Smiling 2 Pack Case Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/ Series 7 45mm, Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Bumper Case Overall Protective Cover- Matt Black

Smiling 2 Pack Case Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/ Series 7 45mm, Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Bumper Case Overall Protective Cover- Matt Black Smiling 2 Pack Case Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/ Series 7 45mm, Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Bumper Case Overall Protective Cover- Matt Black : Cell Phones & Accessories
Smiling 2 Pack Case Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/ Series 7 45mm: 2 pack smiling case with built in tempered glass screen protector compatible with apple watch series 8/series 7 45mm, hard pc case ultra-thin case overall protective cover material durable pc frame case + tempered glass screen protector compatible model compatible with apple watch series 8 45mm /series 7 45mm. You will be receiving 2 pack apple watch case with built-in tempered glass screen protector. Slim & screen protection this apple watch series 8 screen protector 45mm is made of premium pc materials, slim and lightweight. Allows you to admire the original beauty of series 8/7 apple watch without adding extra bulk to your watch. It also provides you with a smoother touch and no fingerprints remain due to the processing technology. The 9h hard tempered glass provides 99.99% hd clarity while protecting your screen. Perfect fits precise cutouts for easy access to all ports, not interferere with microphone using. The snap-on design of this apple watch 8 screen protector is easy to take on & off without removing the band. Direct charging does not need to remove the case. Overall protection this case is specially designed for apple watch series8/ 7. It is made of scratch-resistant hard pc and tempered glass, covering the full front and curved edges of the watch, offering full protection for your watch against scratches, drops, and bumps. What you get: 2 x 45mm hard pc case with tempered glass screen protector 1 pack of small soft cloth 12 months warranty for full refund or free replacement for the defective item. Kindly tip this 45mm apple watch screen protector is not waterproof, it does not support when swimming. If you forget to take it off, moisture may be trapped between the case and the watch screen. You only need to wipe with a soft cloth or wipes.

What are smiling 2 pack case built in tempered glass screen protector compatible with apple watch series 8/ series 7 45mm features?

  • Compatible model: compatible with apple watch series 8 45mm and series 7 45mm. You will be receiving 2 pack 45mm case with built-in tempered glass screen protector.
  • Slim & screen protection: this apple watch series 8 screen protector is made of premium pc materials, slim and lightweight, and will not add extra bulk to your watch. The 9h hard tempered glass provides 99.99% hd clarity while protecting your screen.
  • Overall protection:designed for apple watch screen protector 45mm is made with anti-scratch hard pc and tempered glass, offering full protection for your watch against scratches, drops, and bumps.
  • Perfect fits: precise cutouts for easy access to all ports, not interfere with microphone using.this apple watch series 7 screen protector is not waterproof, it does not support when swimming.
  • Package included: 2 pack case compatible with apple watch series 8 45 mm and series 7 45mm. If you have any questions about the apple watch 8 screen protector 45mm ,please feel free to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours. 12 months warranty for full refund or free replacement for the defective item
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Smiling 2 pack case built in tempered glass screen protector compatible with apple watch series 8/ series 7 45mm details:

Product dimensions

1.77 x 0.08 x 0.01 inches

Item weight

1.41 ounces

Special features

Screen protector,lightweight,scratch resistant

Other display features


Form factor



Matt black



Smiling 2 Pack Case Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/ Series 7 45mm, Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Bumper Case Overall Protective Cover- Matt Black AMAZON Smiling 2 Pack Case Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/ Series 7 45mm, Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Bumper Case Overall Protective Cover- Matt Black : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Is there warranty?

Their warranty is excellent!! I had purchased a clear case back in december 2020 and recently hit a kitchen cabinet resulting in damage to the case(thankfully not a scratch to the watch:-) as i ordered another case i also emailed their customer service thinking what is there to lose and they not only acknowledged and replied back but sent me a replacement immediately that i’ve just received yesterday. 10/10 for the warranty and the fact that the case actually did what it promised to do. I’m a customer for life!

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Are the buttons hard to push on the side?

It took a time or 2 to get used to it but it is amazing! I found it to be fairly easy so i got one for my fiancee and he is very pleased with it as well. I asked him if he had any issues with accessing the side buttons (his fingers are bigger than mine) and he said that they are easy to access and he doesn’t have any issues (he has the 44 size and i have the 40 size.

