Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Handle, Portable Ice Makers, Makes up to 27 lbs. of Ice Per Day, 9 Cubes in 7 Mins, Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket, Green, 12 x 9 x 12 inches (SLIM06)

Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Handle, Portable Ice Makers, Makes up to 27 lbs. of Ice Per Day, 9 Cubes in 7 Mins, Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket, Green, 12 x 9 x 12 inches (SLIM06)

Buy Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Handle, Portable Ice Makers, Makes up to 27 lbs. of Ice Per Day, 9 Cubes in 7 Mins, Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket, Green, 12 x 9 x 12 inches (SLIM06): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are silonn countertop ice maker machine with handle features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Fast ice maker: with silonn ice makers countertop, 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes can be produced rapidly in as little as 7 minutes. At home, ice is just one quick press of a button away!
  • Effortless to make: fill the portable ice maker with water, press the on button, select the size of the ice cubes and that’s it.
  • Easy carry design: our countertop ice maker has a sturdy handle that makes carrying from room to room even place to place a breeze. Have ice anywhere, anytime.
  • Self-cleaning function: hold the on/off button for 5 seconds to start the self-cleaning process. Occasionally, self-clean your ice machine for healthier/fresher ice cubes.
  • Quiet & user-friendly: when making ice cubes, the noise is lower than 45db, equivalent to a library room. The transparent lid allows you to observe the ice amount. Our sensor automatically detects when ice is full and stops producing to prevent overflowing.
  • Great hospitality: if you are big on social gatherings, then you know the importance of having cold drinks. With silonn ice machine maker countertop at home, you will always have ice readily available for your guests.
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Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Handle, Portable Ice Makers, Makes up to 27 lbs. of Ice Per Day, 9 Cubes in 7 Mins, Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket, Green, 12 x 9 x 12 inches (SLIM06) AMAZON

Buy Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Handle, Portable Ice Makers, Makes up to 27 lbs. of Ice Per Day, 9 Cubes in 7 Mins, Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket, Green, 12 x 9 x 12 inches (SLIM06): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is the plastic in the machine bpa free?

What difference does it make? In order for bpa to leak into food, you have to apply heat… This is an ice maker!

Sensor not working why won’t it stop making ice when the tray is full?

The ice maker uses an infrared led and a photo diode pair to sense when the basket is full. If it won’t stop making ice, the photo diode receiver is probably shot and stuck in the ‘not blocked’ output. This is not a show-stopper. As long as it is making ice, just give the basket a look occasionally and empty it. You want to do that anyway, since the bin isn’t insulated or refrigerated, the ice begins to melt as soon as it is made. I normally empty the bin after three or four cycles…..

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How big is an ice cube? 1 inch by 1 inch?

No i’d say i/2 inch

I ordered my machine and it has not arrived. My request for a refund was approved, pending my returning the machine. How do i contact the seller?

Go to your amazon account and look up items i purchased. You will most likely find the information there.

Can you leave it plugged in all the time?

Mine is plugged in all the time,i make ice all day long & put it in the freezer.

Why won’t my ice tray fill up with ice? Please i really i want to stop buying ice.

Because it makes ice not holds ice. Put the ice in the freezer once made.

Brand new machine. And it says it is low on water but has plenty. Any ideas?

Pack it up and ship it back. It sounds like a bad sensor which is keeping the machine from working properly. If the low water level indicator is defective the pump will not work, etc etc. This sometimes happens and amazon will certainly help you out with the return process. We have three of these in our office and had to send one back initially, but they have been operating just fine for sometime now. Good luck with the machine and hope the replacement works out for you. Keith

Leaking water after 1 month !!! How do i contact the seller?

Go to your amazon account and look under orders

Has anyone tried it camping ?

Yes…my son takes it in their camper and uses it in their house when not camping…a very nice product…you can’t go wrong with this…it recycles the water if not being used…

My machine only makes one cycle then goes into standby, how do i solve this?

