Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – 2K DEKCO Solar Security Camera for Home Security, Two-Way Audio, Smart Human Detection, Simple Setup, Night Vision WiFi Camera Outdoor

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – 2K DEKCO Solar Security Camera for Home Security, Two-Way Audio, Smart Human Detection, Simple Setup, Night Vision WiFi Camera Outdoor : Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – 2K DEKCO Solar Security Camera for Home Security, Two-Way Audio, Smart Human Detection, Simple Setup, Night Vision WiFi Camera Outdoor : Electronics

What are security cameras wireless outdoor – 2k dekco solar security camera for home security features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 365-day non-stop solar security cameras wireless outdoor – sunlight each day is enough to continuously power dekco security camera, so you never have to worry about changing the battery. And when the sun sets, the built-in battery keeps the juice flowing.
  • 100% wireless, simple setup: it’s 100% wireless, so you can install this outdoor camera wireless anywhere you want in minutes. No need to call an overpriced contractor.
  • The alerts that matter: human detection technology enables home security cameras to intelligently detect body shape. Ensuring you are only alerted when a person, and not a stray cat, approaches.
  • No monthly fees: there are no hidden costs on dekco security camera outdoor. Everything is done on-device for complete security and transparency.
  • Ready for all weather: with an ip65 weatherproof rating, dekco outdoor security cameras shrugs off rain, sleet, and snow, while also standing strong against both extreme heat and cold.
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Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – 2K DEKCO Solar Security Camera for Home Security, Two-Way Audio, Smart Human Detection, Simple Setup, Night Vision WiFi Camera Outdoor AMAZON : Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – 2K DEKCO Solar Security Camera for Home Security, Two-Way Audio, Smart Human Detection, Simple Setup, Night Vision WiFi Camera Outdoor : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Can you see it at night? The ringcamera i bought before couldn’t see anything very blurry at night.

Does this camera have a light that turns in at night with motion??

No but it has an infra red camera

Can the camera mount be turned 900?

No, this one can’t turn 90 degree, the one has this feature is dc8e, another one similar to this one.

Que velocidad de internet necesita?

This camera only supports 2.4g wifi, just like most cameras on the market.
If you are using a 5g router at home, there are a few things you can do to make it compatible with our camera.
1. Search for tutorial videos on youtube channel, divide your router into 2.4g and 5g, then choose 2.4g to connect.
2. Find your network operator’s phone service and ask them to split your router into 2.4g and 5g for you, then choose 2.4g to connect.
3. You can get dekco us local phone service to help you connect your camera after the separation or solve the problems you met.

the 2.4 ghz band has a longer transmission range, but slower speeds. The 5 ghz band covers shorter distances, but also offers the fastest speeds.
Considering that most of this dekco cameras are installed in outdoor environments far from the router, it is recommended that you choose 2.4g wifi, which has enough speed to ensure the daily use of the camera.

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What happens when the sd card gets filled? Does it begin to write over the oldest video clips?

Yes once the sd card gets filled it will overwrite over the old. So if there is a clip you want to keep you need to remove it from the card. But the nice part of these cameras is you can overview your whole day and there’s nothing on there you want it’ll eventually record over it .

Cuanto tiempo graba y cuantos pies de distancia para que el sensor se encienda

Muy mala nunca se pudo conectar y se m paso el tiempo de devolución, y la tuve q tirar a la basura después de un tiempo y perdí mi dinero.

About how quickly does the memory chip fill up? When it is full, will it start to overwrite itself, or can you download the video to your computer?

It depends on the micro sd card, when it’s full you could format it on setting or just on your computer.
And you could download all the video to your computer through insert the micro sd card to your computer.

How much does the subscription cost? Can i just use the icloud without an sd card?

Yes, you could just use cloud service without a sd card. It may cost you $30/year.
If you don’t have sd card, and you don’t wanna spend extra time to choose one, you could reach out to us directly.

Con cual app funciona


Does the camera need to stay plugged into solar panel for charging??

No, you can do either. Plug in and charge inside or plug in to solar panel to charge

What sd card is suggested for this camera?

The format of the sd card should be fat32,the class of the sd card is 10 and the capacity is 8gb to 128gb.

Do i have to be on the same wi-fi to view live stream or sd

No, you don’t have to be on the same wifi to live view.
Once the camera connect to your home wifi, you could use your own cellular to live view anywhere.
Note: please turn off the vpn.

How long does the charge lasts? What about when rains for days?

We love these cameras and the sun recharges every day here in az. We haven’t had any issues with rain either but we don’t get much rain.

