Sparkling ICE, Black Raspberry Sparkling Water, Zero Sugar Flavored Water, with Vitamins and Antioxidants, Low Calorie Beverage, 17 fl oz Bottles (Pack of 12)

Sparkling ICE, Black Raspberry Sparkling Water, Zero Sugar Flavored Water, with Vitamins and Antioxidants, Low Calorie Beverage, 17 fl oz Bottles (Pack of 12) Sparkling ICE, Black Raspberry Sparkling Water, Zero Sugar Flavored Water, with Vitamins and Antioxidants, Low Calorie Beverage, 17 fl oz Bottles (Pack of 12) : Grocery & Gourmet Food
Sparkling ICE: Product description this best-selling, succulent flavor makes for one sweet experience. Sparkling ice black raspberry is a fizzy, flavorful sparkling water, without all the calories. Sparkling ice black raspberry flavored sparkling water contains 0g sugar, only 5 calories per bottle, and 0g carbs. Made with better-for-you ingredients, this low-calorie carbonated water is bursting with real fruit flavor, is made with colors from natural sources, and contains vitamins and antioxidants. Enjoy sparkling ice as a mocktail or mix it with your drink of choice for a delicious, low calorie cocktail. The product ships in a pack of 12 bottles. Each sparkling water bottle contains 17 fl oz. Manufacturer contact information talking rain beverage company p.o. Box 549 preston, wa 98050

What are sparkling ice features?

  • Zero sugar: sparkling ice black raspberry is a fruity, flavorful sparkling water made with zero sugar; each bottled water contains only 5 calories for guilt-free refreshment
  • Better-for-you ingredients: made with colors from natural sources, sparkling ice is made with better-for-you ingredients and bursting with real fruit flavor. Say no to soda and yes to the better-for-you carbonated beverage.
  • Vitamins & antioxidants: sparkling ice’s variety of fizzy, fruity flavors contain vitamins and antioxidants, including vitamin a and vitamin d to promote a balanced lifestyle
  • Low calorie beverage: with only 5 calories per serving, sparkling ice is a flavorful, low calorie beverage option with zero carbs so you can sip back and enjoy
  • 12 bottles: each sparkling ice multi-pack offering includes 12 bottles of flavored sparkling water; each bottle contains 1 serving equivalent to 17 fluid ounces; please recycle
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Sparkling ice details:

Is discontinued by manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product dimensions ‏ : ‎

2.25 x 2.25 x 9.25 inches; 14.75 ounces

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Upc ‏ : ‎

808228977391 016571245733 808228775478 808228589327 808228796190

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Talking rain beverage company

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This item can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states and to apo/fpo/dpo addresses. For apo/fpo/dpo shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.

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Sparkling ICE, Black Raspberry Sparkling Water, Zero Sugar Flavored Water, with Vitamins and Antioxidants, Low Calorie Beverage, 17 fl oz Bottles (Pack of 12) AMAZON Sparkling ICE, Black Raspberry Sparkling Water, Zero Sugar Flavored Water, with Vitamins and Antioxidants, Low Calorie Beverage, 17 fl oz Bottles (Pack of 12) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Looking for specific info?

Why did the subscription suddenly end and the price sky rocket without warning for black raspberry

1. Amazon wasn’t the company that upped the price.
2. A lot of the product was recalled (at least cherry limeade was), so when a product goes out of stock, private sellers jack up the prices. Not amazon, and not sparkling ice, aka talking rain.
3. The price is showing back to normal for me at $10.99 for a 12 pack, which is better than store price at $1 per bottle (unless the store ends up with a sale or coupons).

Hope that helps.
Ps. I’m an avid fan of sparkling ice and always communicate with the company, especially after the recall happened. So, that’s how i know.

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The kiwi strawberry flavor i buy at stores is green but when i ordered online, it was red in color. Is there any reason for the difference?

Hi there,
the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. We are moving away from artificial colors because we heard your feedback natural color is desired. The unique flavor remains the same, just the color has changed for kiwi strawberry and lemon lime. You will see all flavors with natural color by first of quarter 2019.

Why is every flavor a different price?

Might be different vendors, but we’ve only bought the pineapple coconut, by subscription, and all of a sudden it’s gone up 7 dollars. I really don’t understand why that is. None of the other flavors seem to have increased in price.

Is there any form of artificial sweetners in sparkling ice?

Be aware that artificial sweeteners can cause gas. Especially the one in sparkling ice. This limits how much i can drink.

Can this be used as a diet or does it contain sugar?

I think it can be used as a diet as it does not contain sugar.

How much sugar is in sparklin ice?

There is no sugar in sparklin ice it is sweetened with splenda i use splenda all the time as i am diabetic and have no side effects.

Are the bottles pba free?

I called the people who provide this wonderful stuff and yes! It is pba free (and always has been, she told me). Lovelypeople.

