Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110

Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110

Buy Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110: On-Ear Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Sony ZX Series Headphones:

Maximizing your personal audio experience has never been easier than with sony zx-series monitor headphones. Built with comfort and performance in mind, there’s no need to compromise.

What are sony zx series headphones features?

  • Lightweight 1.38 in neodymium dynamic drivers deliver a punchy, rhythmic response to even the most demanding tracks. Driver unit: dome type
  • The swiveling earcup design allows easy storage when you’re not using them, and enhances portability when you’re traveling
  • Cushioned earpads for total comfort and enfolding closed-back design seals in sound
  • The wide frequency range—spanning 12 hz to 22 khz—delivers deep bass, rich midrange, and soaring highs
  • Plug: l-shaped stereo mini plug 3.5mm
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Sony zx series headphones details:

Product dimensions

5.87 x 1.81 x 7.87 inches

Item weight

9.1 ounces



Country of origin


Item model number



1 lithium ion batteries required.

Is discontinued by manufacturer


Product guides and documents

Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110 AMAZON

Buy Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110: On-Ear Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

The description (summary) says on-ear. The comparison chart says over-ear for the fit. Which are these?

The ear fit is not the problem. As far as i am concerned the sound is not as good as other sony models please try the sony stereo model (dynamic stereo headphones model-mdr-v150).

How well do these headphones block out surrounding sound?

Quite well, they are not ‘noise cancelling’ by any means but i wore them on a 3 hour flight and they were comfortable and sounded great throughout.

Will the sony mdrzx110 series stereo headohones work with kindle fire hdx 7′

Hi michael christopher,
this headphones supports 3.5mm stereo mini jack. Please check the kindle fire if it supports 3.5mm stereo mini jack. Thanks. >joffrey

Is the standard stereo mini plug (3.5 mm headphone jack) straight from the wire or is it a 90 degree plug. Thank you.

Yes, this question is 8+ years old. People keep answering it but kinda vaguely and sometimes just responding with another question.

The answer is it is a 1/8′ (aka 3.5mm) jack, and it is set at 90 degrees.

To respond to some of the other answers, yes there is indeed a 2.5mm jack and it’s quite common. It’s primarily used on cell phones. Most of them have three rings on them for an in-line mic. Some computers, tablets, and media players use 2.5mm jacks. They are quickly falling out of favor with bluetooth becoming the replacement.

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How long is the cord?

47 1⁄4 inch (1.2 meter) tangle free, y type cord is listed in the product description, so 3/4 of an inch under 4 feet. So not 5-6 feet

Are the muffs on these on the larger or smaller side? I cannot seem to find any dimensions or even photo with them on to see size.

Muff diameter is almost 3 inches

What is the battery for?

Hi delcho, this unit does not need batteries. Thank you. ~earl

Can you control the volume?

This model does not include the in-line volume control, but it can be controlled like any normal audio device via the computer/phone/etc. There is a model of these headphones that do include in-line volume control, however.

Is the 3.5 mm jack straight and slender so that it will fit through an ipad cover and reach the ipad?

It depends on the cover you have. Our model has the l-shaped jack and does not fit with the lifeproof case on an ipad mini. I had to purchase an extender.

Does the headset have a combo 3.5 mm jack or 2 jacks- 1 for microphone and another for playback?

It has a combo 3.5 mm jack with four bands (conductors). 1 common, 1 left speaker, 1 right speaker, 1 monophonic microphone. This will plug directly into some computers. To use with computer with separate 3.5 mm jacks for headphones and microphone, you can buy an inexpensive splitter. For use with many cordless phones and cell phones, you can buy an adapter cord. 3.5 mm female jack at one end, at other end is male plug, 2 mm, 3 bands (phones are mono so one band connects to both speakers). Note that model mdrzx110ap has a microphone but mdrzx110 does not, it has earphones only.

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I ordered a mic version, but received no mic. Does anyone know what the mic looks like?

I don’t believe it comes with a mic. Mine doesn’t have one.

How much ?

$14.99 in 2017

I’m kinda hard of hearing. Will these do any good? Thanks.

They cover your ears which helps block out surrounding sounds. As for any good for hard of hearing, my husband is hard of hearing and he says they are okay and it helps that the cushion of the earphones help keep the music or what you are listening to going directly to your ears. I hope that helps in your choice.

Made in japan?

