” to install each camera…. You just hook up the camera to the ethernet port on your wi-fi router, and follow the on screen prompts on your iphone, using “camhipro”. Then, disconnect the ethernet cord, and the camera is permanently configured. No need to scan the qr code decal on the camera, as “camhipro” will find the new camera, and allow you to select the new one from the list.
Downside: the sheet of instructions is so small that 14 pages of step by step instructions are shown each about the size of a large postage stamp. I had to photograph the 14 pages and crop and scale them, so they would print 8-1/2”x11”, each page.
Today my wife and i were across town at a restaurant, and i could on my iphone see my dogs in the yard with razor sharp clarity, and hear them perfectly, and talk to them loud enough they could hear me across the yard, over the camera speaker.
Night vision, in infrared, or color is great!
I have two in the house, as a two-way room monitor with video, with ptt microphone button on my iphone, and continuous listen ability.
The camera build quality, and everything about it is top, repeat top quality. Even the power supply brick and cord are waterproof (for rain.).
Use some “shoe goo” to seal where the brick plugs into an extension cord, and the unused prong receptacles, and you could bury the cord and brick. Wires last a long time sans uv sunlight.

5Expert Score

It’s great at night it & just as advertised

5Expert Score

Nice to see who and what is approaching my house.

4Expert Score
Well, hmmmmm…. Read on

My application requires three ptz cameras in an outdoor setting using wifi to replace one ring camera and expand my surveillance capability on my own cloud service using synology surveillance station on my synology ds720. I am dropping ring to rid myself of the subscription service and adopted synology for photo and video cloud repository/albums from our family cell phones. It is/was imperative that these cameras integrate seamlessly with synology’s surveillance station software. They advertise it does integrate with synology, it does, however…

What i found with my interaction with boavision is a mixed bag. I needed to purchase 5 (make that 6) cameras to get 3 to integrate with synology. Two worked immediately, seamlessly. Two with the camhipro monitor software app for android the third would get to logon admin/admin but no further, it gets return, camera four two days later. All three work with camhipro on the original two authenticate with synology, the new camera (#4) would not authenticate under any circumstance. I was able to ip into each camera using a web browser and mirror all cameras settings, yet the fourth camera wouldn’t authenticate – nada, not happening – ever.

A email to boavision clearly indicated that the fourth camera under firmware v18. would not upgrade to a newer version (threw error message) nor authenticate, while the other two under v21. did authenticate immediately with synology.

Boavision sent a reply with a way to force push the upgrade however in the instructions in clearly states “if do not obey the instruction for upgrade, the camera maybe damaged totally, customer bear all losses” . So why when you can return to amazon and get a camera with the correct version sent to you (which i did) camera #5 which arrived doa, now on camera 6, why on earth would you waste your time or even risk it?

Remove two stars for just ridiculous and foolish customer service, bad software programing, doa cameras etc. If you have an issue with your software upgrading do not make it your customers problem – ever. As i stated to boavision i have been in it for years, this is just bad business practice, bad. Ok, that’s out of the way so camera six has the correct version so it successfully authenticates with synology surveillance station – immediately. Hey boavison, i believe we found the problem.

So we are done right, no. Bench testing is near complete. Synology is finding one ore more cameras are dropping, loosing power momentarily during the evening but coming back online pretty quickly. I also need to check the wifi range beyond the bench to make sure they are range capable then i deploy them.

Bottom line: i like the camera, i really want them to work as they have very good video quality especially for the price point and they do connect to synology surveillance station (perhaps not for the faint of heart) as boavision states. The bad, boavision needs to step up customer support do not even bother calling them. Why they even list a phone number is beyond me. Email them they do respond fairly quickly however their software does not upgrade with its own utility, boavision feel free to prove me wrong here! As i would be happy to be humbled to see it actually work and not feel threatened to “obey the instruction for upgrade, the camera maybe damaged totally, customer bear all losses” just say’n.

I am a little on the fence with boavision at this point and will post more as it evolves!


