Silonn Countertop Ice Maker, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, 26lbs in 24Hrs, Self-Cleaning Ice Machine with Ice Scoop and Basket, 2 Sizes of Bullet Ice for Home Kitchen Office Bar Party, Black (SLIM09)

Silonn Countertop Ice Maker, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, 26lbs in 24Hrs, Self-Cleaning Ice Machine with Ice Scoop and Basket, 2 Sizes of Bullet Ice for Home Kitchen Office Bar Party, Black (SLIM09)

Buy Silonn Countertop Ice Maker, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, 26lbs in 24Hrs, Self-Cleaning Ice Machine with Ice Scoop and Basket, 2 Sizes of Bullet Ice for Home Kitchen Office Bar Party, Black (SLIM09): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Silonn Countertop Ice Maker: With silonn portable ice maker machine ice can be made rapidly in as little as 6 minutes. This is an amazing feat of engineering since ice usually takes over two hours to be made in a typical fridge freezer, which will not produce enough ice to cool all the drinks needed for a party. Party is no party without a bucket of fresh ice! The silonn ice machine can make a second, third, or fourth batch in no time.

What are silonn countertop ice maker features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Fast ice maker: the silonn countertop ice maker only takes 6 minutes to make 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes. Fill the water into the water tank, maximum ice capacity can reach 26 pounds in 24 hours.
  • Two sizes of ice cubes: you can make two different sizes of ice cubes. Small ice cubes can chill seafood and beer keeping it fresh and cold. Large ice cubes are more suitable for beverages to achieve a rapid cooling effect.
  • Easy carry design: silonn ice maker machine is portable with size of 11 x 9 x 11 inches. Our ice maker also has a sturdy handle that makes carrying from room to room even place to place a breeze. Have ice anywhere, anytime.
  • Quiet and user friendly: when making ice cubes, the noise is lower than 35db, similar to a working refrigerator. The transparent lid allows you to monitor the ice capacity. The sensor automatically detects when ice is full and stops producing to prevent overflowing.
  • Easy to control: the control panel is very easy to operate. Fill the ice maker with water, press the on button, select the size of the ice cubes and that’s it. When the water is insufficient or the ice basket is full, the indicator light will turn on.
  • Great hospitality: if you are big on social gatherings, then you know the importance of having cold drinks. With silonn ice machine maker countertop at home, you will always have ice readily available for your guests.
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Silonn countertop ice maker details:

Brand name


Model info


Item weight

‎15 pounds

Product dimensions

‎9 x 11 x 11 inches

Country of origin


Item model number



‎26 pounds

Installation type


Part number


Special features

‎portable ice maker, self-cleaning, compact design, makes two sizes of ice



Material type

‎acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Included components

‎ice maker, ice scoop, ice basket, user manual

Batteries required?


Silonn Countertop Ice Maker, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, 26lbs in 24Hrs, Self-Cleaning Ice Machine with Ice Scoop and Basket, 2 Sizes of Bullet Ice for Home Kitchen Office Bar Party, Black (SLIM09) AMAZON

Buy Silonn Countertop Ice Maker, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, 26lbs in 24Hrs, Self-Cleaning Ice Machine with Ice Scoop and Basket, 2 Sizes of Bullet Ice for Home Kitchen Office Bar Party, Black (SLIM09): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is the plug two or three prong?

In addition to being 3 prong, it is a flat plug that is difficult to plug in and the cord is stiff and can get in the way. If you plug it in to the top half of the wall outlet, it blocks the lower half. The plug should have the ability to swivel it so it doesn’t block the whole outlet when plugged into the top part of the outlet. I’m going to look for an outlet that has the 3rd ‘prong’ at the top of the top half and the prong at the bottom of the lower half so they both can fit easily. Why don’t the designers ever actually use their products and figure this out for themselves. A simple feature like a plug that swivels to adjust the direction of the cord is a no-brainer feature that would make me choose one icemaker brand over another.

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Does this have a drain at the bottom?

Yes, bottom side

What are the electrical specifications? Volts and watts

The volts are, 115 volts
the amps are 1.5 amps

if i am reading the back of the machine correctly

Can you leave the ice in the machine? Will the machine keep it cold? Will it hurt the machine to not use the ice asap?