Hi there! Yes, this pair of headphones is made in japan. Regards, -jay

Works with ipod classic?

The ipod classic used a 3.5mm jack and this is a 3.5mm plug. So yes, it does work.

Can these be used with x-box?

Hi rubo, this sony headphone system uses the standard stereo mini plug (3.5 mm headphone jack). If your x-box supports 3.5 mm jack, then it will work. -ely

What kind of plug does it have?

3mm mini plug lshaped

Will this fit a large head?

Hi josh, sony mdrzx110ap headphones is adjustable and can fit a large head. -vincent

I own the sony mdrzx110/wht & it is not compatible with my new amazon fire7. It fits into all my other electronics, but not this new one. Any sugges

Hello, lisa!

I’m sorry to hear about what happened. Let’s try to isolate the issue by performing some troubleshooting steps on this link

If this does not help, please email us at with the following details:

amazon username:
model number:
telephone number:


sony social support

How does the microphone work? Is the button for on, volume or mute?

The mic is gog. The button does not control volume, it only mutes the mic while on a call or conference

Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110 AMAZON

Buy Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110: On-Ear Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great price, great sound!

It’s rather nice to find that over-the-ear headphones are back in style. I needed a new all-purpose pair, and when i found these, i clicked fast. And when they arrived and i tried them, i was wowed!
First, there was the frequency response. 12hz-22khz? I was slightly leery, since my past experiences with that ultra-low-end response sounded like i had a cheap sub-wolfer blasting in my ears, even at low volume. But sony’s cracked that – with these phones, the lows were rich without rattling, no matter what genre was on my player. (at the other end, the slightly-higher frequency response makes opera sopranos and higher-pitched jazz instruments sound delightful – just in case you were wondering.)
and these phones work nicely with anything that has a 3.5mm headphone jack – mp3 player, home sound system, computer, whatever. The sound is nice, the pads are comfy and the cord doesn’t get tangled. Also, the l-shaped plug has a nice indentation on it, so you can more easily push the plug into the jack. If you’ve never worn headphones that fit over the top of your head, it might take some getting used to, but for me it was a homecoming.
That flat fold is nice, too – just be sure to follow the diagram carefully and be gentle. Also, the instructions tell you that one side of the headphones is marked ‘right,’ but it isn’t. There is a dot on what i assume they consider the proper side, but the shape of my head made a more snug fit with the dot on the left. I don’t notice any difference, so the dot may actually indicate ‘left.’ at the price, it’s not worth fussing about.
Since i walk through my day with a soundtrack whenever possible, noise cancellation is pretty important. These headphones do pretty well in traffic, but i wouldn’t try, say, mowing the lawn with them. Even on the road, the traffic registers as a sort of swishy background, but i could still hear my music clearly. I haven’t tried them with a podcast or npr or bbc yet, so someone else will have to report on that.
For general purposes, these headphones deliver great sound at a great price. I highly recommend them.

5Expert Score
They are great for the price!

However don’t expect a 10 dollar pair of headphones to be at $100 performance. These are currently selling for around 10 dollars on amazon. It may go up or come down slightly after i made this review but either way at $9.99 plus tax it’s very hard to be overly critical on these headphones. I’ve seen recent youtube video of some guy criticizing them and i don’t know why. They are literally dirt cheap headphones and you get what you pay for. I went with the white model just because black headphones seem so common these days and the wires on these feel very cheap so you are going to want to try to take care of them as best as you can. Try not tangling them up and try not stressing the cable out because over time this may cause the headphones to go bad but again these are 10 dollar headphones so hard to complain. The sound quality is pretty good. I wouldn’t call it great but we’re not spending hundreds of dollars on headphones. These are only 10 dollars currently and even at 15 dollars i would say these aren’t bad. I do think that the headphones feel more like they’re designed for children with smaller heads and smaller ears but even then i don’t think it’s bad even for adults to get these for themselves. I am currently typing this review with my headphones on and while laying on my pillow they do slide a little. That’s just a minor complaint. I will not give dirt cheap good sounding headphones less than 5 stars mainly because i don’t want to be harsh on something that doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you want something better then be prepared to spend more money. Sony makes pretty good products so this is a trustworthy brand and even if they end up eventually dying which has happened to me with even more expensive headphones then it’s not expensive to replace or buy from some other company. When i was a kid i had an expensive boise headphones my dad bought me and they died on me and we never had them replaced. I remember the sound on those sounding pretty great but they apparently weren’t durable at all. This was probably a decade ago. Don’t know if boise has improved on their headphones or not but because of the bad experience i stray away from more expensive headphones.