I field deployed these cameras and initially was very concerned they would not connect to my wifi in the areas they were located. Not an issue, connected without a problem at all. In deploying the boavision cameras i did find the new style adapters will not fit in outdoor waterproof electrical boxes, an email to boavision and an adapter of the old style was shipped and received two days later. Add a star for customer service. , i am happy thus far apart from the zoom not being as robust as i had hoped but at the price point, i guess that is an expected outcome – keep at 4 stars after adding one. Additionally i have resolved most, not all synology issues but will continue to work those with synology and boavision support as needed.

My overall thoughts thus far is this is a good camera especially for the price point, it is especially nice being able to ip into each camera to check and change settings including the admin user name from admin to whatever you want, and the camhipro really isn’t a bad little app. The fact that it does integrate with synology was critical although the software they have installed to upgrade their firmware apparently it’s up to speed if they have to send out instructions to force an update. Bad programming. Customer service is response by email within 3-24 hours, telephone support is no existent – do not bother to try (email only). Overall if you are buying at this price point just to hang a camera outside the house and use a simple android or apple app to monitor while away its a no-brainer – hit buy now.

4Expert Score
Dead on arrival – but i'm very happy with the new one i received as a replacement

I am very experienced with installing and using ip cameras. I bought this camera to fill a specific need for wifi – all of my other cameras are hard-wired with cat6 poe. The first one of these that i received would not connect to my network; amazon support sent me a replacement which worked immediately, and i’m pretty impressed by its capabilities for a $50 pan/tilt wifi camera.

Note: this is my review of the new camera. My original review is later in this post.
I bought this camera for a specific purpose: to create a portable wifi camera that i can place anywhere on my property and run with battery power with no wiring connections at all. Why? Sometimes i want to place a camera temporarily in a location where it is not possible or practical to run network cables.

One application for this camera is to monitor water flow in a culvert about 100ft downhill from my house. During heavy rain, the culvert becomes a raging torrent. I’ve always wanted a way to monitor it during heavy storms and especially at night. With this portable camera setup, i can now do that.

Sometimes i want a temporary camera to monitor hvac contractors working in the attic. One contractor sabotaged my a/c unit and then tried to sell me a new one.

I suspect that chipmunks are climbing the downspouts on my house and running around the gutters to get to other sides of the house. Now i can check and see. 😉

i’m sure i’ll think of other uses now that i have it available.
Here’s what i like about it:
very small and lightweight for a pan/tilt camera – easy to strap to a tree
very sharp video. Only 1080p so digital zoom is of no use, but for $50, it meets my needs.
Reasonably fast, accurate (stops quickly), and wide-range pan and tilt
excellent ir and bright white led nighttime illumination.
Draws very little power (about 140ma in the daytime)
very good wifi range (about 80-100ft outdoors on my property)
has onvif support, so i can quickly connect it to my blue iris network and control it just like my other cameras.

To clarify/correct some information i found in other reviews:
this camera does support onvif. I have it connected to blue iris with no issues
this camera does support static ip address, but it is labled as fixed ip address in network settings
this camera does work with blue iris. Probably also with most or all software that supports onvif

original review of first (not working) camera follows ————————————————————-

i found the instructions somewhat hard to follow and the print size to be way too small for an old guy like me to read but i found a youtube video that goes through the process step-by-step (but you have to continually pause it to see each step.)
after much experimentation, both with wifi and cable, i could not get the camera ip address to show up. I even set up a totally separate wifi router to eliminate possible conflicts with the many cameras and other devices on my main network. The ip address would not show up even on the simplified network. When plugged into the router, the green led on the socket of the camera cable glows solid green, but the led for the corresponding port on the router was not blinking.
I called the amazon tech support number listed on the purchase record. A tech called back quickly, but it was obvious that he was reading suggestions from the camera user manual. He was systematic and polite, but i could tell we were not going to solve the problem. He offered to send a replacement camera, which i accepted.
The new camera arrived in less than 24 hrs (prime). Two thumbs up for that. I decided to go straight to a hardwired test since that usually is less prone to trouble than wifi. Using the same simplified network with just a wifi-connected laptop and no other devices on the network, within a minute i could see the camera’s ip address and connect to it using the ip address and chrome. That’s as far as i’ve gotten, but the many configuration options and image clarity look promising. I’ll file a new report after more testing.