What do i need to do with the sd card do it automatically overwrites when full?

Yes it does

Has anyone else gotten a black screen when loading cameras? They are connected to wifi & signal at 98%

No, i’ve had full functionality with less than 98% connectivity.

Can i use a 256gb sd card?

In order to prevent sd cards from troublesome problems like unrecognized, it is recommended to use genuine micro sd cards such as kingston and sandisk to meet the following conditions.
Card capacity requirements. 8-128gb.
Read and write speed requirements. Class10 level.
File format: fat32.

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How long is the delay between motion detection and recording

It’s not bad a second or two

Does it have spotlight feature?

No but has night vision

Will this work with a starlink router?

Should function with any 2.5ghz wifi signal

What do they mean by 365 day nonstop?

Because they are solar powered they run all the time. Unless your solar panel has a low battery

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – 2K DEKCO Solar Security Camera for Home Security, Two-Way Audio, Smart Human Detection, Simple Setup, Night Vision WiFi Camera Outdoor AMAZON : Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – 2K DEKCO Solar Security Camera for Home Security, Two-Way Audio, Smart Human Detection, Simple Setup, Night Vision WiFi Camera Outdoor : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love these cameras

I absolutely love these cameras. They do exactly what i need them for. I don’t have sd cards in them and i’m not in a hurry to get them because i don’t really have a need to record events. I work from home and i just need these to keep an eye outside, see who pulls onto my property, etc. Even without the sd card i can view live footage, there’s an intercom feature so i can speak with or hear from the camera, there’s an alarm button to sound an alarm, the night vision works great if the moon is out but if it’s a small moon and/or very cloudy you can’t really see anything beyond a few feet in front of the camera. The app works great and you can turn your phone sideways to get a bigger picture view. They were incredibly easy to set up to my phone and the wi-fi it took me about 2min for each camera. I charged the battery before installing them and the app shows how much battery life is available. With the solar panel, even though last week was cloudy and raining all day and night, the batteries are staying fully charged at all times with solar panels. Installation was only about 10min for each camera. These are great. Another reason i chose this camera is all of the amazing reviews on the customer service of the company… I haven’t had to contact them yet but i have faith in the fact they will be great just from the other comments/reviews. I looked at so many cameras and im so glad i chose these ones.

5Expert Score
Cameras are pretty good for the $ updated and 1 star added 9/13/22

Updating 9/13/22 i’ve had the camera’s installed for a few weeks now and the images are still good, battery life is fine. The connectivity between camera/app/cell phone seems to have mostly resolved itself with no changes made. They stay connected or can get a connection if on standby most every time now with no phone or camera reboot necessary. Customer service has also contacted me to offer assistance. A good touch. Appreciated.
A couple of hiccups during setup but not too bad. The images are pretty decent. The width of the coverage not quite as wide as i’d like but pretty good. Night vision good also. I’m not as impressed with the app. As some reviewers are. Despite 95 and 100% wifi signal to both cameras, they won’t connect half the time unless i reboot my phone which is right next to my router. The app disconnects from the phone a lot. The microphones on the cameras are cheap and not any good and get feedback whistles and interference from something all the time. Solar charging works well so far. App not as intuitive as it could be but has the basic wants covered pretty well once you get it figured out. Not a lot of delay on motion detection as some have mentioned. I think they are having wifi issues not camera problems.

5Expert Score
Blown out the waters

Let me say this, as far as outdoor security cameras go this is the way this can is no joke nor is the company dekco is the name, i did have a small problem with one of three i brought and yes they got right on it no time at all. They deserve 10 stars thank you dekco solar powered wireless security camera if you need one get three best for the bucks. Thanks dekco.

5Expert Score
So easy to set up

Love the whole thing. Bought two. Not knowing they needed sd cards. I’m a newbie. They sent them for free. They check with me every day to verify i received every thing. They were so easy to install and hook up to my phone. Don’t know why i waited so long. Ps. The alarm kicks butt. Scared my husband with it. Lol

5Expert Score
Great camera

This camera is great. I don’t get why others are having so much issues with it. My home is a single story . And i got the best router on the market so that will have alot to do with it and i got a 1gig speed.

5Expert Score
Easy to connect

I like these cameras. I have 7 now. They are so easy to set up. I can use an sd card with them and not have to pay for a service. The solar ones are a lot better for detecting people. The wire ones don’t have that adjustment and alert you for shadows. I have some trouble with the solar ones to stay on. I had an addition put on my house and with all that traffic they did not last too long. I adjusted them to see the sun and it didn’t help. I took the solar panel off the camera and it still worked just the same. This camera in this review is slightly different then the others from the same manufacture. I think the solar panel is doing better on this one. Time will tell. My last very expensive camera set up confessed me. I found myself not bothering with it. This is so easy to work. Even i can do it. Not perfect but easy. My solution is to buy the solar ones and connect them to electric. I do like that i don’t have to connect it to electric if there is no outlet.

