SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size

Buy SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size: Air Mattresses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are soundasleep dream series air mattress with comfortcoil technology & internal high capacity pump – queen size features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Customer friendly 1-year warranty comes standard on all soundasleep mattresses. Rest assured on your purchase of the highest quality air mattress money can buy. Call or email anytime for support. Our us-based team is here to help!
  • Industry leading design exclusively using comfortcoil technology and a suregrip bottom to ensure firmness and stability. No slipping and sliding! With 40 internal air coils for added durability and support your bed will remain flat and firm so you can stay soundasleep! Updated in 2019 with our official soundasleep logo!
  • Patented 1-click internal pump ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation. Designed for in-home use, the queen size dream series mattress reaches full inflation in under 4 minutes and will stay inflated for days. If you prefer a firmer surface, use the pump for a quick top up!
  • Premium ‘double-height’ raised air bed with dual chamber construction. With inflated dimensions of 78′ x 58′ x 19′, this mattress is large enough to sleep two people comfortably or one person like a king! Guests, friends and relatives of all shapes and sizes will be thrilled. For a smaller mattress, check out our twin size!
  • Extra thick, waterproof flocked top ensures a comfortable sleeping experience while multilayer, puncture-resistant eco-friendly pvc makes this mattress extra durable and long-lasting.
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SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size AMAZON

Buy SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size: Air Mattresses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

In the last 6 months i’ve moved 4x for work. I’m about to move again and would like to know if this bed can work as a permanent bed for two months straight.

Cesar, the soundasleep dream series is designed to be a very durable mattress. While the real purpose of any air mattress is to be used on a temporary basis, closer to a couple of times a week or month, this mattress will hold up for the continued 2 month use. Any period of time longer than that and you are likely moving beyond the traditional scope of use for the mattress. We do recommend a few tips for using your air mattress including: 1) fulling inflating and deflating the mattress a couple of times after you receive it to allow the composite material to fully stretch out, 2) topping up the mattress every couple of days with 10 – 15 seconds of air. Topping up a mattress is very simple but you can always go to our website for more information on the process 3) when using the mattress for an extended period of time we encourage people to a sheet or mattress pad.if you have any more questions please call or email support for any time.

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Could i use this as a permanent bed? I live in a dorm, so portability and comfort is key.

It’s an amazing air mattress for the purpose of limited use; camping, short term bed, visitors, vacation. After about 2 years and probably close to 50 nights slept on it i found it start to leak slowly but i expected this knowing what air mattresses are. I would not recommend it for long term use unless it’s 1 or 2 months.

We are tent campers, currently have an intex queen size we like but want a back up mattress. How big/heavy is this when packed?

Hi, great question. The mattress is about 20 pounds and come in a box which is 18x14x8. It is possible to get the unit back into the box after use, however most people do not fold it that tightly and keep it in the storage bag which also comes with the unit. Truth be honest though, the dream series is designed for indoor use and is not really meant to be used for camping or in the outdoors. The unit has an internal motor that can only be powered with a wall outlet. No external motors or battery operated motors can be used to inflate the mattress. Also, the mattress thickness is designed for a clean, flat indoor surface and is not meant to withstand punctures from rocks and sticks like you would often find on the bottom of or underneath a tent. We are in the process of developing a unit specifically intended for camping but it still being tested and will not be available for purchase for a few more months. We are a family business that prides ourselves on our integrity and when our product is not right for a customer we always try to be upfront, rather than push the sale and potentially have them call us with a problem later on. We wanted to do the same in this case. We hate losing a customer but think you will be better served with an air mattress that is intended for outdoor use. If you have any more additional questions please call our customer support team at any time. Regards, the soundasleep team

What’s the weight limit on the queen size bed

Its actually 500lbs for the queen.

Do i need to buy special sheets and mattress pad to go with this mattress?

The air mattress comes with a top flocking, a softer layer of top material to make for a more comfortable sleep. Soundasleep does not make sheets specifically for the dream series air mattress, although that product should be coming next year. Standard fitted queen sheets should fit well on the dream series queen as long as they at least 19 inches deep to match the depth of the air mattress. Smaller sheets will likely fall off the air mattress over the course of the night. The air mattress is not specifically designed to be used with a mattress pad, but again, a standard queen sized mattress pad should fit. Customer support is happy to provide a more in-depth answer should you have any more questions.

