Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 1080P Battery Powered AI Motion Detection Spotlight Siren Alarm WiFi Surveillance Indoor Home Camera, Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Cloud/SD Storage

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 1080P Battery Powered AI Motion Detection Spotlight Siren Alarm WiFi Surveillance Indoor Home Camera, Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Cloud/SD Storage : Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 1080P Battery Powered AI Motion Detection Spotlight Siren Alarm WiFi Surveillance Indoor Home Camera, Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Cloud/SD Storage : Electronics

What are security cameras wireless outdoor features?

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  • 【rechargeable & waterproof & wire-free】this wireless rechargeable outdoor/indoor camera can provide 1 to 5 months of worry free use for once charge. The security cameras wireless outdoor with ip65 waterproof can work in any weather. Since the wifi cam is completely wireless, no power cords or network cable is needed, allowing install virtually anywhere with the provided, bracket and screw.
  • 【pir motion detection with ai analysis recognition】this outdoor camera wireless with advanced smart ai motions detection, it can clear analysis and recognition person, vehicle, pet and package. The ai pir sensor will be triggered in real time once the outdoor security cameras detect motion, at the same time, the notification will be pushed to your phone via the app. And this security camera can be shared with multiple users.
  • 【1080p hd live video, picture & color night vision】the security cameras wireless outdoor provide a degree wide angle, 1080p quality video and image. Regarding night vision, it has two modes, full color night vision and infrared night vision with a 33ft visible range. Whether it is night or day, it will provide a clear wide video of any area you wish to monitor. With the included app, the system’s live or recorded video can be accessed anywhere at any time.
  • 【two-way talk & smart instant siren】this outside camera has a built-in microphone and speaker that supports real-time, two-way, audio calls. With the mobile app you can warn off thieves, screen visitors at your door or communicate directly with your family or friends. Siren, flashing white light or 2-way talk that both allow you drive away thieves and unwanted visitors.
  • 【cloud/sd & free 7-day cycle cloud storage】the home security camera supports sd card and cloud storage. It provides permanent free 7-day cycled cloud storage that you can enjoy storage service without any subscription. And it provides a 30-day free trial of advanced features that include ai recognition, upgraded cloud memory, custom alert areas and etc, the advanced features starts at $2.99 per month after 30 days free trial.
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Security cameras wireless outdoor details:

Package dimensions

5.35 x 3.9 x 2.72 inches

Item weight

11.7 ounces

Item model number



1 lithium ion batteries required. (included)


Vision well

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 1080P Battery Powered AI Motion Detection Spotlight Siren Alarm WiFi Surveillance Indoor Home Camera, Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Cloud/SD Storage AMAZON : Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 1080P Battery Powered AI Motion Detection Spotlight Siren Alarm WiFi Surveillance Indoor Home Camera, Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Cloud/SD Storage : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Can it be powered off/on to save battery life when the camera not needed?

It will go into ‘power saving mode’ when the camera’s not being used, the status changes to ‘online’ when you’re viewing it or it’s recording something it spotted. If it stayed in ‘power saving mode’ it would last a long time. Of course, you can also turn it off at the device. Any other questions, please feel free to contact us:

What is the name of the app for this camera?

Hi friend,
the app name is ‘vicohome’
any other question, please feel free to contact us via

Can they both be synced to the same account if i buy three cameras?

Yes, these security cameras wireless outdoor can be synced to the same account if your cameras both are vision well camera.
Any other questions, please contact us:

For the color night vision to actually be color does it have to have the floodlight on or is it color night vision in a dark room?

The night vision will be color in a dark room when you set the night vision to ‘color night vision’, and you doesn’t have to have the white spotlight on, because it’s just a alarm light. Any other questions, please feel free to contact us via

Is the siren loud and clear?

Yes, of course, but you can adjust the volume in the settings, and you can even warn off thieves through two-way talk.

Can i ise without buying a sd card?

Yes. You do not need an sd card.

Can it record sound without having the motion detection set off. And what is the range of the wifi, i would like to mount one farther from the house.


Can this do continuous recording? The motion detection does not work through window glass so i want it to record everything 24/7 (with charger)

It records for 15 seconds,

With the app can you monitor more than 3 cameras at the same time?


Does it work with smart life or tuya app?

I don’t believe it does. I think it only works with vicohome (it’s own platform). If it works with others i haven’t been able to find it.