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Will it scratch my watch?

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and there are no scratches on my watch.

Can you change bands while the cover is on?

You ‘probably’ could as one side would be easier than the other it appears. However, the case is so simple to take on and off that it would be the surest way to take the case off to change the watch band and then simply snap the case back on. Truly, it would take all of 5 seconds to pop off the case to do what you seek to do.

Does it fog up when it gets wet or working out?

Yes – i walk 5 miles a day and it gets fogged up. I was hoping it wouldn’t – but it did.

Will this fit the new apple watch series 6?

Comes in 40mm and 44mm for series 6, which i have, but only certain colors are available for each of those 2 sizes. You need to check on the back of your watch.

Does the watch overheat when you charge it with this case on? I’ve had problems with other brands.

I’ve had the case on and charging overnight and i’ve had no issues with overheating.

Do you still have the full function of rotating the crown?

Yes this case does not limit any function of the watch.

Does this case effect wireless charging?

No, not at all. It charges perfectly with the protective case on.

Is it easy for water/sweat to get under? And do y’all recommend?

Yes, it is pretty easy for liquids to get between the case and watch. However it is very easy to take it off, wipe it clean and place back on. If you want to show off the color of your apple watch this is the case/screen protector i do recommend

Is this made in china or usa?

It was made in china.

How many come in package

One case come in the package. The entire casing is one piece, the glass and bumper are molded as one.

Has anyone bought this to change the color appearance of the watch? For example, you have the space gray, but would like to wear silver.

If you change your band as well then yes, but the buttons will remain your original color of your watch. I have the beautiful series 6 blue watch & blue leather band and bought another brand pink bumper/protector and a new pink watch band and i love the original blue buttons showing. The colors just pop and i get lots of compliments when i mix & match. 🙂

How do you remove from watch?

You remove it the same way you put it on only from the opposite side. Start with the side without the knob and pull up.

Will this fit series 8?

No, buy one for your series 8 and pay attention turn to the size of your watch to order accordingly.

Any one having issue with touch sensitivity? I am having to tap on an app or password multiple times before i can get it to work.

I have been having issues with touch sensitivity. It’s rendering my watch useless because i cannot tap open any apps or type my password.

Apple watch series 7 42mm? Why is there so case?

Yep, the case is for apple watch series 7, 41 mm & 45 mm.

I would like a replacement mine has been damaged. But i don’t have the box.

Dear customer ,

yes, we can send you replacement , you can contact us on amazon or cotnact our support email which print on the box.

Can you still see the screen from the curve/edge of the series 7? Ie) is the curve of the watch covered in something that is not clear

The top edge has a thin black trim around the face of the watch.

Is there a protector film on the top that has to be removed?

The protective film is on the inside portion of the glass. There is a small tab to remove it.

Smiling 2 Pack Case Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/ Series 7 45mm, Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Bumper Case Overall Protective Cover- Matt Black AMAZON Smiling 2 Pack Case Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8/ Series 7 45mm, Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Bumper Case Overall Protective Cover- Matt Black : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Worth the money

I’m a person who thinks ‘why buy something for hundreds of dollars and then, do nothing to protect it?’

as soon as i ordered the apple watch, i started searching for protection. I didn’t know what was needed or what would work well. After so many computers, cameras, phones, and tablets, i have insisted on buying some kind of protection.

These showed up as the most popular items to protect an apple watch. The price was low, so i didn’t put too much faith into them. Still, they wouldn’t likely hurt the watch.

A few days ago, i apparently smacked the watch into a door frame or something similar. The cover was somewhat cracked but still functional. I had been using it for a day or two before i recognized the crack.

The worst part about it was removing the cover. I was concerned that it would break into pieces, but it did not. After removing the broken one, i installed the other. It is a pack of two.

I should probably buy a few. They’re worth it.

5Expert Score
Excellent screen protector for series 7

I bought this screen protector as soon as i received my apple watch series 7 as a christmas gift from my wife. I had a series 2 watch with a rubber screen protector that was touted as impact resistant but the only time i ever dropped my watch the screen cracked. So for my new watch, i wanted something that offered more protection than the rubber models but also allowed me to see the color of the watch.

