Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Crystal Clear

Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Crystal Clear

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Crystal Clear: Basic Cases – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are spigen ultra hybrid [anti-yellowing technology] designed for iphone 14 pro case 2022 – crystal clear features?

  • Hybrid technology that is made of a tpu bumper with a durable pc back
  • Crystal clear transparency flaunts original phone design
  • Raised bezels lift screen and camera off flat surfaces
  • Pronounced buttons are easy to feel and press, while large cutouts fit most cables
  • Iphone 14 pro case compatible with iphone 14 pro
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Spigen ultra hybrid [anti-yellowing technology] designed for iphone 14 pro case 2022 – crystal clear details:

Product dimensions

5.96 x 2.97 x 0.44 inches

Item weight

1.09 ounces

Item model number


Other display features


Form factor



Crystal clear



Country of origin

Korea, republic of

Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Crystal Clear AMAZON

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Crystal Clear: Basic Cases – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is this a soft/bendy plastic case or a hard plastic case?

Not very bendable. The back is harder than the sides. The sides are comparable to a silicone case.

Different reviews on magsafe. Does this case support magsafe charging ? Does anyone know for sure

It works fine with the wireless chargers i have.

Will it fit i-phone xr

My experience with iphone cases says no, unless it specifically says that it is for that model it probably will not fit.

Does this case have military grade protection?

I don’t know what military grade would be….
For the cost, it’s worth it but if you’re looking for something like that then you might want to spend $50 on a otter box …. Or buy it and return it if you don’t like it.

Does this case have covers over the volume buttons?

Yes. Both volume buttons, and the lock button, are covered with a slightly hollowed-out area of the case material.

Can i use my own privacy screen protector with this case without interfering with the fit?

As long as the screen protector is applied first i see no problem with it.

Can i use any standard wireless charger without any problems?

I have used 3 different brands none are apple products and they work just fine.

Does the frost black case , shows the color of iphone? I am guessing the back is not clear as the matte black case

My case is clear. I can see the deep purple of my phone, it doesn’t have a frost look

Does this support magsafe?

I added a magstick ring which makes my iphone compatible with magsafe car mount

Will this fit my iphone 6? It’s a 6 plus.

No. The iphone 6 has different dimensions than the 14 pro

Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Crystal Clear AMAZON

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Crystal Clear: Basic Cases – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Perfect fit, simple install, easy to hold, nice and clear

I’ve been using these spigen ultra hybrid cases on my iphones for the past several years. I find they provide excellent protection while at the same time keeping your phone slim. I always get the clear versions so i can at least still see the true color of my phone showing through (because, if you get a solid color case what’s the point of getting a fancy color iphone? I want to see my phone in all its purple glory!).

Installation is easy, as you’d expect. The clear version of the case has some protective film on the front and back, so just peel that off first. Slip the bottom of your phone into the case first, then press the top in. The fit is perfect, but will feel a bit tight while you’re installing the case.

Once the case is installed you’ll still have full access to all the buttons and there are cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, and lightning port.

The area around the camera lenses is just ever so slightly raised so you can sit the phone down on a flat surface without the camera lenses touching the surface.

The back is a hard plastic while the sides are a slightly softer material. Soft enough that you can easily grip it but not the super soft “sticky” type that will get stuck in your pocket.

Highly recommend these cases!

5Expert Score
Sound tunnel technology works wonders.

I am hard of hearing in my right ear and always had to select the speaker phone option on my iphone 11 with a different clear case. With this case, it’s like night and day. I can use the phone without having to put it on speaker phone mode – just use the normal ‘next to the ear’ mode. I had not noticed the sound tunnel technology in the ad but it really works!

All other features are well covered by other reviewers but the sound tunnel feature of this case works well for me. I will always be buying this case in the future – just for the sound tunnel feature.

5Expert Score
Great quality for the price

Case fits snugly as expected, looks great, seems sturdy/protective, and feels great! It doesn’t add much bulk to the phone size either, and the frosted/clear version lets the phone’s color show through. I had the equivalent spigen case for my iphone 11 pro for almost 3 years and despite many drops and and dings and smashes (eh, we’re human!), the screen never cracked and the phone is still in great shape, so i expect the same with this case!

5Expert Score
Perfect fit

I procrastinated too long, and needed a case quickly for my new iphone 14 pro, so i ordered the clear spigen case for overnight delivery to protect my phone while i looked for a more “fun” case. Usually the cases for newly released phones don’t fit quite right, the button covers and cutouts aren’t precise and make it hard to use the volume buttons and features on the phone. This case is the perfect fit for the 14 pro, and all the button covers and cutouts align perfectly! Looks like it will provide great protection for the phone and screen. It arrived overnight as promised, and was so inexpensive compared to other cases. Very happy with my spigen purchase, i’m not going to bother looking at other cases now!

5Expert Score
Does a great job

I bought this as a cheap temporary case to protect my new phone while i figure out what i want in a case. It works so well i’m planning to keep it.


