Slice Micro Ceramic Blade, Safety Cutter.

Slice Micro Ceramic Blade, Safety Cutter.

Buy Slice Micro Ceramic Blade, Safety Cutter.: Utility Knives – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are slice micro ceramic blade features?

  • The tool that started it all: one of slice’s best sellers for 10 years! Millions of fingers & hands have safely cut and opened all different types of packaging
  • Perfect for: neatly slicing annoying food packaging, opening envelopes, cutting coupons, opening kids toys with hard clamshell packaging without damaging them
  • The power of zirconium oxide ceramic blade – never rusts: its micro-ceramic blade cuts thin materials effectively while safeguarding fingers with our signature finger-friendly edge; lasts 11x longer than metal
  • Designed with ease in mind: use left or right handed + a rubberized non-slip grip and magnetic to keep handy on the fridge or workshop bench; oil free, non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic blade
  • Used by half of the fortune 1000: mcgowan water conditioning opens a semi truck’s worth of salt bags every week with the safety cutter; slice creates safer work environments
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Slice Micro Ceramic Blade, Safety Cutter. AMAZON

Buy Slice Micro Ceramic Blade, Safety Cutter.: Utility Knives – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Could i use this to cut through felt and cardboard? Chipboard? I don’t mind going over more than once.

The blade only protrudes from the plastic handle less than 1/16 of an inch (so that you can cut through one piece of paper without cutting through every sheet of the newspaper of magazine) and not thicker materials. If you are cutting through corrugated cardboard, a utility knife would work much better for that. It would not cut through chipboard. As for felt – i think a sissors or rotary cutter would work better for that.

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Did you take it through the airport?

Yes. I have carried one in my purse for years as well as one in my computer bag. I have never had any trouble going through security at any airports, either regional or international.

Can you cut fabric whith this?

Slice safety cutter has a cutting depth of 2.0mm and therefore will only cut materials with a thickness of 2.00mm or below. If you are looking to cut thicker fabrics, i would recommend using slice #10548 craft knife, which has a cutting depth of 12.7mm :)! // team slice / san jose, california

Why is it going to take over 5 weeks for this to be delivered?

I am shipping either same day or next business day (depending), my last order reached a us customer in 4 days. I’m not sure why you are seeing 5 weeks, is this an international order?

Is this easy to use to open boxes for example, from amazon?

Yes, its easy to use to open boxes.

Are any of these products appropriate to use as a ‘slice tool’ in colored pencil drawings? Which one has the thickest blade?

Many customers use the slice #10458 craft knife or the #10513 manual pen cutter to create fine detail within their coloured pencil drawings 🙂 // team slice // san jose, california

Why does this product claim its ceramic blade lasts longer than steel? Is there an actual study? Mine only lasted 5 uses.

A third-party test was performed by the cutlery and allied trades association (catra) in december 2014 which states slice safety blades last on average 11.2 times longer than steel blades. You can see this data on slice website –

If you are using the tool on an abrasive surface such as concrete or stone, the blade can get damaged and therefore you need to put something underneath in order to stop the blade going blunt. // team slice // miami, florida

Will this cut butcher paper off a big roll?

The blade depth is 2.00mm, if the paper is less than 2.00mm then yes :)! // team slice // miami, florida

Could you use this to cut the tags off clothing? Will it get close enough to the seam so you can cut it all?

Calnevamom : this tool has a micro-ceramic blade with a cutting depth of 2mm, so should cut through plastic tags but just take care not to cut through the clothing // team slice // san jose, california

How does this cut things but nout your hand? Is it just bot sharp? Whats at work here

Slice blades are made from 100 percent zirconium oxide with patent-pending technology that we call finger-friendly®. This means they are safe to the touch yet can cut through materials such as clamshell packaging, bubble wrap mailers, letters, tape and much more. Of course this is a blade, so if you apply enough pressure, they can cut you! // team slice // miami, florida

Does it have a magnet included?

Yes it does – micro-ceramic blades cut thin materials effectively while safeguarding fingers with our signature finger-friendly edge. Use the cutter’s lanyard hole and built-in magnet to keep this unique tool close at hand

Will this cut thru medications like those hard pills?

Sar : this safety cutter has a micro blade with a cutting depth of 0.75mm, so it won’t cut through a pill. The slice 10550 utility knife would be a better option for you 🙂 // team slice // san jose, california

Does the blade close when not in use? Are you able to carry it in your pocket without fear of getting cut?

There is not a blade, just a little bump tiny like cutting tool . It really works well and you can carry it in your pocket without fear of cutting yourself.
I have had mine for a few years now. It is still sharp and i have found more uses beside cutting coupons like slicing tape on packing boxes, labels on cans and boxes.

I sufferd from a stroke and struggle with fine motor skills like cutting and opening packaging. How much force do you have to use to cut?

This great little device is not what you need for opening packaging. Strictly, it’s meant for paper and there it does a perfect job cutting out or cutting off with no force at all.
For packaging i have found that my small keychain retractable knife does a perfect job and because the blade is so sharp, it takes only a little force to cut through packaging.

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Do you think this would cut peel and stick shelf paper?

I have never used it for that but i think it would work. It cut all the way through a padded envelope and cut my table so i think it will cut through peel and stick too.

Is there a warranty?

There is nothing that could break on this particular product.

