Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear with Flip Top Dispenser, White

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear with Flip Top Dispenser, White

Buy Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear with Flip Top Dispenser, White, unscented, 768 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes: Product description smooth, soft, and clean – the way a baby’s bottom should be. Seventh generation free and clear baby wipes are made for baby’s sensitive skin and contain 0% fragrance, alcohol, parabens, or phenoxyethanol. Our thick, soft wipes are strong enough for big messes while being gentle on newborn baby’s most precious, delicate skin. These baby wipes are moistened with plant-derived skin conditioners like aloe vera and are safe for baby, hands, and face. The tape-seal package design keeps wipes fresh while allowing for easy stacking on nursery shelf and convenient refill for wipe dispensers and warmers. Our hypoallergenic and fragrance free wipes are dermatologist tested and clinically proven to be gentle on baby’s skin. It’s all good, baby. Caring for a little human is a magical undertaking, and we’ve developed an entire line of baby skin care products, wipes, and diapers to bring peace of mind to your journey. For every life-changing milestone, you deserve baby care you can trust. At seventh generation we do business differently. We believe our products are healthy solutions for use within your home–and for the community and environment outside of it. We are always evaluating how to reduce their environmental impact, increase performance and safety, and create a more sustainable supply chain. We believe it is our responsibility to set a course for a more mindful way of doing business, where companies act as partners with other stakeholders to create a brighter future for the whole planet. Seventh generation is proud to be a certified b corporation. B corps are certified to be better for workers, better for communities, and better for the environment. By choosing seventh generation products, you’re joining us in nurturing the health of the next seven generations. From the manufacturer seventh generation is one of the nation’s leading natural brands of household and personal care products. The company lives its commitment to “caring today for seven generations of tomorrows,” with products formulated to provide mindful solutions for human health, air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people within your home—and for the community and environment outside of it. Caring today for seven generations of tomorrows unscented baby wipes by seventh generation are thick, strong and ready to get to work. Designed to be kind to your baby, these generously-sized wipes are built with the cleaning power you need and the care your baby deserves. You’ll get all the comfort and performance of cloth while using fewer wipes. Try using just one less wipe per change and watch the savings grow. Serious cleaning is needed for more than just sensitive bottoms. Seventh generation baby wipes are all-in-one mess masters, quickly swiping up spills and gently unsticking little hands. Count on them for beach days, spaghetti nights and everything in-between. Free and clear: what does that mean? When it comes to our baby wipes, free and clear means more than just unscented and dye-free. Our wipes are also free of alcohol, synthetic fragrances, parabens and phthalates. They’re non-toxic, non-sensitizing, hypoallergenic and safe for use on sensitive skin.your baby doesn’t get to choose what goes on her sensitive skin, but you do. Now, you can feel good about choosing free and clear love. Baby wipes on a mission our strongest baby wipes yet are also naturally designed to support our mission. Seventh generation is committed to the health and happiness of your baby and our planet, so our free and clear baby wipes get their strength from wood pulp, a renewable resource. Seventh generation lives this commitment by searching for and delivering more sustainable solutions and never testing products on animals. Now you can have a clean baby and a clean conscience—all in one. Seventh generation baby wipes: are strong, thick wipes for advanced baby care and cleaning. Do more with less: use fewer wipes per change. Handle all kinds of messes, a one-of-a-kind wipe. Are always free & clear of alcohol & synthetic fragrances. Seventh generation products you’ll love seventh generation free & clear diapers seventh generation overnight diapers seventh generation training pants

What are seventh generation baby wipes features?

  • Seventh generation free and clear sensitive baby wipes are made for your child’s sensitive skin
  • Thick and soft baby wipes for a gentle clean that is safe for baby, hands, and face
  • Our unscented baby wipes are fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free, and phenoxyethanol free
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, these sensitive wipes are perfect for your baby
  • Easy dispensing flip-top lid keeps wipes moist and fresh, contains 768 wipes; the free & clear baby wipes are made from a fabric that is a blend of wood fiber, polypropylene and polyethylene.
  • Caring today for the next seven generations with seventh generation baby wipes
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Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear with Flip Top Dispenser, White AMAZON

Buy Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear with Flip Top Dispenser, White, unscented, 768 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

I have noticed some non-scented wipes do not get rid of the poop smell on babies bottom. Do these?