5Expert Score
Tv volume not enough for some hearing lose living in a condo.

I like the fact that this sony zx series wired over ear headphone is comfortable on my head and over my ears. These sony zx headphone are not totally outside noise canceling, which i prefer. I have hearing issues, especially when my husband has his new big tv sound louder than my tv in the next room. When he is watching sports on his tv he gets emotionally involved with the game and loudly commenting on how they are playing that sport, as if they can hear him. I can hear through the headphone, when he shouts but it is very faint and does not bother me at all. Depending on my concentration while wearing the sony zx headphones i noticed that i can’t hear the doorbell or someone knocking on my front door and sometimes i can not even hear the phone ring. I also, noticed that the sound quality is very good for this sony zx headphone that do not have a control for volume on the set itself. This sony zx series headphone is not wireless, which i am finding out that the newer tv’s do not have a connecting plug to connect to a wired headphone. Do not forget to get a connecting wire or cable from the back of your tv to were you sit to view your tv, unless you are less than 3 ft from you tv, in which case you will probably not need to be buy any headsets to hear your tv. I have a connecting cable (20 feet plus) from the back of my tv plug to my sitting area, which is approximately 10 to 12 feet away from my tv. I have been using this sony zx series headphones for over 20 years and i am very satisfied with the performance and quality of this product. Hope this helps!

5Expert Score
I'm impressed

I just received these and of course i had to try them. Now i’m familiar with high quality sound equipment in that i’ve been a vintage electronics fancier for years. My current sound-system headphones are koss pro 4aaas! Yup still have them and they still sound awesome.
I purchased these for an upcoming trip to use during my flight and perhaps while sunning myself on the beach. For the price i wasn’t expecting too much. Just reasonable sound to take me to la la land while flying. Well, i plugged them into my laptop, cause it was already fired up and sitting in front of me, hit the play button on some stones and pow! It sounded pretty damn good. Clear and not too bright. Not muddy. Volume was good. Wish the volume could be increased just a smidge, but my hearing doctor would probable disagree with me. The volume, as is, is quite good. For the price i can live with it.
I then connected to my iphone. This will be my primary source while traveling with the exception of the entertainment center on the plane. I’m completely satisfied. I’ve got great sounding ear buds, but over the ear for extended periods is so much more comfortable. For the price, these can’t be beat!

5Expert Score
Paint me surprised!!!

I bought this headphone with mic used at 50% off for only one reason – to find out if amirm’s proclamation, in the audio science review, that this headphone transforms itself from ugly duckling to audiophile-grade hi-fi wonder with just a bit of eq?

Paint me surprised, but i have to admit – a qualified, yes!

The big qualifiers here are that you should pair the headphone with a good dac and headphone amp combined with a parametric eq system to realize this transformation at moderate listening volumes. This means using windows with the free equalizer apo installed (no free equivalent for mac), a decent usb dac/headphone amp combo like the hidizs s9 pro (or the more expensive cayin ru6 for a more organic/analog r2r sound), and the eq config below. The total comes under usd 150/275 (given above dac/amp choices) not counting a windows laptop/source. I tried this with both the built in sound card in the pc (realtek) and a creative sound blaster play! 4 and the transformation wasn’t sufficiently hi-fi enough for my tastes, but you can still give it a shot as a first step and decide if you want to step up the dac/amp.

My ‘reference’ headphone system is a denafrips ares ii dac (usd 850 retail) paired with a xduoo ta-26 headphone amp (usd 320 retail) and beyerdynamic dt 880 600 ohm headphones (usd 200 retail), something together that i was able to get for roughly usd 1,200, though the ares ii dac is primarily servicing my hi-fi speaker system and so is not something i would spent that much on just for headphones. Even that requires eq (most headphones do since it is challenging for a single driver to do the entire frequency range perfectly). This reference system does have a touch more ‘magic’ going on for it, but all things considered, costs significantly more and not portable. So what do you get for all that extra money? Better soundstage and imaging, better headroom, real or imaginary magic to the sound, far better durability and out-of-the-box experience without eq., and more bragging rights. The sony has one configuration that gives you a peek into hi-fi quality; deviate from that and the ‘budgetness’ shows.