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Is there a way to inflate the mattress if there is no wall socket available. We would like to use it when we go tent camping.

This mattress is designed for indoor use, typically for overnight guests and family. The mattress is not intended for outdoor camping use specifically because it does not have a secondary valve to hook up an external motor. Without a wall socket or a portable generator there is no way to inflate the air mattress.

How does the california proposition 65 warning apply to this product?

Per a soundasleep customer rep: the prop65 warning is on this product because it contains pvc, which contains phthalates, that are a known carcinogen. All boxes are labeled, not just the ones sold in ca, because it would be costly to differentiate.
According to my research, all air mattresses, unless made with tpu, are made with pvc. The rep went on to say that this product is made with us sourced, eco-friendly pvc, meaning it has fewer impurities, and is virgin pvc. According to my research, virgin pvc ‘is the direct resin from a petrochemical feedstock, such as natural gas or crude oil, which has never been used or processed before.’

How fast does it inflate and deflate?

Takes about 4 minutes . I was told by customer service rep that can overheat if run longer so once its up i just top it off if need be after a while. Deflating it is a bit strange as it doesn’t go completely flat. I have deflated it twice now and inflated to take care of the stretching that occurs.

What’s the voltage range accepted by the pump? (likely either about 100v-110v or 100v-240v.) this tells us the required type of international adapter.

They only sell the air mattress in the usa – not even canada! I asked and they wrote me that the 240v outlets are too powerful and blow the motor – and even using a converter and a step-down transformer would damage the motor. Buy something locally there.

Can i use this mattress in a fold up couch/bed in my rv?

Joseph,while the dream series can be used anywhere in the home, the product was designed to be used on a flat, hard surface like a bedroom floor. It is not intended to go inside of a pull out couch. Folding the couch on top of the mattress can ready lead to tears and rips in the product. While the product can be used in an rv please keep the dimensions in mind as other uses have said the queen sized dream series is too large for their rvs. If you have any questions at all please call our support team at (347) 815 5995. We would be answer to provide a more indepth response. Regards, the soundasleep team

Does it have a plastic or rubber smell ?

It’s an extremely faint rubber smell for a couple of days after you first open the box. After that, i don’t even smell it at all. For me, i was a bit cautious when i read a few reviews that it had a chemical odor and that they got rid of the mattress. I didn’t experience it at all and the difference in quality from a long time ago when i first bought a generic air mattress is tremendous.

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Would an older person be able to get up off this comfortably?

Because it sits up pretty high, it’s easier than it would be if it was a flat air mattress, it also seems pretty reinforced on the sides which helps, but it would depend on how spry the older person is. If they have no problem getting out of a chair, then they should be fine. Hope this helps!

For two sleepers, how much movement is experienced by one sleeper when the other person moves or flips over?

The company says this is a one-person bed

What size is this mattress?

What is the height of the mattress

What is the recommended folding pattern for getting the deflated mattress back into the carrying bag?

Not sure about the recommended folding pattern, but i just keep folding in half until i get down to a manageable rectangle and slip it in the bag.

I need to use this mattress overseas. Would a voltage converter work it?

No! Don’t do it … They only sell the air mattress in the usa – not even canada! I asked and they wrote me that the 240v outlets are too powerful and blow the motor – and even using a converter and a step-down transformer would damage the motor. Buy something locally there.

Can two grown ups sleep comfortable on this bed?

Yes, definitely. When blown up to a very firm status, it’s quite comfy for 2. We put a gel topper on it, took it glamping, and it was every bit as comfy as our bed at home.

What is the length of the extra long air mattress?

Thank you for reaching out. Our dream series twin xl dimensions are: 80” * 40” * 18”.

Have a great day!

Can the soundasleep dream series air mattress be pumped without an electric outlet for camping use?

The dream series can’t be used for camping and can only be inflated indoors and plugged into a 110v outlet.

For camping, we have our dedicated camping series line that has a patented, external pump included for easy inflation / deflation. The pump features a heavy duty rechargeable battery, which can be charged either at home in advance of your trip or with a car charger on the road. The camping series has been designed specially for outdoor use and is made with extra thick material to better withstand objects normally found in an outdoor setting.

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Is this product made in the ysa?

