Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack

Yakibest.com: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are spigen tempered glass screen protector [glastr ez fit] designed for iphone 14 pro max [case friendly] – sensor protection / 2 pack features?

  • Uniquely designed to protect the dynamic island and crafted for seamless protection
  • Tempered glass durability rated at 9h hardness
  • 2 pack – includes an innovative, auto-alignment installation kit for effortless application
  • Extreme clarity preserves the original screen brightness
  • Made case compatible with every spigen iphone 14 pro max case
  • Iphone 14 pro max screen protector, specifically designed for iphone 14 pro max (2022)
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Spigen tempered glass screen protector [glastr ez fit] designed for iphone 14 pro max [case friendly] – sensor protection / 2 pack details:

Product dimensions

6.69 x 0.31 x 3.15 inches

Item weight

1.06 ounces

Item model number


Special features

9h surface hardness



Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

What is the light transmission percentage?

Its probably 99-100% its clear glass

Does this have a hole/pill cut out for the front camera?

It has full protection, the only “cutout” area is a slight bit at the top for the speaker and that’s it. Which is nice, i don’t think a protector with a cut out for the dynamic island would be great when it’s something you will be touching and a cutout would get in the way.

Will it fit 13 pro max , they the same size ?

I disagree a little with jeffrey below — it looks like it probably will work. I have my 13 pro max and 14 pro max side by side and both screens are nearly the same, biggest difference is that the 14 pro max has a longer and slimmer speaker slit at the very top.

I haven’t tried installing this on a 13 pro max yet but just eyeballing it, i expect it’ll work.

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Does it go gray/black when phone is tilted?

No, what you’re looking for is a privacy screen protector. This one is just fully transparent from all angles.

Contain two fit tray and two 9h glass ?

Yes. If you thoroughly clean the phone glass, you likely won’t need the second screen protector.

Does this stick to the phone with glue?

There is a thin coating that holds the protector in place, but i wouldn’t classify it as glue. A spigen protector for my former iphone 13 pro max was easily removed and did not leave any residue on the screen.

Is this 100% case friendly or just case friendly with spigen cases?

Would classify it as 100% case friendly. It works perfectly with my mous case. There is a small margin around the nonilluminated portion of the screen that should accommodate any case.

Is there a cutout for the front-facing camera?

No, and none is needed as we need to access the touch capability of the dynamic island. There is no noticeable effect on the front-facing camera.

What is the ‘unique design’ to protect the dynamic island? What makes it unique?

It covers the dynamic island fully with the glass screen protector. I don’t see any unique feature to it tho.

Do the edges curve so it more comfortable when swiping from the sides, top and bottom?

I also have a spigen tough armor case on my phone. It swipes easily from the sides with or without the case on it.

Does this product have anti-blue light?

No i don’t believe that it does.

Will it fit 14+?

Not sure… But if the iphone 14 plus screen is the same size as the 14 pro max, then it should fit.

What is the thickness of the glass?

Very thin, but great quality, cut perfectly to not interfere with cases, feels like there is nothing there at all

What is the replacement warranty?

As for the company i think either 1 year or lifetime upon register of purchase. I don’t ever do them because i have terrible luck with warranties so i just buy more.

Is this sound tempered glass ?

I wanna say no, with the screen protector covering 100% of the screen surface, i can still hear perfectly with the phone to my ear. If that is you concern.

Is there a privacy screen version?

I’m not sure if they make one, i would do a search for it:). I do recommend this screen protector. Very easy to install and i have not noticed many micro scratches yet.

Does it cover the dynamic island? If so how does it affect the pics taken by front camera?

Yes, it does. There is no noticeable effect when using the front-facing camera.

Does it mess with front camera quality?

Not at all. No negative effect.

Is this available for the iphone 12?

Yes, i have used the iphone 12 equivalent of this protector on all our phones…i forget it is even on the screen.

What is the light transmission figure in %, 99%?


Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max [Case Friendly] – Sensor Protection / 2 Pack : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
The best screen protector! Perfect fit with my iphone 14 pro max!