To test this headphone, i used the denafrip ares ii dac with xduoo mt-602 for a headphone amp since the impedance on this headphone is 33 ohm which the xduoo ta-26 cannot handle. I also tried this with the topping l30 instead of the mt-602 and was just as good. Distortion becomes readily apparent at higher listening volumes or with bass heavy tracks. While amir’s eq recommendations were good, the one i like the most was from maiky76 and pasted below. Install equalizer apo on windows, update the config with these eq values, plug in the headphones through a decent dac/amp, and you will find a very pleasing and full listening experience whether you want to call the sound hi-fi or not.

Preamp: -7.9 db
filter 1: on pk fc 40 hz gain 8 db q 0.38
filter 2: on pk fc 157 hz gain -3.6 db q 1.34
filter 3: on pk fc 1010 hz gain 4.7 db q 3.4
filter 4: on pk fc 2467 hz gain 4.27 db q 2.49
filter 5: on pk fc 8818 hz gain 5 db q 0.48
filter 6: on pk fc 8580 hz gain -3 db q 6

5Expert Score
Great alternative to earbuds

Earbuds simply do not stay in my ears. I have to bring a roll of tape with me to tape them on. Very annoying. These headphones solved the problem and were comfortable as an added bonus. I was afraid the part going over the head would dig into my scalp but it didn’t. They were easily adjustable, and the sound quality was fine. You can, however, put these on backwards. I did, and thought they didn’t fit until i turned them around. Then they fit comfortably and the sound quality was much better. I treated them to a new case and they were happy campers.

5Expert Score

These headphones are so clear with their sound on your smart phone or hooked into your tv and so comfortable. If you wear a head cover like i do with hair loss then these headphones are so clear even over your head cover. I am in love with them and highly recommend them! I am going to order an extra pair for my smartphone for i purchased the one with the mic! If i have them on and hooked to my smartphone it automatically answer’s calls and on the cord if you do not wish to answer the call then you can push the button on the cord and disconnect them!

5Expert Score
Good quality

I love sony for the reliable products they make. This is no exception. The headphones are comfortable and cover the entire ear instead of just sitting on the ear which i find to be incredibly annoying and uncomfortable after long use sessions. These are corded so be advised they are not bluetooth or wireless. I needed corded headphones which seem to be difficult to find nowadays, but these are a really good find. Sony quality all the way! Love them. Good bass and high trebles, clear and crisp audio. I recommend them.

5Expert Score
Perfect for my kid

I purchased these for my 9 year old to use at school. We haven’t had any problems with them. They do feel they feel loose/flimsy. They have held up so far though, and he uses them daily, and i’m sure just tosses them in his backpack. The price was what really sold me, as we’ve been through several sets of headphones and these have held up the best. I personally have not used them, he says the sound is good.

5Expert Score
Great sound quality

Sticking earbuds in my ear is not comfortable for me, so i like the old fashion headphones with cable. Simple pimple i plug it in on my phone and i’m on the treadmill listening to my music or watching vids, while everyone else at the gym is doing their thing. Its a sony product, at a great price, and it gives great sound quality.

4Expert Score
Nice improvement on an already good model of sony on ear headphones

Feb 2022 update to the newest jan 2022 pair i mentioned sounding muddy. I have used them a few days and now i think i have the fix … They need eq help but they sound decent now, even if not ‘great’. My fix was in rockbox (sansa mp3 players running rockbox was always my main use-case) i left ‘treble’ and ‘base’ alone and kept all of my prior sound settings i had for prior models sounding good. I kept the i want to say around the 1k and 2k eq ranges that were at zero and i pulled them down a bit … Then i also (based off a youtube video suggestion on muddy sound) i pulled down the low end in the advanced eq part, still leaving a boosted ‘base’ in the individial ‘base’ part …. Hard to explain for those that dont know rockbox but it’s like an android eq where you pull the low end down in the slider portion but also enable a ‘base boost’ toggle or something that an eq app may have … That sort of thing only you have more control over how much the ‘base boost’ is ‘boosted’.

