SOL DE JANEIRO Body Fragrance Mist

SOL DE JANEIRO Body Fragrance Mist

Buy SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist 240ml on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders


Buy SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist 240ml on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

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How do you know if it’s expired or not?

Most products expire one year after opening.. This is a good rule of thumb 🙂

Does it help to firm the skin?

No i don’t think the body fragrance is designed for that purpose. The body cream is supposed towork on firming.

Does this smell like the bum bum cream or is it a different fragrance?

Yes the sol janeiro body mist smell the sama as bum bum cream.

Is this body spray naturally scented or is it fake/artificially scented? Which scent has the best smell?

I’ve personally only tried ’62’ and ’68’ and they are both amazing both completely different scents but i like 68 better. Its definitely not natural, this is just the list from their bum bum cream.

Aqua (water, eau), methyl glucose sesquistearate, phenyl trimethicone, dodecane, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cetearyl alcohol, parfum (fragrance), glycerin, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate citrate, sodium hyaluronate, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, euterpe oleracea (açaí) fruit oil, theobroma grandiflorum (cupuaçu) ….

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Does the coconut cream & toasted praline one smell like buttered popcorn?

’62’ smells closest to coconuts and buttered roasted nuts more then popcorn if that makes sense …

I noticed caramel. Does it smell sweet? Is there any sort of coconut smell

It does smell sweet with hints of coconut. I smell a vanilla scent but others notice a coconut and vanilla scent. I love it. It’s light and airy and lasts all day.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients are not listed on the bottle. The fragrance lasts less than an hour.

Please tell ne which one smells like bum bum cream?

’62’ and ’68’ resembles baccarat rogue

Is this product eligible for free return shipping through amazon? I want to know before i purchase please

No, it says the item is non-returnable in the description.

How does 71 and 62 smell differently?

71′ smells like caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia nuts, sea salt, white chocolate and coconut blossoms. & 62′ smells like pistachios, almonds, heliotrope, jasmine petals, vanilla, salted caramel and sandalwood (this one is the same scent as their bum bum cream). I personally prefer the 62′ one and it’s actually one of my favorite scents. I think the 71′ scent smells like buttery white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (definitely has a buttery note to it, on some can smell like buttery popcorn) and 62′ mostly smells like pistachio, caramel and vanilla. It’s a warm, creamy and sweet scent.

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Hi, is this authentic? Original? Why the price difference with sephora? 240ml???

Yes the one i got is absolutly authentic way cheaper than the one at sephora. People say the scent don’t last longer, well i don’t know what they are talking cause mine last all day . I like to put some in my hands and even after washing my hands i can still smell it ..

Does the spray work for thickening curls or waves on hair?

I don’t find it to benefit my hair in any way except for leaving a pleasant, subtle scent. However there are some amazing hair oils on the market.

Can someone please tell howcthe 68 one smell like i bought it in a fragrance oils and it smell like a man cologne

It does not smell like mens cologne . It is wonderful scent

Does it have shimmer in it?

No shimmer in the body splash (unlike the body butter). Still smells like summer 🙂

Could you send me some samples? I would be so grateful. I have recommended your products to all my friends

It smells like a beautiful vanilla and caramel blend.

Is the brazilian crush cheirosa hair & body fragrance mist non toxic?


Is it authentic ?

Yes. I bought one in a sephora while on vacation and ended up using the rest of it by the time i flew back home. Theres no sephora where i live, so i had to take the chance on ordering it off amazon. I too was worried it wouldnt be authentic, but it is exactly the product. Just a tad pricier, but worth it.

Does it smell like the braz. Body wash if not what spray does

Not sure what that smells like but this one smelled awesome i love it.

Which body oil smells like the rio deo deodorant, #62 or 71?


Is it plastic or glass?

It is a plastic container, just by looking at the picture i thought it was glass also. Plastic….


Buy SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist 240ml on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It's good

It has been all the hype on tik tok so i had to try it. I didn’t want to spend a lot on the perfume, in case i didn’t like it. It was good, not amazing. It’s cakey smelling, which is nice. Not very strong. Doesn’t last long. The actual perfume may have been more impressive to me but idk, it wasn’t as great as i was expecting. Kinda like the baccarat rouge 540, i just don’t think it’s as good as everyone makes it out..but to each their own.
I ordered the deodorant to this also. It was, good too. Kinda too creamy once it hits your warm pits.