Will this work for wrapping paper or does it have to be on a flat/hard surface to work? I usually wrap christmas gifts in my closet floor which is car

I suspect it will work for that. I tried it just now on a soft bubblepack package covered with brown out paper, and it works fine for that, with no flat/ hard surface to press against. This is inexpensive and i find it very useful.

Stopped cutting after normal use after 5 months. Is there a replacement or warranty?

There is no warranty for our products unless the tools have arrived damaged or faulty. When using the safety cutter, the blade will dull quickly if used against a hard surface like granite. // team slice // miami, florida

Which is the best cutter to use on packages?

This is perfect for opening packages, i would use a different product for breaking down those cardboard packages though.

Do i need to replace the blade?

The blade is not replaceable. This is not a utility knife or box cutter. It’s for slicing packing tape or clipping coupons, primarily.

Slice Micro Ceramic Blade, Safety Cutter. AMAZON

Buy Slice Micro Ceramic Blade, Safety Cutter.: Utility Knives – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
The best tool ever

I love this tool. I have one for work and home. I use it all the time. It is small and can fit in my pocket as i open freight at work or all of my amazon deliveries at home. Best feature is that it is magnetic and can be on the refrigerator for easy access.

5Expert Score
So much easier and safer to use.

Really liked so easier to hold and safer to hold.

5Expert Score
Bought this again!

I really like it. Opens package beautifully and it’s nice to know i won’t cut my fingers off with this and it’s magnetic!

5Expert Score
Favorite little box cutter

Love this little thing. I do a lot of online shopping, but also have young kids. This works great and gives me peace of mind if i accidentally leave it on the table no one is going to get hurt (without immense force at least).

5Expert Score

When i received the cutter, i was not expected the size. The cutter is small but mighty. I am impressed.

5Expert Score

I love this tool! It worked perfectly on the packages i opened!!!!

5Expert Score
2nd one in 10 years because it’s that good

Best thing to open boxes. Easy and safe, espy when you have kids in the house.

5Expert Score
Cute and smart

This little gadget is great! It cuts smoothly and evenly each and every time. I love the bright color which makes it easy to find on my messy desk and best of all, it does not cut the user.

5Expert Score
Useful, thank u:) happy with my purchase


5Expert Score
Very nice

Good easy to hold effective cutter. Only wish the blade was slightly longer but this is good for safety

4Expert Score
Got these to make sticker backing easier to peel but these leave imprints…

Tried experimenting with different pressures, putting tape over the blade, etc. But alas, even a very light stroke (that’s still heavy enough to actually cut the paper) leaves a very noticeable line on the front of the sticker. My vinyl may be too thin or the backing itself might be too thin. I’ll keep the cutter as it does work pretty well for other things, it’s super sharp and has worked nicely for boxes so far. But i am bummed it isn’t working with my sticker paper at all. For other buyers’ reference, i’m using onlinelabel’s glossy white injket paper.

Edit: just found out it’s magnetic! That’s a neat plus.

4Expert Score
Works great but..,

This thing is tiny! It cuts boxes open with ease, but i wasn’t expecting an $8 box cutter to be so tiny! I’m scared i might end up losing it.

4Expert Score
Use with caution

What a great little cutter! Wonderful for wrapping presents.

But beware- it will ruin your tabletop!

4Expert Score
It's just ok.

A nice gadget to open smaller boxes.

4Expert Score
It's ok

I thought the piece that actually cuts would be a bit bigger. It is so tiny and once it breaks i’m going to have to buy a whole new one. There is no way to replace the cutting part.

4Expert Score
It's got a learning curve

It’s perfect for my matte stickers that are a heavier weight.. But it doesn’t really work on my vinyl stickers because it will slice right through the sticker itself.
I’m probably doing it wrong though… It did take me about a week to learn to perfectly set my cricut cutting and mat at 0.0
i’m artistic, not mechanical.
But this thing is great for opening that thin plastic on stuff as well.
Plus it’s cheap. Just get it.

4Expert Score
It works but no where near as nifty as dedicated boxcutting tools.

Not a fan of the blade doesn’t retract or isn’t in a safeguard. Tiny blade, not so natural to hold also do not believe the label. This is not skin safe, tested on my finger seemed safe, ran it over my palm. Goodness it cut me deep. So yeah don’t do that lol..

4Expert Score
Wicked sense of humor

It is advertised as being able to open clamshell packaging, so i did a double take when i got it. Encased in a clamshell! But on closer inspection, it was not a solid clamshell, and the back was cardboard, perforated, so easy to peel open. But it gave me a good chuckle. It did slice the exposed portion of the clamshell quickly. I have used it to open letters, but it isn’t quite as nice as a normal letter opener. But it works and is more compact. It is very easy to use. The package says 1% of the purchase price is donated to autism research, so that is nice. That is does a great job of slicing, without endangering a person’s fingers is a plus. It is made in china.

4Expert Score
Works on amazon packages

Little piece of plastic with a little tiny hard plastic tip, but it works!

4Expert Score
Convenient to have

I keep this in my craft drawer next to my exacto knife, box cutter, etc. I bought it because i wanted to see how well it would work to create slits on the back of sticker paper to make them easier to peel. It does work for that use but you have to have the right pressure or else you’ll cut right through it. It’s not the easiest to hold especially since you have to hold it at a certain angle for it to work properly. You also can’t really use it to cut close to the edge of a ruler. I do that often for cutting vinyl and other paper projects. I mainly use it now for opening packages/boxes. It’s great to have in your craft drawer but i still tend to reach more for my standard box cutter.

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