I have provided the detailed answer direct from the manufacturer website below.
However, i must first tell you that i would not buy this product again. I made the inadvertent mistake of buying our well over $100 mattress from a 3rd party seller. I didnt notice, i just clicked buy now. Within a month of brief & completely basic uses, no undue duress or extreme scenarios, this went flat & stayed that way. We found the *first* hole.. & then another.. & another.. Along the divots on the top of the mattress.
It had been about 33 days from purchase & again only a few nights sleep, & the seller flat refused to do anything, amazon deemed it fine with them & soundasleep doesnt bother if you dont get it directly from them. So basically it’s now a seriously spendy mistake that’s taking up space in a landfill now.
Never again. I dont have cash to trash nor do i like wasting time or missing sleep.
So there is my warning no one asked for. The actual answer for you:
where are soundasleep products manufactured?
All of our products are designed and developed in our corporate headquarters in new jersey, usa. Production of our products takes place overseas and the finished goods are imported back to the us before they are sold to our customers. We take pride in being a small, family owned, local business to the northeast united states.

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SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size AMAZON

Buy SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size: Air Mattresses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great product and better customer service

Short review:
order 2 mattresses, the first one started going flat after the first night, sent an email to soundasleep customer service, (be sure to include your amazon order number and contact phone number) and i received a call from patrice the next day. She was very eager to help and got my information to send a replacement mattress out asap. The other mattress and 0 issues and we used it for about 5 consecutive days. Great product, better customer service. Will highly recommend.

Long review of my experience
my family recently completed a big move, we had anticipated being without our beds for a few days due to everything being packed up so i had purchased 2 queen size soundasleep air mattresses to get us through these nights. They both arrived just before we needed them and the first night’s sleep was great. The instructions that come with the mattress does state that the material will stretch the first night so to expect some softening as it does so. There was some softening the first night, but not enough to require my wife and i to get up and reinflate or anything. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law used the other mattress for two nights and neither had any complaints. The second night for my wife and i though, there was definitely an issue. The mattress was actually loosing air and had to be reinflated 3 times that night. Fortunetly we didn’t need 2 mattress after this and my wife and i were able to use the other mattress for the next 5 nights. Since one was working fine and the other not so much, i decided to reach out to soundasleep to see if they would be able to replace the leaking one. I sent an email and included the amazon order number and my contact number. I received a call the next day from patrice who really just needed my address to send the replacement mattress to. A few days later the new mattress showed up at my door! Yeah! I also wanted to mention that soundasleep is a us based company that is family owned, so they have a real emphasis on customer service. I got the impression that any issue or question that came up about their product they would do everything they could to make it right.

Review of the air mattress itself
the mattress comes in a box but also includes a large storage bag. I like having the pump imbedded into the mattress itself, makes for less clutter and looking for the pump and such. The cord also has a storage slot to help keep cord mess under control when not in use. The pump is easy to use with a three position dial, inflate – off – deflate. The mattress inflates from packed in about 5-8 minutes and is quieter than other air mattress pumps i’ve used in the past. The packing does include a card that explains that the material will need to stretch the first night, so it will soften that first night. My wife and i noticed it, but it wasn’t significant enough to require us to get out of bed in the middle of the night and add air. The second and third night though likely won’t need to be topped off, once you have it at the firmness you like. When deflating the pump is actually sucking air out of the mattress, so this means that when you are packing it up nearly all the air gets pulled out so you can fold it up pretty tight, my wife was able to get it back in the box with minimal effort.

Bottom line
if you need an air mattress for company or camping (assuming you can plug it into a standard 110v outlet) you can’t go wrong here. Great product, better customer service!

5Expert Score
No fuss mattress that's both comfortable and convenient

This air mattress is wonderful! We’ve had it set up in the guest bedroom of our new house for six months now. We intended for it to be a temporary fix until we could buy another bed, but it’s so comfortable that we’ve decided to keep it!

The mattress really feels great – better than my own bed, even. Our fitted sheets ‘snap’ into place on the mattress’s side ribbing. It’s easy to inflate and it stays inflated. It’s been really great to have around. Also, soundasleep’s customer support goes above and beyond, should you ever need them. I would solidly recommend this product!

5Expert Score
Great product & customer service!