Over the past 9 months, the smiling screen protector has survived accidental strikes on walls, doors, tables, and so on with minimal scratching. The first protector of the set lasted a long time and it wasn’t until i snagged my watch on a car door that it finally cracked on the side but still offered protection. Lucky for me, this product shipped with two screens so i was able to replace it right away. Overall i would say this is a well-made product that saved my watch dozens of times from serious damage and i highly recommend it. Buy the two-pack so that you have a backup just in case.

5Expert Score
Saved my watch face

This is my second purchase of this smiling apple watch case. When i opened the shipping package and read the product box it said ‘if the product is scratched or broken or you are simply not satisfied with it … We will send you a free replacement …’.

The reason that i am perfectly fine with not knowing this before, and spending the money to get a new one is that this cover totally saved my apple watch face from being completely smashed. I was putting my watch back on while standing on a tile floor. I dropped it and it fell completely flat, with the watch face landing hard on the hard floor. The photo i’ve shown is the very cracked case, which would have been a very cracked watch face if i didn’t have this case in place. The case did it’s job, it ‘took the bullet’ for my watch.

Before this even happened i was very happy with the case. It was easy to install, completely clear, and for the most part did not affect my ability to operate apps on my watch. Occasionally it was less sensitive in the center of the watch face, but if i just scrolled the app so the button i needed was more toward the top or bottom it worked fine. Totally ok with this considering how great it looks and protects! Before this i had a rubbery bezel cover and a rubbery screen cover. This looks so much better, works so much better, and was so much easier to install. Highly recommend!

Turns out my husband didn’t have any protection for his apple watch, so i got one for his this time also. He loves how it looks!

5Expert Score
Very nicr

I love how this fits. Packaging was amazing and very secure. A plastic cover is on the inside of the watch case so you don’t get any dirt or fingerprints on it at all until you’re ready to put it on. Once you do put it on with a quick ,snap in place, it looks flawless. I bought matte black and it feels good and looks good. The touch screen works as if there’s not an extra cover on it. The dial isn’t hard to use at all. It covers everything that needs to be covered so i’ll never have and scratches or anything else on my expensive watch. I would recommend getting this for sure.

5Expert Score
Perfect fitment

I want to thank the people for helping me by answering such an obvious question. But hey doesn’t hurt to ask right? First off fitment is tightly secured no loose ends. As described it covers majority of the whole interface of the watch. The color is a matte black (not gloss) with a rubbery texture. I am able to navigate with ease through my watch without applying to much pressure on the screen protector. The cut out of the dial is perfect to spin freely without rubbing against the case. Will be saving this product in the near future for purchases just case i work in a warehouse that deals with heavy equipment.

5Expert Score
I recommend this company!

I love these covers!

The first time i ordered these, the protective screens broke pretty quickly without very much bumping. I’m certain it was a production issue, and not the sales company. (typically, small companies buy in bulk from larger manufacturers, then resell them in the marketplace.) there was probably just a little tweaking of calibration on the machine that needed to take place, and it seems they’ve solved that problem.

I wrote to the company since they had a lifetime warranty, and the company graciously replaced them. The replacements arrived incredibly fast. Of course, one must provide the documentation, which seems quite fair.

I am enthusiastically pleased with the company, and so far the replacement has lasted longer. (well, i’ve only used one of the covers from the two-pack.) the person who runs the company is very quick with a reply and is quite professional, friendly and an all-around nice person. That wins my loyalty. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product or company to anyone. In fact, if i get an apple watch for my kiddo, this is the company i’ll use to buy the protective covers for the watch face.

These folks are top-notch when it comes to customer loyalty. They are honest people and i couldn’t be more pleased to be a customer.

5Expert Score
A second skin on the crystal

The apple watch is a clever piece of technology, but ‘wearable tech’ runs the risk of bangs and bashes as happens in peoples lives so we added the ‘smiling’ screen protector. The ‘smiling’ screen protector snaps tightly over the face of the watch but is easily removed when the watch and protector need to be cleaned.

