SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Full-Size, Binoculars for Bird Watching Sightseeing Wildlife Watching with Low Light Night Vision

SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Full-Size, Binoculars for Bird Watching Sightseeing Wildlife Watching with Low Light Night Vision : SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Full-Size, Binoculars for Bird Watching Sightseeing Wildlife Watching with Low Light Night Vision : Electronics

What are skygenius 10 x 50 binoculars for adults full-size features?

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  • [professional powerful binoculars] skygenius 10×50 binoculars designed with 10x power magnification, 50mm large objective lens, and 367ft/1000yds large field of view are ideal for fast-moving subjects such as bird watching, driving, sports events.
  • [weak light vision with quality optics] design of aspherical lenses and multi-layer coating guarantee excellent light transmission and well improve image brightness, contrast, and quality. Birding binoculars can be used at night, but not in complete darkness
  • [durable, solid, and anti-slip grip] binoculars adopted durable structure with odorless rubber armor for shock-resistance and anti-slip grip, making them not only in decent appearance of more wear-resistant but also perfect for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking
  • [easy to focus] corrective optical coating is great for color fidelity and minimizes distortion. Diopter system adjusting the imbalance vision of both eyes. The smooth and large center focus knob makes it simple to operate and easy to focus (adaptable to a tripod). Note: product list: 1 * binocular, 1 * bag, 1 * strap, 1 * cleaning cloth, 4 * lens caps, but not including tripod and adapter.
  • [adjustable eye cups] the rubber covered eyepiece can be twisted up and down for different people adjusting a proper eye relief. The eyeglass wearers can adjust the eye relief through rising eye cups and feel more comfortable
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SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Full-Size, Binoculars for Bird Watching Sightseeing Wildlife Watching with Low Light Night Vision AMAZON : SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Full-Size, Binoculars for Bird Watching Sightseeing Wildlife Watching with Low Light Night Vision : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Can anyone explain the distance you’d be able to see with the 10×50 in miles or meters?

Well you can see the moon 239,000 miles, sun at 93 million (don’t do that) and many stars beyond 20 light years !
Generally – everything you look at will appear 10 times bigger
or it will look like you are 10 times closer ( 1/10th the distance)
how much you actually see is the field of view (fov) which is 367ft wide and high at 1,000 yards
that ratio is always the same so it’s 36.7ft at 100 yards 3.67 ft at 10 yards
1,000 yards is 0.57 miles (about 6/10ths)
it would be 3,670 ft wide at 10,000 yards or 0.7 miles wide at 5.7 miles
hope this helps someone

What is the optical and image quality of the 10 x 50 binoculars?

Hi dear, you have asked a very good questions, the probability of the lens absorbing light is 93%. The optical lens uses a paul prism, which looks almost identical to the naked eye. It’s worth to try it.

Are these easy to adjust? Are they easy to keep in the position you want them in or do they come loose after use?

Can’t respond to long term experience, but, i can tell you these binoculars are amazing in terms of brightness & clarity. That is before you even consider the amazing bargain. I see no reason to expect that these will not hold their adjustment. I would buy these again in an instant!

What is the range of the ipd (interpupilary distance)? My eyes are very narrow. Would someone fold the binoculars to smallest fitting and measure it?

I measured center to center as 2.25 inches, and as i am from texas, my amazon echo says 2.25 inches is 67.15 mm

Is it water resistant? Safe for use in a rainy day?

Not sure. Probably water resistant but not waterproof.

Se puede hacer zoom con en el lente? O el aumento es fijo?

Se puede hacer zoom en el lente…

Is it possible to order the lens cover separately? I lost one of mine.

I bet if you email they can help you out.

Hello,will these binoculars be good to use for looking at the night sky?

I tried this actually. The optics are good enough to see stars that i couldn’t see with the naked eye but, it was really shaky to hold by hand. You have to lean on something, and even it’s a little shaky with hands.

Can you only adjust one eye piece?

You adjust the main focus for the eye that does not have a seperate adjustment, then adjust the adjustable eyepiece till its clear. Only one eyepiece is adjustable and that’s all that’s needed.

