Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for Home Office Bar Party SLIM02

Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for Home Office Bar Party SLIM02 Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for Home Office Bar Party SLIM02 : Industrial & Scientific
Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers: Our silonn ice cube maker can produce 24pcs ice in just 13min, with an output of 45lbs ice daily. This is an amazing feat of engineering since ice usually takes over two hours to be made in a typical fridge freezer, which will not produce enough ice to cool all the drinks needed for a party. Party is no party without a bucket of fresh ice! Our silonn ice machine can make a second, third, or fourth batch in no time. Silonn ice maker is designed to make ice quickly for immediate use and not for ice storage or for keeping ice frozen. The ice cycle process creates the ice and when it melts, recycles the water to make more ice, you no longer have to worry about running out of ice cubes! Ready to splurge on silonn high-quality ice maker for delicious ice cubes? Note: portable ice makers have insulated ice compartments,they are designed to slow down the melting process, but not entirely stop the melting process. If you want to keep all ice made from ever melting, you would need to move the ice from the ice maker to your freezer. The product voltage arrange is 110v.

What are silonn countertop ice cube ice makers features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Never run out of ice! –high efficient as it is, this portable ice maker can produce 24pcs ice in as little as 13 min. With an output of 45lbs ice daily, furthermore, this ice maker can easily sustain the house, kids, and outdoor parties. You will never have to run out to stores for ice again!
  • Convenient solution-two ways to fill the ice maker. Use a water bucket (not included) within a capacity of 5l/1.32gal or do it manually. The basket can hold 2.6lbs ice and once the basket is full, the weight sensor will stop the ice-making immediately. If the ice melts, the water will be collected at the base for recycling.
  • Self-cleaning function-what could possibly cause you more headache other than cleaning a daily-used electric device? As a modern home device, this countertop ice maker is equipped with a self-cleaning function, one press on the panel and 20 min is all it takes to get a thorough self-cleaning.
  • Simple to use-an lcd screen will display the current mode. With one panel you got this ice machine in control. By changing the timer, you can have thin, medium or thick ice cubes. When water runs out, the ice maker will automatically alarm for refilling.
  • Chilling & pure! -nobody can stand a scorching summer without ice. Keeping food fresh, creating cold drinks, chilling beers, and champagne, it all comes true with an ice maker. Besides, square ice cubes are featured with slow-melting, fine in shape, and pure in clarity and density.
  • Note: the ice cubes come out in 1 sheet instead of individual pieces so you have to use the scoop to break it up. Don’t worry, it’s a minor thing and actually serves as a slight stress release.
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Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for Home Office Bar Party SLIM02 AMAZON Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for Home Office Bar Party SLIM02 : Industrial & Scientific

Looking for specific info?

Does this machine have a delayed start function? Can i leave it off overnight and set it to start in the morning so there will be ice when i wake up?

It will recycle the melted ice and make more ice. When it’s full, it shuts off until the ice is lower. I’m not sure if there is a delay option on it.

I am making ice with 1/2 liter bottles of purified water. Do you have to drain the water under the ice basket when you are done making ice?

I’ve been using mine for two months and haven’t drained any of the water. I do only add water as needed.

Will it work off a jackery 500

I am sure but not sure how long that battery holds

I received thisice maker about a week ago and decided to try it out today. Is it normal for it to be noisy? Sounds like an small air compressor.

Mine makes noise. It’s in my office but it’s only while it’s making ice. I guess i ignore it.

How can this machine make so much ice at only 110 watts ?

It makes ice all day long, as long as you dumb the bin when it gets full. If i was to start making ice at 8 am by 6 pm i’d have enough for a while. It’s pretty cool machine

Does anyone have a link for the water bottle they use??

American maid 3 gal water bottle works with our silonn countertop ice maker slim02. The rib on the neck fits tight. It’s hard not to spill a little water when loading, but adds a lot of compacity.

Does this come with a 5 year warranty as i’ve read in some of the reviews?

It may come with a 5 year warranty, but, it did not work. ‘very bad experienced with portable ice meakers’.