How many bottles are in the variety pack?

There were 12 bottles in my variety pack of sparkling ice, 3 kiwi, 3 orange, 3 grapefruit and 3 blackberry. I paid $11.45 .

What’s the stuff floating around? If you turn it upside down then right side up it looks like a snow globe.

snow globe ! Love it.

Why don’t you receive pink grapefruit, as advertised, when you order this variety pack of 12. Misrepresentation to say the least.

They also put cherry limeade in, yecch. Amazon was great for sparkling ice … Then they started sending variety packs with substitutions, and then they doubled the price of the single flavor packs … Back to target and carrying the stuff home myself.

What flavor come the variety pack?

There are 2 different variety packs one pack has orange/mango, black/ raspberry, kiwi/ strawberry, and pink grapefruit. There is another variety pack that has watermelon/strawberry, cherry/limeade, and peach/tangerine. I like every variety they make.

Are these drinks in plastic or glass bottles please? I cannot tell from the product description, or the countless reviews i’ve read! Thanks much-

Plastic bottles. Hope this helps. I love the water, the drinks and the shipping service.

I want to order 6 cases

I go through amazon. I get 6 cases every month. You get a discount on that many!

Has anyone tried the coconut pineapple or pomegranate blueberry? I love the grapefruit and the strawberry lemonade, and would like to try others.

I have tried every flavor, my favorite was the pomegranate blueberry, but that’s impossible to find anymore, don’t know why. My picks: grape raspberry, black raspberry, pink grapefruit, lemon lime, orange mango, black cherry, ginger lime, lemonade. Not necessarily in that order.

Should i freeze the drink

No. It will burst. Upu are not suppose to freeze any drink has a feeze

Is there a 5 cent deposit on the bottles mailed?

According to what is one the bottle ca crv ia hi me ma ny or vt ct $.05 mi $.10 that might mean you get the money back for recycling–but the online price doesn’t have a bottle charge. I live in florida so i don’t get any money for recycling this bottle. Hope this helps

Can i get some green apple in that?

Yes, just request at checkout for green apple – savinology

Will it be better if i mix cheese in

I have no idea how to help you, i enjoy this drink the way it is, eat a pc of cheese while you drink it.

Where did my sparkling ice go!?! I had a subscription to it, which got cancelled, it’s hard to find in stores, and i’m frustrated! What is up???

Same thing happen to me this month so amazon did suggest other flavors so i added the variety case to try on my subscription

Would this product be shipped by amazon or an outside seller ?

Product ordered via amazon will be shipped by amazon.

Sparkling ICE, Black Raspberry Sparkling Water, Zero Sugar Flavored Water, with Vitamins and Antioxidants, Low Calorie Beverage, 17 fl oz Bottles (Pack of 12) AMAZON Sparkling ICE, Black Raspberry Sparkling Water, Zero Sugar Flavored Water, with Vitamins and Antioxidants, Low Calorie Beverage, 17 fl oz Bottles (Pack of 12) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
The only thing i ever drink.

I’ve been addicted to this stuff for a few years now after my granddaughter introduced it to me. This is one of the few drinks you can have as much as you want without worrying about harming your health. Regular health screens (mainly blood tests) confirm this. Drinking this from a large glass with crushed ice and being super cold is just heaven. I go through about 7 or 8 bottles a day and keep myself well hydrated and kidneys flushed. Flavor is mostly consistent from case to case while occasionally you might get one with flavor lacking just a tad but still good. Black raspberry has me hooked for life and if they ever quit making this stuff, they are going to have a very irate person on their backs to deal with.

5Expert Score
Best tasting sugar-free soda

I’ve tried sssooo many sugar-free drinks and these taste better than any other sugar-free soda i’ve ever tried. I remember this soda from about 10-15 years ago when it was fairly new. Even back then it tasted better than most diet/sugar-free drinks. Now i’ve noticed it’s got vitamin d3 and some other vitamins & minerals. I hiiiiiigghhllyyy recommend this product to everyone who needs to avoid sugar/carbs/excess calories!! No bitter taste. Tastes like its got sugar, but it doesn’t! I’m one of those people who absolutely haaaates all sugar free drinks… Except for dr. P. Zero. Best flavor is orange mango.
Will deeefinitely buy again. Don’t ‘sleep’ on this product!!! Try it at least once. You’ll probably like it.

5Expert Score
Best diet soda

This is the best diet soda to me as far as taste. It is not just flavored water, it is a fully sweet soda pop style and may actually be too sweet for people who only like a light flavor. It’s the kind of soda kids and those who grew up with sugary drinks might like. It’s not overly sweet, just good, almost like a desert. It also has lots of fizz which it hold well after opening. And it comes in so many flavors you don’t get tired of it. It sells for $1 a bottle at the store so amazon is a little cheaper. I try to always have it around as it satisfies my craving for sweets after a meal.

