Solar Power Bank,Solar Charger,42800mAh Power Bank,Portable Charger,External Battery Pack 5V3.1A Qc 3.0 Fast Charging Built-in Super Bright Flashlight(Orange)

Solar Power Bank,Solar Charger,42800mAh Power Bank,Portable Charger,External Battery Pack 5V3.1A Qc 3.0 Fast Charging Built-in Super Bright Flashlight(Orange) Solar Power Bank,Solar Charger,42800mAh Power Bank,Portable Charger,External Battery Pack 5V3.1A Qc 3.0 Fast Charging Built-in Super Bright Flashlight(Orange) : Everything Else

What are solar power bank features?

  • Power bank has a large battery capacity of 42800mah, and uses high-density batteries to load a larger capacity without changing the volume and weight. The super battery life allows you to get rid of the anxiety and worries about the depletion of the device power anytime and anywhere.
  • Solar power bank uses strong professional abs material, chemical resistant, heat-resistant, and has super surface hardness, high elasticity and toughness. Ip67 waterproof,drop-proof and dust-proof, so you no longer worry about damage caused by water/drop, it can work in extreme environments. With more than 1600+ charging life cycles, it is very reliable and durable.
  • Power bank is equipped with a super bright led flashlight with a long range, it can work continuously for up to 100 hours.
  • Solar power bank is compatible with all usb devices such as smartphones and tablets. The product has 2 usb output ports, if the device is compatible, it can support the qc3.0 fast charge protocol.
  • Friendly reminder:when the solar panel is being cared for, it will generate current to charge the battery, and the indicator light will charging is affected by the instability of sunshine intensity and duration. The battery capacity of the product is very large, so the charging will be very slow and should be used as an emergency function. For daily charging, please use a charger with a power above 5v2a to charge the device.
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Solar Power Bank,Solar Charger,42800mAh Power Bank,Portable Charger,External Battery Pack 5V3.1A Qc 3.0 Fast Charging Built-in Super Bright Flashlight(Orange) AMAZON Solar Power Bank,Solar Charger,42800mAh Power Bank,Portable Charger,External Battery Pack 5V3.1A Qc 3.0 Fast Charging Built-in Super Bright Flashlight(Orange) : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

What is the solar charging time in full sunlight?

If you’re asking how long it takes to fully charge, it took me about two days in the sunlight to charge completely.

Can i usually choose to use solar energy to charge the power bank?

Once it is charged using your electricity, you can leave it in a place where the sun shines on it to maintain its charge.

How much can it handle hot/cold temperatures?

I took it to florida and i got really hot and stopped working the next day.

The device will not stay on and charge my phone. I press the power button it shows charging then instantly stops charging. What do i do?

I had the same problem. It shows green lights showing it has power. You press the power button to switch over to blue lights and after about 20 seconds it switches back to green and stops charging whatever device you have plugged in to charge.

Will it charge my xp iphone?

Yes it does. It will charge any phone you have a cord for.

Cuánto pesa en grs.?

Hola .el banco pesa 16 onzas una libra pero vale la pena es lo mejor que se puede comprar en energía de recargar le dura la carga casi la semana es como para cualquier actividad y la linterna qye trae me fue muy util… Buena compra…

Is it compatible with tcl cellphones?

I don’t see why not – the phone has a usb-c connector, i assume. The product has 2 usb ports on it – it’s a pretty basic connection.

Does itnwork woth google pixel 6 pro?

It’ll work with any phone as long as the charging cord has the usb end to plug in to the pack

The blue light indicator is flashing whenever i charge it. What does it mean?

That blue blinking light just lets you know it’s charging, also if you have it in the sun a green light will blink showing it’s charging.

I live in arizona, will hanging on my backpack in 100+ f temps damage it or cause it to charge slowly ?

No i had no issues with that and i live in phoenix

Why is it blinking when using and charging? What does it mean?

It just means your charger is charging and connected to a power source when it stops blinking that means it’s no longer plugged in and if you have it plugged in you might need a new charging cable

I can’t figure out how to turn on the flashlight. Do you just press the power button?

Press the power button two time in a row quickly.

Does it fast charge iphones??

It will charge as fast as the older style iphone cables, not real fast charging.

Can this charge wirelessly my phone

No. Cannot charge your phone wirelessly. No wireless charging pad.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

1-2 hours

I have read a lot of power banks and want to buy this solar power bank, but i am worried about the safety of this product. Is product safety guarantee

It fails within weeks, safety doesn’t even become a worry 🙂

I tested these and they only showed a 14,000 mah capacity. Why are you selling fake products and emailing me to take down my review?