5Expert Score
Quality for price

This camera will do everything a more expensive version can and allows for solar powering. Also company’s tech support and customer service is 5 stars.

5Expert Score
Useless stuff. Very bad motion detection.

Overall these are good cameras, but a little slow to pick up motion. So if something happens you might miss several seconds until the cameras can pick up and record. However they are able to pick up wifi signal and record pretty well. I’m satisfied for the value of money spent.

5Expert Score
Great camera and affordable too!

I bought my 1st one not expecting much for the price. After having it for over a month now, i bought a 2nd one, and a 3rd is on the way! The app set up is fairly straight forward. After downloading the app, it walks you through, step by step how to pair it with your wifi and phone. The picture, audio, and mic all work very well. You can set it for color, or night vision, or auto, which is what i leave mine in. At dusk it switches to night mode, and you can see very well. One reviewer had a tip that i also followed, and will do for each camera as i receive them, is to use a wall charger to max out the battery level before mounting it. Some people were complaining that when they mount it straight from the box, it takes several days of solar charging to get the battery to full. Im not sure how it will be in the winter when there is less sun, but from the time i charged it and mounted it, i’ve never seen the battery less than 90%. The app is easy to navigate through and free to use. You can also pay for a cloud subscription that will store your captured videos, for now i have chosen to use just the memory card. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone on a budget. It’s nice that you can add the cameras in, one by one over time rather than having to spend a ton of money at once on a multi camera kit.

5Expert Score
Works great

Camera works great and i get notifications every time someone comes up to my door. What makes it nice about this camera is that you can talk to the person that is at your door from you phone and it is solar so no charging. I had some problems with it and the seller reacher out to me and helped me out with the problem. They have great customer service.

4Expert Score
Major pros and cons

I moved from the country, where my nearest neighbors were deer and raccoons, to the inner city where i’m surrounded by prostitutes and shootings, so to feel a little safer, one of the things i did was buy a couple of these security cameras. I was attracted to this particular camera for a couple reasons;
1. They are cost effective
2. They are solar powered
3. You do not have any type of monthly fee to use them.
So we bought a couple and installed them around the house. First let me say i am not tech savvy. If it’s more complicated than a toaster, i’m out lol
my 16 year old son and i, who neither have ever equipped cameras before, had the job completed in about 40 minutes. Honestly the hardest part was figuring out how to put together the mounts that hold the camera. But the instructions were easy to follow and i had no problems connecting them to the internet, and as you can see, the camera quality is wonderful. Daytime and night time are both crystal clear, the sound is good, they are free to run and i do feel better knowing i can see what’s going on without going out there.
they are very sensitive. Bugs flying by, the leaves moving on the trees, anything seems to set them off. I figured out how to set the sensitivity on them and turned them down and it did help.
The alarm on them is pretty generic. I have the volume set at 100 and it’s not very loud at all. My neighbor was in his living room watching tv and said he didn’t hear them go off, so i don’t really think it would scare away an intruder. And also be mindful with the alarm because mine came with it set as motion sensored, so every time i took the dogs out or went to my car, they would activate and that was pretty annoying. But again, easy to change the setting. And lastly, my biggest con is only 1 person can log into the app at a time. So if we get an alert that the camera caught something and i log in and am watching, then if my boyfriend, who’s a truck driver and away for long periods of time, checks the notification, it’ll immediately log me out, so then i log back in and it kicks him out, which is really frustrating.
So with that said, yes they are good cameras, will help you feel more comfortable, will save money and are very easy to install and set up (minus that pesky mounting bracket lol), but they do need to be manually adjusted because the presets aren’t so good, don’t expect the alarm to be alarming and hopefully you won’t have more than 1 person checking the notifications.

4Expert Score
A great solar power outdoor security camera

We purchased this outdoor security camera and had it installed at our front door for about a week now.

