Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint, 18.8g (0.66-oz) Pot, White

Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint, 18.8g (0.66-oz) Pot, White

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Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint: Snazaroo is your one stop face and body painting shop for all your special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday party, a play date, halloween or christmas, no matter what the occasion snazaroo will entertain you and your children. Snazaroo is made from the finest ingredients and are specially formulated to be fragrance free and friendly to the most delicate skin. They are all water-based, making them even easier and quicker to remove, simply wash off with warm soapy water or use gentle face wipes. To use snazaroo paint, step one: wet your paint with water using your sponge or brush. Step two: apply paint onto skin and start building your desired design. Step three: done and have fun. So whether it’s the wicked witch from the west or wanting to conquer the ship with the pirate’s adventures, letting your child’s imagination run wild has never been more fun.

What are snazaroo classic face and body paint features?

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  • Highest quality – snazaroo face and body paints are manufactured using cosmetic grade ingredients. They contain strong pigments to deliver you total coverage and vibrant colors that will last you all day. This 18.8g (0.66oz), face paint comes in a resealable package.
  • Skin safe – snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin and are fragrance free. All snazaroo face paints have been reviewed by an independent professor of dermatology and professional toxicologists. All snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with eu & fda toy and cosmetic regulations and are non-toxic, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.
  • Easy on/off – snazaroo face paints are all water-based. Add a few drops of water to the desired color then use a brush or sponge to apply it smoothly on the skin. When you’re done, simply remove with soap and warm water; there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers.
  • Hygenic manufacturing – since 1989, snazaroo products have been proudly manufactured in england. We are taking the most up-to-date guidance from global and local health organizations and have acted by maximizing hygiene and qc standards at our factory. From ingredients selection to manufacturing and packing, our face paints undergo the most stringent hygiene controls including a seal. Automated processes mean that when you break the hygiene seal, you’re the first person to have ever touched our paint.
  • Versatile – with a wide range of 54 colors in three textures(matte, sparkle, & metallic), snazaroo face paints are a favorite among parents, cosplayers, convention attendees, performers, professional face painters, and makeup artists. They can be used at birthdays, carnivals, school events, halloween, festivals, sporting events, or for theatre. Check our reviews. Face or body, day or night, snazaroo has you covered.
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Snazaroo classic face and body paint details:





Finish type



0.6fl oz

Item volume

18 milliliters

Special feature

Snazaroo is your one stop face and body painting shop for all your special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday party, a play date, halloween or christmas, no matter what the occasion snazaroo will entertain you and your children

Paint type


Specific uses for product


Included components

Face paint

Age range (description)

All age group

Is waterproof


Model name


Product dimensions

2.95 x 2.95 x 0.59 inches

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Item weight

0.663 ounces


Colart americas



Country of origin

United kingdom

Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint, 18.8g (0.66-oz) Pot, White AMAZON

Shop Snazaroo at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

How much surface area will one container of this cover? I need it for my face/neck and from elbow to shoulders. Will just one cut it?

Most definitely! I’ve done what you’ve mentioned twice now and have at least 3/4 of the container left! I would recommend buying two if you have the money because it’s always better to have way too much than potentially run out in the rare chance you need to touch all of it up again!

I’m cosplaying as nepeta and sollux and i was wondering would i need 1,2,or 3 if i’m cosplaying as them over a 3 day period at a con?

Well, 1st thing – the correct applicator is crucial!!! Cotton balls suck, the red/blue sponges you can buy online make splotches and doing it by fingertip means uneven coverage. We used a very soft piece of flannel and found it didn’t hold on to much of the makeup as we applied. Now, for you question…iif you are covering a lot of skin (arms, chest, face, etc…) several times i would go with at least 2 of the 18ml. Thinking of the 2 we did at kamicon, we had 2 and did touch up and re-sealed up every couple of hours or so. You can go lighter on the coverage to get 2 to stretch the weekend due to the cost or if you want a darker/heavier coverage for each cosplay – maybe 3 would be best. Always remember – seal, seal, and seal that makeup or you will leave cute grey streaks…everywhere! I hope you have a great con weekend.

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How good does this look on darker/ black skin? I’m trying to cosplay marceline the vampire queen. Would a medium grey work better?

I am latino, and it looked fine on my skin. No weird miscoloration. The paint is pretty pigmented and non see-through, so as far as i know you shouldn’t have any problems. 🙂

I’m in a musical playing a cat & i need to cover my face completely with black & white 3 times. Will one container of each color be enough?

Yes! There is so much paint in it! I have covered my face and arms in grey nearly 7 times and have barely made a dent!!

For poison ivy which color is better grass or bright green? Also to cover legs face and tummy…should i buy one or two?