The one i got charged one time and then it just did nothing after that. It was dead and when i sent it back it cost me about 7 bucks. I would never buy another that even look somewhat to it.

How much charges will it give my iphone 13?

About an hour.

Can i use this to charge my iphone 13 by using mine original c cable?

No you would need the iphone cable with the usb end, the c is not compatible

Can this wirelessly charge my phone


Solar Power Bank,Solar Charger,42800mAh Power Bank,Portable Charger,External Battery Pack 5V3.1A Qc 3.0 Fast Charging Built-in Super Bright Flashlight(Orange) AMAZON Solar Power Bank,Solar Charger,42800mAh Power Bank,Portable Charger,External Battery Pack 5V3.1A Qc 3.0 Fast Charging Built-in Super Bright Flashlight(Orange) : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Excellent battery life!

I ordered this in may 2022 and used it all summer, both on camping trips and for international travel. My favorite thing is the battery life. I’ve used it many, many times to charge my phone and never had to plug in the solar bank to charge as long as i left it on my car’s dashboard for some sun during the day. I have not had to use it to charge larger items, like a laptop, only smaller items like my phone and headphones, and it works great! The flashlight feature has also come in handy since i charge my phone at night, and especially on camping trips, it’s been a nice thing to have. Due to it’s light weight and relatively small size compared to other power banks i’ve seen, it’s been great for international travel as well. I always carry it in my daypack just in case. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Long battery life

After the initial charging i have used this pack 5 times and have not had to recharge. I plug into my phone and charge while using my phone. I leave the battery pack on the kitchen island and there is enough ambient light most of the time to replenish some of the power. I doesn’t require full sun to activate the solar panel. The mfg. Recommends solar charging as a last resort-not sure what that is about. Otherwise, i paid the same as i paid for the jackery (which is great) but get more capacity and versatility from this pack.

5Expert Score
Great for camping and for an emergency to go bag

I bought this to out in an emergency preparedness to go bag. I live in the pacific nw where earthquakes are possible. I’ve only charged it via a wall plug and i bought it specifically for its solar power charging. Nice size and like the bright orange color for ease of finding. I’ve used it to charge my ipad and phone and still had left over power.

5Expert Score
A true lifesaver

This battery pack didn’t really wow me until this past week when i had an emergency that required me to travel across state lines with only what could fit in my pockets. The clip held the pack to my belt loop securely. Battery life from being fully charged kept my phone from dying for almost 2 days, and there was still juice left. At one point my wallet fell in a dark crevice and the flash light came in handy for such a task. This battery pack really proved its worth.

5Expert Score
This is crazy good

I love power banks and this is the first time i got something so powerful. 42,800mah that is a lot and i mean a lot of mah! Consider that my phone only has 2200mah, it’s ridiculous. To put it in perspective for about the same price i bought (a few years ago) a 10,000mah power bank which was the most powerful. It kept my aquarium tank bubbler on for 4 days non-stop on a full charge. This is more than 4x more powerful. Considering this has a solar feature on it, you could use a usb extension cable to make it reach the window and add even more time.

Usually when solar banks break, it’s because people don’t keep them charged and let it run out of juice completely and too long. Make sure you keep this charged to extend its life. I will most likely get another one for my other aquarium in the event the electricity cuts out but i do have other power banks, it’s just this one is just so powerful it gives me a good peace of mind to have.

5Expert Score
Larger than expected

This power bank is great, but is a lot bigger and heavier than i thought it would be. That’s ok as it will be good when i will be away from home for a long day or overnight. It’s just not something i would try to tote around in my purse. This seems really sturdy and heavy duty.

5Expert Score
Fast charging

I got this solely for having a backup on the beach with 5 people. I never used it for that, but i did use it plenty!!
It charged as fast as my usual charger. I used it every night on the ship to charge my phone so it was close to me. I charged my tablet and headphones too. I never had to put in in the sun or charge it back up. I even used it at a hotel because of the lack of outlets.
It will now go with me on any trups we take… Beach, hiking, amusement parks, etc. It’s perfect!!!

5Expert Score
Great idea

Great product so you can keep it charged and charge your phone or other things. 2 usb outputs and a usbc input. The battery does go kind of fast if you have 2 items plugged in but the bank also charges fast so no worries! In an emergency you could charge your phone and solar power or plug this into your car when/if you can turn it on for small periods of time for when you need to charge things. Doesn’t get too hot either. I’ll be buying these for christmas present for family and friends overall a/a-

5Expert Score
Much larger than expected. Really happy with purchase.