As of the writing of this review, the iphone 14 was just released and my iphone 14 pro max was just delivered in the mail. I’m always wary of screen protectors and cases that are available so soon after the phone’s release because apple doesn’t announce phone specs in advance so manufacturers have to guess based on factory leaks and speculation. I’m thankful to report that this screen protector is a perfect fit on my iphone 14 pro max. The screen protector box doesn’t say anything about the iphone 14, it just says ‘designed for iphone series’ and the dimensions, which are: 73.90×157.00×0.48mm/2.91×6.18×0.01in. The glass completely covers the display and extends beyond about 1mm all the way around, leaving around 1mm of bezel uncovered. My quad lock case fits perfectly around it. There is a tiny (barely noticeable) indent at the very top to allow space for the speaker.

The new iphone 14 has the dynamic island feature, and this screen protector covers it completely. Thankfully it has zero impact on faceid, or the front facing camera. You definitely want a screen protector that covers the dynamic island otherwise if there’s a notch cutout it would completely ruin the immersive experience that this new feature provides.

I’ve used spigen screen protectors on my last two iphone before this one and the applicator system is amazing. It allows for a perfectly aligned fit and makes it super easy. Applying a screen protector is always kind of a scary task because if you mess up you don’t really get a second chance.

I decided to apply my screen protector immediately after opening the iphone box so i could start with a pristine screen. No screen cleaning or wiping is necessary if you do it this way – just peel off the white protective film on the phone and apply the screen protector immediately (without touching the screen with your fingers) and you’ll have the best chance of getting a perfect application with no dust or streaks.

You get two screen protectors in this box for around $16, so this is an amazing deal compared to other brands that charge $40 or more for one, with no easy applicator. Highly recommended! I will absolutely stick with this brand for all my future phone screen protectors!

5Expert Score

I have gone through many, and i mean many screen protectors since smartphones. And my gosh, they have saved my screen so so so many times. This application of this on my brand new iphone 14 max was hands down the easiest one i have ever done. I applied the protector immediately out of the box -before i even turned it on. There used to be a clear plastic on the phone screen directly out of the box, however this new phone has a white one. So as soon as you take it off -boom naked screen and it must be taken off to initiate cell service.

So once i realized this, i figured it was the same sort of sticker you use to remove dust when applying a screen protector. I ripped off the white protector and popped this screen protector right on. I did not use the provided wipe or lint remover wipe. It went on flawless. Zero bubbles, zero lint, and perfectly aligned. Thanks so much spigen!!

Will repurchase after i drop and break this one -and the other one that comes in the package. It was seriously the easiest one i’ve ever put on and i’ve done 20+

5Expert Score
Absolutely amazing screen protector!

I’ll start off by saying that applying the screen protector was the easiest one i’ve ever done. I’ve gone though my fair share of different brand screen protectors in my life and this way by far the easiest. The tray makes it so easy and lines it up very well. Well i say there is no effort in lining it up perfect i really mean it, anyone could do this in 5 minutes!! There hardly any bubbles once it was on and the tool they provide makes it very easy to get them out if you get any. The screen protector feels exactly like the real screen which is a huge plus for me. People have already messed with my phone and asked me when i’m going to get a screen protector for it, it’s that good. Last thing i want to mention is i can’t speak much on drop protection yet since i just got my 14 pro max two days ago but i image it will be pretty good. To wrap this all up go ahead and order you one or two like i did on accident! You won’t regret it!!!

5Expert Score
The best and by far the easiest to install screen protector on the market !

The best and by far the easiest to install screen protector on the market .. I have bought spigen’s tempered glastr ez fit screen protectors for each of my last 4 iphones .. That includes the one i just put on my iphone 14 pro max. When you hear someone say ‘eazypeazy’, well that is precisely what spigen’s installation process is .. Three steps, thats it, and all numbered on the installation tray. Literally 1, 2, 3 and you are done .. No bubbles , no squeegee, no effort .. These are edge to edge screen protectors. Last year i had to take my iphone 13 pro max to apple to fix a non-functioning speaker. The apple tech was incredibly impressed with my screen protector, not knowing what brand it was. So much so, the apple tech said he had never seen a better fitting true edge to edge protector ! Think about how many iphones the apple store sees. Did i mention this is also a non-smearing, scratch proof screen protector. I have bought way more pricey protectors , eg zagg, tech21, iqshield, rhinoshield but they were all difficult to put on without bubbles and squeegees. Next year i am again going to put a spigen glastr ez fit protector on my iphone 15 pro max.