– the overall quality is good. Installation is easy. Great value for the money.
– real wireless setup for both signal and power simplifies installation. The solar panel is able to keep the built-in li-ion battery fully charged easily. My cam is over 15ft away from the wifi router and it’s getting >95% signal strength.
– both camera and solar panel seem to be high quality. Solar panel comes with 10ft power cable with micro usb plugs right into the cam.
– the camera is a wide angle and coverage is good. The picture quality of the camera is good at fhd 1080p.
– the app is easy to setup and use. It includes the basic motion detecting event recording and human detection to minimize false alert. It also shows battery charge and wifi signal status, which is quite useful.

the camera only operates at fhd 1080p, even though the description says 2k which supposes to be 2560×1440. The seller states it’s a bug in the software and eventually will be fixed.

Things can be improved:
– the cam only records when it detects motion, though it always misses the first few seconds of the action. This seems to aim to conserve battery and storage. I wish it has the option to non-stop recording, and alert when motion is detected. With inexpensive micro sd card, and solar panel keeping the built-in battery charged, there is no reason not too have the continuous recording option.
– the software seems a bit buggy. So far i can view the recorded events, i haven’t been able to save the recording locally on my phone even though there is such function in the app.
– maybe they can improve the motion detection ai to distinguish objects, such as cars, pets and individual faces in the future, like some of the more expensive security cam.
– fix the app so the cam can operate at 2k

if you don’t want to run your own power cable to your outside security camera, this is probably one of the best solutions at a really reasonable price. Installation and setup was a breeze. Everything is plug-n-play. I’ll give it 5 stars if i can get the cam to work at 2k resolution. As of now, its still a solid 4-star product.

4Expert Score
So many to choose from, but this is by far one of the best out there

I’ve purchased several different brands of these solar camera’s. There are so many it’s tough to know what to choose from. These cameras are the absolute best i’ve purchased to date and i’ve got six so far.

1. They have sd cards, the absolute best feature. Many out there like the eken camera’s don’t have that feature. Sd cards are invaluable because if you ever decide to not go with cloud service you can use the sd feature; also if the wifi goes out you’ve got a back up.

2. The setup is easy and the cloudedge app is easy to navigate. It’s just $30 for the year for one camera for 3 days of rolling storage then it starts recording over it, you can purchase longer for more if needed

3. The camera design is sleek, the mounts are durable and easy, the stand alone solar panel allows for optimal charging. There is an alarm and speaker and the image is crystal clear.

4. What remains to be seen is the durability aspect of the camera and how well the sd card works. I’d have given it 5 out 5 otherwise.

4Expert Score
My german shepard keeps setting it off

I absolutely love how easy it was to install. Took me a little to navigate through the app. I have to keep reminding my husband there’s a delay when we use the microphone. The audio is excellent, i can hear the neighbors across the street sometimes. The picture quality… Could use some improvement especially night vision. We did capture something kind of creepy at night, that we have no recollection of it happening: my husband swears he does not remember his interaction in the middle of the night, with an old man unknown to us, the gate wide open, with out 4-month-old husky puppy that jumps on everyone not interested in the man. We definitely cannot make out the face… Luckily it has not happened again.

4Expert Score

Works as described. Easy set up. Easy to use. Price not bad. Quality is great. So far no complaints after one week of usage.

4Expert Score
Safe and convenient

Both the day and night camera are great. You can set different motion sensitivity and areas which is also a benefit. You can charge via micro usb or solar which are both included in package. Install was easy and can be done by one person and a screwdriver.

4Expert Score
Works for me

So far so good. This is my first home camera. Installation was a lil tricky….i didn’t feel comfortable drilling into the brick so i purchased a camera clamp. Day and night vision pretty clear. Motion detector works fine. Don’t forget your sd card satisfied this far.

4Expert Score
Good pic, just can't monitor all the cameras at once

Updated review: i first gave this camera 1 star but customer service emailed me. Customer service did what they could to make me happy but i need to be able to monitor all 4 cameras at once not 1 camera at a time.

I give customer service 5 stars for trying but 4 stars for not being able to monitor them all together.

Original review:

it charged up really good until it was too late to return it now it only charges around 30% and it runs down before the sun comes up to charge it again. Before you ask, yes i know how to aim the solar panel, i am off grid so i do know how to position it.

I would not recommend this camera.

4Expert Score
Good value

Is a little blurry otherwise for now 2 weeks later is doing the job

4Expert Score
Nice surveillance camera

I was disappointed that the motion detection was very limited to less than 10 feet. May be good if you mounted on front steps, but i needed something at least 25 ft away like my older cameras. Just not a security camera but a surveillance camera.
Super easy to setup and has very good picture quality. The solar panel port on the camera did not charge the camera so returned it. The charging port is near the front on the bottom, so the cord sticks out and is very visible and the rubber cover is exposed to weather when the cord is plugged in. I really wanted this camera but just wasn’t for me.

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