4Expert Score
Good camera but with one fatal flaw

My review is only based on using one of these cameras for about 24 hours, so i can’t speak to the longevity yet. These are very easy to set up and get going. They function much like most of the ip cameras available. The picture quality is excellent, especially at night. The one reason i specifically chose this particular model is because it supported rtsp/onvif and ftp. But this is where there’s a problem. The camera only sends files to the ftp server when the ftp server is up. If the ftp server is not up, the images/videos are only saved on the sd card and are not queued to be sent to the ftp server when it goes online. This is a major downfall for me because i run the ftp server on my pc, and it’s not on 24/7. My previous security cameras (trivision) would queue the files and send them when the ftp server is available. The tech support from boavision is great, they reply to emails promptly. I asked about this particular issue, and how to retrieve all the videos and images from the camera, and the answer is to take the sd card out of the camera, and put it in a pc. Well this isn’t practical to have to go out, climb a ladder, unscrew the access panel and get the sd card out, every day. I run dd-wrt on my router so i can run a ftp server on it with a thumbdrive and work around the issue, sort of.

Other things i noted about the camera; it’s all plastic. Not a surprise at the price point.

It only records 14 seconds at a time. If motion continues to be detected, it keeps recording another 14 second video, and another. So if you have a long event you want to share the recording of, you’ll have to marry the 14 second videos together or share all of the individual videos.

There’s no pre-record, so the videos start about a second after motion is detected.

The cover for the sd card presses on the sd card, so when you take the cover off, the sd card is ejected. It looks like it should fit around/over the sd card but, it doesn’t. Doesn’t seem like it seals correctly with the sd card pushing on it.

The videos are .264 format (the file extension is .264) mpc-be plays them fine, but i had to find a utility to get windows 10 to create thumbnails for the files.

To access the camera from the pc you have to use ie and their plugin. You can’t use chrome or firefox; it looks for adobe flash. Didn’t try the app. Didn’t trust the author and their website is flagged as ‘potential security risk’. Camera does work fine to just monitor it using contacam. Works well with ip cam viewer pro using onvif, even the ptz.

Video size is fixed at 1920×1080, or 640×352 for the secondary stream. And 15fps seems to be the max the camera can do. You can set it lower, but setting higher doesn’t change the fps.

Time will tell about the longevity of it outdoors.

5/2/21 – now discovered camera apparently formats the sd card every night at midnight. So the only videos you can get are from midnight onward. Asked support and was told to use the app to view the videos. Well if they’re not on the sd card, it’s not going to show them to you.

Update: discovered camera defaults to ‘timer record’, recording 10 minutes at a time, constantly. This may have been filling up the sd card and from the log, i can see it’s only action is to delete the oldest day’s recordings, not just the oldest recording. Also of note, these timer recordings, are not uploaded to the ftp, only the videos recorded when motion is sensed are. The timer record being enabled may also explain the delay in the motion sensed video starting.

4Expert Score
Great camera with spotty sound recording and horrid motion tracking

I bought one for the house after neighbors tampering with lp tank and vehicles, also their damned feral animals… And one for the parents house after a abusive ambulance crew visit and to watch their dog kennel. Both have great controls, access, night vision, and video recording quality. However… The majority of the time the audio will not record. The motion tracking is non-existent. And even when recording video to high speed micro sd cards, it’s jerky. But to be able to check on home or the elderly folks with a button press is way more helpful than a 90 minute drive or calling law enforcement to eventually do a wellness check to the middle of nowhere. Dad had a bad accident last year that the ambulance crew further injured him, and with no video there was no evidence. Never again. Same goes for the vandalism and animal attacks we dealt with here.

4Expert Score
Good security camera for the price.