Where specifically on amazon can i find a water bottle that would fit this ice maker? I ordered one and the neck was too large.

We had smaller water bottles to use on the ice maker as well and the neck on the bottles was too big around as well. Haven’t found anything that will work yet.

Are the cubes clear or cloudy?

Yes the ice cubes come out clear.

Where can i purchase a 5l/132oz water bottle with a 2” neck ?

If you buy the aut-fill dog water bowl, the plastic bottle is the same. I have three of those in my house. Dogs will need ice too, so we can share the bottle.

How do i make it continuously make ice until basket is full? Right now makes one tray of ice and stops making ice. Plenty of water.

It suppose to make ice until the tray is full or need water without you doing anything. Make sure the power bottom is steady green. Otherwise something is wrong with your icemaker

Is the ice making parts bpa free?


Does the bin keep the ice frozen or do you have to remove it once it’s full?

Actually both. The ice will stay there awhile but will slowly melt

Will a 5gal from culligan water work

I doubt it, if it is going to be good, it will, but in this case it did not work at all.

Are they rust proof?

Mine has been on the counter for months with no rust if you leave it outside it might take t is made for indoor

Is this easy to clean? I currently have a different ice maker and its difficult to clean the tray the ice forms on.

Yes easy to clean and if you have a igloo or one like it you will like that the ice bin holds about twice as much. So far i really like it plus the water reservoir holds almost a gallon as well as being able to use a water jug .

Does machine keep ice cold?

No. Just stacks it up in the basket. When it melts it’s reused to make new ice.

Will a 3 gallon bottle like they sell at walmart work with this?

It might, some bottles work, and some don’t fit!!!

How many gallons of the water bottle can be use?

A 3 gallon water bottle is as large as it can hold and it more than enough to make a lot of ice. 2 tank fills will make well over 10 pounds of ice.

Had my ice maker for 2 weeks, it was nice and quiet on making ice but now it makes loud noises like a vacuum is this normal?

I sent mine back i had all kinds of problems with it

Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for Home Office Bar Party SLIM02 AMAZON Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for Home Office Bar Party SLIM02 : Industrial & Scientific

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great ice maker

This ice maker is is very easy to use. The screen is lighted to it’s easy to see, even in low light. It turns out ice quickly. It has a large water reservoir so it can make a large amount of ice before needing a refill. It has an insert on the top so you can put a water bottle on it. I don’t know if that works well or not as i don’t have enough room above the ice maker to utilize this feature. I use only distilled water in it so the ice always tastes good. You need to empty the ice out and store in your freezeras it’s made because it doesn’t store the ice for you. And you need to break the ice block apart before you put them in your freezer so you have individual cubes. I put them in zip lock bags. You also need to unplug it after use. Not a big deal. All that is much easier than plodding of to the store for more ice. I love this ice maker. I don’t have an ice maker in my fridge freezer so this is super convenient. I hate having to go to the store for ice. This ice tastes better anyway. And the cubes are long lasting, not like the bullet shaped ice. I had a problem with the first one amazon sent, it didn’t work. But the ice maker company includes the customer support phone number in their instruction booklet. I called that number and talked to a real live person! What’s a concept! He was very nice, gave me some ideas to try and said if those didn’t work i needed to contact amazon for a new one. Which i did. And i got a new one within 2 days. New one is perfect. Now, i don’t know how long this one will work. The last one i got (a different brand) lasted less than a year. So we’ll see how well this one lasts. I’ll post another review if it gives out. But if you’re looking for a good ice maker at a decent price get this one. It’s great! Ini got absolutely no kick back for this review.

5Expert Score
Love this ice maker

I needed a new portable ice maker after my 20 year old countertop decided to die. I picked this was because of the ability to make 45 lb of ice a day. It has a drain on the bottom which is easy to open as well as easy to clean. The opinion for a three gallon reservoir as well as the interior gives flexibility. I think a larger reservoir would be possible as long as the”waste water” is recycled promptly. We do a lot of different activities that last 5 to 8 days and at times the price of ice can be as much as $10.00 for a 5# bag. At one event i had friends ask to buy ice from me, since they knew i had an ice maker. So i felt for slightly more money i could get an ice maker that made 45# vs 20 or 25# and could help those who need/want ice for less than $2.00 a pound.

