Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack

Yakibest.com: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are spigen tempered glass screen protector [glastr ez fit] designed for iphone 14 pro [case friendly] – sensor protection / 2 pack features?

  • Uniquely designed to protect the dynamic island and crafted for seamless protection
  • Tempered glass durability rated at 9h hardness
  • [2 pack] includes an innovative, auto-alignment installation kit for effortless application
  • Extreme clarity preserves the original screen brightness
  • Oleophobic coating for daily fingerprint resistance
  • Made case compatible with every spigen iphone 14 pro case
  • Iphone 14 pro screen protector, specifically designed for iphone 14 pro (2022)
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Spigen tempered glass screen protector [glastr ez fit] designed for iphone 14 pro [case friendly] – sensor protection / 2 pack details:

Product dimensions

6.69 x 0.31 x 3.15 inches

Item weight

4.7 ounces

Item model number


Special features

9h surface hardness



Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Does it have cut outs for pill shaped notch?

No, and it’s not necessary to have the cut out, the glass is crystal clear and will not affect the camera in any way l, and a cut out in the glass would only cause dust to gather and potentially block your face id

Does it come with glass for the cameras on the back?

Also, the glass apple uses exclusively for the camera lenses is sapphire and is harder/more durable than any other glass on the phone and basically any camera lens ‘protector’ that you might find. The lens protectors (for iphone) are essentially a waste of money, but you do you.

This arrived today. It isn’t labeled for the 14 pro, how sure are we it fits?

Mine is also not labeled for iphone 14 pro. And doesn’t seem to have a cut out for the dynamic island. I’m not sure if this will fit.

I ordered these for the iphone 14, but the box doesn’t have iphone 14 mentioned anywhere on it? Did i get the wrong ones?

I also don’t remember the label showing the right phone, you can confirm when it comes in by trying to fit your phone in the application tool they send. You can also check the upn or barcode online or with the vendor.

What does the cutout look like on the front for the pill?

There is no cutout, this screen protector completely covers the front of the iphone, including the dynamic island. There is one, very small, almost unnoticeable notch at the top for the phone speaker.

Will it fit 13 pro?

The dimensions are not the same, you should find one designed for the 13 pro.

Ok to take off the protective film from a new phone and install the glass without doing the cleaning process?

That’s what i did, and it came out perfect! Probably the best conditions you’ll have for putting on a screen protector.

I haven’t even gotten my phone yet but it doesn’t have a cut out for the island camera area. Is it supposed to?


Does it have cut out for iphone 14 pro ear speaker?

Correction yes it does have cutout but it’s very slight like 1mm.

Does it fit a regular iphone 14?

The dimensions are not identical, it may not fit properly. You should find a screen protector meant for the iphone 14. The same company offers them.

How thick is it?

It’s very thin

Does the screen protector cover the border of the phone upto the edges?

It covers nearly all of the iphone screen to about 1/2 the phone bezel – leaving about 1/16 inch from the bezel edge that is not covered. I think leaving that last little bit makes the screen protector compatible with the majority of iphone cases.

This one doesn’t seem to have any cutout for the dynamic island. Is this correct? I’m not sure how these should look.

Yes it’s correct.

Does the screen protector mess with the case? I had this issue with my old 11 pro and i had to ditch the screen protector.

No, it fits close to my case’s edges but it does not interfere. It actually gives a seamless look to the phone. I am using the otterbox symmetry case on my phone.

Do these screen protectors have a lifetime warranty?

Two years
plus the package has two screen kits which is a great deal. At&t charges 45.00 which is a rip off

Does this actually fit the iphone 14 pro?

Yes. Perfectly

Is the ez fit alignment tray reusable? I just bought 2 iphone 14 pro’s and want to install both included screen protectors

If you buy the 2 pack – each screen protector has its own alignment tray

Installed the glass this morning. There is one small nagging “bubble” that i cannot get out with the squeegee. Any tips?

I just used the second glass.

Is there a cut out for the front camera and sensors?

No. Doesn’t need to be.

Can i remove the protective film from my iphone 14 pro and a glass protector without the cleaning process?

Sure, i like to apply screen protectors right out of the box. I use compressed air to blow away any dust that gets on though. There’s always dust in the air. The short time between peeling off the protective film and applying the protector, dust can still get on the screen. It does come with a squeegee to push out any air bubbles.

