Sport and CBD: what are the benefits on the muscles?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a constituent of cannabis in the same way as THC. However, unlike the latter, it is non-psychoactive. For the many physiological effects it has on the human body, it is increasingly popular in several areas, including sports. Used by a good number of athletes, CBD would have many benefits on the muscles.

CBD can help build muscle

To get a real idea of ​​the impacts of CBD on muscle development, it is first necessary to understand the implication of hormones on muscle growth. Two groups of hormones specifically influence muscle growth. These are catabolic hormones and anabolic hormones.

Anabolic hormones are able to promote dramatic muscle development. This makes them anabolic hormone supplements, unconditional boosters for the most committed athletes. If these supplements can be of great help for bodybuilders, it can still represent a danger for people who just want to maintain their physical shape.

For the latter, catabolic supplements are best suited. Unlike anabolic boosters, they promote the breakdown of muscle fibers. Among the different types that it is possible to find, cortisol is certainly the one that has the greatest effect on muscle development.

It may seem paradoxical to mention cortisol when the goal is muscle development. However, it makes sense when you know that controlling cortisol spikes can limit the damage it can cause to muscle size. It is also at this level that CBD intervenes which, as studies have shown, is capable of interfering with cortisol secretions.

It actually helps manage excess cortisol during fairly stressful situations, both physically and mentally. However, sports sessions are also a source of physical stress. As a result, poor management of cortisol spikes can truly undo all the hard work.

In fact, CBD may be useful in blocking the decrease in protein synthesis caused by cortisol. In addition, it promotes a better balance within the SEC. A conservation of the state of homeostasis being the solution to any biological process, CBD thanks to its anti-catabolic properties is therefore effective in developing muscles.

Furthermore, the effects of CBD on muscle development are not limited to its actions on cortisol. It must be emphasized, the lack of motivation is the first obstacle when you want to work your muscles. Thanks to its anxiolytic properties, CBD can be a real booster to activate and give the best of yourself.

In addition, it improves the quality of sleep, thus facilitating muscle development. It also allows you to wake up in much better shape, ideal for getting the best out of yourself during the sessions. You will see in the article on the best ways to consume CBD in the  Cibdol encyclopedia , you will also see that it can be useful for many lifestyles.

CBD helps muscle recovery

If there is one phase that athletes necessarily go through in their quest for muscle development, it is that of pain. Indeed, whatever the physical activities carried out, the muscles intervene continuously. It is therefore essential to maintain them so that they are in optimal condition. Muscles in good condition are able to recover much more easily, but also have better resistance to injury.

To treat pain from the muscles, the most popular remedies are rest, high-protein diets or hot baths. However, these pains can persist and cause real discomfort. It then becomes urgent to find a fairly effective way to relieve these sensations. CBD becomes in this kind of situation the ideal solution to recover more easily.

According to a study conducted in 2022 , this component of cannabis would be effective in eliminating chronic inflammation as well as neuropathic pain. The therapeutic virtues of CBD were subsequently confirmed by other studies. For the experts, this agent apart from its antioxidant properties on inflammation also acts on intracellular signaling.

CBD thanks to its actions on the endocannabinoid system has the ability to reduce inflammation around the muscles. This also results in less pain and swelling. It is therefore a real support in the process of muscle recovery.

Note also that it is not a substance only reserved for top athletes. It can also be beneficial for any active person regardless of the type of sports program. If we also take into account its benefits on sleep and on the state of mind, it goes without saying that CBD is a great ally for active people.

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