Is if the smell is still there after using seventh generation unscented wipes. It would still be there regardless. But if you use a scented wipe to cover up the smell with a perfume. It’s still there, but your sense of smell doesn’t detect it. Thanks to perfume. I’d rather know the smell is still there and wipe again, pat dry and powder with Burts bees powder. Problem solved. Poop smell is gone because you removed all bacteria, dried to be sure and powdered cause it prevents chafing.

Are these wipes perforated or individual ?

They are individual wipes. They are thick, soft and very moist.

Are these compostable?

Hi Concetta, our wipes are not flushable, compostable nor biodegradable. They should be disposed of in the trash. If you have further questions, please contact us at 1800-211-4279 or

Are they biodegradable?

Hi there, our wipes are not flushable, compostable nor biodegradable. They should be disposed of in the trash. If you have further questions, please contact us at 1800-211-4279 or

Are these 100% biodegradable?

No – the wipes are made from wood pulp, polyethylene and polypropylene. The last two materials are plastic

Are they flushable?

No they are not flushable

There are two options for purchase of the 768 count: one with ‘updated packaging’ and one without. what does ‘updated packaging’ consist of?

I think the updated packaging is just the box pictured. That is what I most recently received. Previously that box came in another brown box.

My flip tops won’t stay closed. They pop right open. What’s the secret to having them stay closed?

I push down hard when you look at it looks open but if you flip it side ways and check where it clicks it is actually closed

Can these be used on pets?

I hesitate to use anything on pets (especially my rabbits), because they may react differently than humans to the ingredients. What I do is rinse out the wipe repeatedly, then use the wet wipe on them.

Are these a flushable wipe?

Hi C.T., our wipes are not flushable, compostable nor biodegradable. They should be disposed of in the trash. If you have further questions, please contact us at 1800-211-4279 or

Are they biodegradable?

No, they are plant based but they do contain one synthetic ingredient which makes them soft and absorbent.

Did anyone else receive completely new packaging? Now i’m comparing to the old kind and these say made in china.

Yes! Like all of our baby wipes, these baby wipes made in China do not contain any fragrances, are hypoallergenic, and are suitable for sensitive skin.

I received a box of the wipes from my amazon baby registry and the wipes leave bits and pieces of white fuss balls all over my baby’s bottom.

That’s not normal just tell amazon they will fix it I’m sure!

What are the ingredients?

Ingredients: Water. Cocamidopropyl pg-dimonium chloride phosphate (plant based cleaning agent). Citric acid (plant derived ph adjuster). Quillaja saponaria wood extract (plant derived cleaning agent). Aloe barbadensis leaf extract (plant derived skin conditioner). Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e)(synthetic skin softener). Sodium benzoate (synthetic preservative).

Soft wipe material: wood pulp, polyethylene, polypropylene

Does your company test on animals?

No, You will find the Leaping Bunny Logo on our products. We do not test on animals or use any animal based ingredients or by-products.

Are the packages/ flip top lids recyclable?

Yes. You have to rip off the flip top and recycle just that piece (it’s #5 plastic, if your area does not recycle #5 then drop it off at Target or Whole Foods. They collect #5 plastics). Trash the wrapper of the wipes. Target and Whole Foods (and most other grocery stores) also recycle plastic bags.

Can they be sent in Amazon box?

If you request it. I buy in quantity and they are always in a box

Do these have any lotion in them?

No I don’t think so

Is this made in the USA?

Wipe packs say ‘assembled in the USA’. I don’t know the components origins, it doesn’t say.

I don’t want flip tops — are these refill packs without the plastic flip top? Thanks!

My last order did not have flip tops. This is fine if your refilling them into a plastic container but not so good if you plan to use the package as is because the sticky closure does not stick closed.

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear with Flip Top Dispenser, White AMAZON

Buy Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear with Flip Top Dispenser, White, unscented, 768 Count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

These lasted me for about 6 months! Buying the box is so much better, cheaper, and lasts a long time! I think you should be purchasing these than the individual ones because doing that is more expensive for less, so why do that? Go ahead and purchase this box instead!