Grass will be pass able for more of a natural look while bright green will be to bright like plastic plants. And two because that why you don’t have to worry about running out for a while. But one of these will work for what your covering. As long as you find your middle of how much water to use. Also remember to wet your sponge before putting the product on it it will help in the application process. Hope this helps you ^^

How do you apply it? Can i use my beauty blender for this?

Many times people will use applicators with foam tips, others have been known to used paint brushes or q-tips or even their fingers. A beauty blender would work just as well.

I have a brownish skin tone, do you think that complexion pink will work for when i cosplay as someone with a lighter skin tone?


Would the turquoise work for undyne from undertale?

I myself am doing an undyne cosplay. I bought a shade of blue called ‘light blue’ (honestly it’s not very light like you’d assume) and it is the perfect shade for canon undyne.

Do i need a sealer so that it doesn’t rub off or will it stay on my skin by itself? Thanks ahead for answering! (:

Definitely need a sealer for paint always! I brushed on baby powder and used setting spray. If you don’t have that, just used baby powder and hairspray. Hold the can a few inches away so that it doesn’t pool up and spray hairspray over your painted skin. Hold it far enough back to be just a mist! Hope this helps :3

Would there be enough for an adult to cover his face and upper body?

Most definitely. I’ve covered my entire face, neck and arms completely several times and barely even made a dent in the snazaroo.

I selected the maroon color for my cart but when i look at the item description it says dark green. How do i know if i’m going to get the right color?

Type in snazaroo maroon face paint inside the search box on the amazon home page. Click on add to cart. Don’t click into the,customers also bought section. If it reads green at checkout, then it seems there is an error in web design. You can alert amazon. They will deliver. Good luck.

Hi – can you guarantee this arriving before next wednesday?

The only way to guarantee it arriving before next wednesday is if you order from us directly ( and pay for fedex fast 2 day shipping.

Is this paint dry to touch after application? I am trying to use it on my 2 year old but worried that he gets it all over. Does it feel heavy on face?

No, it’s so light that does not feel after application and is very safe for children

Does the white makeup look bluish?

Not at all its white… I use a sponge to apply and it works great. Also for other brush strokes or to mix to lighten darker colors too.

Do you have to add water ?

Yes, otherwise its pastey and wont apply effectively. Also if you get cracks it might mean you applied too much, so just smooth it out with more water.

I’m cosplaying jared leto’s joker from suicide squad. Would the light grey or white be a better choice for his skin tone?

White would be best.

What if im going to be fire how much of my body will it cover

All of it. I did a volcano and started with red. I used both a sponge and a large flat paint brush to apply evenly. I still have tons left and i did my whole face chest back and arms. And i have done a few other themes requiring red and i could keep going for a while. No end in sight. I think the main factor is how you apply. I do not like the thick makeupy look so i put a little water in the lid and dip into it before applying to the color and then get my whole area really covered. Then i go back with the sponge and dab into the lid water and really squish it in lot the color getting all the edges and then bounce it over the dry paintbrush applied part to even the color and eliminate streaks. Too much water is bad. Too little is difficult. About 10 minutes of working with it got me on track.

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Can you put this in your eyebrows?

Yes. It’s just like makeup. It comes off really easy.

Which green is best for master yoda

Snazaroo classic green

How many do i meed for full body?

One container lasts forever – i’ve never done a whole body but i can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be enough ? Get two to be sure.

Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint, 18.8g (0.66-oz) Pot, White AMAZON

Shop Snazaroo at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Homestucks! This stuff is great for face painting and is cheaper than mehron and ben nye

