Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer with Cord Concealer Kit, 3 Outlet, 3-Foot Cord, Universal Size (Ideal for Kitchens & Bathrooms)

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer with Cord Concealer Kit, 3 Outlet, 3-Foot Cord, Universal Size (Ideal for Kitchens & Bathrooms)

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer with Cord Concealer Kit, 3 Outlet, 3-Foot Cord, Universal Size (Ideal for Kitchens & Bathrooms) – –

What are sleek socket ultra-thin outlet concealer with cord concealer kit features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Great for small spots like kitchens & bathrooms – now you can discreetly and completely hide the entire outlet, ugly plugs & cords while enhancing home décor
  • Eliminate ugly, unsafe & bulky plugs & cords – less is more. Less clutter, less hazards and less obstacles. This ultra-thin, wall-hugging device blends with the wall – you’ll forget it’s there!
  • No tools required! – simply attach to the top receptacle of a duplex outlet like a traditional plug
  • Includes adhesive cord concealer kit consisting of double sided, removable adhesive strips and adhesive cord clips to neatly secure the cord to the wall
  • Universally compatible with all duplex outlet sizes

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer with Cord Concealer Kit, 3 Outlet, 3-Foot Cord, Universal Size (Ideal for Kitchens & Bathrooms) AMAZON

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer with Cord Concealer Kit, 3 Outlet, 3-Foot Cord, Universal Size (Ideal for Kitchens & Bathrooms) – –

Looking for specific info?

Do you have a version of this product where the cord extends north of the outlet instead of south?

Did you guys needing a “north” cord see this product? Sleek socket upward exiting outlet & plug concealer with cord management kit for mounted tvs, 8 foot 3 outlet power strip, universal size

Why can not use on horizontal plugs?

Not sure why they sat and his. I am using mine on a horizontal. M aybe because they are worried about tg wire being bent…not sure but it’s working fine

Can this be used with gfci outlet?

I bought the item with two outlet strips coming out of it, which needs to be plugged into both outlets, and it did not work with a gcfi outlets.

Does this come in black?

Not yet. Just white.

Can you plug this in lower plug? Also is there a version that covers just 1 plug?

I would prefer one that plugs in to both sockets. Ours are wired separately. One’s on a wall switch the other is not. I need both.

The adhesive on the strips does not let the cable stick to it for too long. What solution do you have for that?

100% of every sleek socket product includes a cord management kit that includes boht double sided adhesive strips and multiple adhesive cord clips. Please contact us directly if you did not receive the adhesive cord clips with your sleek socket device and we will rush those out to you. – sleek socket team

Can i use this outdoors?

All sleek socket products are safety certified under ul 817 for indoor use only, as stated on the packaging of each device.

Is this ul listed?

The sleek socket devices are safety certified in the u.s. And canada pursuant to the following ul and csa standards:

ul std. 817 (u.s.) and csa standard c22.2 no. 21 (canada)

Is the 3′ really 3 feet long, meaning 36′, or is it actually less? I’ve found this is the case with some extension cords.

The actual cord is exactly 34”, then when you add the length of the elongated plug, it just over 3ft. Looks neat and clean. I love it.

Which option should i select for my tv? Only need a short cord. Goal is to minimize the gap so i can flush my furniture against the wall.

This is exactly what you need! I have 3 different places where furniture is blocking my outlets. These are perfect for letting me push my couch up against the wall yet still be able to use the outlet.

Do you have a surge one that’s shorter than 6ft?

No, 6 ft is the shortest.

Will this work in the uk?

I regret but i cannot tell you if this will work in the uk. You would probably need to step the voltage down to 110v which is what the usa runs on. The uk runs on 220/240 volt .

Would this cover a thick black cable coax cord?

Not this product but we have a patent pending product under production that is a sleek socket device applicable for, and compatible with, an outlet having one or more of the following cords and cable: coaxial, hdmi, usb and lan. This new device we are really excited about because the coaxial outlet, for example, creates a very wide and unreasonably cumbersome and troublesome trajectory of the coaxial cable that is both unsightly and often damages because unlike an electrical cord, you cannot bend a coaxial cable more than a 45 degree angle without damaging or breaking completely the solid copper that runs through the center of the coaxial cable. Our coaxial sleek socket device will allow the coaxial connection will hug the wall just like our flagship childproofing device that is sold with 8 foot of cord clips — only this new device will have cord clips specifically tailored for a round coaxial cable.

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Hi. Will you be making a socket that includes usb ports as well?

Absolutely. Our entire product line of electrical power strips will include ubs ports when we change over in mid to late q1 of this coming year. The 3 outlet power strips will have 2 ubs a ports and 1 usb c port and the 6 outlet surge protector will have 2 usb a ports and 2 usb c ports.

What are the extra plastic pieces in the package for?

Adhesive cord management kit to neatly and firmly secure the flat cable to the wall, including a quarter circle adhesive cord clip to execute a 90° angle turn of the cord against the wall. In total, the cord management kit is six pieces, 5 1 in adhesive cord clips and one quarter circle adhesive cord clip.

Is this ul listed? What is the file number?