Not all songs sound great but that could be the source file ….even the one i am thinking of doesn’t make me go ‘wow .. That is not the way i am use to these headphones sounding on that track’ …. I still would prefer not having to do this and having them tuned the way they use to be tuned (maybe i got a bad pair) … But they are usuable now and i like them

jan 2022 update: i recent bought a ‘backup pair’ this past december and just tested them today … I do like vs the 2016/2017 versions of the ‘110’s’ the cable from the split down to the connect it seems thicker (like the ‘100’s use to be’) … Though what i dont like is … The tuning … I still have those old 110’s and i 100% notice a clarity difference … Turns out i cant return these if i wanted to (not saying i would … ) but doing an a-vs-b comparsion i totally hear a clarity difference … These new ones sound balanced, do not get me wrong, but they sound a tad muddy vs the old pair … And i totally admit i do a combo of a u or a v shaped eq when using the sony 100’s or 110’s … These dont sound great un-eq’ed …. .but … This exact pair while they work sound muddier than any 100’s or 110’s i have had before … If this was my own experience with the mdrxz 100’s or 110’s … I’d be considering other brands in the same price range
this review is based on my first impressions with the ‘110’s’ on a number of mp3 player, and a number of ‘100’s’ (the previous model ) that i have had and used over the years.

Pro – sound quality
so far i do notice more bass in these new (my first pair of the ‘110’s’) pair of headphones and unlike prior experience with sony (and other companies too …) earbuds where the ‘new great model’ .. Didn’t sound as good as the prior ones did …

These 110’s just add enough to the bass and possibly treble too, that makes it definitely sound better then the 100’s though it doesn’t fall into the trap i described above, when sometimes they add ‘more bass’ and it turns out the bass is so strong, that it drowns everything else out. I have to say that this is not really a knock on the 100’s .. I do still like them but for the same price on either … I’d go with the 110’s but if there is a ‘good deal’ on the 100’s and i was getting them again … I am not against getting another pair of the 100’s either.

Yes these are ‘cheap’ headphones and probably not as good quality wise as a really expensive pair though i do recall some reviews saying they tried these along side a pair of ‘$200 beats’ and while the did say their friend’s beats did sound better … They personally would rather get maybe two or three pair of these and still have say $150 left over … Meaning ‘they do not sound price-vs-quality of the sound’ .. ‘that much better’

pro/con – build quality
these are plastic headphones of course, though i do not agree with those that say ‘oh its like they are from the dollar store … The plastic is horrible ..etc etc’… Just if your going to buy a much more expensive pair of headphones … Your will probably get better quality too

the one downside that … I admit i see in these, and are a problem in the pair of ‘the 100’s’ that was 100% caused by me … And even then that exact pair, needed fixing but still sounds great … I am using them while typing this review, is the part where the 100’s and the 110’s ear-cups move. I am not sure ‘how it could be made better’ but that was the exact point of failure for my long-used pair (again 100% my fault for how the break,happened) .. Note that if it wasn’t for me they would still be fine and that is after 3+ years of heavy use and they still work … So maybe it’s fine for being able to fold (in both models i mean)

pro – fit
i am not sure if i can say one way or the other ‘i have a big head’ (100% not a small head) but they fit fine .. Even out of the box. Heck after that diy type of repair i did on my broke pair .. .i had to flip them backwards and .. They for the most part still fit great … These 110’s are no different.

By the way i have glasses (regular and sunglasses used when wearing these) and just like the 100’s, these are nice and comfy … Not too tight or too lose, if you ask me

??? – the cord
the cord looks different from the 100’s i have and i like the cord … Basically i think some of the cords on others are way way too small and that always leads to the problem of one of the two sides going out for good … The cord on the 110’s looks a tad smaller diameter wise but really if that doesn’t mean that issue i just described doesn’t happen .. I do not really care… I just want the headphones to work for a long time … If the cord is different but there are no issues … This change is fine by me.

Plug – i will keep this review updated if there is a change but i have no had these for long enough to comment on some of the reviews who keep having issues with the plug breaking … Not on this pair but my other pair of the 100’s get plugged into and unplugged from stuff for over three years now and often too … Never had a problem .. But then again i cant comment on these. For now.


i would recommend these no question … Though if your expecting a super high end sound (aka are an ‘audiophile’) you may be disappointed though as someone who loves his music … I think the sound with the right equalizer settings, on the device or program your using… I do love the sound of these.

Update – after using a new pair of the ‘100’s’ … Aka the prior model

really … The 110’s do have the slightly higher bass and that is not a bad thing either …. The new pair of the 100’s i am using i actually thought were the 110’s (i just forgot what headphones i was using)… The point? … They both have great bass and i think the pair that i use to wear daily (the broken pair that still works great…. Just doesn’t fit perfectly anymore)’s fit actually effects the bass … That old pair i hold the earcups closer to my ears than how they ‘sit’ now .. .and i hear alot more bass.