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Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Perfect fit and super easy setup, see my tips

I really like these spigen screen protectors, mainly because the included alignment frame makes installing them super easy.

If you are getting a new iphone 14 the best thing to do is to have these screen protectors ready to go before you even open your new phone. The phone comes with a sticky paper protector on the screen already, and simply removing the paper protector and immediately installing one of these spine protectors saves you from having to clean the screen off. If you’ve already opened your phone that’s no problem, you’ll just want to use the included wet wipes to get the screen completely clean before installing the new protector.

I recommend you go into a small room where you can close the door and eliminate most airflow. Turn your home’s heating or cooling fan off for a few minutes while you do the install so you don’t have dust flying around. A bathroom works great for this, and if you want you can even run the shower on hot for a few minutes first. This will build up steam in the air which will cause any floating dust to fall to the ground.

If you’re working in the bathroom the closed toilet lid makes a great little workspace for this project.

Before you start i recommend holding the screen protector frame up to your phone so you can see how it’s going to fit over the top. Make sure you have the “top” marker on the frame on the top of the phone where the speaker and camera lenses are. Also notice that there’s a little tab on the inside of the screen protector frame that you’ll pull to remove the film from the back of the screen protector and reveal the sticky side of the glass. Once you’re familiar with the design set the frame aside for now.

To install the protector first make sure your screen is super clean. If you’ve already removed the factory screen protector just wipe down the screen with the included wipes and make sure there aren’t any smudges or signs of dust as you tilt the screen at various angles. If you have a can of compressed air you can use it as a final step to blow off any dust, but it’s not a requirement as long as you get things really clean with the wipes.

As soon as you feel like you’ve got the screen as clean as it can be sit the phone down on a flat surface (again, the closed toilet lid is perfect for this), and immediately peel the back film off the protector and sit the protector over the phone (make sure you have the “top” on the top of the phone as before). Press down everywhere on the frame and then run your finger back and forth on the center strip a few times. Keep pressing around on it for about 30 seconds.

Next carefully peel off the center strip from the frame, while continuing to apply pressure everywhere else so you don’t accidentally pull up the screen protector itself while pulling off the tape. Once all the tape is removed from the center section the alignment frame will lift off the phone.

Now you’ll be left with the screen protector on the phone with one more protective film on top. Leave the film on for now and use the included rubber squeegee to go over the whole screen with swiping motions to force out any bubbles that might be lurking under the film. Once you’ve gone over it a few times peel off the final film.

That’s it, your protector should be securely installed in the perfect alignment without any bubbles underneath. You can use the included screen cloth to give it one final wipe to remove any smudges or fingerprints.

If for some reason you find that there’s some annoying dust stuck under the protector you can repeat the process using the second included protector. Hopefully when you pry up the first protector it will do a great job of pulling up any dust from the screen and you can immediately install the second protector without needing to touch the screen at all.

5Expert Score
Perfect install fits my iphone 14 pro perfectly! Update: it does seem to scratch quickly and easily

Update: october 10th, 2022. The screen protector already has a few very noticeable scratches and i don’t have keys or change in my pocket with my phone. So this might not be the best screen protector if those scratches will drive your ocd crazy. But i bought it because my old phones screen got so scratched up by the 3 years i traded it in, that i wanted the ability to have a screen protector i can just take off and have a perfect looking screen in a few years. Still have the second screen protector and applicator in the box, but i would rather wait longer than a few weeks to use it. It really is not a big deal, but still an important fact if you are looking for a screen protector thats scratch resistant. Just note that a more scratch resistant screen protector means its actually less shatter proof, so this scratching easily means it is actually tougher more shatter resistant glass. Lastly, it is totally possible i just had a fluke event that scratched it enough to leave a mark on the protector. Overall i still love spigen products and this screen protector is still worth the money. Just had to include this update so any buyer gets all the details.

This fit my iphone 14 pro perfectly. The installation was so easy with their application tool and i got a perfect bubble and dust free installation my first try. The feel of the glass is awesome and you can’t even tell there is a protector on it. No issues with clarity or touch sensitivity and also fits my phone case.

I had an iphone 11 before that i used for 3 years and by the end i had some deep scratches on my screen that were extremely noticeable, so i decided i would put a screen protector on my new iphone 14 pro. It’s a couple dollars more expensive than other protectors, but it basically guarantees you are getting a perfect installation your first try. I still have the second protector and applicator kit in the box and will use it whenever this first one gets beaten up enough.