5Expert Score
I love spigen

Not compensated in any way for this glowing review.
I stumbled upon spigen a few years back and now i exclusively buy their stuff for my new phones. First, the screen protector does what it’s supposed to do – it protects the screen without me noticing it. Second, the plastic applicator thing takes away much of the headache of the old days of applying these things and trying to get them straight. And there’s even a second one in case i screw up the installation or end up needing a new one later in the phone’s life. Finally, the cost is actually reasonable. It drives me nuts when companies wants $35 for every phone-associated piece of plastic imaginable. I got this 2-pack plus the spigen liquid air case for $31 shipped. And it was made specifically for the new iphone and available for order the same moment the new iphone was announced so i could have it in-hand on launch day. (much easier to ensure no dust and grime on the screen if you install the screen protector immediately after unboxing the phone.) buy from amazon though, spigen’s prices are like double on their own website.
I do love the liquid air case too by the way, i’ve had them for several years. Simple minimalist design that doesn’t add bulk, textured for grip, not flashy or gaudy, and a thin lip so if you set your phone face down on the table, it keeps the screen elevated a smidge. It’s not gonna save your phone if you drop it off a building, but it keeps it from getting minor dings and scratches.

5Expert Score
Worth the purchase

I have always used zagg screen protectors in the past and i originally had the zagg privacy screen protector on my iphone 14 pro max. I did not know that it did not cover the dynamic island and the user experience was negatively impacted.
I bit the bullet and ordered the spigen tempered glass screen protectors since i love their cases. This is my first time ever using this product from spigen and it’s safe to say that they are definitely worth the price.
Not only do you get two screen protectors in one, but they cover the entire screen of the phone (dynamic island and all) which is a must for me.
The installation process was extremely simple and the fitment is perfect. The quality is comparable to the overpriced zagg protector and is less than half of the cost.
I would definitely recommend this item to anyone looking to buy a screen protector for their phone and i will continue to use these in the future!

5Expert Score
10 stars

I, like most people, have been using screen protectors since they were just flimsy plastic film. This was purely an impulse buy on my part since i never used a protector on my iphone 11 pro max. I was buying a case for my new 14 and thought, why not throw these in too. Let me tell you this screen protector was so simple to install anybody can do it perfectly. The tray and how it is set up is genius. Simple instructions and cleaning pads included. And they even give you two and only for $15. I’m not sure if they trays are reusable or not, but if they aren’t i will say this is a very wasteful product because the trays are very nice thick plastic almost like a phone case. Also it seems like the protectors attract prints and smudges more so than i remember with others. Those things aside, $15. Who cares. Excellent product.

5Expert Score
“expensive” but perfectly mounted every single time…

Despite their relatively high cost per use, they are otherwise perfect and never go on anything but perfectly. I am willing to accept the higher cost because they are far cheaper than the hassle of a broken screen if you consider them a bit of an insurance policy, nor am i annoyed that they’re imperfectly mounted. The only complaint you might have is their relative cost compared to cheap alternatives, but their performance is simply exemplary.

I was tempted to try sapphire screen protectors in comparison, and to be clear, these work so well i’m not sure how they can be worth the difference in cost because it seems you’d *want* the screen protector to break and absorb the impact, but perhaps the sapphire is so rugged it spreads the force out over the entire screen instead… If i try one i’ll come update this review…

5Expert Score
Makes installation so much easier

I’ve always struggled with bubbling on my screen protectors and get anxious putting new ones on. It would always be something small like a piece of dust i missed in a corner or one bubble that i couldn’t quite push out. This system made it much easier. I can’t say it is foolproof or that there is no way you can screw it up, but the plastic frame does wonders for alignment and the wedge they include is very helpful for driving out any bubbles you do have.