This is my second mattress from soundasleep. I have a queen size (still using) for few years now. I needed a smaller mattress (twin) so i went for soundasleep. Unfortunately, the new one has a defect and it deflates overnight so i reached out to soundasleep. Not only that they (casey) responded quickly, they also sent me a replacement immediately with expedited shipping. However, i wasn’t going to be home that day so i had fedex to hold it at walgreens. It took fedex took another week before i could pick it up. Soundasleep followed-up a few times to make sure everything was ok with the delivery and offered help if i needed. I am very happy with the new mattress and the customer service they provided.

5Expert Score
Great customer service

First mattress would not stay inflated during the night and i know they say they do that the first few times because of stretching. But this one lost a lot of air. Spoke with casey in customer service and with no hassle she said they would replace and all i had to do was remove the pump from the first one and recycle the rest. Replacement was received within a couple days. Bed was weary to inflate/deflate and was very comfortable

5Expert Score
Fast and speaking-voice volume pump, comfy topper

After laying out the mattress flat, the built-in pump took just 2.5 minutes to inflate the mattress to what i would consider the average firmness of a mattress. At about 16.5 inches, it’s quite a thick boy. I’m not brave enough to test if the pump is strong enough to over-inflate and pop the mattress, but the product site warns that the dream series doesn’t have an auto-off protection built in, so it’s possible it could burst. The pump was also noticeably quieter than most air mattress pumps. It was slightly quieter than my normal speaking voice, and i didn’t need to yell to be understood while it was working.

I slept on the mattress for 3 nights after one fill. After the first night, it was slightly less firm, and each night afterward it deflated a little more. As with all air mattresses, this is bound to happen. According to the product site, however, this is most common in the first few uses because the material naturally stretches as it’s used. They recommend fully inflating and deflating 1-4 times to fully stretch the material. It wasn’t uncomfortable by night 3, just significantly softer. But if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, expect to have to reinflate every 1-2 nights, especially if this is the first use. Regardless, sleep quality was great from the first to the last night.

Deflating using the pump took just about as long as inflating. If you don’t want to use the pump to deflate, you can just switch the pump to deflate mode to open the vent on it. This would probably take much longer to deflate.

While the topper is a comfortable velvet-like material, it’s not very thick at all. This might be by design so that you can adjust the firmness to your exact liking via inflating/deflating, but i personally felt like it would be way more comfortable if they made the topper at least half an inch thicker. That’s really my only gripe.

The material feels like thick, sturdy canvas. I’m confident it will hold up well to several years of use.

5Expert Score
Is this not an actual mattress?!?!

I’ve gone camping for longer periods and due to the changing economy post covid couch surfing had turned into floor surfing. I’ve tried every single camping air mattress imaginable and this one is the most realistic to an actual twin size bed that i’ve purchased yet.
It doesn’t have the same amount of issue of getting tumbled out of the bed when turning in your sleep as the other air beds because it doesn’t have flimsy corner structure.
The box design and pillowtop indentation ensures equal weight distribution and fantastic sleep throughout the night. Believe me when i say that this company can go toe to toe with coleman, trailhead, ozark and any other air mattress or camping product and hold it’s head up at the end of the day.
My favorite thing is the open tube system for cord storage. Most every 9ther mattress will have either a closed box or no option at all to store the cord and it leaves it exposed or the plug wires splitting because the enclosed box requires you to fold and stuff the cord inside and there’s no room for the plug at the end of the process. Anyone with old school, completely connected phone chargers from back in the day knows what i’m talking about.
Like all new air beds, it will leak air as it stretches, but besides the occasional top up of air for added firmness i’ve never had any other problems with air leaks from the valve. The inflation-deflation is made idiot proof by a switch that reads inflate on the right and deflate on the left.
Read the instructions!!!
I didn’t read them, then got severely alarmed when the mattress was done inflating but my stupid self kept the motor running because i wanted a bit more firmness.
The motor abruptly hisses and wheezes to a stop and air started to force itself out.
Thinking i burnt out the motor on the first try, the manual stated that the motor has an automatic shut off when it gets too hot in order to avoid the motor frying completely. I think it said 30 minute rest bit i gave it an hour and it had zero problems from then on.
Although, there is a light to indicate a hot motor, it’s a little hard to see and it’s outright impossible to see if you didn’t read the manual.
Like me, i didn’t read it, don’t be like me and this air bed will treat you fantastic.
They’re a smaller company that deserves to sell on a broader scale then amazon and i hope they get their own web domain, and their customer service is phenomenal!