Highly recommend this product i am very pleased with it.

5Expert Score
Super easy to install

These screen protectors arrived a day before i got my new phone, so i was able to install this as soon as my phone came out of the box!

These are well packaged and came in perfect condition. The package included 2 screen protectors, two small micro fiber wipes, 2 alcohol wipes, and 2 sets of stickers to lift dust from the screen. The package insert has a qr code that you can scan to view the instructions to install it.

Basically, you clean your screen and make sure it’s free from dust. The screen protector is locked in a plastic alignment frame with a sticker to hold it in place. You first remove the film from the side of the screen protector that is going to go against the phone’s screen and then place it on the phone using the plastic frame for alignment. Next you’re instructed to rub your finger back and forth on the black and orange sticker on the back of the frame to ensure it adheres. Next, you pull away the black and orange sticker which releases the screen protector from the frame, then you pull it away and discard it. Lastly, remove the film from the front of the screen protector, or the side that you will touch with your fingers. On my first attempt, this was installed with no bubbles and is perfectly aligned.

While i really like the plastic alignment frame, i can’t help but feel it’s wasteful single use plastic. It’d be nice if there was maybe just one frame that you could re-use between installations.

I’ve used the speigen screen protectors in the past and they hold up very well over time and i usually need about 2 per year for my needs.

I really like their products and would buy this again and recommend it to anyone who asked.

5Expert Score
Easy to install with no dust or bubbles!

I previously gave up on screen protectors, as i was always getting dust and bubbles under them upon installation. At the recommendation of a friend, i decided to give this one a go with my new iphone 14 pro, and it was super easy. I chose to install this on my new phone straight out of the box. If you are getting a new phone, this is 100% the way to go, as it eliminates the need for cleaning your screen and trying to wipe all dust and fingerprints off. I peeled the protective film off of my new phone and immediately applied this protector.

The plastic guide makes installing the screen protector foolproof. You just peel off the protective film from the back of the protector, put the guide over your phone, slide your finger up and down to get the protector to stick to your screen, and then peel off the tape on the front that holds the screen protector to the guide. I had one air bubble near the upper right corner. Using the supplied squeegee, i pushed the bubble out with no problem.

Once installed, the feel and responsiveness of using the screen is exactly the same as the stock experience on any other phone i’ve had. This screen protector is virtually invisible. I can make out the edges of it if i look closely, but it’s in no way bothersome, and i’m pretty picky when it comes to things like that.

Overall, great product. I’m ordering more for the other phones in our family.

5Expert Score
Only buying this one from now on.

Two perfect installations in a row. Glass is clear with no off-axis safety glass tint. Fantastic installation tray system completely eliminates alignment issues. It doesn’t get better than this.

Tips for a fool-proof installation:

keep the adhesive side pointed down when you remove the backing so that no dust can fall on it. If possible, install on a new phone and do so immediately after you remove the protective paper from the screen.

Time is your enemy. More time with the phone screen or adhesive exposed means more chance for dust particles. You want to move quickly, but don’t move so quickly that you create air currents that blow dust particles around. Don’t have other people moving around you while you do this. You want still air!

Work fast and gently: get the backing off the screen protector (keep it pointed it down), get the paper off the phone screen, do a super quick inspection for particles (there should be none yet, but brush off with lint-free cloth if necessary), get that protector stuck down!

Consider your environment: dry = dust. A rainy day is great day to do this, or in a humid bathroom; humidity helps keep dust particles from being airborne.

5Expert Score
Nailed the install on the first try

Love the alignment jig to help you install the screen protector. It made it super easy to place it on my phone in just the right spot. Between the alignment tool and the stickers to remove any dust, it seems nearly foolproof to install.

This does not interfere with face id or the selfie cam, and i’m glad this screen protector doesn’t have any cutouts to make the dynamic island feature look weird.

The placement of the screen protector does not really leave any weird edges that might catch your finger and make it awkward to use.

I like to replace the screen protector every six months or so to get a fresh new oleophobic coating and get that just out of the box feeling, so i’m glad this came in a 2-pack. I’ll be saving the other one for later.

5Expert Score
The best of the competition

It’s the easiest screen protector that i have applied in my entire life… Super good quality product, and all the instructions and extra steps to make it the best screen protector on the market.

