Spare Parts for Ring Video Doorbell

Spare Parts for Ring Video Doorbell Spare Parts for Ring Video Doorbell : Everything Else

What are spare parts for ring video doorbell features?

  • Set up your video doorbell in just a few minutes with spare parts.
  • Replace any lost or misplaced parts for your video doorbell.
  • Comes with a mounting bracket, screwdriver, drill bit, charging cable, screws, connectors, wire nuts and stickers.
  • Only works with ring video doorbell.
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Spare Parts for Ring Video Doorbell AMAZON Spare Parts for Ring Video Doorbell : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Will this back plate work with all versions of the ring doorbell camera ? I have the first one offered ?

This will work with your original ring, but it is available from ring for 2 dollars and 3.99 shipping.

Does anyone know what size drill bit it is?


Is it a torx t15 screw driver or else?

It has a bunch of spare parts for an extremely reasonable price.

I lose the screw to the cover when changing the battery, is the screw in this package ?

Yes. You get 2 security screws.

Does anybody know if the screw locations of the ring 3 base plate match the positions in the ring 1st generation? I pretend to replace my 1st gen ring

I updated to ring 3 and the screws aligned.

Why do they require a signature to receive this kit?

Don’t know, i didn’t give a signature

What size is the phillips screwdriver? The new pro 2 only comes with the star shaped screwdriver…

The phillips screwdriver is a no 1 or you can go smaller with what they call watchman screwdriver ( very small ) , star shape one is a t8 security torx bit

Is the screw for battery included?


What are the dimensions of the screws provided. I would like to get longer ones?

Not sure how long they are but i got replacements and they are the same size . Pretty small, they will screw into unit with about 4-5 turns. Not very long. I do not have the exact dimensions

Which one of these works for ring doorbell pro 1? I don’t see that option

Good for ring pro. Glad to have the extra parts. Thanks for the opportunity

I need the flat head screw,on the back of thedoorbell that the hard wire is tightened to ?

There are no flat head screws included in the ring doorbell. They are only phillips head, with the exception of the star tipped security screw that connects the face plate to the doorbell. The screws that hardwire the doorbell to the wall, a phillips head. They are not included in this kit.

Can it work with the ring security alarm

These are spare parts for the ring doorbell (wired) only.

Does it come with a drill bit?

I don’t believe that it comes with a drill bit. I recall that one did come with the original packaging for the ring doorbell pro.

Is the set for ring video doorbell 2 considered the second-generation ring?

It is for the ring video doorbell v2020 , i think some refer to it as 2nd gen.

Which of these is best for removing the faceplate on ring doorbell pro ? I don’t see that option.

These are for the wired doorbell, there is a security screw , and the screw driver that might work on the other doorbells as well.

Will this make the chime work in my house with the ring doorbell wired so the chime can work when you ring the doorbell

I don’t have the wired ring but i’m sure if your ring is connected to the wifi the chime is also connected to the wifi they should work together if they are linked

What size is the drill bit?

6mm or 15/64 bit is what it states for the included anchors and screws

What are the anchor and mounting screw sizes? I just need new brick mounting anchors, not the whole kit.

The actual mounting screw is equivalent to a #4 wood screw. I ended up needing a 1.5in long one for a more protruding mount and this fit the existing holes and anchors perfectly.

Will this work for video ring doorbell plus?

Probably not?

How long are the wire extenders?

About 4′

Spare Parts for Ring Video Doorbell AMAZON Spare Parts for Ring Video Doorbell : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Just as pictured.

What you see is what’s you get. I had originally lost some components to my ring doorbell and this fixed the problem.

5Expert Score
As advertised

It was as advertised. How ever as to spare parts maybe delete the back plate and add more of the loiitel screws

5Expert Score
Everything you need!!

This gives you everything you need for your ring doorbell for practically nothing. This is my second time purchasing. Don’t think, just buy!!

5Expert Score
Exactly what i needed

Exactly what i needed

5Expert Score
Worth it for 2 dollars

Screws and tool that were not packed in original ring package

5Expert Score
Authentic ring product and pricing

I am replacing my wired ring doorbell pro with a new ring doorbell. The security screwdriver that came with the new ring doorbell did not fit the old ring doorbell pro. Replacement screwdrivers ran $7-$9. Ring offers a spare parts kit that includes the screwdriver for $1.99 plus shipping. The same kit is offered by amazon at $1.99 with free prime shipping so it was an easy decision. The kit arrived in two days, the screwdriver was the correct one (the kit includes two sizes of screwdrivers) and the job is done.

5Expert Score
Came as discribed

Exactly what i expected

5Expert Score
Glad i ordered

Came in very handy!

5Expert Score
Great for ring doorbell

I needed a couple replacement parts for my ring . It was exactly what i needed and great price

5Expert Score
Useful accessoires to have

Most have item

4Expert Score
Best for 2nd gen (2020 release)

First of all, users of ring should already know, the ring model numbers are confusing, and tools and spare parts are not generally compatible. I have a 2nd gen 2020 release and it uses a blue security screw driver with t15 torx modified with a protrusion in the middle. The screw driver came with the door bell. Problem is model 2 (not 2nd gen -2020) uses orange color torx t6 screw driver. However, the spare parts variances did not have a 2nd gen -2020 version. Anyway, this is still the closest package for 2nd gen. Additionally the security screw, although t15 head, has different length (see picture). This packages has shorter stem and fatter tip. I tried it and they seem to fit. I hope the ring company should fix this compatibility issue asap, especially now the 2nd gen seems to be phasing out (discounting now in mid-oct 2022) and a new model may come soon? 1st picture of the screw heads shows same head-good. 2nd picture shows slightly different size security screws – how different? Not sure but both fit.

4Expert Score
Inexpensive spare parts, but not the v2 power kit i thought it was.

Ordered this because i thought it was the v2 power kit, but when it arrived it is the v3 which cannot be used to bypass an indoor chime. Oh well, it was inexpensive and it’s always good to have spare parts.

4Expert Score
I needed a screw

I’ll keep it for parts

4Expert Score
Awesome deal

It was close to as it was described except missing the 2 security screws and that’s what i bought this for. Do to good deal i didn’t report to seller.

4Expert Score

Works as expected

4Expert Score
The right stuff

I got just what i needed and a lot more.

4Expert Score

For all the parts that come with it! It is work the price. It is always good to have back ups to the back ups and once again you can not beat the price.

4Expert Score
Good to have

Could have included screws for back of ring to connect wires

4Expert Score
Got what i needed

Perfect for what i needed and great price point. Gave 4 stars only because i feel its a waste of products. I only needed the screws since i lost one while taking off for charging.

4Expert Score
Everything you need

I moved and some of these parts were left on my other house. This is a great kit of extras to have on hand.

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