5Expert Score
Quality bed

I love this bed. I actually got the queen size a couple of years ago but the side of the bed rubbed up against the heater on the wall (the heat wasn’t on, it was just rubbing against) and it created a hole. And silly me didn’t keep the packaging. They send you patches suited for this bed and i tossed them a couple of years ago! Whoops! Don’t throw away the patches in case. I got a full size and i like it better in the room than the queen. The full isn’t as tall as the queen which is my only gripe. Otherwise it is great and it is wonderful quality. The only reason the first mattress developed a hole is because it was being rubbed on a vent over time. Lesson learned.
I set up guests in my craft room and it’s easy to tuck away when they’re not here. It actually rolls up and fits nicely in the bag they send.
I have slept on this bed and you are evenly supported from head to toe. It feels good to sleep on this bed.

5Expert Score
I slept like a baby!!!

I am very pleased with this purchase!!! I bought this product for my granddaughter’s first apartment, so that she would have an extra bed, for any guests. When i recently went to visit her for five days, i slept in this inflatable bed. First of all, the bed inflates and deflates in only a few minutes! Additionally, it was very easy to fold and store the bed in the included pouch.

I am a senior citizen and i especially love the bed’s height; its firmness; and its comfort. I especially appreciated the slightly raised rim around the mattress’s upper surface. Truly, i slept like a baby!

5Expert Score
Great product and great support

First of all, the reviews on this are correct. It’s an excellent product. Great night’s sleep that goes above most air mattresses. Second, the customer support is amazing. I had this mattress for about nine months and was very satisfied. I took it out after a few weeks of not using it and it lost inflation in the night. I wrote the company the next morning and immediately received a response – they were sending me a replacement with expedited shipping that would arrive in two business days. Can’t think of a better response – they stand behind their product. Highest possible recommendation.

5Expert Score
Wonderful mattress and exceptional customer service!

I ordered a soundasleep dream mattress last july 16 and used it for 10 very comfortable nights at my folks’ home. It lay on a carpet in a bedroom and was never moved and only slept on by me. Each night before going to sleep, i would top it off with some air and have a really good night’s sleep. I must say i was not just pleased, but very surprised, as i am quite a big person and have back problems. The mattress was supportive, well made, so easy to use, and in general, made a huge difference in the quality of my visit with my folks, since prior to that i was relegated to a an uncomfortable twin mattress which was nowhere near my size.
The mattress was a perfect find since it had all the things i was looking for and stores easily so my folks’ house isn’t cluttered. When i was readying to leave, i packed it up and stored it in its original packaging until this year’s visit to my folks.
Fast forward to this year. I opened up the bag, took out the mattress and was happy to see it easily inflated and was ready for my visit.
That was where my happiness ended as i spent the night having to refill it with air. For no discernible reason, it just won’t hold the air the way it used to. It doesn’t completely deflate, but it deflated so much that i was awakened 5 times because i was uncomfortable and had to add air. Five times! Needless to say, i didn’t sleep much, so i looked up when i ordered it and it was 2 days short of a year! I called customer service where i had to wait on hold or could leave my number and message. I did that and was called back within 5 minutes by the wonderful patrice who knew the story from my voicemail and told me that she would be sending me a replacement bed, free of charge! Wow! No arguing, no explaining, no hassle, just a really nice lady named patrice who started my day off with a smile that i think will last. And to boot, she is sending it out via priority mail, (though i didn’t request that) , so i will get it in three days!
Thanks, soundasleep….nice doing business with you!

4Expert Score
Bad luck with leaks but incredible customer service to make up for it

I purchased this air mattress about a year ago for our office/guest bedroom. The first one we used worked great for maybe ~6 nights (3 different times used) worth of sleep – comfortable, easy to inflate/deflate etc. Unfortunately, on the ~7th night we use it, the mattress started leaking (we’re not sure from where/how) and became deflated halfway through the night.

I emailed soundasleep customer service and they immediately sent a replacement – no questions asked.

This replacement air mattress we had an almost identical experience. Worked great, then started leaking after about 6 nights worth of sleep. I emailed soundasleep again and they gave me a full refund for the original purchase.