Our etl/intertek certification number is 5011560. Sleek socket certifications include ul 817 (standards for cord sets & power supply cords) and csa c22.2 no. 21 (standards for cord sets & power supply cords). All this information is set forth in our amazon listings and on our product packaging.

Could i plug two power strips into this adapter?

It’s only rated for 13 amps @ 110 volts so would not recommend plugging two power strips into this, even a single power strip rated at 15 amps would be potentially too much depending on how close to max amperage you have this strip operating at.

Where are these made ?

As per the packaging, we are based in the u.s. Where we have our sole warehouse and manfacturing facility. We are a small, family owned company that designs, assembles and manufactures our patented line of sleek socket products in the u.s. As less than ‘all or virtually all’ of our components are sourced in the u.s., the federal trade commission does not permit us to use a ‘made in usa’ label on our products, which is why our packaging states, ‘designed and assembled in usa, made in china.’ – sleek socket team

What is difference between standard vs universal?

The standard model is compatible with:

a “standard” outlet cover measuring 2 3/4 inches wide x 4 1/2 inches long

(a large majority of outlet covers in the home are “standard” size)

the universal model is compatible with all of the following:

– a “standard” outlet cover measuring 2 3/4 inches wide x 4 1/2 inches long

– a “mid-size” outlet cover measuring 3 1/8 inches wide x 4 7/8 inches long

– an “oversize” outlet cover measuring 3 3/8 inches wide x 5 1/16 inches long

(the universal model is recommended if you are unsure of the outlet cover sizes in your home or just don’t feel like measuring your outlet covers, as this model is designed to fit all outlet covers sizes currently on the market).

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Is there a version of this where the plug attaches to both outlets and has two extension cords? I need to run an extension to both sides of something

Great question — this sleek socket variation will be released in march. The sleek socket dual device will have two 8 foot, 3 outlet cord sets exiting the bottom of the device, have two sets of cord management kits and allow customers to direct the 3 outlet power strip in opposite directions, ideal for outlets centered behind a couch or even behind a bed with night stands on each side of the bed. This is one of several new sleek socket variations we are making available this coming first quarter of the new year. – sleek socket team

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer with Cord Concealer Kit, 3 Outlet, 3-Foot Cord, Universal Size (Ideal for Kitchens & Bathrooms) AMAZON

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer with Cord Concealer Kit, 3 Outlet, 3-Foot Cord, Universal Size (Ideal for Kitchens & Bathrooms) – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Genius idea

Just received this. Plugged it in and set it up. Was able to move my dresser flush up against the wall. Brilliant idea because there used to be such a big gap before from the previous plug, that things kept falling behind it and then i would have to drag the dresser back from the wall to retrieve it. So…money well spent. I’ll do an update review since i just received it – just in case things go off the rails. But it definitely served the purpose that i bought it for so far.

5Expert Score
Love this!!

I have had a power strip plugged in right behind my head by our bed. I would constantly hit my head on the plug! I hated it so much! It hurt so bad!! This is an amazing solution for it!!!!! I have loved this product so so much!!! Amazing!!!

5Expert Score
Sleek & convenient

We had an outlet that was behind our couch, we couldn’t access it and we needed it badly. I ordered this expecting something that was going to work, but might not be as promised. I was surprised to say the least, it is flush to the wall, the extension cords are long enough and with the accessories that come to mount it to the wall it’s really hidden well. Love it and will definitely recommend.

5Expert Score
Great small business with quick customer service

I received my first power strip broken and reached out to sleek socket via the chat feature and they quickly sent a replacement and a few freebies. The owner was very polite and prompt and ensured the second one came in tact. Would recommend!

5Expert Score
Why didn't i know about these sooner?

The problem of having an electrical socket directly behind the bed has finally been solved! I really wish i’d known about these sooner, i’d have bought several already! Fits perfectly behind our bed, which has no headboard and sits flush against the wall. I love that it has two extensions, a ‘his and her’ side if you will. Unless something goes horrifically wrong and this catches my bed on fire, i will definitely buy again and would recommend for anyone. 🙂

5Expert Score
Easy to use

Bought this for my bedroom. I have exposed sockets in my bedroom and this was the easiest fix for that. Covers the entire socket and the extension was perfect for the area i needed it for

5Expert Score

I live in an older house so the location of the outlets do not make much sense. When i got a new tv stand, my surge protectors were forces to be in front of the stand in the open, garish looking and a trip hazard. This device has allowed me to put all the plugs where they belong, behind the tv stand.

5Expert Score
Larger than i expected.

This was well made and comes with clips and tape to attach to the wall. However was larger in every way than i expected. The plate that covers the wall outlet is much larger. The cord is flat but big and hard, the extended three-plug outlet at the end is left hanging and bulky. If your intent is basically to move your plugs from the outlet to a hidden place under furniture this will work.

5Expert Score
Perfect to fit behind couch

I got this for a socket behind my couch. It’s perfect. It wraps around to the side of the couch so now i can charge my phone with ease

5Expert Score
Amazing sleek socket !!

