Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid | Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Tumbler for Toddlers, Girls, Boys | Summit Collection | 14oz, Solar System

Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid | Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Tumbler for Toddlers, Girls, Boys | Summit Collection | 14oz, Solar System Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid | Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Tumbler for Toddlers, Girls, Boys | Summit Collection | 14oz, Solar System : Everything Else

What are simple modern kids water bottle with straw lid | insulated stainless steel reusable tumbler for toddlers features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Double wall insulation: keeps beverages at ideal temperatures for hours
  • Leakproof when the nozzle is in the closed position; not recommended for hot or carbonated beverages.
  • Bpa-free and dishwasher safe on the top rack
  • Cupholder friendly: 10-18oz bottles fit most cupholders
  • Limited lifetime warranty & patent pending
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Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid | Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Tumbler for Toddlers, Girls, Boys | Summit Collection | 14oz, Solar System AMAZON Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid | Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Tumbler for Toddlers, Girls, Boys | Summit Collection | 14oz, Solar System : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Does the dishwasher ruin or fade the design?

I haven’t used them in the dishwasher, but just regular wear and tear does ruin the design. It’s just paint on metal. And if your kids are destructive, they’ll be able to make lil knicks/dents in it. Idrc about the paint, but i would try them in the dishwasher if it didn’t leave residue, it’s kind of hard to clean the insides without a bottle cleaner. And they make their own residue build up every couple of days.

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What is the diameter? Is it as large as the adult sized ones?

Almost, i’m not sure but it is a tight fit in the cup holders.

It’s the spout hard plastic or silicone?

Spout is hard plastic

Can the water bottle straw lid be used without the straw (tipped up like a sippy cup) or will the lid leak from the intake hole?

It’s a hard plastic flip up straw like you would find on a thermos jug. If you open the drinking spout, you can either sip or pour from the opening

Does it keep liquid warm?

I’m not sure we’ve only used them for cold liquids. But work great for cold milk and iced water.

Is there a way to buy extra straws for this? Somehow i lost the straw when i detached it to clean it

Yep! You can for sure do it on the simple modern website. Not sure if amazon sells them as well.

Dose the 10oz water bottle have an straw on the inside

Yes. We loved them so much i bought 3 different patterns

How does it work ?

This thermos really works well! If i put ice in it in the morning for my son before school, when i pick him up from school the ice is still there! Ive noticed it lasts overnight as well. The thermos is extremely durable (my kids are 3yr and 6yr), comes with a second straw, and does not spill. Highly recommend.

Is the pink flamingo design actually the bear design or is it really pink flamingos?

Thank you for catching our error! The product found at is the pink flamingos 14oz water bottle. We will get that fixed!

Are the water bottles actually spill proof not just leak proof ?

If the spout is open and child puts it upside down, some water will come out but if spout is closed and bottle is laying around nothing leaks

How long does this keep water cold, i need for 10 hrs.

It will keep cold for 10 hours easy.

Is 14 oz too big for a 3 year old?

Not at all. I send it to school with my daughter.

I want to add daughters’ names on bottle, how can i do this through amazon??

Didn’t know that was an option. We have customized labels for daycare and just add one to the bottle. Lasts a few months.

Is it tsa approved ? I’m i allowed to take it to airport ?

Any bottle is as long as it’s empty when going through security. After that you can fill it inside the airport

I bought my little guy the construction one and it leaks uncontrollably when it’s closed! Anyone else experienced this?

I bought the construction one for my great nephew as a gift, but i have not been told it leaks. I would send it back for an exchange.

Does the water bottle sweat?

I’ve never experienced the bottle sweating. And i would put ice in it in the summer time.

Is this only for water or can i use it for milk?

I only use it for water, but you could use it for milk, or anything that is not carbonated. However, i’ve always found that milk tastes kinda weird in metal cups. But it’s a personal preference.

Can i order the lid by itself ?

Yes. You can on simple modern’s amazon store. It is in accessories.

We need replacement straws, where can we find out that we can use the 10 oz thermos?

It comes with extra straw and i believe the simply modern site sells extra caps and straws

Why does this cup have 2 straws and how am i supposed to use it with 2 draws?

Straws get dirty straws get damaged. They give you two for you to have an extra one when the first one goes bad. Great cups. Our family has bought several more

Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid | Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Tumbler for Toddlers, Girls, Boys | Summit Collection | 14oz, Solar System AMAZON Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid | Insulated Stainless Steel Reusable Tumbler for Toddlers, Girls, Boys | Summit Collection | 14oz, Solar System : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Doesn't leak

The whole point of this water bottle is for it not to leak. Brand new, day one, out the box this thing just pours water out the vent hole with the straw closed. On to the name brand yeti and hydro flask models


my frustration above was more pointed at the last bottle i bought that failed me (zak!). I got some dripping out of the top but it turns out it was the juice that was stuck in straw portion of the lid. Nothing to complain about and pretty obvious after you think about it.

I have since tested this bottle and come away quite happy with the product overall. Solid design, easy to clean, came with a second straw, and doesn’t leak even if you shake the heck out of it.

It may not fit in the graco forever cupholders but nothing fits in those damn cupholders and that’s graco’s fault for not thinking about insulated bottles.

I’ll probably buy the larger/taller version of this bottle when my kid gets a bit older and needs more volume. It’s good that they have that option.

***edit 2***
upgraded to a hydroflask and it was the best decision i could have made. This cup may not leak like a sieve but it still isn’t very good.

The straw manages to build up suction with non carbonated drinks (water, juice, lemonade) and when you open the straw it flings it at your face and chest. Now i’m not saying you get soaked but you definitely get startled and you definitely end up wet and unhappy.

This is now the backup that only gets used in an emergency now.