Can solar panel be used to keep camera battery charged?

Not really. The solar panel has to be plugged in to the camera which would require you to remove the weather-tight cover which protects the switches and jacks from weather and moisture. If the camera was inside, maybe.

Do you have to have a subscription to record or view recordings?

No, you needn’t to subscribe, the record or view recordings is free.

Does it record 24/7 or just motion like ring?

Just motion, its wireless recording 24/7 would kill the battery in a matter of hours

The description says ‘cameras’ is it 1 or 2?

Just 1

Can i put this camera at my front gate? And will it tell me when people show up?

The short answer is yes , depending on the wi fi distance, mine is about 40 feet from router and my signal is strong, all features will work as long as you have wi-fi

How do i view this camera on my home computer?

There’s a program that you can connect with, but you’ll need a subscription. There’s an sd card slot though you’ll have to remove it to view it. There are wireless sd cards, but i haven’t tried that yet.

What type of sd card will i need for this camera?

A micro sd can be used.

I live in the north, how long does the battery last in winter weather?

It all depends on how much movement or motion thats being recorded. The product has several different settings or you can customize the motion to be recorded. I have mine set on the highest setting and my dogs make it records all the time. I will charge it (1) once every other week just to make sure. It’s very easy to charge and to remove unless its out of hands reach to take down or put uo. Mine are in arms reach so very easy. I love having my cameras. I have (5) total

What is the size of the screw? Is it 1/4 inch? I am trying to find an alternative mount that is adhesive instead.

I don’t know the diameter or the thread pitch. I read somewhere that it is the same as the standard tripod mount for any camera. Google self adhesive tripod mounts. They have them on amazon.

If i am buying 2 cameras, do i need a seperate sd card for each camera?

Yes, you would need 2 sd cards. One for each camera, and ,or , angle you would be filming.

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 1080P Battery Powered AI Motion Detection Spotlight Siren Alarm WiFi Surveillance Indoor Home Camera, Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Cloud/SD Storage AMAZON : Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 1080P Battery Powered AI Motion Detection Spotlight Siren Alarm WiFi Surveillance Indoor Home Camera, Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Cloud/SD Storage : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Amazing features and video quality in wireless with a peace of mind

First off i have owned this camera going on 2 weeks. This wireless camera is by far one of the best in my opinion. I have owned several different types of security cameras and this ones meets if not exceeded my expectations. I currently own 4 other security cameras with almost the same features except for the ai identity detection and i preferred this one over the others. Except there is one thing that i do not like about his camera. It asks you to sign up for a subscription to unlock all the features. Though it can be used without all the other fancier features it would be nice if it did everything without subscribing to services. The other downside on all of my cameras is that you must have some kind of data or wifi to have them powered on to be able to record any movements or to veiw real time coverage. In my situation i do not have access to data and wifi all the time like the city folk do. But overall this cameras does exactly like it states. The overall performance is a a+. The video quality is so clear and the sound quality is clear without any static. The motion detection is adequate and adjustable for how long of a clip to record. Rather it’s day or night the night vision picture quality is amazing and by far one of my favorite things about this camera. It has a spot light built in which is very bright in the darker areas of its placement. The sittings are adjustable for customizing features. The sound quality is clear without static and the feature of having a mic to communicate thru this camera is a great option for the buyers protection. Your able to communicate directly to whomever rather is a delivery driver or someone lurking around. Also it has a alarm with different settings that you can adjust at anytime. Its very loud and easily accessible while recording. Not to mention it is super easy to veiw and playback prior recordings and is able to take still pictures while doing so. The battery seems to be very efficient and is very easily accessible. I have owned mine for 2 weeks now and the battery is still over half full. Overall i am very satisfied with this security camera and more at ease knowing my family’s safety is safer with it. I would highly recommend and planning on buying another in the future.

5Expert Score
Well built camera easy to set up and use, would buy again.