I don’t have the same problem. I would check the sensors near the top of the ice bin and make sure they are not freezing up each time you use the ice maker. You may need to send this in for a replacement or repair.

My ice machine keeps shutting off automatically, how do i stop this feature so it keeps the ice tray full?

This hasn’t happened to me so i cannot help with that

I never got my machine, the address on the box was for and az address and the ups delivered it to the wrong address, and then picked it up, refund??

This is a question for amazon, not about the product in question. Try communicating with them directly. Also try ups and find out what they did with the pickup..

Is there a customer service number? I cleaned and it still won’t fill. 6 months is not long enough to be replacing already

Amazon customer service

Just received out of the box and the surface is covered of the ice maker is covered in oil, and the bottom of the inside of box is saturated with oil

I sent mine back because the ice didn’t freeze. Water kept running into the ice compartment.

Cube ice like reviews or bullet like the description?

Cube and clear.
Cubes are about 3.4>7/8 inch. 24 to a drop i always run it with the six minutes added setting for ice that desn’t melt as fast.
I put it in a freezer bag and smack it to break the cubes apart

New ice has a plastic smell still after a about two weeks of using machine. How long before it goes away?

I never had that problem

Is this a usa product?

Fair question. Answer: china

Does the maker run on freon?

The refrigerant is an isobutane, also known as r600a. It is a relative of butane. No reference to freon in the owner’s manual.

How does the self clean function work?

I’ve actually never used it! Alwayswipedit out with vinegar after every use. Works awesome everytime

Some are saying the ice cubes are square and some are saying they are bullet shaped. Which one is it?

There square ice cubes

Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Handle, Portable Ice Makers, Makes up to 27 lbs. of Ice Per Day, 9 Cubes in 7 Mins, Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket, Green, 12 x 9 x 12 inches (SLIM06) AMAZON

Buy Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Handle, Portable Ice Makers, Makes up to 27 lbs. of Ice Per Day, 9 Cubes in 7 Mins, Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket, Green, 12 x 9 x 12 inches (SLIM06): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Ease of operation

What a great appliance. We have no ice maker in our refrigerator, not plumbed and this was just what we needed. 5 lb bag of ice is now almost $5 locally. So easy to use, add water, turn on and let the ice begin. A little small on the large size but can live with that. Haven’t seen proctor silex product in years. Always was good product. Thank you mrs. Jerry jones

5Expert Score
My 2nd silonn countertop ice maker to die! 15 days of use.

My 3rd icemaker (this $109 silonn) tragically passed away with family around the kitchen counter after 15-days of admirable service!

It was a replacement for my 2nd ice maker – a similar $99 silonn ice maker. It lasted 2 days!

My very first ice maker was a $210 euhomy ice maker machine countertop, 40lbs/24h compact ice cube maker that died a peaceful death after 18 months! I thought that was bad. I was wrong. That is admirable!

Now ordering our 4th icemaker ($148 frigidaire efic452-ssred xl maker). If it lasts a month my family will be thrilled!

5Expert Score
Great little ice maker

This ice maker is precisely as advertised. It arrived in perfect condition. Set up was easy. We used distilled water. The ice was clear. It becomes a little cloudy when put in the freezer, but becomes clear again when liquid is poured around the ice cubes. The first ice came out in about seven minutes. Since the water recirculates and gets colder and colder, subsequent ice came out even faster and faster. The bin does not hold a lot of ice. And, it is only insulated. It is not refrigerated. So, i transferred the ice to a plastic box and put it in the freezer right away. I found out that if i didn’t transfer the ice out of the maker until the bin was filled, the ice was a little wet and when i put it in the freezer, all the cubes stuck together. When i transferred the ice to the freezer pretty soon after it was made, i did not have any problem with the ice sticking together in large clumps. I found the sound level of the machine to be quite low. I expected it to be much louder. Over all, i would say this this ice maker is worth every penny. I’m not sure how they make it for such a small amount of money.

