SINGER 00218 Tape Measure, 60-Inch

SINGER 00218 Tape Measure, 60-Inch

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SINGER 00218 Tape Measure: The singer 60-inch tape measure is made of durable, yet flexible vinyl, making it perfect for a seamstress or tailor. Well suited for clothing design and production, the soft tape measure rests seamlessly along curved and flat surfaces. Black print on pink background allows for easy sight and marked inches and centimeters allows for simple conversions.

What are singer 00218 tape measure features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 60-inch, flexible and durable vinyl tape measure
  • 5-foot soft vinyl tape measure perfect tailor’s tool for measuring flat or rounded surfaces
  • Black print on pink tape
  • Shows inches and centimeters
  • Tabbed edges prevent fray
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SINGER 00218 Tape Measure, 60-Inch AMAZON

Shop SINGER at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

Does this product contain lead?

The quantity it contains is too low to require a lead warning. It contains fewer than 100 parts per million; a sewing product containing more than 300 ppm will have the prop 65 warning.

Is this printed on both sides or only one?

it is printed on both sides. Inches on one side and centimeters on the other. I think it is centimeters. It is a very good made tape measure.

Where is this made

It is not branded singer, it comes with no packaging as photos show, and is not white. The 1.00 tape costs almost 9.00 to ship! Cheap trash, ridiculous shipping charge.

Does this tape measure have the holes in the metal on the ends? Most pictures show the hole there, but one picture shows that area as closed.

Yes, there are open holes at the end of the tape.

Can you use this for your body ?

yes, you may certainly use this for body measurements up to 60 inches. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at

warm regards,
dyno merchandise

Is this a prop 65 warning item?

No, this item meets all testing and does not require a prop 65 warning label.

The measuring tape was not included.


If it has fiberglass in it, wouldn’t that be irritating for one’s skin?

No, the fiberglass should not irritate your skin because the small amount in it. It is mostly comprised of very durable vinyl perfect for measurements. The product is highly rated and safe to use.

How to put an item on wishlist

Select ‘wishlist’ instead of cart, just like adding to cart.

How long does shipping take?

Depends on what you pay for, for me it was a couple of days before it arrived at my house

How is this quality?

Its great! Does the job! My cat got ahold of mine and chewed it up so thank you for reminding me to get a new one.

Two different colors are shown. Is it actually the hot pink or the softer pink?

I got the softer pink colored one.

How much weight can it hold? Thinking of making a backyard swing. This is cheaper than rope.

I don’t know how much weight it can hold but i don’t think it’s strong enough to use for a swing. In fact, i strongly recommend you don’t use this for that purpose.

I can’t find this package despite it says that it was delivered

Did you check inside your neighbor’s bedroom closet? It was in the sock drawer. That’s probably where yours is too.

Can i pin this tape measure to the project? Or is it made of plastic that is difficult to pin through

Yes it is difficult to pin through tape, because it is made of plastic .

Can this be used to measure your bust?

Yes it could. It only goes to 60 inches though. If your bust is bigger than that it won’t work.

Is measurement are same for usa size vs india size

It has both western and metric.

How long does the shipping take if you were to ship it to lebanon

Long enough for you to forget that you ordered it…so you will be happily surprised when you get it.

Was not delivered

Amazon will make it right. Just let them know on your orders page

How much difference in 1inch this type an 1 inch carpenter tape?

1-inch is 1-inch. Same measurement.

SINGER 00218 Tape Measure, 60-Inch AMAZON

Shop SINGER at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great measuring tape

I have used this mainly for measuring packages that i ship and then pay for postage online
i assume this is accurate
because my packages have been arriving
so my measurements seem to be accurate

5Expert Score
Sometimes you just need a tape measure

It’s singer, it’s vinyl, it’s well made. This will not tear or wear out on you. If you want to buy only one tape measure in your life, buy this one.

5Expert Score
Measuring tape

Used to accurately measure one’s waist

5Expert Score
This is the old-school way

I bought this cause it’s affordable.

5Expert Score
Great product

Great price great product came in short time love amazon

5Expert Score
Easy to read

It was exactly what i needed it also has cm on the other side

5Expert Score
Exactly what advertised.

Exactly what i needed.

5Expert Score
Exactly as expected

Sometimes it’s great when a product does what you think it should. This is basic but expected for the price and fulfills all requirements.

5Expert Score
Great value!

Perfect and arrived as described. Makes it super easy to take measurements

5Expert Score
Sturdy, inexpensive tape measure. Pleased with quality.

Inexpensive and sturdy. Got mine in pink. Recommend.

4Expert Score
Good enough

Works well enough

4Expert Score

Not 100% acturate but its close enough

4Expert Score
Good. Made of long lasting material

Like color. Like what it’s made of. Easy to use

4Expert Score
Good price for product

Exactly what i ordered

4Expert Score
Susan and singer, what a pair! A breast in the hand is worth more than 2 getting smashed.

Think pink! It’s fashion forward, gives a little extra flair to the monotony/happiness/horror of measurements. It would have been nice to donate to the susan g. Komen foundation for breast cancer research(of which i have absolutely no affiliation, just adoration, admiration, and consideration)considering pink is their ‘thing’ and how many lives have been affected by both singer and the scourge commonly known as ‘breast cancer.’ it’s kind of a ‘no brainer.’ i know that’s 1 of the reasons i looked at it to begin with. Why not give a little back?! More breasts, more lives, more bras, clothing, measuring and more sewing, no? It’s a painfully simple misstep. I would think your marketing, branding, and pr departments would have jumped on this opportunity from the get. Let’s bring singer into the 21st century and leave all cancer and its destructive path in the past. Had cancer not stolen my national treasure, my soulmate, my grandmother(who was literally synonymous with sewing) she’d probably be sitting in her ‘sewing room’ right now on a hem or darts for ‘one of her old girl scouts.’ i’m talking to you little cookie cutters too! How the he’ll do u think all those coveted badges get sewn onto your sashes. Hindsight is 20/20. Doesn’t anybody give a stitch?! Haha! Thank you!
(clearly this is my personal and professional opinion and thus my intellectual property but i’ll always take one for the team. I care about my breasts more than my checks. Think about it! Should u need any further assistance i’d be glad to assist. You know where to find me. I’m the 5th generation in my family turning it out using singer machines and their aforementioned products.)
susan and singer-what a pair!

4Expert Score
Simple and useful

Best purchase . Lightweight clear numbers and great quality.

4Expert Score
So far so good

I enjoy this tape measure so far , it’s fairly easy to use and the middle piece came in tact (i’m only using this for body measurements) i saw other reviews that said the tape measure was cut off at a little before one , mine might be a millimeter or two short but it doesn’t bother me too bad for my purpose

4Expert Score
It’s ok

It’s easy to read,nice and simple but the metal or plastic piece broke off really easily

4Expert Score
Thin material

Thin material

4Expert Score

Best brand.

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