I never used the back burners on my stove, as the plugs were right there, and it was dangerous. Then i found sleek sockets! It was super easy to install. I chose the 8’ cord for this area, ran it down behind my oven and along the floor. My plugs are now hidden, and safe, leaving the area with a nice, clean look. I love this product and highly recommend sleek socket !

4Expert Score
Almost perfect

I have a socket high on the wall and didn’t want to see ugly cables for the tv hanging down anymore. This is an almost perfect solution. The problem is the cables will not lay flat due to the kinks and rigidity of the plastic. I tried flattening them, and hanging them with a little weight but the only thing that worked was using a hair dryer to warm a section at a time and putting something heavy on top for a while. This helped the most. In the end the sticky pieces they give you are not enough to keep the cable flat and attached to the wall. I had to use an industrial strength glue and tape the cable to the wall until the glue dried then peel away the tape…and even then it’s not perfect but i am still going back in and gluing the parts which continue to lift away from the wall. Eventually it will stay attached i’m sure.

If you decide to put the double-sided sticky pads on the cable put them one right next to each other and make sure the peel-off tabs are facing the same direction. This is helpful if the cable will be in a highly visible area and you want them to lay flat against the wall. For me, however, the sticky pieces were not enough to keep the cable flat against the wall.

The 2 extensions at the end work as expected.

4Expert Score
Thicker than the pictures suggest.

In principle this is a great idea, and i managed to make it work, but beware it is thicker than the pictures make it look. I couldn’t find the size given in the description before i ordered so figured i’d give it a try. It’s a bit over 1/2” thick. Even now i can find that info only in the questions. I bought this to sit behind a barn-type slider door in my rv that can’t be fully opened if there is something plugged into the outlet there. Typical rv design flaws. It’s the only useful outlet for a phone charger in the bedroom so the door just had to stay partly closed. This solved the problem, but it’s too thick for the door to slide completely normally. I had to reset the sliders that hold the door to the wall so it sits farther out. It’s not ideal, the door has a bit of swing now, but still straps down, just barely, for travel. Anyway, if your space is very tight this item may not work. I have no idea of it’s drying power, but that would be a neat trick if it could try things too. I might even add a star…

4Expert Score
Sure did the trick!

Overpriced at $25, but since it did what i wanted it to, i’ve given it 4-stars. I wish the double-stick thingies that come with it would stick more aggressively. But the kit included everything i needed to hide some living room wires. I may paint the outlet concealer and flat cord coming from it to match the wall color, but we’ll see. Depends if i hear complaints from the wife. It looks good to me without painting, in my opinion.

4Expert Score
Unique, and worked

This is unlike any other extention, i needed to be flat against the original wall socket, but be able to plug in below it. So this worked perfectly. I like it.

4Expert Score
Esta bien

Lo único que tiene es que tapa el otro enchufe me gustaría algo más pequeño de la cubierta no que tape todo en enchufe dé luz

4Expert Score
Excellent way to use an outlet covered by furniture!

I had an outlet that was almost always covered by my bed whenever i tried aligning the center of my bed with the center of my tv. I found this product and was thrilled to see an option for two plugs, so i bought it as soon as i had the money for it.

This product is super easy to install and allows me to move my bed wherever i wanted without losing access to one of my outlets. Having three outlet extension cords for each plug is awesome given the price. In other words, it’s money well spent.

Only gripe i have is that there isn’t any inverted double plug version of this item. I’m using this item for a half hour half switched outlet, which is typically upside-down, so all the wires are going up instead of down. Fortunately, i have plenty of wire length so that’s not a major issue; however, if they ever release an inverted version of this, i’d be happy to buy it

4Expert Score

Great product. My tv console is the first thing you see when walking into this room, from the side. I can no longer see all the ugly cords because i can now slide the console almost flush with the wall. Now going to buy another for our guest room that has the same scenario. I did not receive the adhesive strips shown in review videos and mention. Hope my next order will have included.

4Expert Score
Almost perfect

Like it alot, i would love it if the plugs were face up when the cord is flat, unfortunaely the plug is face down so you have to twist it to use the plug.

4Expert Score
Works as it should. Sticky tape hard to remove from wall.

I got this to hide the cord from my mounted tv. You can tell there’s a cord going up from the outlet to the tv. But it’s better than a black power cord dangling from the tv. It works the way it promises to.

The only thing that’s annoying is the sticky putty tape thing that is provided to tape the cord to the wall. It sticks crazily to the wall but not to the actual cord. When i first started taping it, i realized the cord was slightly crooked so i pulled it down to retape. I’d only done 3 strips. It was so difficult to remove the strip from the wall. I tried goo gone, a scraper. There’s still some residue left on the wall. (and a tiny part where it even lifted a bit of the drywall.) now while it’s stuck like crazy to the wall, it doesn’t stick to the cord itself. The cord lifts off from the tape so i have to press it back on about once a week. The tape stays on the wall, just not the cord.

4Expert Score
Nice design / a little big

The design of the wall socket is nice though it is a little big (understandably so). I ended up buying a racetrack cord concealer kit because the supplied cord concealer kit does not have enough pieces to fully conceal the cord. Overall, the product met my needs.

Important information

Bulb Voltage

125 volts

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