It is a simple cristal glass screen protector, there is not something like “wow” but it feels real good on the fingers (it doesn’t feel like dry) i just love it 🙂

algo it brings the pack of 2 screen protector that is something that a lot of brands don’t do, so if you accidentally broke this screen protector or by the normal use of the phone it gets damaged, you can remplace the screen protector a 2nd time without spending more money :0

i will try it for sure a second time on a new phone this same brand and style screen protector.

5Expert Score
I’m not easily impressed

So i went into this very skeptical, because every single screen protector, i’ve tried, from the cheapest to the most expensive, always disappointed me in some way. Whether it was a couple of little bubbles in the middle that i couldn’t get rid of, the protector not being aligned properly, or some blemish, ultimately it would end up with the blemish spreading to a corner & peeling. Usually within the first 2 days. This protector was so easy to install and no lie, when i pulled back on the strip to remove the installation case, i thought i messed up because i could not see the screen protector. Yes, i said, every other attempt resulted in huge bubbles to squeegee out this one however, when i’m perfectly and it’s been three days. Oh yeah, and i have a spare, just in case. Good job spigen!

5Expert Score
Works great with iphone14 pro

Just got my iphone 14 pro and needed a screen protector to protect the screen from scratches etc. Took a chance on this spigen screen protector and it is great! That applicator is genius! I love that it is so easy to use and if you follow directions you will be able to have a perfect fit with the iphone 14 pro.

Took a few minutes to do and after i removed the screen applicator, it was a perfect fit.

I also love that the applicator is a one time use, throw away so i don’t have any extra trash i need to store.

5 stars, first time i used a spigen and i luv it!

5Expert Score
Easiest self install

First, let me address some of the initial bad reviews that claim this won’t fit the iphone 14 pro. If you look closely at those negative reviews, you will see that the reviewers wrote them before the new phone was released and that the reviews contain some strong assumptions. I’m not sure why those reviewers came to their conclusions or motives, but i can tell you those reviews are inaccurate. I have installed 4 of these and the fit is exceptional. There is even an ever-so-slight indentation at the top of the screen protector to accommodate the speaker of the phone.

This screen protector has the most straightforward self-install system i have ever seen. The alignment tool fits like a glove, and spigen seems to have ensured the alignment tabs won’t cause any harm to a naked phone. I have ordered these screen protectors for the iphones 11 pro,12 pro max, 13 pro max, and now the 14 pro and pro max phones and plan to order these for every subsequent generation. Spigen did a great job here.

My number 1 install tip, steam up a bathroom to pull some dust down and turn off your hvac system during installation. Other than that, it’s pretty foolproof.

4Expert Score
Fantastic. It just works. But, maybe take one step for humanity?

It’s a flawless product, it works as intended and it’s very quality. But, maybe let’s work on trying to make a more sustainable application tray? Perhaps out of some recycled plastic or other material? It seems like an awfully high amount of waste when you think about the thousands just being thrown out after the glass is applied.

Otherwise, great product! Wouldn’t buy protectors elsewhere.

4Expert Score
Great screen protector for iphones!

Perfect fit. Easy to install and no air bubbles!!! My last spigen ez-fit glass screen protector on my iphone 12 mini lasted over two years and would have lasted as long as my iphone except i traded in my 12 mini last week for the iphone 14 pro.

4Expert Score
Good fit to the iphone 14 pro

Just receive the new iphone 14 pro this week and put it on immediately. It fits very well, the extra guided housing design makes the install lot easier than before. Happy with it.

4Expert Score
Iphone 14 pro only

This is for the iphone 14 pro. The speaker is not in the “pill shape” cutout anymore. Look on the apple website. The screen protectors they are selling for the iphone 14 pro also do not have cutouts. These screen protectors are fine for what they are. Application is frustrating but it works fine for the price.

4Expert Score
Good, but one glass has problem

The glass is great. But one of them has water spots and i couldn’t remove it… Fortunately the second glass was perfect. I would be grateful if spigen can reimburse me some money because of that.

4Expert Score
Just right

Application was easy, though i wish it came with only one template to save on waste. A few days later, i still have a few teeny bubbles but they’re so small i’ve since gotten used to them.

4Expert Score
Easy to put on, catches a lot of finger prints!

Was super nice and easy to apply the screen protector with the kit. Now that it’s on – i feel like every time i tap my phone it has a very clear finger print

4Expert Score
Fits my 14 pro

Fits the 14 pro just fine for me. Easiest to use alignment kit i’ve tried.

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