5Expert Score
The best wipes we’ve come across

I feel like we’ve tried every brand on the market at this point and this is our favorite. It’s soothing and has little to no scent. Perfect for any diaper situation. We get the big box to make sure we’re always stocked up.

5Expert Score
Only brand I can use

I buy these for my mother who is allergic to everything. They work for her and are super tough, dont fall apart!

5Expert Score
perfect wipes

best wipes!

5Expert Score
open box

received an open box. One pack of wipes missing.

5Expert Score
Sensitive skin?

We buy these religiously one of the few wipes that doesn’t make our daughter flare up. Best bang for the buck! No bad odor!

5Expert Score
Very thick and great wipe

These wipes are worth the money. Sometimes you only need one and they are so thick I just love them

5Expert Score
Straight up the only wipes worth buying.

-well packaged
-no issues with drying out even when buying a case
-no problems with irritation and my daughter has very sensitive skin

-pricier than other wipes, but you really get what you pay for with this type of purchase

Like lots of other parents, I’ve spent the equivalent of a small country’s GDP trying every type of wipes out there. You start with water wipes, cuz they’re gentle. Then you move to the major name brands. When those don’t cut it, you dabble in the generics. I finally hit rock bottom when I found myself in a crunchy phase, and I tried cloth and water – but thankfully, it’s never too late to get clean. These wipes are here to help.

In all seriousness, the 7th Gen wipes are super durable. I would literally use 6 to 8 wipes sometimes of other brands trying to clean up my daughter after a major poosplosion, and even then I usually found it difficult to control the spread of the mess because the wipes were so flimsy.

Unlike other brands, these wipes are T H I C C. They don’t allow soak-through so your hands stay clean. You don’t even need to double them over before diving into the dirty stuff. They’re way more sturdy and just generally do a much better job cleaning up a big mess (or sticky cheeks, or dirty hands). There is absolutely no doubt that they are a little more costly, but I found myself using far more of other brands of wipes to get a less-thorough job done.

If you’re a new/prospective/soon-to-be parent and you’re reading this to comparison shop for a brand of wipes, please take it from me: just get these and end your search. You’ve already found the holy grail.

5Expert Score
They’re soft, moist and thick……PERFECT, will buy again!

They’re soft, moist and thick……PERFECT, will definitely buy again!

5Expert Score
Baby wipes

I buy, and use the wipes personally. They are a good size, not irritating at all, and handy for that extra clean. They aren’t flusable; I wouldn’t flush any wipes though.

4Expert Score
Great for anyday use

They have a light scent and dry up easily if you are not careful. Great for your money and will buy again!

4Expert Score
Great wipes for sensitive skin

I like the softness and ease of use of these wipes. They are great for my skin. Although they are called Baby Wipes, adults can use these as well. They’re good for fast cleaning up your hands too. These wipes have many uses, and more adults should use them when they need fast cleaning up. I also use these wipes for cleaning small spills in the kitchen and bathroom.

4Expert Score

I’ve been using these wipes for a couple of months now almost non-stop, and here is my experience with this brand of baby wipes:

I have eczema on my hands…. After about three years, it occurred to me that the baby wipes I had been using may have made my eczema worse. At that point, I had used different brands of wipes (Members Mark by SAMs Club, different types of Pampers – Sensitive, Soft & Strong Natural Clean, Sensitive Thick Care; Huggies Natural Care, and Target Sensitive unscented.) Then I saw a package of the Seventh Generation Baby and decided to try them out since they were on sale and weren’t that much more expensive than the Members Mark ones we’ve been using on a regular basis because they were cheapest. Well, what do you know? These wipes did NOT make my eczema any worse at all and felt the best on my hands compared to the previously used brands. I won’t use any other wipes again. All of us – my husband, my mom, and my kids’ Mother’s Day Out teachers use these especially when our kids have diaper rashes. I’m confident that they won’t make the diaper rash worse. Otherwise, everybody has been using Member Marks wipes. I’m actually considering switching to only this brand. I personally will spend $0.01 or $0.02 more per wipe to at least not make my eczema hands or diaper rashes any worse. Not to mention that Amazon will deliver it to your door and the fact that I don’t even have to drive anywhere to buy them :-). Thank you, Seventh Generation Baby, for making wonderful wipes and, Amazon, for selling them and having them delivered to us. I just wish that I tried and found these much earlier and that my dermatologist would recommend for me to try a different brand of baby wipes. I’ll have to mention it to her the next time I see her. I’m looking forward to my next order of the wipes!