5Expert Score
About a buck a bottle

These are my husbands fav. 5 calories, antioxidants. Says no sugars, i can taste a teensy bit artificial, ((which i don’t use) but its doable for a refreshing treat. So much easier to get delivered by the 12pack than to buy individually. Price is same or equal to sale price at grocery. Great flavors as well

5Expert Score
Perfect pop replacement

After randomly deciding to stop drinking pop, i still wanted some kind of carbonated drink. I tried sparkling ice and it’s the perfect substitute. Extremely flavorful, always fresh, and now a better deal than buying them in stores (where the price recently went up). Will continue to re-purchase. Side note: i only drink the kiwi strawberry, but family members have gotten other flavors and loved them, too.

5Expert Score
Delicious and frefreshing!

I love sparking ice, particularly the orange mango and the grape raspberry! Only 5 calories and no sugar. As a diabetic i appreciate the flavor in a sugar free drink. I also love the convenience of having this delivered to my door as sometimes the grocery store is out of them.

5Expert Score
Absolutely delicious

Absolutely delicious. Doesn’t have very much food value but that is what i expected. I wanted a low to no calorie/carb drink for something different, that wasn’t your typical soft drink. I’d tasted the brand before and tried this flavor.

Price was better than at wal-mart or our local supermarket chains. Add prime delivery to the mix and it was a good deal.

5Expert Score
Love sparkling lemonade

I drink this year around. I can’t drink pepsi anymore, but still want a ‘fizzy’ drink, and this hits the spot. Very refreshing, tastes great. Nice to be able to order it via amazon rather than pack all those bottles home myself.

5Expert Score
Great product

I have to say again this ice sparkling water is the best. I never had to drink sparkling water i think it’s gross but this is not this is great!! I had to get something with no sugar or salt or caffeine in it this is it! The best one. It also has vitamins and antioxidants. This is a great flavor as well but i love the strawberry watermelon. But this grape raspberry is great too.

5Expert Score
All of my favorite flavor that i can find in stores

I love all of these sparkling ice waters and so happy to find all of this flavor here. I have subscribe and save so it arrives without me having to do a thing.

4Expert Score
Half the case had no carbonation

I’ve been buying this product for a long time and am disappointed the last two cases half the bottles were either not sealed or had list carbonation from some other process.

4Expert Score

These are okay but they’re definitely flatter than the ones you get in the store

4Expert Score
If you like fizz, this has the most!

I usually drink flavored water. This changes up my routine if i want fizz, but not an overly sweet cola or corn-syrupy beverage. Crisp. Light. Refreshing.

4Expert Score
Tinted bottles – quality concern

The flavor is ok. I’m just concerned with the quality of the product. The bottle was dyed from the color of the liquid, not clear like other ice waters i’ve purchased. On the picture you can see the one from amazon vs one from kroger. Was it exposed to high heat in storage, dyeing the clear bottle? Did that make any chemicals from the plastic leak into the product? I hope not!
Or is this just different quality from the product sold at grocery stores.

4Expert Score
The best low-calorie soda drink

This is hands down the best low calorie soda drink i have tried so far. And i have tried many – all the popular brands out there. My last favorite no sugar / low calorie soda drink was zevia. But sparkling ice beats zevia out of the park and is now my favorite mainly because of its taste. This is as close to a soda with sugar as it gets. Honestly there’s almost no difference. Zevia clearly tastes like diet / no sugar soda. For health reasons, it’s great. But sparkling ice really surprised me with how good it tastes while also having no sugar.

I would love to give it 5 stars but there is one issue – freshness. I’ve bought 4 different packs now and unfortunately, 2 of them have very little sparkling in them. Drinks almost like juice. The other 2 were perfect full of sparkles. So yeah, because of this i have to give it only 4 stars. If they were put into cans, maybe that will preserve their sparklingness.

4Expert Score
Hit and miss sometimes.

This is my husbands favorite drink. Definitely cheaper to order by the case. Sometimes they look like they have lost their color and those ones taste a little off.

4Expert Score
Thirst quenching – ♡ them, despite splenda

My diet requires monitoring my sugar intake. I really like these as an alternative to soda or gatorade, mostly because of the fresh taste and thirst quenching satisfaction. There are healthier options, but in moderation, these are my go-to drinks. Haven’t tried a flavor, i didn’t enjoy.

4Expert Score
Delicious drink

The classic lemonade is delicious. It’s not over the top tangy and offers a sweet bubbly taste. Definitely yummy. It has sucralose in it for those wondering. My biggest complaint is that you can go to a store in person and pay way less for 12 individual bottles than buying a 12 pack from amazon.

4Expert Score
Delicious but flat.

I order these every other week but the ones i received this week are flat.. Makes me sad!

4Expert Score
Good product

Good product

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