5Expert Score
Excellent for camping!

We dry camp in the mountains miles away from other humans or stores. This last trip was 3 days short of a full month. Okay, okay, it’s more like glamping
last year i brought my house ice machine to replenish the ice in our coolers when the generator was running.
This year i bought a margarita machine and didn’t want to share my margarita ice for the ice chest so i bought a second ice machine, this one.
This machine is ten times faster then my other machine!! We camped for a month and never had to buy ice. In the time it took to make dinner and watch a movie my husband’s beer cooler was replenished with new ice. Two thumbs up, highly recommend!!

5Expert Score
Impressive amount of ice.

Product arrived fairly quickly. My old 4 year old samsung countertop one died so i went hunting. Amazon has a huge selection. This one caught my eye because of the reviews and the fact that it makes more ice in a cube style. Also, you can slap a bottle jug on top. That makes a lot of ice! But you still have to empty and put it in your freezer. I use two gallon zip lock bags. I have a disabled friend living on a shoestring ssi income that had no ac during the texas hot summer. The ice helped a lot. Several of her friends requested ice so that machine keeps busy.

5Expert Score
This is probably the best appliance purchase i've made this year!

I moved to another state, and am renting a house. The fridge does not make ice- we now have a ’94 white that runs like a top, but it’s definitely not fancy. Because i knew this would probably be the case, when we decided to move, i bought the icemaker, because i love icewater, and don’t love buying bags of stuff, or dedicating a big space for ice cube trays.
This machine was my solution. Absolutely no regrets.

It is:
easy to clean.
Easy to maintain.
Easy to use.
Really fast.
And far better quality than i expected, for the price.

Only downsides are, you do have to move that ice to the freezer yourself, and it does take up some countertop real estate…and you do have to add the water manually, either using the adapter for big bottles, or pouring it in. But these are pretty minor things, given the up-sides. And, the manual addition of water means that i can use filtered water from the pitcher that i had to buy, because, again, 1994 refrigerator. (i do miss that in-door water filter!)

bottom line, i would absolutely buy this again. Hopefully, i won’t have to, anytime soon! So far, this thing has knocked it outta the park all summer, keeping us supplied with ice even when the fridge broke down (landlord found a dude who still had some old r12 in his shop to fix the thing, so the refriga-beast remains! Lol), and keeping us in cold drinks during the worst heat of late july. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! (six, if you count my sons’, too, as they love the ice this machine makes!)

5Expert Score
Glad i purchased it.

Ice cubes are nice and clear. Ice cubes are nice and thick. There is an adjustable time option to make them a little thicker. I put it on an extra 3 minutes. Some people have complained that they are too thick and you can’t separate them. When i added the full 7 minutes to get thicker cubes, i found that to be the case. However, by putting it down to 3 minutes, even though they come out in one piece, they are very easy to break apart.

5Expert Score
Great product!

This machine is so fast! With teenagers and adults using lots of ice every day, the fridge ice machine could not keep up. This ice machine makes ice in less than 10 minutes. We can make it in bulk and put it in bags in the chest freezer for later. Now we almost never buy ice for ice chests anymore. I was a little thrown off by the sound in the beginning, but you get used to it.

5Expert Score
For my fellow ice fanatics, this is great!

I previously had a bullet ice maker that i used almost daily. Now that i have this one, i’ll never go back.

-ice doesn’t have a weird taste
-quality, dense ice made quickly
-machine and pump are relatively quiet during the cycle (more on that in a sec)
-generously-sized water reservoirs and ice tray
-has a self-clean cycle

-it’s kinda big; this thing definitely does take up some counter space
-if the ice tray is empty/near empty, the heavy sheets of ice will plunk into the tray rather loudly. It scares the heck out of me sometimes. It only happens at the end of the cycle, and if there is already some ice in the ice tray, it won’t be as loud. This is probably my biggest criticism of this machine.