Periodically, the screen protector needs to be removed from the watch to clean all the surfaces front and back. The last time we removed the screen protector for a cleaning we discovered the screen protector was cracked, meaning it took a hit or a passing blow from something. The wearer of the apple watch did not even notice that her watch had taken some kind of a beating, and fortunately the protector did what it was supposed to do and protected the watches’ screen from damage.

We then installed the second screen protector (they come with two protectors in a package) and we then ordered another pair of replacement screen protectors so we always have some on hand – they seem to work pretty well and are adding an important layer of protection to the apple watch screen.

Adding the layer of tempered glass does not impede the touch screen (or stylus tap) on the watch, and aside from the occasional humidity build-up between the screen protector and the watch screen (removed with a quick wipe with a paper towel or tissue) adding the screen protector is invisible and unnoticeable. These screen protectors are expensive for what they are, but certainly much less expensive than a screen repair done by apple.

5Expert Score
What was i so afraid of?!?

Easy to install once i decided to just go for it and push on it a bit after getting the crown side on. I’m always afraid of using too much force but it went on fine. I then tested removing it. I wish there were removal instructions….which side is safer to remove first. I guessed and removed the side *opposite* the crown side first and it snapped off fine. I then studied the sides for possible scrape damage and they were fine. So….so far so good.

5Expert Score
Likely saved my watch face in less than 2 months

I am pretty active in things that would expose any watch to potential damage. I purchased this item after owning my new apple watch for about a week. Within 2 months, i noticed that i had somehow managed to crack the cover. Not sure how that happened but in all likelihood, whatever caused the damage to the cover would have damaged or marred the watch face had it not been installed. Fortunately, i was able to install the second cover so my watch is still protected.

5Expert Score
I’ve bought two!

These are so great and well worth it! I got one when i got my new watch to keep the screen from being scratched. One day i was standing in the door of my car when a wind gust hit the door and slammed it into my wrist. The screen of the protector shattered, but my watch was unscathed! Immediately purchased another.

4Expert Score
Update: company responded with replacement- will adjust my review shortly

Update: i am happy to report that smiling responded to me through amazon and has offered to send a full replacement or my order and an additional pack of protective screens. As i mentioned previously, i really like the screens and found them to be an excellent fit for my apple watch series 7. I am looking forward to offering 5 stars as soon as i receive the replacements and have a chance to use them. I will also be making sure i am as careful as possible with my watch for the future. I appreciate the quick and excellent customer service i received once the matter was brought up here.
so i will definitely say the protective screen looked great, fit really well on my apple watch, and was responsive to touch. However, i’m frustrated that in less than 2 months both of the screens that came in this order cracked. I am very careful with my apple watch and wear it on the inside of my wrist to protect it further. The packaging is very clear that they offer a warranty to replace one of the screens if you have any issues, but unfortunately i’ve received no response at all from my polite emails where i provided all my order details and pictures of the damaged screens. After three emails, i am left to assume this is just a purchase of a good working item that doesn’t last long enough to make it worthwhile sadly.

4Expert Score
Will update later with more info, but…..

I purchased this clear one because of the high ratings and also wanted to be able to see the color of my rose gold watch. It is easy to install and fit well. On day one, i have no issues with the touch screen, it works the same as if there were nothing covering it. The crown button is still easy to use, as well as the other side button. I was concerned at first that the case would impede the buttons, but it does not. It looks really good and is hardly noticable. If i ever drop or smash my watch i’ll update my review to reflect my experience, but so far, it is not disappointing. My only gripe is that based on reviews and the main photo, i thought i was getting a two-pack, but only received one. I see in the fine print it is only one, but the photo is deceiving and looks like two, and some people in the comments said they reveived a two-pack, so if you were thinking the same as i did, just know that this is probably only a single case.

4Expert Score
Works great to protect watch face

I’ve had this for about six months, and never noticed a scratch until on vacation recently. Looks like it got dinged along one edge pretty hard which caused several cracks. Luckily, it didn’t prevent me from using the watch until i got home to replace it with the backup case. I’ll definitely buy another set for future use.