Everyone who wrote a bad review must have received a defective product, because i love mine. I work at remote mine sites and cannot charge my phone for days at a time. I typically get 4 full charges on my galaxy s8 and 3 full charges on my fenix headlamp before needing to recharge this bank. It is true yes, seems to take forever to charge the bank back up, but it is well worth the wait. I do not often use the words ‘highly recommended,’ but in this case i do. Unbelievable value.

5Expert Score
Its larger in person works just as in the description

Make sure to charge first and charge for 24 hrs or at least thats what i did. I plan to take it on a trip where i wont be able to plug my phone in 10 times a day ha ha. I see when its outside its solar charging. So, so far so good.

4Expert Score
Used to be perfect

Keeping this in mind i bought the product on sale for like half price? Other than that wouldn’t pay full price even for the luxury. What drew me to this was its insane capacity

product worked perfectly for a little over a month. I often forget to charge my portables, but i could bring this to work, use it, and then leave it on my dash when i got home so it would start charging in the morning. But there’s a power setting on it (instead of blue turns green) don’t remember seeing in manual could be my own ignorance. But it just won’t keep a charge anymore. Wether i leave it in the sun or plug in the micro usb, the only cells that light up are the first 2/4 and they constantly blink no matter how long it’s been charging for. It may charge my phone for like 20 min or so after a prolonged charge.

4Expert Score
Consistency may be issue

Bought 2, 1 black and 1 orange. Blue leds show current battery level. Green shows charge rate from solar. Orange unit showed 2-3 charging bars sitting on my window sill and charged from 1/2 to full in 1.5 days. Black one sat outside on a bright sunny day in direct light and only showed 1 charge bar and after 2 days out there only went up 1 bar on charge. Not sure if black one has an issue or what, but they both did work. Kid took orange camping. 3 iphones and various other things charging for 2.5 days and they came home with the unit still at half charge. Used clip to secure to backpack to shatter while hiking.

4Expert Score
Decent powerbank

I bought this powerbank for my trip to yosemite national park. It definitely worked without any issues and i was able to charge multiple devices from it. Having a solar rechargeable cell was a must for me. However, caution, this company solicits customers for 5 star reviews. They promise an amazon gift card for these reviews (and specifically tells you not to mention this in the review). So, while my experience has been positive so far, i am always cautious about companies who do this….

4Expert Score
12 hours to get fully charged. This was the out of the box first charge.

I just received this unit yesterday. I will periodically review how is performing in different conditions.
It arrived on time and in good condition. It is bulky as compare to some other chargers; however, it does have the solar panel, flash light and what appears to be a well built protective case.

4Expert Score
Works well

Works well for traveling

4Expert Score
Buen rendimiento de carga

Para probarlo, puse a cargar mi reloj inteligente, el cual se carga regularmente en una hora y tanto; esta batería logró cargarlo en menos de 45 minutos.

La construcción y presentación, no parecen las mejores, sólo lo suficiente.

4Expert Score
Can use update

Needs usb type c out. Almost no one makes usb to usbc anymore its all usbc to usbc

4Expert Score
Anytime, anywhere

Great product so far. I bought this primarily for hiking and backpacking. It’s a potential life saver when you phone or device runs out of juice. I’m sure in the future these will be smaller, but for now, the product is fairly heavy and not very compact, but compact enough. The battery life is remarkable so far. Whether this will pass the test of time will ultimately decide how great this product really is. This has become a go to for everything from long car rides, days at the beach, hiking, you name, it will come in handy. The price recently has been amazingly low. Got this cheap on amazon prime day. Of all my purchases that day, this one’s the most practical and can be used by everyone, sporting the ability to charge 2 devices at once!

4Expert Score
Convenient to have as a backup power source for camping

Worked well. Nothing exciting to write about, functions as expected. Handy while camping

4Expert Score
Works better than expected

My only complaint is that it uses a micro usb instead of a usb-c for charging, which means i have yet one more cable to carry. I bought this for an upcoming alaskan cruise and needed an easy way to keep my phone and gimbal charged when off ship. It is larger than i expected which will not be an issue since i will have a backpack with equipment anyway. I highly doubt it is 43k mah, it seems too light to have that much capacity. Bonus points for being able to charge my macbook pro, slowly but it does charge it. I was defiantly not expecting that

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