Between the 100s and 110’s … If the way each one of them fold doesn’t matter to you for say fitting them into a caring case …. I recommend both 1000% (no typo) … Find the best deal … If you can get one a little cheaper than the other …cool … There is more bass by a little bit on the 110’s but do not think i am saying a new pair of the 100’s are weak in that department.

4Expert Score
Not bad, not great.

This is a fairly good headset with decent sound that does an adequate job at music reproduction. They are fairly inexpensive, so going with the old accepted ‘wisdom’ that you get what you pay for, i really hadn’t expected much from them when i made the purchase, so they’ve pretty much lived up to that lofty expectation. Anyway, i’ve used them pretty much on a daily basis for months now without really given them much thought, so i’ve been happy enough. After all, they were affordable. They aren’t particularly uncomfortable. They didn’t sound horrible and they seem to be all i need for the use to which i put them. I unplugged the old set, put ’em away, plugged in these and that was that. Because i wasn’t expecting much, i never considered doing any sort of quality testing or comparison listening when they arrived. That was a mistake. With clear hindsight, i’d now say i’d already pretty much convinced myself they would do when i ordered them, so i never bothered to check if they actually were. Naturally they sound okay, since i wasn’t expecting much, but they’re being used almost exclusively for non-critical, background listening to music on my tablet while i’m doing other things (almost anything instead of watching the idiot box while my wife is in the same room, online and talking with her coworkers and clients and trying to concentrate on her new full-time, off-site job). So, since i haven’t really been thinking about anything more than whether or not they reproduce music, they’re okay. Not awful, not great, but okay. That’s what i expected so that’s pretty much what i got. I should have been more careful.

A couple of days ago my wife was out exercising before starting her work shift, so i took advantage of the opportunity to test-drive some new music i was thinking about purchasing. I needed to be more discerning in my listening and i needed to be online, so i moved over to my desk so i could use my souped-up pc and klipsch promedia 2.1 speaker system, a combination that reproduces music pretty well for me. I realized from the outset i couldn’t expect to favorably compare my inexpensive sony ‘phones to that, but i was completely surprised even so. I’d never checked, so i never realized just how much of the music i’d been missing with the new headphones.

Now i started thinking about my headphones a bit more critically, the old and new. Yes, the old set was a bit long in the tooth; after all, it was quite a few years old and had seen a lot of use. Even so, i’d replaced it not because of a problem with the sound reproduction, but because the connector cable was wearing out and getting a bit ratty. Worse, it had developed a somewhat quirky connector that often required reseating in the jack to work. A pain in the butt, but when they worked, they still sounded quite good. I then remembered listening to music and thinking about just how great it sounded on a brand new laptop i used recently (with the old headset). At the time, i attributed the great sound pretty much entirely to the new sound chip in the costly new dell, but maybe it had been more than just the laptop.

Time and past time for action! I pulled open the junk drawer in my desk and started digging around, movin’ aside all the old serial cables, card readers, cabled mouses (mice?) and such until i found the cloth bag i’d stored my old headphones in when i got the new set. I disconnected the sony’s, set ’em aside and plugged in the old ones. Rats: same old problem. I reach up and jiggle the connector around this way and that, push it in a bit further and pull it out a skosh until it’s just right and finally, sound! Wow. I noticed immediately that the music was much more detailed than it had been with the new headphones. I was clearly hearing vocals and instruments as distinct individual elements, instead of, or rather, in addition to the one musical whole produced by the entire band i heard with the sony headphones. A very noticeable difference. So i listened carefully for awhile, unplugged the old set and tried the newer sony set again for a couple of songs, then unplugged them again and reconnected the old headphones. There was absolutely no doubt about it — the old no-name headset (only about $20 more expensive than the new sony’s) absolutely reproduced the music with more clarity and even a deeper low end.

Now what to do? Well, when i’m not paying close attention to the music, the sony headphones and my samsung tablet are fine, so i have those in the living room beside my easy chair (to use while my wife is working). If i want better sound while she’s at work, now i have the option to move over to my desk and use my old headphones on my desktop. Not ideal maybe, but it works for me. I still have the problem with the connector on the old set every now and again, but unless and until it breaks down completely, it works.