I dont know anything about binoculars but would these be good for surf fishing? Looking down the beach and out for blitzes?

Ii would highly recommend this binocular, it is worth the price, and i guarantee you, that you will not regret to buy this binocular, and can be used anywhere, especially perfect at the beach.

How does the skygenius 10×50 mount on a tripod and what do you meam by a interface

No tripod mount. But be gentle with the device. Both the first and replacement have gone to double vision as a prism shifted.

Can i make zoom or less zoom? Or one range?

It has adjustable ranges and retains clarity.

Are the lenses really green?

The lenses do not look green. They are very clear.

Can these binoculars be used in a saltwater environment or would they corrode? There is no mention in the description about using ehile boating.

They crap…don’t buy

Does this come with a strap for the binoculars and if not what kind to purchase?

Yes, it’s thin like a small leash. It definitely does the job, but it is not designed for comfort. If you plan on hanging these around your neck for long periods out bird watching i’d suggest buying a separate strap. I’m sorry, i don’t keep them hanging around my neck much so i can’t recommend an alternative strap.

Night vision binoculars

If you mean do they amplify light like military nvgs then no. Not even close. But if you mean can you use them at night then i would say that depends. It works well enough for my stargazing and even in a suburban area with street lights it will help you see a few stars that are imperceptible to the naked eye.

Does it come with a strap? If so was not included in our purchase !

It comes with the strap

Do they have range finding capability?

Hello dear, thank you so much for your questions. And so sorry this binoculars 10×50 doesn’t have a range finding capability. If we sells the binoculars with ranging capability in the future, we will know you know at the first time through here. 🙂

Can you see a clear image of jupiter with these binoculars?


This binocular seem good for long range. What about close up distance can it zoom in and focus on items from 20 feet with crisp view?

It is good at that range which is about where we are at to see the deer in the yard.

SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Full-Size, Binoculars for Bird Watching Sightseeing Wildlife Watching with Low Light Night Vision AMAZON : SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Full-Size, Binoculars for Bird Watching Sightseeing Wildlife Watching with Low Light Night Vision : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Wonder for $

Just use them to watch deer when i’m in the garage. Very clear!

5Expert Score
Great! Larger than would have liked but very nice with green glass.

Very good item. Planning to take on alaska trip. Wish they were a little smaller but overall quality is fantastic!

5Expert Score
Really good quality

Really good quality at a very reasonable price.

5Expert Score
Great for the price

I had to send the 1st pair back because i couldn’t get them to focus properly. I received my second pair the day after i returned my first pair.
These worked just fine. Great customer service

5Expert Score
Great value

Good optics, lens covers attached. Hard to find a better binoculars at this price point.

5Expert Score
Very good !

It go long distance !

5Expert Score
Great for the range

Purchased these for the shooting range and they work great

5Expert Score
Great product for price

Bought for our grandsons football games. My husband loves them!

5Expert Score
Big picture for a small price

My wife and i do a lot of camping, and over the years we’ve had to share my bushnell 10 x 50 binoculars. I’ve wanted a second pair for a long time, but the sporting goods catalogs i get always want more than $100 for this size and quality. We were very pleased with the battery-operated fans we got from sky genius so decided to try their binoculars too.
The binoculars came well-packaged, the first place i check if a company is trying to go cheap. Boxed and secured in an air-filled outer wrapping, they were undamaged in transit. Amazon delivered the at night, so i quickly took a look around my neighborhood and was surprised i could clearly see a small porch light burning two blocks away and see what it illuminated.
In the daylight, i did a side-by-side comparison with my older bushnells. Both binoculars weighted about 1.1 pounds, and each came with a case, strap and cleaning cloth. However, it has always annoyed me that the lens covers of my bushnells fall off inside the case (and sometimes on the floor of my truck) requiring me to hunt them down. The sky genius large lens caps are attached! The eyepiece covers are joined together making them easier to keep track of. The bushnell strap seemed a bit wider, and the instructions for attaching the sky genius strap are printed with poor definition. It took a strong lamp for me to make out the black-on-black murky photos. Okay, a very minor quibble.
I’ve read the other amazon reviews so i won’t repeat the points they make. Using both sets of binoculars in the rain, i thought the sky genius ones produced a clear, sharper image. The image amplification was about the same. Their stated statistics are similar in the accompanying photo.
I always take off my eyeglasses to use binoculars because i get a wider field of view. This time, i turned down the eye cups and compared the two sets. That’s were sky genius blew me away. The image using my eyeglasses was every bit as wide and clear as when i took my eyeglasses off and pressed the eyes to the cups. By contrast, my old bushnells presented two small circles with a gap between them. I tried several adjustments but could not get the bushnell binoculars to equal the sky genius image. Now i can enjoy and option about how to look through binoculars.
I waited a long time to find reasonably-priced 10×50 binoculars that could match my bushnells but instead i got something better.