Body spray: 7/10
deodorant: 5/10

5Expert Score
Beautiful scent, layers well, for all seasons

This scent is my go to for layering with other vanilla perfumes. Spray this on first, and spray kayali vanilla 28 on top. You will smell delicious! This mist goes beautifully with a lot of the kayali scents or any other perfume with a vanilla base. This scent is really light and sweet on its own too. Must have if you love sweet scents!

5Expert Score
Smells so yummy!

I loved the og scent but amazon was out so i tried this one & was so happy i did! First the scent is a more caramel vanilla scent & is so decadent! I especially like it for fall/winter & you can literally spray this almost everywhere! I now have it on my subscribe & no regrets! The only caveat i have is that i wished it lasted a little longer but if used in addition to the moisturizer then it has a little more staying power!

5Expert Score
It really does smell like buttery popcorn..

Okay… I wanted to love this with every fiber of my being. I love 68, 62, and 40… I like the bum bum creams and the brand itself. It lasts long, it’s great scents. When i read the fragrance notes on this one i was like omg it’s gonna smell like a warm cookie. It smelled like a movie theater like buttery popcorn with chocolates in it… Which is delicious but doesn’t translate well into a scent. If you’re a fan or this brand just stick with 62… It’s the best caramel/vanilla scent the line has.

5Expert Score
Decadent smell

I love love love this scent. If i could bathe in this stuff and always smell like it, i 100% would have done it by now. The mister is a fine and full mist. Bottle is so cute. The only con is the price. I think they could increase the amount of product or decrease the price by 4-5 dollars and it would feel worth it to me to re order. Other than that, i’m in loveeee with this scent.

5Expert Score
Love love love it

Smells amazing and came in just in time. You can literally smell this spray from all the way across the room. One thing i would also say is that it goes pretty fast mine is already gone and i got it early september

5Expert Score
If you have the extra $ get the perfume

Yummy and warm scent that i’m sure we all know doesn’t last that long. For the amount you get and the option to layer it with your other scents, you can’t beat it. I love it!

5Expert Score
I'm literally obsessed

I’m so obsessed with this vanilla macadamia nut cookie type smell and i don’t even like sweet smells. I wish this was my natural scent so bad, it lingers on you for so long, people compliment me and i forget i had even sprayed some on me i love love love this product yall, it lasted me about 3 months!

5Expert Score
Recommended 100%

Smells so good and stays on you the whole day and the size is pretty big so is going to last for a long time. I love it

5Expert Score
Heavenly smell

After seeing this product all over social media i finally decided to give it a shot. It smells amazing and i constantly get compliments when wearing it. A little goes a long way and the bottle size is generous so i will be able to smell great for months on end!

4Expert Score
It’s nice

It took way too long to get here, it was supposed to be delivered a certain day then got delivered 4 days later. It smells very beachy , a great summer scent. The scent doesn’t last too long but it is a body spray. Overall a summer staple to get the coco banana salty smell.

4Expert Score
Teenager smells less teenager-y

Daughter wanted this for birthday. She smells better now. Can be a tad much but beats those traditional fragrances in that it at least smells kinda natural. Seems to last for a bit but my guess is you have to reapply once at least during a long day.

4Expert Score
Summer in a bottle

Scent lasts a long time. Its a bit on the sweet side. I bought it for the nutty notes to it, but it does smell kind of sweet.

4Expert Score
Not as nice as the cream, but still good.

I was really missing the smell of the body cream by the same name, so i figured i’d just buy the body spray… It’s definitely not as potent and has a slightly alcohol-y overtone, and unfortunately doesn’t last longer than a few minutes when sprayed. Might be nice for layering with the cream under it though? Either way it smells wonderful whether it lasts 5 mins or 5 hours.

4Expert Score
Like it

I like it, but i don’t get the hype. Especially for how much it is. My boyfriend hates the smell

4Expert Score
Good hair & body spray

It is a good spray for hair and body…many complimented me…but you have to repeatedly spray it on so its not very long lasting. Good spray..a little strong, but smells pretty good. A little on the expensive side, but why not buy it.

4Expert Score
Love this smell!

Pro: the smell is wonderful, it’s soft, warm, and feminine – i’ve gotten many complements on it!

Con: doesn’t last very long… Of course it’s a mist so regardless it won’t last like a perfume, but it doesn’t dilute on your skin after a while like any standard mist. Would love to get this in a perfume.

4Expert Score
Scent too perfumey

Did not like scent. Too sharp & perfumey

4Expert Score
My granddaughter loves these products

I setup a subscription of these products for her birthday for a year. She loves this stuff. I was not happy when they started getting out of stock and prices went up. If she wasn’t so happy i’d stop buying them

4Expert Score

This smelt so good, but it wat way too strong for me and gave me a headache, but daughter loved it

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