I will also mention that i noticed touch responsiveness with this case attached can be a bit … Squirrelly at times. For example, sometimes when unlocking the watch (entering pin), i’ll notice a digit disappear as if i hit back, and sometimes the watch doesn’t register a touch when i think it should. Having said that, it’s likely true of almost any watch case, given how they work.

4Expert Score
It’s a great screen protector for apple watch 7 if don’t plan on sweating a lot in it.

Im currently on my 3rd screen protector on my apple watch 7 after owning it for 1 month so i’m still not sure if longevity (maybe i shouldn’t be so rough in my stuff and i’d find out). First one broke after saving my watch after it collided with the side of my kitchen counter from swinging my arms when i walk. The second one was changed prematurely because after several hours in the heat doing yard work, moisture worked it’s way under the screen protector between the watch and rendered it useless (and i didn’t want water to be sitting on my expensive watch). Still with the 3rd it doesn’t look like it completely seals to the watch and you can see air pockets that have formed on the curves of the watch. Applying the protector is pretty straightforward and easy and i feel safe having it on there for drops and fall. Just don’t expect it to be the most water resistant. I will update after prolonged use (i’m only 3 weeks in on my 3rd).

4Expert Score
Fogs when working out

Every time i play ultimate frisbee or another running sport it fogs up or small water drops appear around the edges. Once the touch screen wouldn’t work because of the water inside so i had to remove the case. Thankfully, installation and removal is easy. However, when i wipe away the moisture with a cloth the surface gets streaky and it is obvious when i put the case back on. Overall i think it provides good protection, but i wish i didn’t have to remove and clean it after every time i exercise.

4Expert Score
Great protection and good functionality but may hinder charging on some base stations

I smashed the face of my apple watch when changing a tire with the lug wrench handle…oops! The watch face was still functional but was cracked and probably not as waterproof anymore and sharp in a few spots. Replacement of the glass by apple was actually sixteen dollars more than a new watch, so that was a big no from me. I figured a screen cover would work until i was ready to buy a new watch and this case fit the bill nicely. It snaps on tight, works flawlessly for touchscreen, and even disguises some of the damage, buying me some time until i’m ready to fork over for a new watch. The only problem i have with it is that my nightstand charging stand is a millimeter off from centering the watch when charging with this case and i have to remove it each time i want to use that particular charging platform. I plan on altering the charging stand with a file to remove some excess material, but you should know that you might have problems with some charging stands. Other than that, great functionality and looks, would recommend.

4Expert Score
Great protection

I have bought the 2 pack twice. You have to get used to the screen sensitivity but not a big deal for me. I have been through 2 protectors so far. They cracked each time. I am not sure why they cracked. My guess is it because i am hard on watches – on my 3rd apple watch. They continued to work while cracked. I like the fact that visually i can’t tell the protector is on, it doesn’t change the look of the watch. I would rather the $4 protector crack than my $400 watch so i don’t mind replacing them.

4Expert Score
Good protection but moisture gets underneath

Good protection but moisture gets underneath.
Easy to put on and fits well. Seems to work fine with touchscreen. I’ve had it for one months and have had no scratches or problems. The only difficulty is that if you sweat significantly, like in a exercise class, moisture gets underneath and you have to remove the cover and clean it as well as the watch. If you wash sweat off the wash, you need to remove the screen and clean both watching the screen and polish them. This is only a minor annoyance. It is probably important to remove moisture that gets underneath to prevent mildew or damage to the watch. The screen comes off easily and goes back on easily, so this is not a major difficulty. Appears good quality.

4Expert Score
These things are lifesavers

I work in the trades, and i am very hard on my watch. I should buy stock in these watch covers because of how many of them i break but it’s better than replacing the screen on the actual watch. These things are extremely durable. It’s just i am very rough and always bring it on things and can’t expect it to hold up to all of what i put it through.

4Expert Score
Does the job but not super flattering

I got this after i got my first scratch on my apple watch 7 while working out. This case makes it very protected. The touch screen works well. The side button sticks out a bit with the case so still accessible. My only issue is that i didn’t realize the black border on the case is so thick! It makes my screen look smaller(?). I also didn’t realize i was going to receive two of them so that’s cool.

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