Slime Kit for Girls Toys Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers Kids 7 8 9 10+ Year Old, Slime Making Kits Boys Glow in Dark, Slime Maker Girls Toy Ages 7-12, Best Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

Slime Kit for Girls Toys Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers Kids 7 8 9 10+ Year Old, Slime Making Kits Boys Glow in Dark, Slime Maker Girls Toy Ages 7-12, Best Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

Buy Slime Kit for Girls Toys Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers Kids 7 8 9 10+ Year Old, Slime Making Kits Boys Glow in Dark, Slime Maker Girls Toy Ages 7-12, Best Girl Birthday Gift Ideas: Slime & Putty Toys – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are slime kit for girls toys party favors features?

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  • Everything slime all the time – the ultimate christmas gift for kids and tween girls gift, slime party favor, slime making kit with add ins galore and enough slimy stuff to keep girls, boys and kids glued to the activity for hours! Slime kit for girls, slime kits for boys, slime for kids comes with over 50 different slime supplies all in one box! 18 beautifully wacky colors of crystal slime ranging from clear slime, to purple slime, 12 types of glitter, various foam beads, fishbowl beads and more!
  • Best slime kit – best selling slime kit on amazon since 2019 | birthday party favors for kids 4-8, 8-12 year old girls boys | best gift ideas for 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year old girls, toys for 7 and 8 year old girls | toys for 6 + year old girls | girls gifts age 8-10 | craft kits for girls ages 10-12 | diy kits for girls | teenager gifts for girls | 9 year old girl gifts | 10 year old girl gift ideas
  • Glow in the dark slime kit – our jumbo slime supplies pack glows in the dark, has glitter, and all the mix in accessories needed to make your own green slime | mix in a little, mix in a lot, or say ‘mix i will not!’ this slime will glow in an instant!
  • Great birthday gifts for girls – slime party favors for kids 8-12, diy slime making kits for girls and slime supplies stuff that will help unleash your little one’s creativity and develops their motor skills and hand-eye coordination! Teenagers will love getting messy too! Arts and crafts for girls boys are proven to be the best stress relief activity
  • Safe and non toxic – made with eco-friendly material, our slime and slime containers are washable, reusable, safe and do not contain borax powder. Quality-tested non-toxic formulas are 100% safe for kids and adults. Astm certified. Recommended for children 5 and up. Do not eat.
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Slime Kit for Girls Toys Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers Kids 7 8 9 10+ Year Old, Slime Making Kits Boys Glow in Dark, Slime Maker Girls Toy Ages 7-12, Best Girl Birthday Gift Ideas AMAZON

Buy Slime Kit for Girls Toys Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers Kids 7 8 9 10+ Year Old, Slime Making Kits Boys Glow in Dark, Slime Maker Girls Toy Ages 7-12, Best Girl Birthday Gift Ideas: Slime & Putty Toys – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is there suppose to be instructions in the box?

Hi becky, thanks for your interest in our kit. Our kit is designed to help your little scientists unleash their creativity and help boost motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. We feel that instructions cramp creativity and have purposely left them out. If you have specific questions on how to use a certain item, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide suggestions!

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Do i need to buy glue with this?

Thank you for your question. You do not need to purchase any glue with the zen slime kit. The slime comes ready-made so play time can begin immediately. Hope this helps!

Will the slime in the containers in the box stay good through christmas? Looking to purchase now as a present but want to make sure they don’t dry out

I actually bought this for the same reason, but i was worried it wouldn’t last till christmas and we opened it when we got it. The containers are sealed with plastic, so i’m not sure if they would last or not.

What are the 2 neon yellow powder packages?

Great question! Those are the two glow-in-the-dark powders you can add to any of the slime colors to make them glow.

Is this super sticky? The kit we just bought was so sticky to the point our kids cried because they couldnt get the slime off of them!

The slime can be slightly sticky at first but once you add any of the add-ons to it (glitter, glow, beads, or balls) it is not sticky. Hopefully your little scientists love it!

If purchased now, would it still be good at christmas time?

I purchased two kits and saved them for christmas gifts. They were just fine. Think you will be good ordering and saving them if it isn’t opened.

Does this slime stain furniture and rugs ? Does it come out of your sofa ?

Yes! It does stain your rug, and is very difficult to come out of your furniture!

How big is each container of slime?

Each container holds 50-55g of slime, depending on color.

Does the slime dry out in the box? Wanted to purchase as a christmas gift but want to make sure it’ll still be good!