The only criticism I have of the refills is that each refill package doesn’t have a hard plastic press open/close lid which would make it a lot easier to keep the wipes moist longer. That’s one one of our favorite features that this product doesn’t have unless you spend more money and buy one package at a time at Target. Otherwise, I would give this product five stars. In my mind, this problem is only worth losing 1/2 star (4 1/2 stars rating) and not a full star but there isn’t a 1/2 option on here.

4Expert Score
Great product poor packaging

The seal would become loose and not stick which sucked when keeping wipes wet and preventing things in your bag from getting wet.

4Expert Score
Good Wipes for Sensitive Skin

We have tried several different kinds of wipes, as my baby seems to have sensitive skin. We are limited what we can buy in-store in our area, so being to buy on Amazon is a huge plus. Out of Honest Co., Pamper Pure, Pampers Sensitive, Water Wipes, Parasol, and Seventh Generation, the SG are my second favorite. They do contain sodium benzoate and tocopheryl acetate, which I don’t like. But for the price and availability of what is out there, we get them in place of our favorite sometimes. They are durable and get the job done.

4Expert Score
OK wipes

Fine wipes. Piles quick wiping hands. Wish had less plastic packaging.

4Expert Score
Durable but can irritate some with sensitive skin

We have used these wipes for a few years as they are reasonably priced, do not contain harsh ingredients and are quite durable. Most recently we switched back to using a more mild and pure baby wipe. Although my children never appeared to react to these wipes, my nephew, who has very sensitive skin, immediately broke out into an intense rash. If your little one has sensitive skin, I would strongly recommend testing on a very small area of skin first. We now use these wipes for simple cleaning and wiping down hands when we are out and about. We find them to work well for this as they are quite durable and one usually is enough to do the trick.

4Expert Score
Thick and soft wipes that don't smell perfumey.

We have been using Seventh Generation wipes for five years now! When our first son was born we tried many types of wipes. We wanted a more natural brand without too much perfume and as clean a product as we could find while not giving up on convenience. Knowing the company was dedicated to sustainable culture was also a draw. We tried huggies all natural and the packaging made it seem all natural but they were not. We have been using these since. We have dabbled in other brands when traveling and needs arise and find that seventh generation wipes are by far the thickest and very strong. They are moist without being too wet and they smell clean without being ‘chemicaly’. The size of the package is large enough for a reusable wipes holder which i would recommend. While the pull tab does re-stick for closing it is not enough to keep the wipes moist and they can dry out. We have several at multiple stations(we have had more babies since then) and also for the diaper bag. Also having them in a wipes container in the diaper bag allows them to not make any other items in the diaper bag wet(which has happened when the pull tab was not put back in place properly). I have enjoyed wiping butts with this product and will continue to do so for several more years.

4Expert Score
Works well

Works well

4Expert Score
Worth trying!

What I like about these wipes is that they can stand up against the messiest poops! The grooves in the wipe allow dirt to grab on so you can utilize the wipe to its fullest potential. Not as soft as Pampers wipes, but Pampers doesn’t have the grooves so that takes from the softness. They are non-aggressive in fragrance (as they should be) and well-suited for a sensitive baby’s tushy
What I do not like, is that since I use a wipe warmer, these tend to break when I pull them out (even solely from the pop-up pouch) so when grabbing, I sort of need two hands to hold the warmer and also the wipe. Not fun when dealing with a fussy baby with a poopy bottom who needs pinning down!

I would buy again because of the price and sturdiness. Not 5 stars, but close!

Important information


Water, cocoamidoproply pg-dimonium chloride phosphate, sodium benzoate, quillaja saponaria wood extract, citric acid, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate. The wipe material used in this product is a blend of wood pulp, polypropylene and polyethylene.

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Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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