Now, product-wise, i feel like a) air mattresses are prone to leaking and seem to be just about impossible to keep from leaking eventually b) i seem to have gotten very unlucky with 2 in a row leaking from the same, reputable manufacturer. Customer service wise, this is just about the best, easiest and hassle free customer service i’ve had in recent times. Despite having issues with this particular air mattress, i still recommend soundasleep – buying an air mattress, you have a pretty non-trivial risk of having some inflation issues at some point. I was so impressed by how soundasleep stood by their product and guarantee.

I’m taking a break from air mattresses for a while (we ordered a futon instead). But if we do get one again, we’ll probably come back to soundasleep just because we know we’re either get what we ordered for the long term or we will not be out a dime.

4Expert Score
Faulty pump – quickly replace by customer service

This was a mixed bag. The mattress itself seems very good. Relatively comfortable (obviously it’s not going to be like a real bed but pretty good as air mattresses go). The bed inflates and deflates easily and quickly. Unfortunately, the pump failed after only 4 days use. I had parents in town and this was frustrating as were suddenly stuck with an air mattress which we couldn’t inflate – not what you want, when you have guests and nowhere to put them. In fairness, the company reacted proactively and shipped me out a replacement mattress immediately. It arrived three days after i contacted them which was pretty reasonable but not ideal for my guests who were left without the mattress for most of their trip. The replacement mattress seems to be holding up well so far. All in all, it was frustrating that my original mattress passed their quality control but i was impressed by how quickly they tried to put things right. I just wish they could have got a replacement to me sooner.

4Expert Score
Great customer service

I purchased this approximately 1 year ago from this review. The bed was used pretty regularly for the last 6 months. About 10 months in, the first hole was found on the blue fuzzy side. After some patch work, another hole came through 1 month later. I contacted customer service and they send a replacement bed with minimal questions asked and i didn’t have to send the old bed back. They stand by their product and i would buy again.

4Expert Score
Good comfort and quality, will need to keep pumped over multiple days

Been using the mattress as a downstairs supplement during summer months and/or for guests. Very comfy, the edge is nice and firm yet pliable when getting up to keep you on the mattress. The air has successfully stayed in since purchase in august for one full day, but will need a top off at least every two days, preferably every day. Will update review as needed with extra details!

4Expert Score
Great for o er night to two days.

Good queen size and high off the ground making it easy to get in and out. Used it for four nights. The mattress was okay for a few days but in my opinion not for everyday use. It starts to make you feel stiff in the back and neck. It does disinflate a little overnight but nothing too bad. Like i said i slept well but after the third night i wanted a real mattress. It is good for overnight guests. Would recommend it for that. It inflates and disinflates easily. It folds nicely and the size of a queen comforter when folded to store. I would recommend it.

4Expert Score
Super easy to inflate and use

If you are looking for something easy to pull out of the closet and use for unexpected (or expected) guests, the soundasleep dream series air mattress is a great choice! From opening the box, it took less than 15 minutes to set up and inflate and put sheets on. Deflated, it easily fits back into the bag it comes in for use on another occasion. For friends or family who can save one night of hotel expense, it paid for itself with one use.

4Expert Score
Soundasleep dream series air mattress with comfortcoil technology

Update: 19 may 2014:

sometimes the measure of the quality of a product is not necessarily in each item as much as it is in the item and in the company that stands behind the product. Every company can have a problem, no matter how good the company is or how diligent they are in inspection. The difference is in how they react to a problem when it arises. As most people are familiar with, a lot of warranties are not worth the paper they are written on or the cyber space they take up. How many times have you read a warranty that requires you to mail a product back at your expense and that the shipment has to be insured and track able? Too many times i am sure to the point where you probably do not think much about trying to have something fixed when it breaks since the shipping can be more than the value of the product, not to mention the time and aggravation trying to get a rma for the product.

Imagine my surprise when i received not only two e-mails, but a phone call from the president of the company on sunday because he was concerned about my issue with his product! Not only that, but he really wanted the product back so that his people could figure out what the problem was so that they could correct it!! How easy it would be to just ignore the problem or take the least expensive way out and just call the problem a fluke. Instead, he wanted to ensure that the problem could be identified and rectified!!! He even is sending a prepaid sticker for the return of the item.