I have purchased several variations of this type of battery powered wifi cameras over the last few years so i have a bit of experience with these and know what i am looking for. All in all this camera seems like a very good buy at a great price and has all the features i am looking for while being easy to use, i would recommend this to anybody looking for an easy to use outdoor camera. Out of the box this camera seems compact and well built, the base (which seems to be a problem on some units) is more sturdy than most and easily locks into and holds its set position. The camera was easy and straightforward to set up through the free smartphone app, connecting to wifi was a breeze. The wifi signal is stronger on this camera than the previous camera i had installed in the same location. The app is free to use and easy to navigate, it sends me alerts whenever motion is detected and video clips of any motion detection can be accessed remotely through the app at any time (some other camera softwares will charge for this) backup recordings are stored locally on the removable sd card. Live video recording can be called up at anytime through the app you can also talk to anyone around the camera while viewing the live feed. The picture is in hd and is crystal clear through the app. The motion detection is excellent and far reaching and can be adjusted depending on your preferences. The battery seems to last longer than most, i estimate it will go 4-5 months between charges with moderate traffic. This camera also has an integrated audible alarm feature that i have not seen on other units, its quite loud and seems like a good way to thwart people attempting to do nefarious activities or to harass the wife or kids. Additional ‘nice to have’ features like ai enabled smart motion detection, increased cloud storage space, or dead / blind spot to disable motion detection can be unlocked for a moderate fee however the base / free app capability is sufficient for my needs. You will not find a better or easier to use camera for the price, i will be buying more of these in the future whenever the need arises.

5Expert Score
It performs flawlessly

Only two negative comments. 1. The wireless range is just a little shorter than it should be. My zosi camera works perfect on my shed, but this one is very spotty. Not really good enough for use as a security cameras.
This camera is now indoors and is the best one i have ever tried in the front portion of my house. It covers living room, dining room, both front and back doors, all windows and a small part of my kitchen. The rest of the kitchen is obscured by a wall. Would i buy it again? Absolutely! I am about to do so to replace a ring camera which is good but doesn’t hold a candle to this camera. I am not yet sure if i can put the image on a larger screen pc or tv, but when i find out i will edit this with the info.
I saved the worst till last. My galaxy sized gripe is not just with this but with all imports from asia. They do not know what ‘tech writing’ is and as such their manuals all suck. Much, if not all of the instructions will be on your shoulders to figure out, except, how to mount it. If you are technical in this type thing, you will have no problems and if not technical you may need some help. That being said, it is worth the trouble!
Addition – i just found technical data in the phone app for the camera and while not perfect, it is plenty good for any user! I upgraded the rating when i found this.

5Expert Score
Good value for the price

Overall, this is a pretty solid security camera. My priorities were:
1) no subscription or storage fees
2) rechargeable or solar battery
3) good motion detection/recording speed
4) good picture quality
5) value for price

i purchased a separate tf card for the camera recordings which i preferred over paying a subscription. I can also view any of the recordings or live view on the phone app with an internet connection.

I purchased a solar charger to attach to the camera so i wouldn’t have to worry about taking the camera down to recharge it. This seems to be working well so far, however, i live in ny and don’t know how this will be in the winter.

Motion detection is pretty good but the field of view where the camera detects/records movement is small and i needed to experiment with the placement of the camera for the best security vantage point.
If you pay for a subscription, you can specify the area to focus on.

The app allows you to change the amount of time it records when it detects movement (which several other cameras i looked at only give you 6 seconds of recording time once movement is detected – you have to buy a subscription if you want to change that). Six seconds is not nearly enough time and i found that in many cases, by the time those cameras detected movement and started recording, the subject was nearly out of view). The minimum record time is set at 10 seconds which seems to be ok for me.

The picture quality is pretty good and the camera not only records audio but allows for two way communication. Night vision/recording in black and white picture clarity is pretty good. If you turn on the spotlight feature, it will record in color at night, however, the picture quality is not nearly as good. I like the spotlight feature though because once motion is detected and the light goes on, the subject looks directly at the camera.

I think overall this camera is a good value for the price.

5Expert Score
This security camera is just what we were needing!

We have had several thefts at our home and have thought about getting a security camera for a long time. This one is perfect for us and we have been really happy with it so far. It is super easy to use. The camera notifies us on the phone app when there is movement detected. As you can see from the picture of the mailman on our porch it is very clear, in color, and even shows up well at night. It is currently installed so we can view the porch but i’d like to either move it so it will show both the porch and the driveway since our theft problems have been in the garage area. We may get a second one if we can’t get a good view of both with this one. It makes us feel much more secure and is really great to be able to see suspicious activity while away from home. At first it was notifying us even when a car went by but the settings can be adjusted to make it less sensitive. We are super happy with it and just wish we can found this sooner.