Bottom line? These inexpensive sony headphones work, they’re not uncomfortable, they’re not even close to being awful, so they may be perfect for listening to music in the background or other such offhand use where not too much attention will be paid to the details. Folks that aren’t too picky about music or really don’t care about all the subtle little nuances that better, more expensive headphones reproduce accurately should be happy with this inexpensive choice. Again, they’re not awful, they’re not great, but they are okay. On the other hand, for some being merely okay really might not be all that okay, so if that’s you, or music in all its multifaceted, heavily nuanced glory is more your thing, it might be better to think about something better.

4Expert Score
These headphones by sony are pretty good for the price.

I have housemates who work days, while i worked 10+ years on 12-hr nights, so **i** am awake all night, & i don’t want to disturb them. I know that i won’t b/c if i remove the headphones for any reason i don’t hear much at all, even when i’m still holding them. Noise cancelation is probably good. Idk b/c the house is quiet when they’re in use. I also don’t know about volume control. I don’t see any buttons or slides for volume on the phones. I have used them for both my android phone for yt & prime music & video, & my dvd player. The sound is fine for my use, but may be underwhelming for people who are not casual users as i am. They aren’t expensive (i wouldn’t be able to have them if they were!) & as they say ‘you get what you pay for’. I think i got my money’s worth! Only a few cons, & no deal breakers. 1) i sweat a lot & my ear pinnae get wet & slick! I don’t necessarily blame them for that! 2) i get wound up in the cords. 3) they don’t fit exactly. Not extended at all & they’re still a bit too big. 4) i use them in bed & the hard cup hurts my ear & i end up getting a headache. Plus they slide about if i move! I can’t bear ear buds b/c the canal of one ear is abnormal & the bear hurts as soon as i try to place the bud, and the bud keeps falling out! & 5) maybe related to con #1, the inside of my ears itch while i’m listening. All in all, they are pretty good for inexpensive headphones. I just hope they last!

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Very good if you need a new pair of headphones quick

If you’ve ever had to walk in a single file line with your class to your local computer lab in elementary/middle school then you already have an idea as to what these headphones’ sound quality is like. They are comparable to the cheap headphones every school bought for the students.

If you need a quick pair of headphones for some odd reason then these are perfect, but if you’re going to use these for gaming/discord calls it is not worth using. (they work fine, but there are better headphones out there for such things)

very good if your old pair of headphones broke and you need a cheap pair to hold you over until you can afford a new pair. I would not suggest these long term and you should go for a better quality headphones that has better sound quality.

It’s not a perfect pair of headphones but gets the job done. In these rare circumstances like what i’m going through, these are a lifesaver.

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Not as loud as i'd hoped

Keep in mind these are simple headphones. No noise canceling or volume control. Just straight up plug in and listen. That being said…

I have these plugged in to my laptop for video editing, movie watching, ect. These are nowhere near as loud as i had hoped for. In a quite room they’re fine. But even with a little background noise i strain to hear anything. Maybe it’s the laptop, maybe i’ve been to too many concerts, or maybe i’m just getting old. Perhaps i’ll pick up a dac and try that. But for under 20 bucks they’re fine for what i use them for.

Overall they are good quality. The cushion feels fine even after a few hours. They’re light, so no strain on the neck either.

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Good and basic for $10

A good basic pair of headphones where you wouldn’t be upset if you were to lose or break them.

Great for listening to podcasts, audiobooks, watching youtube, etc. Wouldn’t recommend this if you’re looking for rich quality sound for listening to music. Obviously, don’t get this if you’re an audiophile. The sound quality is fine. It does it’s job.

Honestly, sometimes i want to hear a little bit of environment noise and have something over my ears instead of plugging up my ears, completely cancelling all outside noise.

These also look great and indirectly tells everyone to leave you alone.

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Pretty good!

They don’t sound as good as sony mdr7506, but the quality is pretty close. In fact, i think the difference is more in the frame of the headphones than the transducers. For around $10, they’re great. They probably won’t take much abuse, but for that price i can order a new pair when these fall apart.

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Worth the money

Not great, not bad, if they’re on sale, you get what you paid for, and hey sony! Still a fanboy.

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Great for podcasting

If you’re look for a cheap and portable headset this is the one!

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Love these headphones, bought them for a plane ride and they were so comfortable.

Product were reasonably priced and loved the fit on my ears.

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