5Expert Score
Solid feel good really nice perfect for archery

I liked all of it , great deal

4Expert Score
The view was picture perfect.

They were perfect for my vacation, made sight seeing so adventurous!

4Expert Score
Good sight distance

Used these for a trip to spot wildlife. Worked well but wish they had a strap on the actual binoculars, not just the case.

4Expert Score
Nice pair!

To be transparent, skygenius ltd gave me this pair of binoculars for an honest review to help improve their product if necessary.

These re a really nice pair of binoculars and seem pretty rugged.
The lenses are very clear even at night time with low light.
These are not ‘night vision’ they are ‘low light’ and does a pretty good job at it with clarity.

I did find 2 issues though, and skygenius ltd wanted me to be honest and critical.

#1 – instructions are great and clear until you get to the images setting up the neck strap. The pictures are so dark, you can’t see whats going on in the picture.

#2 – sliding the neck strap through the loop on the binoculars.
I had difficulty because the loop is too tight of a fit, even doubling over the strap to force through.
When it goes through the loop, it hits the actual rubber of the binocular housing.
I had to use a dental pick to pull it through.

Even if you tapered the end of the strap, you would run into the same problem of hitting the other side of the housing rubber stopping it going through.
To me, should be easier process.

But its not a major flaw, just something that needs tweaking as it would be frustrating out in the field for removal and reinstalling the strap

#3 this is kind of a really big flaw for me. The carry pouch strap is way too short!!!!!

Extending the strap to its max adjustment, the strap when used on my side like a purse, comes to my bicep and not worthy of using it that way.

I think it should be up to the user for personal adjustment. As it is now, i can only wear it on my chest.
I have a 52′ chest, but i feel it should be longer.

Overall, i think this a quality product and a great value for the money

i thank skygenius ltd for the opportunity to give the binoculars an honest review and i hope my review helps with a buyers purchase decision.

4Expert Score
Don't drop from any height! – quick update

I’ve had these about a year and a half and have really enjoyed them, even used on occasion to take pictures with my smartphone through them (not optimal!! But in a pinch!)

this morning heading out for my morning walk, they slipped out of my hand and landed on the street, not hard or fast, or from more than a foot up as they glanced off my foot. Still, it caught the edge of the large lens and when i went to look through them, completely misaligned! Body probably made of somewhat thin aluminum.

Really unfortunate because drops and bumps are known to happen. Just glad i was able to enjoy them for awhile before this happened.

Will look for a spotting scope or camera with telephoto lens to replace and better photo results when opportunity comes up.

Edit – glad i didn’t throw these away. The large lens it hit on had a tiny, wedge shaped gap where the large lens meets the body and why i figured they’d bent. I tried tapping it back into square with no effect. Wondered if i could screw the lens off and maybe try something else to square the body. Didn’t see any way without damage so screwed the lens back on and it sat snug. Apparently the drop caused the narrow and shallow threads to skip a gap or two. Returned a star to the rating.

4Expert Score
Very impressed

I am very impressed with the optical quality of these binoculars at this price point.

4Expert Score
Great optics, great price, great customer service, but questionable construction

Update: i’ve bumped my rating from 2 to 4 stars, primarily because of the fantastic customer service provided by this company. After reading my initial review, these fine folks refunded the purchase price for the second pair i bought; they truly stand behind their product. Though the construction issue i highlighted still remains, these binoculars cannot be beat for the price.