I tried to reorder and it was out of stock so hope they have restocked, but i can’t answer that as we played with it right away.

How to extract the ‘accessories’ for responsible recycling? I’d hate to think all these kits end up in a landfill.

They pull out easily frim slime.

Does this kit comes w containers for to keep the slime?

Yes, each of the 18 colors of slime come in a reusable container that you can store the slime in once finished.

Q:how to make it glow in the dark it’s not working?

Thank you for your question! Glow in the dark powder can be added to any color slime and you just need to charge it with a bright light source. I like to charge it for about 30 seconds.

Probably a silly question but how do you open the glitter vials?

I really don’t have an answer for you because i gave it to my ten-year-old granddaughter. That is soon as i can get an answer from her i’ll let you know.

Can this slime be used to bake cakes?

No you can not bake cakes with this slime

Did i miss something? I see nowhere that tells you this is shipped in its packaging, not in a box. So it ruined a birthday surprise for my daughter.

This item should always be placed in a larger amazon box. Please reach out to amazon as this is fulfilled by amazon and we have no control over how they package it.

Does it contain wheat?

I’m sorry, we just got rid of the box so i couldn’t tell you that answer.

Do you have a document that proves it doesn’t contain borax? And what kind of material did you use instead of borax?

I can tell it doesnt have borax due to the fact my daughter can play with it. Any that have, her hands turned red and starting burning immediately. Bad enough she wouldnt touch it again. This, she can play with for hours and it doesnt bother her at all. It also has a different feel than borax slimes but is still a really good slime feel.

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It says this is a limited time deal 16.95 but it is still listing it at 24.95 why?

Hello! Thank you for your question! Periodically we run something called a ‘lightning deal’ which is a limited quantity discount on amazon for a limited time (usually a few hours to a full day). Once the quantity is claimed or the time elapses the price will return to the normal price. Keep your eyes on the lookout for another lightning deal or other promotion as they can be a great opportunity to scoop up some more slime at a fantastic price!

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Can multiple kids use this? Im wanting to buy for something for the kids to do at my daughters birhtday.

Absolutely. The kit comes with 18 individual slimes and plenty of mix ins. More than enough to share!

One of my slimes came moldy. I tried to contact customer service through your website but the link does not work, how do i get a replacement?

When i complain through amazon they tend to fix the issue. It might be because their distribution is at risk.

Slime Kit for Girls Toys Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers Kids 7 8 9 10+ Year Old, Slime Making Kits Boys Glow in Dark, Slime Maker Girls Toy Ages 7-12, Best Girl Birthday Gift Ideas AMAZON

Buy Slime Kit for Girls Toys Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers Kids 7 8 9 10+ Year Old, Slime Making Kits Boys Glow in Dark, Slime Maker Girls Toy Ages 7-12, Best Girl Birthday Gift Ideas: Slime & Putty Toys – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Best slime kit ever!

My 5 year olds and all of her preschool friends decided they were going to ask santa for a slime kit for christmas. I searched and searched for one that i thought my 5 year old could confidently do on her own and then i found this kit. First off, the slime is premade, so no mess to make them yourself and there are a ton of different colored slimes in the box that are just ready to go. Second, it comes with a ton of add in items and cutting tools. The glitter is super hard to get open, which was intentional so that kids can’t open them, which i appreciate. But all of the other items are in ziploc bags that my daughter can open and close on her own.

The slime is super stretchy and honestly a ton of fun for the whole family. My two year old is having a blast being the “slime tester”. Highly recommend!!

5Expert Score
Hours of fun!

This is not sticky or stretchy slime so it’s not a nightmare to play with.
What is a nightmare is the glitter it comes with. The caps are extremely difficult to get off and of course… It’s glitter so messy as hell. Everything else in the kit is easy to use and vacuum up. I would recommend this for your child.

5Expert Score
Great gift for slime lovers

Got this for my daughter because she loves slime. No items were missing everything was packaged well. Only downside is dealing with slime and kids prepare for a mess lol.

5Expert Score
Great slime kit!!

Santa brought this for my almost 4 year old, and we love it! The directions are super clear, and i love how hard the glitter tops are to remove…perfect to make sure spills don’t happen. It’s clean and has lots of options! Overall great first slime kit!

5Expert Score
They love it

It’s amazing how this damn kids in love with this stuff i mean as long as they clean it up i’m good thank god we have wooden floor imagine it be on a carpet🥴‍🥰🥰

5Expert Score
My daughter loves this!