• snug and sturdy fit
• good protection
• buttons are easy to press
• super cheap


• hard to get on and off
• no magsafe
• glare from flashlight on front of face

5Expert Score
Spigen never fails and remains on top.

Spigen once again, never fails to have the best quality cases. I’ve been using spigen ever since i got my first iphone, and i even use it for my ipad pro. No matter what case ever comes out or what phone comes out the first company i go to a spigen, their case fit snug and perfectly, and looks great whilst providing great protection. Not to mention i have a great selection of choices. 1010 would recommend any speed in case will do the job for you.

5Expert Score
Great, simple case.

This case is absolutely amazing for anyone looking for a cheap case from a good brand. Spigen always has good quality products, and this one is no exception. It fits snugly without being too hard to take on or off, and provides protection around the whole phone, including the massive cameras. I got the black one, which has a nice soft-touch plastic feel. The buttons are easy to press, and there is a good amount of clearance between the screen and edges of the case if you were to place it face down, even with a screen protector. For the price, this case is simply unbeatable.

5Expert Score
Fits well and provides great protection

I used the spigen soft transparent cases for my previous two iphones, and this one seems to fit the iphone 14 pro very well. The softer material protects and makes it easier to pick up the phone than trying to grasp the slippery-smooth iphone edges. It’s a firm enough material so that it slips easily in and out of my pocket—it’s not sticky or tacky in any way. I always get clear so that my gelaskin picture on the back of the phone is visible.

5Expert Score
Very good

Fits the 14 pro right on, kind of tight but it feels secure. I like that it’s clean and clear and it has a nice border around the screen and around the camera. The lenses on this phone stick out a lot more than older phones so i’m glad this case has that bump for protection.

5Expert Score
Love the clear

I had this same brand case for my last iphone and loved it so of course i bought it again for the new iphone 14. I drop my phone a lot, and in addition to a screen protector, this case protects my phone from damage very well. I love the clear non-yellowing case because i tuck different photos behind it to change up the look of my case ever so often!

4Expert Score
Tight fit. 'sound tunnel' covers top speaker too much, negatively affecting sound.

– fits around phone very tight
– tpu material does not pull pockets out like silicone cases do
– buttons feel very tactile

– the ‘sound tunnel’ covers the top speaker too much, affecting the spatial audio. Apple designed this speaker to not be obstructed to allow for correct spatial audio playback. The sound tunnel reduces its effectiveness. There should be a small cutout in the case around the speaker, not a raised tunnel.
– the raised bumps on the back of the corners are sharp and give off a cheap feel. It would be better to have no bumps on the back corners.
– the slits around the buttons will allow dirt and dust to enter the case. I understand the slits are there to allow the buttons to be pressed easier, but i’d rather it be closed off to dirt and dust.

4Expert Score
Love spigen products!

Love spigen products and was happy they had a case available at the iphone 14 pro launch date! It came with plastic protective sheets for the inside and outside glass to prevent scratches before installation. Just peel off then insert phone for a snug fit! Sadly, it didn’t come with a camera lens cover like some others do and the camera ‘bump’ isn’t very big but oddly enough did cause an issue with my 3 in 1 wireless charger but that charger was old and the new one’s height was shorter and had no issues with charging with case on! It is one of those open style shell cases so naturally i used spigen tempered glass for screen protection! Thank you spigen!

4Expert Score
Good protection without added bulk

Nice minimalist design, with just enough lip over screen and camera lenses to prevent contact when set down. Button action is very easy, and the strap/lanyard holes are appreciated. Dropped a star because it arrived warped, with the sides not making contact with phone. I’ve bent it into shape a few times and hope it stays that way.

4Expert Score
Fits great, but expect plenty of smudge marks

The case overall feels pretty good and fits the phone well. It’s a bit tight to get it on, but once it’s on, it’s quite snug. My only complaint is that already i can tell there will be a ton of smudge marks from my fingers on the clear back of the case. If you don’t mind that then this is a great case.

4Expert Score
Good fit to the iphone 14 pro

I’m always the fan of spigen products, this case fit very good and work with the protection glass. Happy with it.

4Expert Score
Very nice, simple case

This is a nice, simple case for my iphone 14 pro that fits as expected. The slight hue on the clear portions give it a nice dark look that i like and you can see the apple logo on the back very subtly. Only gripe is i wish this had magsafe.

4Expert Score
Nice case

This case fits well and looks very nice. My wife likes clear cases.

4Expert Score
Tapa un poco el speaker de arriba un poco. Por lo demás bien

Tapa un poco el speaker de arriba un poco. Por lo demás bien

4Expert Score
Great but…

Great case but does not work with a few wireless chargers i have around the house because the camera cutout is raised and doesn’t lay flat enough to charge.

4Expert Score
Isn’t snug enough

Love spigen cases but this one makes a noise from the free spacing allowing the case to tap the phone whenever i grab the sides. Not a nice fit for the 14 pro

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