This machine has an auto shutoff after basket fills. When it melts down past shutoff point, the ice maker cycles and make more ice. I turn on in the morning and have ice all day long. I don’t use a separate freezer. Whatever melting does occur, more is made. Although not refrigerated inside, the ice does seem to last at least a couple of hours.

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How much ice does it hold in the storage compartment?

This ice maker can make 9 ice cubes in 6 minutes and 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours!!!the storage capacity of ice cubes is 1.32 lbs. I love it!

Does it make a lot of noise?

I don’t think it’s very loud. There’s some whirring and slight noise from the fan while it’s working, but while it’s freezing the ice it’s quiet. I have mine running quite a lot and honestly the thing that i notice the sound of most often is just the completed ice falling into the basket.

How does self cleaning work? Do you empty the water after running the self clean?

Yes i always empty the water after cleaning the ice maker.

How many options for ice cubes?

This ice maker can produce small / large ice cubes which is very useful, you can choose based on your needs. I found that the same products from other sellers do not have this function. Strongly recommend it!

How long is the warranty for this product?

I’ve looked through the instruction manual and on the box itself and it doesn’t show any information on the warranty. It does give you a phone number to call if you have any problems or questions. So that’s the best answer i can give you

Green or blue?

In a crayola 120 pack, it’s closest to caribbean green.

Silonn Countertop Ice Maker, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, 26lbs in 24Hrs, Self-Cleaning Ice Machine with Ice Scoop and Basket, 2 Sizes of Bullet Ice for Home Kitchen Office Bar Party, Black (SLIM09) AMAZON

Buy Silonn Countertop Ice Maker, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, 26lbs in 24Hrs, Self-Cleaning Ice Machine with Ice Scoop and Basket, 2 Sizes of Bullet Ice for Home Kitchen Office Bar Party, Black (SLIM09): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Makes ice small enough for my water bottle.

I bought this because my expensive samsung refrigerator’s ice maker stopped working after 2 years. They were sued but didn’t have to pay for repairs to customers who previously purchased refrigerators … Even though they continued selling them knowing they would fail! Anyway instead of paying another $500 to fix my samsung refrigerators icemaker i opted to buy a portable ice maker.

It runs fairly quiet. Some noise is expected because of the fans. It is rather large and needs an open counter space with ventilation for the fans.

Makes ice quickly. I run it while watching tv when i start running low on ice. Use a large zip lock bag to store it in my freezer. The ice is small enough for my water bottle! Will come in handy when entertaining.

Only complaint i have is trying to remove the water plug for draining … It is rather difficult. I have cut up my cuticles on the metal ridges surrounding the plug. Will be using needle nose pliers in the future.

So far it’s been a good buy.

5Expert Score
Best ice maker i could have purchased

I am absolutely satisfied with this ice maker. I broke my leg, have to keep it iced for up to 16 hours a day and the cost of the ice bags from the store was killing me. So i did the math, and ordered the silonn ice maker and i am overjoyed. The description said it would make 26 pounds of ice a day and it does. The ice machine sets right next to my work desk and i hardly notice the noise at all. Quite honestly…it’s the best purchase i have made this year. One batch of ice is enough to fill my ice bag. There is a red light that comes on when the ice bucket is full, and it stops making ice until you empty it. There is also a red light that comes on to tell you that it is low on water. A few more cool things about this ice maker is that it is self-cleaning and you don’t have to use filtered water, just plain old tap water will do

5Expert Score
My camping hero!

I am very pleased with my purchase. I am able to power this with my ecoflow river which can be solar charged. I was considering an expensive refrigerated ice chest but don’t need to now. I can put my ice in bags in a regular cooler then empty the melted ice water into the ice maker and have more ice. The power required for this will be significantly less. Since i camp near my car, this is a great solution for keeping food cold for more than a few days! Note: the ice maker isn’t made to be used in high heat so i do have to take a few measures to make sure it doesn’t get too hot stored in the car.

5Expert Score
Excellent appliance; good for price; no major problems

This ice maker is an outstanding product! It’s effective and extremely efficient; you can have a whole basket of ice in just about 30 minutes.