This is the first screen protector i’ve installed with no bubbles. Very happy with it. Hopefully i won’t ever have to use the second one, but if i do, i’ll feel good about installing it.

The only advice i will give is make sure to youtube their install video. It’s only a minute long and seeing it will make you that much more prepared to do it yourself.

5Expert Score
Amazing! The industry standard!

Now this is how a phone screen protector should be sold. These are so good. The installation is so easy even a monkey can do it. Every screen protection company should follow this model. I hate to say this, but these should cost more just for the innovation alone. I’ve always hated installing phone screen protectors – but this method makes it so easy to install without even thinking about it.

I have one minor complaint: this is not truly edge to edge screen protection. There is still a sliver of exposed screen: about 1 centimeter on all sides, which bothers my ocd. I can foresee lint, dust, or even liquid residing in these slivers. Nonetheless, i rather put up with this issue than having a lint, bubble, or misaligned screen protector. 5/5. One of the best purchase i’ve made on amazon in terms of value.

4Expert Score
Extremely easy install. Foolproof!

I’ve always hated installing screen protectors because they’re always slightly off center or crooked, and there always seems to be an annoying speck of dust or one last bubble that just won’t smooth out. This one is amazingly simple to use and is virtually foolproof. The wet wipe did such a good job of removing dust, i didn’t even have to bother with the included dust stickers. I love how the tray snaps on the front of the phone, so there’s no eyeballing or guess work. Sliding your finger back and forth across the center for 30 seconds, forces the majority of bubbles out toward the very edges. Then you just use the hard rubber wedge to push out any minor bubbles around the edge. Perfect. My only quibble is that, despite the oleophobic coating, it seems to pick up fingerprint smudges easily. Still highly recommended for the easy install.

4Expert Score
Ez to install but scratched quickly

Super easy to install feels high quality and very strong the only issue is that it’s already scratched badly, i’ve had the screen protector installed from the moment i opened the phone. I have had it for a week and there are already some deep scratches. The phone is in a case that elevates the screen off the surface so that wouldn’t cause scratches while face down and i am someone who takes very good care of electronics and i am very surprised by how quickly it has scratched.

4Expert Score
Good quality and clarity – but already scratched

Ordered prior to my 14 pro max arriving and installed as soon as it arrived. Installation was easy but a bit of dust got under the screen even though i cleaned and thoroughly removed dust with the sticky tape. Only problem is that it’s already been scratched within 48 hours. Not sure what scratched it, i don’t keep anything in the pocket with my phone.

4Expert Score
Easy installation. Perfect fit.

Purchased a bad quality glass screen protector (belkin) on launch day at twice the cost. Bubbled on installation and even after thorough cleaning and the phone being fresh out of the box.

This one installed perfectly in less than 3 mins. Hopefully won’t have to test the durability. But it feels like any other i’ve used and it’s a 2 pack. I’d recommend starting here.

4Expert Score
Great but not durable for me

I love these and that they are edge to edge, foolproof application which is so easy, but the thing split in half the day i installed it on my new phone. The phone was not dropped. I have no idea why but it cracked right in half forcing me to buy a new one

4Expert Score
Easy to install

I usually don’t like screen protectors because i struggle with aligning them perfectly and it bothers my ocd.

With this tray style it aligns it perfectly onto the screen. Install was easy for whatever reason my first one had a tiny bubble that wouldn’t come out, so i ended up using the 2nd one and it installed perfect so there’s goes my two pack. But still a great product

4Expert Score
Super simple to install

It took me around 5 to 7 minutes to install, super simple with no air bubbles after installation. I’m not to sure about durability because i just installed about to days ago

4Expert Score
Easy install

You get what you pay for this is great

4Expert Score

The alignment tool sucks design of the tool is awfull product its self is good but u have to do it on ur own the tool did not help at all perhaps messed it up

4Expert Score
Thank you…

Thank you…

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