Because of all of the efforts being made to not only make me happy, but to ensure a quality product, i have moved my review back to the original 4 star rating. I will adjust that if time and circumstances warrant it.


update: 18 may 2014

ok, it has been just over two months since i started using this bed and it failed spectacularly tonight! Just after midnight the top of the mattress let go with a circular opening (right around the area that the circles on the top are) that is about 5 inches long. Interesting way to wake up with the mattress collapsed around you. This is not a way to become impressed.

A couple of things to note:

1. This mattress has only been used by me.

2. I had a two inch memory foam cover on top of the mattress because i did not like the feel of the circles in the mattress.

3. This bed has not been abused in any way. No, there are no kids that could have jumped on it or anything like that.

So, at this point, i would not recommend this mattress. Since i have house guests, i will need to go out and get a new mattress tomorrow. For now, i will sleep on the floor!!

I will update this if there is anything to add.


i needed a better bed than the futon we had provided, so i thought i would give this a try. Here is what i liked:

1. Light weight and folds into a small package for storage.

2. Built in air pump that does a great job filling the unit. It also has a setting to remove the air from the mattress when you want to pack it back up.

3. Felt like cover on the top is much nicer than dealing with straight vinyl.

4. The bed is comfortable when it is inflated fully as long as you put a pad (i used a two inch memory foam top) to cover up the rolls on the top of the bed. They are a bit uncomfortable for me without the pad.

Here is what i did not like as much:

1. When you first inflate the bed there is a very strong vinyl smell!!! It takes 5 to 6 days to get the smell to get to a point where it is tolerable. It eventually seems to go away, but you might want to ensure you inflate this an air it out for several days before using it.

2. As others have mentioned, you need to keep filling it up every day for about a week. It seems that the material does some stretching before it gets to a shape it will hold. Just so that you know, it starts out as a rectangle shape and as it stretches, it becomes a little more like a circle in that the ends and middle parts stretch out.

3. After the bed has stretched, it seems to need to have a bit of air added to it every 4 to 5 days. It does not take more than a minute to do this, but you should be aware of it. It does not go flat, it just gets a little bit on the soft side. More noticeable when you sit on the edge of the bed as when you are getting up or first getting in.

4. A fitted sheet does not really want to stay on. I took care of this by passing two elastic bands under the bed (one at each end) that had clips and attached those clips to the fitted sheet. Not perfect, but does an adequate job.

5. This is still lower than a regular bed would be by about two to three inches.

Overall, i a happy with the bed and it will serve its function as something to use on an intermittent basis.

4Expert Score
No luck with product – great customer support though!

I had issues with the air mattress deflating after an hour or so on two different models – customer support was great though.


The first one i bought, i used twice for company in a spare bedroom. The 3rd time i took it out, i noticed it would be very very deflated after an hour or so.

I figured i must have stored it wrong or something, or i put a hole in it myself, so i simply bought myself another one, because besides the deflation issue, i liked the air mattress!

Then, second one i bought (same model, same everything) i used it once for company, with no issues. Second time i took it out for company, same exact deflation issue.

I called customer support and they were very helpful and courteous. I appreciated that they called me back after work hours! The lady i spoke to was very nice and understanding. This really helped ease the pain of my experience with the actual product.

So – since i loved the product while it worked (actually stayed inflated) and the great customer support i still give it 4 stars but honestly i would have to say be aware that you may run into the same issues i did.

4Expert Score
Soundasleep king air mattress

While this is a very heavy inflatable air mattress to unpackage by yourself, it was easy to inflate (took a good 4+ minutes) and is very comfortable. I did a test sleep for two nights since most air mattresses stretch a bit and we have guests coming next week, but it didn’t require much extra air after each night. Only negative i have is the electrical cord is rather short so i had to use an extension cord to reach the outlet. Package comes with an instruction sheet, repair patch and repair instructions. Standard king sheets fit well.

4Expert Score
Slit in top as soon as we inflated it. Replacement was sent right away

Edit to add:
i went on soundasleep’s website and put a warranty claim through. They sent me a new one very quick! The customer service was no trouble at all and they even expedited the shipment!

Original comment:
i lost my chance with the return window through amazon because i wouldn’t have thought it would have been ripped already. My fault to not even check right away i guess. But it was damaged upon first initial fill up. The slit was pretty big so even the patch didn’t help.

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