5Expert Score
Good bottles

I was trying to find 2 good bottles that actually keep the water cold in the summer time for my kids. These definitely do. We’ve used those for about 1 year or maybe longer. My kids like the design, we got the sharks on it . Easy to drink out of. They came with an extra straw each which is nice. The bottles are pretty easy to clean. The design starts to come off a little bit but no wonder with the kids using the bottles every day.
No complaints. I would probably get the same bottles again after these are done for.

5Expert Score
Used and dropped all year long and still in great shape!

We get one of these every year for our kids for school. They love being able to pick the look of their cup, and i love knowing that they are getting something that (1) keeps their water pretty cool all day and (2) will last the entire year. We could have used last years cups even, they worked completely fine, but my kids are very clumsy and they looked pretty banged up. The only reason i got new was because i didn’t want them taking something that looked so sad, but they still work completely great and we use them at home still. Simple modern is our favorite place for travel water bottles!

5Expert Score
Great for kids at school

Absolutely love this brand. Arrived promptly and in the original packaging. This brand is awesome for my kids at school. Their water stays cold all day (still has ice in the evening if they don’t finish), the cup has no leaks, and has survived multiple drops. I will add if it gets dented it will leak

5Expert Score
Perfect for a very rough toddler

My son like to throw things and this has withstood his roughness very well! It will leak out of the straw when it’s open but since he only gets water, i don’t mind. It keeps his water super cold for a long time. It fits in my diaper bag but not his cupholders

5Expert Score
Great bottle – doesn't leak!

This is the second of this type of bottle we have purchased. The only reason we replaced the first one is because it was lost at the park. This is super durable, looks great, can take a beating, and doesn’t leak. That is really hard to find in a lot of kids’ water bottles. Plus the designs are super cute and fun. I’m currently considering buying a larger one for myself.

5Expert Score
Love it for my toddlers

If you want a water bottle that is easy to clean and super sturdy. This is for you. My 1 and 3 year old use them all the time. They are often dropped/thrown on the floor and show no signs of abuse. They are super easy to clean and the bottom i just throw in the dishwasher. It also comes with a spare straw just incase you loose one.

5Expert Score
Holds ice wayyyyy longer than other popular bottles!!!!

Love that all parts of this are totally dishwasher safe… Lighter weight than other popular brands. The prints are awesome… After buying a couple for my kids, i even got one for myself! It’s the only bottle we use now… Keeps ice all day long, even when i’ve left the bottle in my car on one of the hottest days of the summer… So impressed! It does dent and scratch easily in my opinion… But it’s not a holy grail! Totally worth it… The customer service from the company is awesome too… You won’t be disappointed!!!!

5Expert Score
Sturdy water bottle for kids

My 3 yr old has successfully destroyed every water bottle we’ve ever gotten for him. This is the first water bottle that has been able to last under his reign. Plastic water bottles and water bottles with silicone flexible hosing/straws stood no chance against my son. This bottle has only strong and long-lasting components. This one is also the perfect size as he drinks a lot of water and most other water bottles don’t offer enough water for him. We were constantly having to refill the others because he drank them so quickly. This one lasts two to three times as long before he asks for a refill. Highly recommend

5Expert Score
No se riega!

Lo busque pensando en que mi hija de 2 años no regara el agua y esté yendo ha sido de muy buena calidad y no se riega como otro que tenía. Obviamente si la boquilla está abierta se riega un poco, pero cuando está cerrada, cero. Lo único que no me gusto, es que pesa mucho para sus manos pequeñas. Pero aún así, lo utiliza todos los días!

4Expert Score
Good find

This is one of the best water bottles i have ever bought for my kids. Highly durable, easy to clean with a baby bottle brush. It comes with an extra straw which is nice. Keeps water and ice cold for hours, which is a plus in the summertime. It only leaks a lil from the top due to pressure every once in a while. I believe it is worth the price i paid.

4Expert Score
Super cute just leaks

This is a super cute water bottle. Comes in this very adorable box that i thought was a nice touch. Plus an extra straw which is nice. The design i love and i’ve dropped it a few times with no issue. Plus drink stays cold for awhile. Only down flaw i seen is if it’s tilted on its side or upside down i find it leaks. Also if you take a sip and then go to fold the straw back up right away water comes out of the hinge of the straw. But other then that it’s a pretty nice water bottle. Wouldn’t trust any other liquid in it as it does leak out sometimes.

4Expert Score

Good water bottle for my kiddos, it does leak occasionally but other wise a good bottle.

4Expert Score
Great bottle but squeaks

My kid loves this water bottle. It’s a fun pattern that is a nice learning opportunity on the solar system. However it makes a funny squeaking sound from the straw; so if your child is sensitive to sounds you may want to look elsewhere.

4Expert Score
Leaks a bit

We have four of these because i love tossing them in the dishwasher, instead of cleaning them by hand. The tie dye one is the only one that we’ve had problems with leaking, but they’re a great price and super easy to keep clean.

4Expert Score
Nice one

The bottle is of good quality and the print is good too. The size is little big for my car seat and stroller cup holders that’s the only con.

4Expert Score
Hermoso pero se raya la botella metálica

Hermoso pero se va rayando los hermosos dibujos del sistema solar, a mi hijo se le ha caído algunas veces y lleva pocos meses y está muy rayado

4Expert Score
Bottle review

Strong and durable with beautiful graphics. Well worth the cost. Leak proof and easy for kids to close. Easy to clean.

4Expert Score
It's great! Just wish it could do leak proof

My boy loved it. And it dish washer safe
just hope next develope will be leak proof

4Expert Score
A little leaky

It’s definitely not leak proof but we still really like it!

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