5Expert Score

Worked as expected. Not heavy, allowing you to easily move. Not too noisy either. Made good ice. Melted ice gets recycled for new ice. Happy with it and was great value.

5Expert Score
Quick little machine

I bought mine to take in my semi with me. I am an ice fanatic. It works great. Use store bought water in the gallon jugs. The carrying handle came off once but didn’t break, i believe it was installers fault. I put it back on and haven’t had any issues since!

5Expert Score
More than supplemental

I thought adding water all the time would be a hassle. It’s not. The unit recycles the melted ice, but don’t let it recycle too many times or the ice takes on a chemical taste. We use it more than i thought we would because it makes ice fast and unlike the refrigerator ice that takes up the taste of food, it’s as pure and tasteless as the water you put in it. If you’re having a party or filling up an ice chest, don’t plan on these little units fulfilling that need. But for average daily use, it’s excellent.

5Expert Score
Favorite buy!

Love love love this ice machine! Fits perfectly on the counter. Makes ice so fast and i love the consistency of the ice. This ice is perfect for chewing after you finish your drink!

5Expert Score
Small but effective

Pros: makes ice very quick in two different sizes. Price was good compared to others and i bought refurbished saved even more.
If you take the basket out and let it run a few cycles, the ice helps cool the water and it will make ice faster.
Cons: small basket, trips the full sensor and stops the machine without any indication so if your not paying attention the ice will sit and melt. Small reservoir for water sits under the ice basket.

5Expert Score
Easy to use and producing ice as it was advertised on.

I purchased ice maker machine and i am satisfied with this item very much.

5Expert Score
Best thing i ever bought

No more ice runs. I make my ice as needed.

4Expert Score
These are 'funny' little icemakers…

For what it is, it works well – so the 5 stars. This would be great in your personal ‘bar’ for immediate usage but is not really going to work as a icemaker you can use for even a 12 hour period.
First it is not insulated (as it states in the instructions) and will not hold the ice (frozen) for any length of time.
Second, the ice it creates has a lot of air which makes it freeze fast, but the physical quantity of ‘frozen water’ is not that much. This makes any style of this type of ice melt fast.
Third, when the water runs out, the unit shuts down. Meaning the bin of ice will melt faster.
Let’s say you were to leave it running ‘unattended’ expecting to have a bin full of ice a couple hours later: what would actually happen is it would make the first ‘ice’ pretty quick and it starts to melt some. Ice would continue to be made and melt slightly until it ran out of water. At that point the freezer shuts down,it warms up and the ice in the bin melts faster & faster. This thawed water will fall into the water reservoir until it all melted and you would find it with no ice, full of water and saying it needs water -or- might restart and refreeze the thawed water, over & over again.
Also, the ice is really only good straight up; i.e. Crushing or chipping would be marginal due to the air content.
Last, i bought it to use in a true (commercial) ice shaver for a quickie snow cone without using every cube in the freezer and not having to wait or keep my freezer full of extra ice cubes. The ‘ice’ this unit creates will not work with a ‘shaver’ due to the air content.

4Expert Score
So nice that we don't have to use the trays anymore

This ice maker does a great job at the one thing it’s supposed to do, make ice. It makes a little extra noise yes, and it takes up some space on the counter, but it isn’t too difficult to make the ice and then store it elsewhere.

One thing it doesn’t do well, however, is keep the ice cold after it makes it. I understand why, but if you are expecting to just have it keep all the ice cold and ready, it doesn’t work great at that. The ice continuously (slowly) melts and then it will make new ice. I’ve found that the best approach is when it gets full you just empty it into a large freezer bag and put it into the freezer for storage.

Has a large reservoir for water to keep making ice for a long time, and a handy drain at the bottom of the machine when you want it dry to store it. Simple to use. Pretty happy and felt it was a great deal.

4Expert Score
Very useful and quiet

Very useful and the ice produces at a good pace. Very quiet when its running. The only issue i have with this specific product is the water doesn’t drain well from the ice bin. If you transfer the ice to a freezer for storage, the ice becomes a giant clump. Aside from that, this is the exact item i was looking for. The description was exact.