It’s also surprising how rarely you need to refill the bucket with water. The ice basket is just above the water tank, so although the lid isn’t airtight and the ice will slowly melt if not used right away, it’s immediately recycled into new ice.

The only major downside is it’s noisiness. Ice has also gotten stuck one time in my experience, fooling the machine into thinking the basket is full, but this was an extremely easy fix.

5Expert Score
Love it!!

I have an autoimmune disorder that causes me to be excessively thirsty. I love ice cold drinks and lots of ice! Our ice maker in our fridge never really works well so we were buying a couple of bags of ice a week. I decided we needed a countertop ice maker. This thing is fantastic. It makes cubes quickly and doesn’t use much water. I use distilled water so the cubes are perfectly pure ice. I highly recommend

5Expert Score
Totally cool

What a cool little machine, literally.
Saw this on a family reunion getaway this little guy kept 12 of us in fresh ice all weekend. Bought one for my husband’s mechanics shop that can get so hot. Put it on a timer and it’s ready morning til night. Everyone just loves it!

5Expert Score
Great so far

This icemaker is exactly what we were looking for. It is fast and not very noisy. We ran three cycles through it before using the ice, and have had no issue with bad taste or flavor. We have only had it for a few months and cut it off every night. Hoping it will last at least three years.

5Expert Score
It’s a must!

Was skeptical about getting this ice machine, but after seeing it in action at work, i decided to buy it and my goodness did it pay off especially this summer! Highly recommend it, the noise really doesnt bother. Cleaning it, is super easy

5Expert Score
Ingenious and easy!

Works well for tailgates, camping, and anywhere you’re going to need ice. Doesn’t make a ton, but fast enough to cool your drinks. Not intended to fill your cooler, but if you have the freezer space and the patience, you can plan ahead and stock up. Scoop is practically worthless, but who cares.

5Expert Score
Nice portable ice maker

We bought this portable ice maker for a camp trip. The picture was taken when we went through the first 4 cycles to clean the machine. It worked great at an overnight camp trip and we could use the fresh ice tubes to make various kinds of drinks to cool down and relax. The machine makes small and large size ice tubes, and it makes 9 cubes per batch every 6, 7 mins. We normally wait 35 mins to get about 50 ice tubes. Although the ice cubes will not keep frozen in the icemaker, it is easy to transfer the ice tubes to a thermo, and add more water to make more ice tubes. Overall, we like this portable ice maker.

4Expert Score
Makes good to chew ice pretty quickly!

The little ice maker works very well. We now have plenty of ice for drinks and for the ice chewer in the family! Only thing that could be better is that when the little bucket is full and i go to put it into the freezer it drips water all over the floor/and counter top.

4Expert Score
Works well but not for quantity

This is a nice product, but it does have its limitations. It was very easy to use. You do have to wash the surface and removable parts before using and run through several cycles of ice before you actually consume any, just to be sure it’s thoroughly cleaned. Once it’s ready, you put water in the reservoir, turn it on, pick the size of ice you want, and it does the rest. It takes about 7 minutes to get a set of six small ice cubes, and then it starts on the next one. So in 35 minutes you’ll get about 30 small cubes (actually cone-shaped) which is probably enough for two to four drinks, depending on how much ice you want in your glass. And as each group of ice is done, you really should put it in the freezer, since it will melt if it sits in the unit for too long. My point here is that, if you want this to provide continuous ice for a party, it’s probably not going to do the job. But if it’s just for your family on occasion, then it’s great.

4Expert Score
Okay for places with no other options

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No compatible source was found for this media.
I’m putting together a quick-and-dirty rec room in our basement so the kids have someplace to watch tv and play video games. I was given a couple of kitchen cabinets and small section of countertop, so i put a little ‘kitchenette’ in the corner with a mini fridge and microwave. But, it’s ‘dry’ – there’s no sink or running water, and the mini fridge keeps drinks more in the ‘slightly cool’ range, as opposed to actually ‘cold’. So i decided to try one of these countertop ice makers to provide ice in the event that some guests come over.