I bought these binoculars a few months back for a trip to hawaii. Over the two weeks i was there, they performed flawlessly while hiking and boating; great magnification and amazing clarity. Taking one last gaze through them off the hotel balcony, i packed them in my carry-on luggage for the return trip home; on arrival, i unpacked them (still in their case) and put them in the closet.

Fast forward 4 months…i pulled them from the closet shelf for a little moon-gazing and found the damage shown in the photos?!?

After a little disassembly, i found that these binoculars have the objective lenses and prisms housed in a sturdy, rubberized body that is truly durable. Unfortunately, they rely on the flimsiest piece of brittle plastic to keep the eyepiece lenses aligned. After looking over the damage, i can only surmise that while in my carry-on (in their soft-sided case), they were subjected to some shock that caused the eyepiece to shift slightly and crack the plastic (i know now that it wouldn’t take much). I’m truly stunned that an otherwise great pair of binoculars would rely on such insubstantial and fragile plastic for arguably the most important piece of the mechanism.

I’ve just purchased another pair because they truly are great binoculars for the price…but beware of how you handle them, particularly when packing for a trip ; )

4Expert Score
Lacks durability. May have easily broken parts.

Bought these in july for an august trip to africa. They arrived after a few days. They seemed fine when we opened the packaging and gave them a ‘test look’. After that, i carefully packed them into a specialized padded camera backpack which i carried all of my expensive camera and video gear. This bag never was checked as luggage for obvious safety reasons and never left my side. I used them once after arriving in cape town…in the hotel room looking up to table mountain and repacked them into the camera bag. The next time i took them out of the camera bag was on our second
safari. My wife used them for about 10-15 minutes and then mentioned she was starting to have problems focusing the
binoculars. When i looked at them i noticed only one eyepiece would focus in and out as you rotated the focus adjustment. Closer observation showed that the bracket that controlled both eyepieces had broken and now only one side of the binoculars would focus leaving them basically useless for the rest of the trip ( 2 more weeks). I packed them up and carried them the next few weeks until we got home to the us. I then found out that i was past the date that amazon would allow me to return/exchange them. I feel really disappointed with this purchase considering we could not use them on the safaris they were intended for. Please be aware that some of the important moving parts appear to be plastic and will break easily under normal use.

Update 10/14/18
sky genius contacted me about the defective binoculars and offered to replace them with the same model or i could choose another model. I decided to choose a more compact design(less moving parts). While i haven’t had a chance to use them much, they appear to be solidly built and the vision very clear. Thank you for going the extra mile to make this right.
-david v.

4Expert Score
Good value for binoculars – recommended buy for the value

These binoculars work as well as i expected for the price, which is a good thing. I got these for looking at the views from my home, primarily for our kids but for us adults, too. Because the kids would be using them, i didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. Binoculars at this price and in this size can be a little clunky, but these work great and are easy to use in terms of focus and eye fit. But what impressed me the most is the customer service – the first pair that was delivered appeared to be dysfunctional in that we could not get the two eyepieces to merge into one circular field of view. Upon reaching out to the company, they made it very easy and replaced them with no issues at all. The second pair arrived and they worked great. Things happen – sometimes things don’t work – but the fact that their customer service was so good and the replacement unit worked as advertised, i recommend buying these from this company if you’re looking for a good value for some binoculars!

4Expert Score
Inconsistent quality control

The first sample came in without any company packaging. One of the cylinders for the eye was bent,but not from being bumped…it was incorrectly screwed into place!…it was pretty clear that these were seconds and whoever sent these out should not have a job!
The replacements were perfect and really good.these came with completely different and correct packaging.
As though whomever sent them knew the first pair reeked.
Buyer beware….you should get a box that says ‘sky genious’ and sealed plastic inside,along with the cloth case……i ‘d have given the new/replaced binoculars 5 stars,because for the money,they are superb.

4Expert Score
They are fine

These field glasses are fine, i can see a few acres away with these. They are nice binocs and we watch birds, deer, etc but don’t purchase them if you are hoping to use them for ‘night’ vision. However, no version of night vision. Maybe late afternoon vision? Haha

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