5Expert Score
Great quality at a great price!

I am loving this camera so far. Right out of the box, you are greeted with an instruction manual that is very well-written and straightforward. The app is easy to use, and setup was a snap. I used the mount i already had for my old camera, which thankfully fit this new camera, but the included hardware looks sturdy. I love that a 30 day trial of their cloud service is included, with no payment info needed for the trial. This gives you ample time to evaluate the camera and the cloud service to decide whether you want to order an sd card or pay for the cloud service (as of this writing, basic cloud service is ~$3/month, with still cheaper options for longer terms.)

once you are up and running, the ai motion detection looks very cool in the videos and is surprisingly accurate so far! I especially like that the app notifications (on my android at least) include a snapshot and the type of movement detected. This means that for most notifications, you can quickly see what’s going on without even needing to open the notification to watch the video. My previous camera did not have that anything close to that level of detail!

The only critical comment i have to offer is that the sound is rather low, even turned to 100% volume. I am not really concerned about that myself… I don’t ever have a need try to talk to people through the camera. The sound is very clear, though, so if you intend to use it near or over a door, it’s probably loud enough. Mine is mounted high and at some remove from my doorway for more of a bird’s eye view.

All in all, i’m very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Cam better than i thought

I have tried many security cameras over the last years and have returned a few because they don’t meet the standards that i need them to meet. What i require from any security cameras that i purchase is three things. First, i need the camera to display a decent night vision. Second, i need the camera to have sd card capability. And third, i need the camera to have the ability to pick up my wi-fi signal inside certainly, and a good distance from the house if it’s an outside camera. I will tell you that this vision well smart battery camera meet or three criteria. If i get two of the three it’s not good enough. I need all three elements for the camera to be a keeper. This camera is a keeper. You can get a few cheaper cameras and certainly more expensive cameras but this one i’m very satisfied with.

5Expert Score
Does a nice job for the small size

When i ordered this camera i have to admit i was skeptical. However, i’ve been pleasantly surprised. The motion detection is very accurate. The picture quality during the day is quite good. We don’t have a lot of outdoor movement at night to prompt a recording, but when we played around with the night feature the white light was blindingly bright. If a person was at my front door it would be intense.

While i am happy with this camera, my only pause is the app. There are in app purchases that expand features. I really would have preferred an all encompassing product for one price with the app support. We have had this camera in use for a few days, so i do wonder how soon i’ll need to charge the battery again.

Overall, this is a fine camera that serves my purpose and i recommend it to others who are ok with the basic functionality that the app offers for free.

5Expert Score
Great value

My husband and i have purchased many types of battery powered wifi cameras over the last few years so we have vast experience with security cameras and know what we are looking for. Out of the box this camera seems compact and well built, very sturdy and easily locks into position. The camera was easy and straightforward to set up through the free smartphone app, connecting to wifi was a breeze. In general, this camera seems like a very good value for money for all the features it has to offer. This is an easy to use outdoor camera. We have not had it for too long but it seems to be working good so far. Installation was easy. It has a decent picture. Picture quality and motion detection were clear most of the time. I had it on medium level. Battery life is also great so far and it is a rechargeble battery. Good camera for the price with great picture quality.

5Expert Score
Easy to set up and has some nice features!

Very happy with this camera. I had previously bought a camera on amazon before for my front door and wanted to buy one for the backyard and thought i would try out this brand.
First of all, the set up was very quick and easy. You download the app and power the camera up, which was already charged straight out of the box. The camera makes a tone and you point it at a barcode on your phone that the app generates. Give it a moment to connect and you’re in.
Two of the features i like that this camera has that my other camera doesn’t have is that you can have the camera play an alarm sound. Rather than trying to speak through the camera, the alarm sound is a bit jarring and would be great for deterring a potential robber. There is also an option for the camera to shine a white light which would be also be helpful in deterring a burglar. I guess it might also help if it’s dark and you want to see who’s at the door.
The video on the livestream is clear, and the camera mic and speakers worked well when i talked through it. The quality of the video is actually better than i expected, even in low light. Since i just installed the camera i can’t say yet how good the motion activation is or how long the battery will last, so i’ll update this later once i’ve used the camera longer.
Also, keep in mind that if you want to record you need to pay for a subscription service. Personally, i just use the camera to check on things such as if i have a package at the door or see who’s outside so i don’t think i’ll upgrade to the subscription service but there’s that option if you want.
Also keep in mind that the camera works through your home’s wifi. This makes it super easy to use, but the camera needs to be in a place that gets enough wifi signal.