Ok so i use this for homestuck cosplays, and i love the colour. It’s perfect light grey, and i don’t have to do any mixing. I bought this and a black snazaroo for karkat (his sleepy raccoon eyes, i guess?) and i love how well it stays on. However, i’ve learned how to use it best by trial and error.
1. Test it out before you go to the con
2. Do not get it wet, or wear it where you’ll be sweating a lot, or exposed to rain/humidity/swimming areas. It’s water-based so it’ll bleed off pretty quickly. Even taking a sip of water with it on, it rubs off my lips, so i always keep one of these with me at cons, to re-apply it. Use straws if you’re drinking, and if you eat wearing this, you’ll have to redo the lips. Unless you use lipstick instead of this on the lips, in which case, you’re fine. I’m a guy so yeah, no lipstick. This works just fine.
3. When i’m applying it, i don’t follow the directions on the label. If you do just a light, thin layer like it suggests, it will look washed out, streaky, and blotchy. Your fingerprints and application strokes will show. I know that’s how you’re supposed to do it, but i just don’t like how it looks. What i do is open up the cap, let a couple droplets of water soak into it, and wait until it’s kinda a thick putty (peanut butter-ish?), then i glob it on my face. Yes, i know it sounds gross. Yes, my pores can still breathe, yes it’s comfortable, no it isn’t itchy, no it doesn’t burn my skin, yes i’ve left it on for 10+ hours before and have had no issues whatsoever, no it doesn’t aggravate my acne. The water-based compound is easy on my skin. It feels nice on, moisturising. After i do the base grey colour, i take just a dab of black snazaroo on my pinky finger, make it into a thick paste just the same, and splotch it beneath my eyes for karkat’s baggy eyes. No streaking, just like a light dabbing motion, till it’s well-blended. I let that sit about five minutes, and then use matte finishing spray (ben nye final seal). You need this. It will help. Your makeup stays in place, doesn’t look mottled, and overall helps it not run as bad or look as shiny. I don’t use any powders atop that, just the finishing spray. Spritz like once or twice into the air, walk into it, wait a couple minutes, and do it again, till you go through it 2-4 times or so? In theatre we used to use hair spray to set our makeup, but i’ve never tried it with snazaroo, since every water and alcohol-based makeup reacts differently to the sprays. But yeah, ben nye is great. If you don’t use a final seal, it’s not a huge deal, but it’ll make the snaz blotch, run, and show sweat more.
4. Don’t use snaz on your arms. Or your neck. Or your hands. Or your legs. It will run. You will be miserable. Your clothes will get grey all over the edges. Your con experience will be filled with grey smudges all over your priceless con purchases and group photos. You don’t want that. Even expensive mehron/ben nye paints will still run with heat, humidity, and time at the con. Plus you have to keep re-applying it. No matter how much you set it and re-apply it, you will have issues unless you absolutely don’t touch anything. Not fun. It’s fine if you’re just going out for a photo op, but for a con, you want something where you can use your hands. So you can eat and drink and do other important activities. Also, bathroom breaks…yeah. Paint on your hands just isn’t a good idea. I highly suggest making armsocks out of tights, fabric medium/paint, and fake nails painted yellow. There’s a few awesome tutorials on tumblr. That way you can pull them on and off, do pics, and actually grab that awesome t-shirt at the con. For limbs, don’t use water, grease, or alcohol-based paints if it’s an all-day con. You can but there’s always that risk; even just brushing your leg on a chair might smear it. Pax is a good option for legs, as well as opaque tights. For photo ops (for less than an hour), any body paint will work fine. Anything more than that, pax is great. It feels and looks like skin. It’s a mixture of 60% pros-aid and 40% liquidex paint. It is amazing. Anytime i cosplay karkat, i do my neck with pax, then my face with snaz. The colours work great, and with the separation line just under my chin, you can’t tell where the two paints blend. Pax does not rub off or smear on my collar. At all. Be kinda careful about humidity, though. Do shave before you use pax; it can be ridiculous to scrub off. Best way to get pax off is to sweat, let the bubbles bead up beneath it, and wipe off with a hot rag. So, recap: snaz for face. It is awesome. Cake it on. Ben nye and mehron are other good brands i’ve tried, and i know a few others that are like $30 per canister. But snaz is cheap and works just fine. Pax on neck and upper arms. Arm socks for hands. You’ll thank me later.
5. Snaz washes off extremely easily, just a hot, wet rag and facial wash. As long as you don’t rub your face too much during the day, and as long as you’re not outside sweating, however, you shouldn’t have a problem with it dripping off. I’ve used it at dragon*con, where i was waiting for panels outside in the heat. As long as i didn’t touch my face when i came back inside, let the ac chill it down, the makeup reset to my face perfectly. Really just trial and error. But this stuff is way cheaper than mehron and ben nye, and as long as you use it well, it works just fine.
6. It goes a long way. I’ve been on the same grey and black containers for over a year, and have done karkat probably 10 times. Just the face, but still. You don’t need much.

5Expert Score
Local goth abuses face paint

Ok so as a part of my daily (yes daily) make up look i like to black out my neck. I’ve been doing this for years to the point people think it is a tattoo. But before i would use liquid eyeliner or eyeshadow and i never got the coverage i wanted. This however?? This right here? This is full coverage baby, i mean my entire neck and then some is blacked out in minutes. In the time it takes some girls to throw on some mascara and eyeliner i have my entire neck painted and set.

I bought this in early january and now 7 months later i am just bearly hitting the bottom of the pan after once again daily use. And i really do slather the black on. So if it lasts me this long it’s gonna last you even longer.

My pro tip however is use as little water as possible and a dense brush to apply. Set it with black eyeshadow after. You will thank me later.

At the 8 or so hour mark you’ll likely need to touch up but then again i doubt anyone is on my level and wearing this for that long. But who knows, maybe you are.

If set correctly it doesn’t transfer or fade at all, but around that 6-8 hour mark it can shift around. If it does it can and will get messy. Taking it off can be a bit of a pain but i personally use a mega sized cotton pad and a bunch of myciliar water and toner, which cuts through it like butter. You can also just hop in the shower and get aggressive with the face/body wash.