If you want to record all goings-on in the camera’s view, the base settings are ok. Changing times and time zones is not very intuitive, you need to play with the settings and remember to wait as the camera reboots after changes. I had to decrease the sensitivity of the motion detector to avoid having animals setting it off, and turned the sound off as my dogs’ barking at the window set it off constantly.
The pictures and video are clear and focused, even the night vision is pretty good.
If you allow it to record on ‘plan’ it will record 24/7 as the base setting – if you are using a microsd card, change this to the times you want it to record to save space.

4Expert Score
Cameras generally work well enough… Except for…

I think the app is pretty basic and not as intelligently designed as some others i’ve come across (camhipro is the app for boavision).

The picture quality is decent / sufficient for my needs at the $50 price point i doubt you’ll find anything better.

One thing that drives me nuts is i can’t really use the intelligent tracking for a couple reasons. My dogs run around and the camera ends up pointed like straight down and is therefore kinda defeating the purpose. The other issue is due to bugs tripping the motion detection nonstop regardless of the threshold level i set at .. Especially at night if i leave the alarm notification on it will ding literally nonstop as the bugs like the infrared and the “ordinary” light.

My suggestion would be an intelligent tracking setup where you can set an “always return to” point so when someone runs or walks by the camera after losing motion detection would return to your desired field of view and not simply remain pointing straight down where it lost track of a dog and continues to serve its purpose. What’s the point of cameras to secure your property if they aren’t able to see what they’re intended to surveil.?! Intelligent tracking is not a very apt name for it imo.

Last complaint would be that every so often the cameras reset themselves (maybe an electrical issue like the circuit gets overloaded when ac or vaccuum turn on.)?! But again, they wind up pointing out in space and there’s no notification to alert when this happens so unless you’re gonna check them incessantly you might go to see who took ur amazon package and find out they reset and point the opposite direction. Also some simple small key to lock the internal storage would be ideal anyone can unscrew ur cover and take footage if they’re halfway intelligent thieves. Anyway. That’s my 2 cents and suggestions for improving.

4Expert Score
Motion camera

Clear pictures

4Expert Score
Really good camera for the price

Decent picture quality, needs an on and off button as well as better mounting tabs

4Expert Score
It does the job.

1 month update : no. No. No. So half way thru the month, it completely started glitching. Super slow now. It sends me random things as human detection, would not recommend for long term use, just nope. Spend the extra bucks to get a good one instead, its better than battling with a cheap one.

Ok so i have been trying to purchase a security camera for awhile now. Weeks of research and i just could never find the right one, so know this was definitely an impulse buy. Saying that, i wasn’t expecting much from this camera. When i received it, i did exactly what the instruction said (method b worked for me.) i have to say it was super easy for me (so easy i didn’t need my handy husband to help me lol) so that took about 10 minutes from the app to the wifi, all of it. After that, i right away went outside and hanged it up. And boom! Just like that i was watching my whole yard from the app. I was super impressed! ! Overall, the quality was great, the motion alerts were great, human detection was good-sometimes thrown off a little by a few things but normal, easy setup, and great price. Also, i got a sd card from the store $16 bucks and so far so good with that also, helps a lot to be able go back and see what you missed. Anyway, i hope this lasts me awhile! Lets see

4Expert Score
Great quality for price

The picture quality is pretty amazing the wide angle view helps cover a pretty good area. The pan tilt zoom works pretty well hard to get your hands one at this price point. It works with 3rd party software i tried i spy on myself so i assume any other dvr/nvr software would work. My only concern is security there is very little configuration needed which is nice but once configured it could be seen outside my network thru the app. I never configured it to go outside my house i do not see any settings to make it lan only which leaves me with a uneasy feeling although it is password protected feel it is open for the outside world. I’d have to figure out what port it is using and block it on my router. The app is a little buggy at times especially on a wifi connected camera. Lan works well. The app is only available for mobile there is no pc version that i know of it’s does work on 3rd party software but the quality seem to diminished could be my set-up of software though. Overall i would buy this camera again bought 2 already it’s far worth the little extra router configuration if you are concerned about security don’t put it online create a second subnet or block external port.

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