I like the compact size and the fact it doesn’t seem to use much power. I plugged it in and added water (after waiting a day, per the instructions), hit the button, and… Nothing. The ‘add water’ light came on – but i had filled it up pretty close to the ‘max’ line? Ok, i added another half a bottle of water. It started pumping the water up and 10 minutes or so later i had ice!

It’s kinda handy, but not without it’s problems: it’s loud. Louder than i expecting something this size could be, especially when it’s pumping the water at the start of the cycle. And even when it’s just running, the fan is powerful enough that i can sense the vibration from a few feet away. The machine doesn’t actually refrigerate the ice holding area, so if you don’t use the ice at a pretty good clip, it melts. There’s always a bit of water left in the holding area, so i have to carry the whole unit upstairs to drain and dry it after an evening of using it. It needs to be refilled often – you’d quickly fall behind if you had more than 3 or 4 people using this throughout the course of an evening.

Overall it’s a better option than nothing, or if you entertain a lot it’s better than buying a bag of ice every time you host guests. And it would probably be a lot more handy if you’re planning on keeping it on your kitchen counter right next to your sink, so you could fill or drain it at will. I’m glad to have it as a backup for occasional gatherings, camping trips, power outages, etc., but i don’t know if i’d consider it a ‘use it day in and day out’ kind of item.

4Expert Score
Very nice, but very noisy!

I ordered this for my home office – basically so that i don’t have to constantly go downstairs to the main fridge to get ice for my water, which i was doing multiple times an hour lol since i started drinking a ton more water in the last couple of years.

It was a good decision – this machine works very well! It’s simple to operate, makes a good amount of ice with little effort, and it’s fast. It has an auto shut off that will stop making ice when the tray is full, and it has a small footprint – i have it on top of the upstairs water cooler and it works well there.

The only issue with it is that it’s loud! The fan is going all the time which i understand, but i feel like maybe it’s a bit too loud for it to constantly running. After a few days, you get used to it (and if you are using this in your kitchen like a normal person, this is probably not a problem for you…) but if you have it in a space where you need quiet sometimes, you will likely have to shut it off at some point. Obviously there is going to be sounds when the ice drops in the tray too, but that’s expected. It’s just the fan issue that wasn’t…and that’s why i took off a star.

If you are in need of an ice maker, this is a great one to choose – it’s a great price, works great, looks great…and just plain is great! But it is also noisy so that’s just something to keep in mind!

4Expert Score
Great for parties!

This is a sweet little ice maker that works really fast. It’s not the kind that you leave plugged in all the time as a stand in for a broken ice maker in your fridge, but if you’re expecting a party or know you’re going to need ice for a short period of time, this is a good option. It comes with two ice cube sizes (see photo) and spits out a new batch every 6-7 minutes as advertised. It does not keep the ice frozen, so as it melts in the collection tray, it drips back into the water reservoir and is recycled into new ice. It does sound like it pulls a fair bit of power, so if you do leave this plugged in, you may see a bit of a hike in your electric bill.

4Expert Score
Not that much difference on the sizes

I got this one for the reason that it advertises as making 2 sizes of ice nuggets. Large and small. But honestly, there’s not that much difference. But works good, just a little noisy though.

4Expert Score
Nice little icemaker

This little icemaker is nice for rv travel or when you just need some ice quickly.

The set up was fairly easy, pretty much just a plug-in-play type of machine. When it’s brand new they do ask that you throw away the first four batches of ice that you make so leave a little extra time for that.

The icemaker was fairly fast and efficient, it may nine cubes about every 10-ish minutes. The icemaker itself does not keep the cubes chilled completely after they’re created, i attached a picture that shows what it looks like after it’s been sitting for about two hours. To me this is not really a big deal because when i travel in my travel trailer i would most likely just put the ice into a bag and stick it in the trailer freezer, and we all know the trailer freezers refuse to make ice cubes on a one night stay.

There are two large fans on the side of the icemaker, so i don’t think this model will fit well in a tight area.

I added a video to show you how loud the icemaker is, i don’t feel like it’s super loud but it definitely is noticeable. Flavor wise, it really depends on what you put into the icemaker, if you put in tapwater you’re getting tapwater ice and if you put it in bottled water you’re getting bottled water ice, you choose the flavor.

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