4Expert Score
Ice maker

Very slow process, but it works. Wish the ice cubes can be made larger. It has a switch for large, but they are really not large. Makes a good amount of ice.

4Expert Score
Must have!

I had originally ordered another ice maker that never made it to my house after waiting three months. I then researched again and found this one. I can only tell you my experience and hope that this helps you. I received it in a timely manner. I waited the time stated plus a little bit longer for it to sit before i used it. The machine is light enough to easily put on the countertop and move back and forth if need be, but i just leave mine there because it is small enough. I added water, turned it on, pushed the button for small ice (recommended on a review i read) and within 5 minutes i had ice! The noise is minimal and if i go in the other room i don’t even hear it…maybe when the ice is being dropped. I did take off one point since it’s not noiseless. As stated in other reviews, the ice maker isn’t a freezer so you will need to put the ice in the freezer yourself or it will melt. The ice is firm but soft…not squishy. This machine is perfect for what i need and i can make a freezer bucket of ice in less than 30 minutes. It’s super easy and convenient and i feel worth the price. I’ve had it over a month now with no issues and would recommend this product. I haven’t used the clean button yet, but will do so soon and let you know if there are any issues. One other thing…the ice cubes do bunch together in the freezer, but i just give a little tap on the counter or with the shovel and it breaks apart easily. I hope this helps.

4Expert Score
Great icemaker

My ice maker in my fridge broke about a year ago and i got tired of buying bags of ice that freeze and clump together in my ice bin.

This ice maker was on sale so i bought it. It’s super easy to use and the instructions are clear. Make sure to place the unit upright and in its permanent location for 24hrs before using so the freon settles.

The only reason give it 4 stars and not 5 is because you do have to dedicate at least 2 hrs to making a full round of ice since it makes 9 cubes every 9 minutes and the ice will melt if you don’t dump the tray in a timely manor (though i did forget once for about 40min and the ice was still good)!

I believe all of the ice makers take just as long to make ice so it’s not an issue with this specific one.

What i love most is the shape of the ice it makes. The cubes dont clump or freeze together in my ice bin in the freezer! The cubes are way better than what my fridge made and what i buy at the corner stores.

I can make about half a bin of ice in just a few hours. So if you plan on making ice while your doing other chores it works out great. The maker doesn’t make a lot of noise either. I’ve had it now for a few months and it’s working great and has been an excellent purchase.

4Expert Score
Mostly great!

This is machine is great, but it frequently pauses because it thinks the ice is full when it’s not because the offer piles up on one side, blocking the sensor prematurely. It’s great otherwise.

4Expert Score
Does what it says. Do not pick it up by the handle.

Works as intended but the handle is useless and risky. It’s okay to help slide it around on the counter but do not pick it up that way. Nothing secures the handle into the body. The attachment points pop out and the icemaker (which is somewhat heavy) will fall, damaging it, you and whatever else it hits.

This is an inexcusable design flaw. Either secure the handle, or omit it.

4Expert Score
Makes ice quickly

The only reason i’m not giving the slice maker a five star review is it was a little noisier than i thought it would be. It’s on the counter top right in my kitchen, and if it is running it’s a little louder than i expected. The ice it makes is a great size, and it also makes very quickly. Would still recommend this ice machine, just be aware of the noise.

4Expert Score
Pretty good

price is good for what it is
quiet except for when it drops ice
bullet is is not super hard, so if you are an ice cruncher like me, you’ll like the ice it makes
bullet ice has more surface area, so it cools drinks faster
makes ice fairly fast

stacks ice at the back of the basket where the sensor eye is, so you only get a half basket of ice before it stops. I push ice forward when i see it not running to get the basket full.

Does have a bit of a taste in the ice
basket is small. Only holds enough for a couple of 12oz. Glass fulls
ice melts fairly quickly, which makes the machine run a lot.

Overall, i would buy again if needed

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