But basically this is the best you will get in terms of face paint. Go hard and live your best painted life.

5Expert Score
Great paint!

I personally really liked the paint. I was surprised with how good the coverage was. Most water based face paints that i’ve used had to have multiple layers added. In the picture (3rd) the swatch on the base of my rose tattoo isn’t set with powder the other one is set, both work well. I took the dabi cosplay photos after a three hour recording session, so i would say that it also holds up well. Granted i wasn’t sweating all that much and i had a stew to drink with so it wouldn’t mess up my makeup there was very little transfer onto my binder and shirt. It was also not hard to wash off, a hot shower will work great, and it doesn’t stain your skin either. All in all a very good product.

5Expert Score
Great for cosplay

Easy to put on and layer, use setting powder to set(so it doesn’t bleed on people or clothes). Would buy this brand in other colors if i need another cosplay skin tone!

5Expert Score
Be careful

This product is great and served its purpose for my cosplay. However, it’s very hard to layer up and can look patchy when you try to add more. I’m not sure if that was user error or the product because i’ve never used face paint on myself before. It lasted all day and was very easy to remove with water and face wash (i didn’t have makeup wipes or remover but i’m sure that would’ve worked too).

5Expert Score
Perfect color, easy to apply and lasts

We got this for my daughter’s cosplay and it was absolutely perfect, great color and long lasting

5Expert Score

A little goes a long way ! Very easy to use and put on . Comes off very easy with water

5Expert Score
Very green!

I wore this on my upper body, including face and arms. I was able to do about 3 coats and i still have sooo much left over. It stayed on pretty good, i just had to stay away from the misters.

5Expert Score
Nice pigment

Smells like regular ol face paint. Doesn’t spread well dry. Figure some water with a makeup sponge should do the trick. Came with a little air bubble, was hallow inside but i dont mind. Pretty good stuff easy to remove. Id use setting powder to give less of a sticky finish.

5Expert Score
Best colors for the statue of liberty

I applied 2 different colors of snazaroo face paints to achieve the look i wanted for the statue of liberty. I did have to wet the paint before applying which helped it go on smoother. It didn’t settle in my wrinkles/fine lines on my face which i was glad. It was super hot for the 4th of july and it didn’t sweat off. I didn’t use any application technique or tools – just used my fingers to put it on my face and smear it on my arms and chest. Extremely easy to take off. Soap and water worked fine. Lots of compliments on the color

4Expert Score
Pink was great!

The pink was perfect! I wore it for my persephone cosplays to a con and it stayed on allll day. The white however,, i just can’t seem to figure it out

4Expert Score
Pretty good, can’t wait for the rest of my costume

Bought this for a raven cosplay i’m doing this halloween. Going to use it for my face and hands only, along with setting it with powder. It is very water activated so try not to get too sweaty or wet in areas. It can transfer too but having powder over it should have it not transfer as easily. Overall great produce for the price, can’t wait for the rest of my orders.

4Expert Score
Easy to remove

Hard to blend but it wipes off easily with a little bit of water

4Expert Score
Too light

More of a light than dark grey

4Expert Score
Pretty nice

I use it for corpse paint and it’s pretty nice. It can be patchy if you’re not careful though

4Expert Score
Came without its cover

The star decrease is because mine came without the cover! I will have to plastic wrap it or somethings otherwise it’s as pictured

4Expert Score
Goblin makeup

Washes off easily – great color!~

4Expert Score
Have to use with face moisturizer

Works great in conjunction with undereye face cream. Stays on all day.

4Expert Score
Medusa cosplay: with some creativity- success!!!

Purchased grass green. Medusa cosplay. Wasn’t sure which green to purchase as none seemed to be right. (i am a perfectionist). I know nothing about makeup application, evenly daily wear. Read the comments to glean some ideas. Wish i was talented enough to create the look with a few colors.
Purchased some white facial paint at a store (just in case) and ended up using it to mix w/ the green.
At first, used a cheap paint brush to apply w/ a little water. Didn’t care for the look. Maybe a softer make up brush would’ve been better. Ended up using my fingers and rubbing it/blending it in. To get the look of scales, used a piece of non- skid shelf liner. Brushed the mixed paint on the liner and then just dabbed all over face, neck, shoulders on top of the base. End result: loved it (not too bad for amateurs- hubby and daughter helped me transform)

after the party, took a shower and used soap and water to get off.
*fyi: when you sweat (dancing) it runs/ comes off. I did not “set it” with anything (comments recommended). Maybe that would have helped!

4Expert Score
Fuchsia pink + bright pink

I did a layer of bright pink and a layer of fuchsia pink for a persephone/lore olympus cosplay. With primer and mehron setting spray, it lasted over three hours in 85 degrees while sweaty without smearing so long as i didn’t touch it.

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