5Expert Score
Great for home use

I got this for my friend as his house warming gift and he loves it! He’s been wanting to have a ice maker for a long time and this one works amazing! It makes ice cubes super fast and it’s very easy to use!

5Expert Score
Works great

Love this item, got it to replace another ice machine we had for 6 years that finally called it quits. This one makes great ice cubes that last a good long time.

4Expert Score
Very fast, clear ice cubes, no taste, just water as it should be

Purchased it on amazon prime day at a discount.
Make sure to read all instructions before using it! Love that you can select how thick the cubes are. Makes a little noise when the cubes drop but nothing too loud. Its a bit challenging to not spill water when filling it through the top if you use a large water bottle(mine are 3 gallon) but it holds a lot of water. Definitely use purified or filtered water for no taste or mineral build up. I have not tried the cleaning feature yet but soon will. Very pleased with all aspects of this unit, high quality compared to the less expensive versions of other brands i had purchased from walmart. Silonn makes quality products you can trust-at least, so far so good! Chose this model after doing lots of research. If the ice is not removed when full, it will melt and get recycled back into machine, so i try to leave room in my freezer to store the extra. It must be kept out of the sun. You need plenty of space around the unit for it to be safe and dont forget to let it sit for 24 hrs before turning it on after you initially clean it and set it up so you dont damage the unit. Read the instructions completely before using it. Very important if you want the unit to last.

4Expert Score
Full sheet of ice not individual cubes

This ice-maker is very easy to use, works well, and makes ice cubes quickly. However, the ice-cubes come out in a sheet just like ice-cube trays, and you have to break up the ice-cubes to use them. If you’re ok with continuing to break up ice-cubes like you do with an ice-cube tray and almost immediately store them in the freezer (it does not keep the ice-cubes it makes frozen in the reservoir) then this is a great product. I was looking for an ice-maker that produces individual cubes or nuggets i don’t need to break up so this product did not deliver the ice i wanted. I cannot discredit how well it works though-it just simply was not exactly what i was looking for personally.

4Expert Score
A little complicated

This was an upgrade for my family and i(2 adults and 2 kids) from a smaller ice maker purchased elsewhere. +6 makes the ice a little too thick for me personally and -6 is too thin. Still trying to figure out an in between. Being thicker ice cubes makes them harder to break apart but i absolutely love this ice maker and the self cleaning option. My other machine didn’t have that option and it was difficult to clean. I definitely recommend this ice maker! Doesn’t take up a ton of room and fits nicely.

4Expert Score
Pretty good but

Despite the claims, i have not yet found a single 5l bottle which will fit in the top of the unit. The opening is not large enough to accept a standard bottle neck, even with the cap removed completely.

4Expert Score
I like this ice maker.

At ice default settings for my unit, the ice was too hard to split apart. I bought a metal ice scoop.

4Expert Score
Good but ice is very wet

It makes ice well, however the ice is very wet when finished. So, when you put it in the freezer it all freezes together and has to be chopped up before it can be used.

4Expert Score
This thing pumps out ice!

5 stars for small amount of ice

4 stars for big amounts of ice

love it! At first was worried about the ability to build up big amounts of ice. But it’s honestly very easy to stack up a lot of ice very fast. I don’t have enough space to store anymore so i just it so leave it in the machine.

The design is pretty cool because the melting ice goes into a drain that gets pumped back into the water holding tank so it constantly fills. Melts and refills with ice on its own without losing water.

4Expert Score
Very nice ice maker and quiet.

Love everything about it except the ice capacity. If you want to make a lot of ice plan on babysitting it. You will have to empty the ice about every 30 minutes.

4Expert Score
It makes ice

It beats making ice in tray.stops when it’s full..self i’m happy

4Expert Score
Almost perfect

Works perfectly. I love how i can choose the level of thickness on the ice. Only draw back is the taste. Not sure if the reason is the machine is new or if this will be an ongoing issue. Big problem if it can’t be fixed. If it goes away, this is the perfect machine at this price point

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