This is a really fun slime kit. Has many options for creating different slimes with different textures.

5Expert Score
Loads of fun

My daughter loves this slime kit. It comes with a lot of accessories which is her favorite part. The consistency of the slime is just right in my opinion.

5Expert Score

I got this for my sister whose always wanted slime and she was so excited. Be very careful opening the glitter tubes though lol

5Expert Score
Entertaining for all ages

This was a hit for 3, 5, and 8 yo’s. Provided about an hour of entertainment, which is pretty good for this group. Enough bits to go around without any fighting.

5Expert Score

I’m no expert when it comes to slime, but my 4 year old grandson kept asking for slime. We are enjoying this kit very much. I like that the slime is not sticky. It doesn’t feel messy.

4Expert Score
Lots to do, but little balls everywhere

When my daughter opened this kit, i thought it was great. So many different types of things to add to each slime, etc. However, loose glitter was everywhere. The little styrofoam balls…everywhere. And it was so hard to clean them up because they were static clinging to everything and rolling everywhere. We finally had to get the vacuum out and sweep them all up that way. There are still some rolling around. Other than that, my daughter loved it. Cool for kids. Mess for parents.

4Expert Score
Mixed emotions

My neice and nephew went wild over this slime (i kinda got in on the action as well no lie). First off it is a great kit compared to all the other ones on the market. It isn’t sticky or hard to work with. The stretchiness is weird but i noticed when you warm it up in your hand and play with it a bit, it will stretch. If it is right out of the container and is cold it just breaks when you pull it apart. They loved the glow powder and glitter. Only thing that was hard was opening the glitter vials. All in all dont hesitate to buy for this price. Lots of slime and different combinations to keep your little one busy for hours.

4Expert Score
Great gift.

Got it for my daughter , she is 8 and loved this kit. All accessories included are perfect and safe to use without full parental supervision. Don’t recommend for very small children as the peices are small, lots of variety to mix and match with he slim. The slim doesn’t discolor on hands or items.

4Expert Score
You don’t make the slime

The kids liked it. You mix things into the slime but you don’t make the slime.

4Expert Score
Kids love it !!

Grandkids love this !!

4Expert Score
Fun to play with.

Fun and flexible

4Expert Score
Pretty awesome

Not really slimey, more like a putty but i’m not complaining at all. It stretched more after being warmed up in hands. There’s so much to mix and match! (we made a couple in the video, they didn’t come that way) the only thing that would be hard to clean is if you spill the glitter… Other than that you can’t possibly get bored with this kit lol.
Four stars because it arrived in the box as is. My kid saw it before i could gift wrap it.

4Expert Score
Non-sticky slime….yay

This slime is great, especially for younger children who are great and getting slime everywhere. The slime truly is not that sticky, attach to everything, gooey slime that you would make at home or get in most kits. This is more of a split between slime and play-doh. It was easy to mix together and has lots of options for the kids. I didn’t give a full 5 stars because some of the stuff to mix in the slime, even when really good mixed, falls everywhere and that might be somewhat due to it not being the super sticky kind. But i’ll take that over slime stuck everywhere 🙂

4Expert Score
Hours of fun…. To clean

I bought this as a welcome gift for my step-babeh when her mother and i got together. She loves it and would sit there for hours destroying my security deposit. A year later and i’d still find random beads and such while cleaning. Well worth it all-in-all.

4Expert Score
Super fun! Wish the mix-ins worked better.

The 4 year old asked santa for slime and santa delivered! This slime kit has already given us hours of fun, from the 4 year old’s perspective, this is pretty dang amazing. The number of different slime colors included was really impressive and led to lots of color mixing and fun! I just wish the mix-ins worked a bit better. The sparkles work great with the slime but the lids are nearly impossible to get off. And anything bigger than the sparkles “escapes” the slime and has a tendency to fall out while you’re playing- the bigger the mix-in, the worse they do in this regard. The colored foam balls (most of the mix-ins) also float to the top of the slime once you put it back into the container. Not a big deal, it’s easy to re-mix together next time but does make it easier for the foam balls to “escape” and find their way under the table. The molds are tough to use because you can’t get slime out of them without destroying your picture but they would probably work well for another application like with kinetic sand or maybe playdoh. Overall i, the adult, am a little disappointed with the kit overall due to the mix-in difficulties but can’t knock more than one star because it’s still a major hit with the kid!

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