4Expert Score
Indoor/outdoor camera with excellent picture quality.

I had some initial difficulty getting the camera to sit upright on the mount. I communicated with the product support and they were quick to reply and point out what i overlooked to get the camera to sit upright.

This camera has excellent picture quality both during the day and at night. If i could suggest one area for improvement, it would be to have the camera designed with a small solar charging unit to provide continuous power.

I believe that this camera may be better suited for indoor use where it can be connected to a constant power source. There appears to be a very similar looking camera that has a solar unit for charging.

As for motion detection, it does do a good job but i’m disappointed with the fact that unless i pay for the premium version of the app that this camera uses, there’s only a detection area of small, medium, and large. I can accept paying for premium features like the ai detection to detect a person, pet, or a package.

Given the cost of the camera, the user should be able to set a detection area that suits their needs rather than a pre determined sizing area.

The other suggestion for improvement is for there to be an audible alert on the phone or whatever device the app is installed on. There’s an audible alarm feature on the camera, but maybe not every person who buys this camera wants to have an audible alarm sounding from the camera anytime motion is detected.

An audible alarm would be something that would be great on a house alarm system to alert others if someone happens to break in. For purposes of using the camera as an add on to the doorbell, i’d rather have an audible alert on the phone that someone may be at the door in case i don’t hear the doorbell ring. There’s only a vibration and a brief notice that motion was detected. It’s been difficult to work with app support as they seemingly just copy and paste from the faq.

Other than the camera power and the audible alert, this camera is excellent and i would recommend others to get it if they are looking for a camera for their home.

4Expert Score
Great picture quality!

Great picture resolution. The motion detection, it does do a good job but i’m disappointed with the fact that unless i pay for the premium version of the app that this camera uses, there’s only a detection area of small, medium, and large. This camera does not seem to have the dectection range of prior white cameras i bought from this seller. I really like those!

Given the cost of the camera, the user should be able to set a detection area that suits their needs rather than a pre determined sizing area. Hope to see that the battery lasts 5 or 6 months.

4Expert Score
Battery life is amazing!

The night vision and battery life are amazing. I charged it a week ago and it’s at 78%
it illuminates the entire yard. A light comes on when it detects motion. My only complaints are you get a whole lot of snapshots of “known parked cars” every 10 min and it has missed people walking by that my other camera caught.

It also doesn’t allow you to look back at certain times like my other camera. You can only view the 10-20 second screen shots it recorded, like i said things were missed so that’s not helpful. If they could correct those issues i would be 100% sold! These are good though and i would recommend

4Expert Score
Great security camera and easy set-up

The camera had easy set up and was easy to mount. We are using it for extra security around our home. The picture on it is clear and has a wide viewing angle. We like the audio feature that allows for two-way communication. We really liked the app notifications and type of movement detected. We purchased a micro sd card for it rather than the subscription. Overall, we think this camera is a good deal and highly recommend purchasing.

4Expert Score
Awesome camera

This camera is great for the price! Picture and audio are very clear. Only negatives are you can’t move the camera direction from the app and only one person can be on the app at a time. Would purchase this camera again!

4Expert Score
Versatile security camera

Small camera that fits in the palm of your hand. Good video quality night and day. Battery life is also great so far, please remember it has a rechargeble battery. The part i did not like is the fact that you pay to activate the zone of detection feature, otherwise the motion detection with capture any movement in the field of view ( like cars passing in the streets). Otherwise good camera for the price with great picture quality.

4Expert Score
It serves it purpose.

I like this product because it always alerts me and i can speak or press the alarm when i see someone in the vicinity. Alerts you of a package dropping off, person walking by or pets in the area. Only dislike is that it alerts u after the person already have passed by.

4Expert Score
Nice camera for the money paid.

Easy setup of the camera the only thing i had a problem with was turning on and off the camera. I have arthritis the teeny buttons are hard to work.
Nice camera for the money.

4Expert Score
Great night vision

This product has been a huge help.

4Expert Score
Good clarity and motion detection.

Very nice camera for the price. Easy to set up on network and devices. Easy to install on exterior of home.

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