Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler, Black

Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler, Black

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What are spring chef premium swivel vegetable peeler features?

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  • Smooth, effortless peeling – dual stainless steel blades stay ultra sharp and swivel to glide along fruits and vegetables easily. Includes a built-in blemish remover.
  • Save time, less waste – skins peel off quickly like they are melted butter without gouging your fruits or veggies. Takes off just the right amount so you save more precious produce.
  • Smooth glide technology – will not clog with peels. Dishwasher safe. Lifetime warranty.
  • Soft grip handle for maximum comfort – the non-slip rubber handle is comfortable for both right and left-handed use and makes peeling enjoyable. Includes hole for easy hanging.
  • Ergonomic design – the peeler is efficient and lightweight and is easy to use, even for those with arthritis.
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Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler, Black AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets from a great selection at everyday low prices. Free 2-day Shipping with Yakibest Prime.

Looking for specific info?

Does this work easily with the left hand?

Only with left hand vegetables.

Can you peel vegetable both both ways, away from you or towards you. I know they always say you should peel away from you but it’s not comfortable for

Yes you can! I peel away from me but i did try to see if it works peeling towards you and it does. The head swivels which really makes it easy to peel away from you and it glides with hardly any effort. It’s truly awesome!!

How long is the blade?

2 inches

How can it dig out the eyes of potato’s?

There is a point on the tip of the product, and though it’s plastic, it does dig out the eyes of the potato.

What is the advantage of the swivel? I’ve never used a swivel one before. Thank you.

I thinking it’s allowed you do the job faster,and this one which i think is better than others is not cutting into the surface of the fruits and vegetables. Is gentle and sharp at the same time. It doesn’t leave marks and unnecessary curves. However be aware of some cheap ones not very sufficient swivels. I like this one very much is one of the best i ever had.

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Is this item electric? Does it have a charging port?

This is not electric. Works good, very sharp and easy to hold.

Can some tell me how this compares to oxo good grips swivel peeler ?

Since they were inexpensive, i bought both. They are both great. If i had to choose, i’d pick the spring chef.

Want thin peels. My current peeler works fine, but takes a pretty thick slice. Is this good choice to reduce excess removal? Or recommend other model?

It takes a normal amount of peel off. I also have a peeler that takes a thick peelin off the fruit or veg and do not use it. This is the best peeler ib have owned and its under $7. I especially like the thicker handle that a easy to grip.

Can you peel mangos??

I am half hawai’ian and grew up in hawai’i with mango trees in our yard. I sure wish i had this peeler back then, because yes it absolutely can peel mango after mango after mango! 😉

Can this be used to peel winter ssuash?

I just peeled 5 butternut squash with no problem. 13 more to go!!!

Is this a good peeler for delicate fruit?

I don’t know about delicate fruit, but it does cut easily and doesn’t take off chunks of peel. The peelings are much thinner than the from cheap peelers i used to use. I like it so well that i bought a spare.

Why the tip is differ on customers pictures from the advertising? Which one is true?

Advertised tip is true

How is it compared to a regular old fashioned peeler? How is it different?

This peeler has a comfortable grip and is very sharp. I almost sent for the big buck cutco peeler but decided to get two of these for great deal less than one of the other. So glad i did. Peel apples from top to bottom instead of around and your will be amazed at how easily they peel with these spring chef peelers. Potatoes, carrots? Easy. Do not hesitate tp buy them.

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Is this serated or smooth?

It is smooth. I’m left-handed and this works great for me. (my wife talks about left-handed peelers. What do i know? They all work for me!) it is very sharp, does an excellent job of peeling carrots, eggplants, potatoes. And my thin-skinned avocados… I swear this is the only way i can eat my cados, the skin is too thin to scoop it out! Anyways, i’m very happy i bought it.

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Why did this take five days to ship?? I have prime.

I’m sorry it took so long to arrive. Amazon.com ships our products for us, so their customer service team may be better able to assist you with this.

Brian davis (spring chef)

Is it good at making those veggie strips/shreds as seen in the pic?

I only use it in our office bar to make citrus peel garnishes for cocktails. It works great for that!

Hello, you indicated that this is a set of two means two identical goods price 12.97? I want to clarify. Or is it 1 item? Thanks

There is only 1 peeler

Has anyone used this peeler to peel squash?

Yes i just peeled 5 butternut squash with no problem!!! 13 more to go!!

Why was i sent 2 peelers i ordered only. 1 wish to return 1

I have no idea why but if you can’t return it give it to a friend as a gift maybe?

Will this work great making proper ‘garnishes’ from an orange or lemon for cocktails? I would like to hear from people who have actually done it.

Haven’t tried for garnishes. All i can say is that it is very sharp and works great on veggies.

Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler, Black AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets from a great selection at everyday low prices. Free 2-day Shipping with Yakibest Prime.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Reviews were right!

My husband is the cook in our house, (i know lucky me!) and we have gone though some peelers! We had 2 that apparently both got thrown out and he bought a cheapy at a discount store. I started looking to find one that would be better than that one that was falling apart each time he used it. Based solely on reviews, i chose this one! And those reviews i read were spot on! He is so happy with this peeler, he is even putting the blade cover back on it each time after use! He says it is easy to hold and peels like a dream, so much so that he just wants to keep peeling cucumbers and potatoes, whether he needs them or not! And it is so easy to wash, thats my job. I just hope it will hold up for a good while!

5Expert Score
Love it!

After having fought with my ancient veggie peeler, this is ridiculously awesome! Glides over the veggies. Worth the price and you get two!

5Expert Score
So this is what a sharp vegetable peeler feels like

I had had my previous vegetable peeler for 20 years before i finally decided it was too dull to be worth keeping around. I had forgotten what it is to have a sharp peeler and i am on cloud nine now that my life has been made so much easier. Should have done this 10 years ago … Haha!

5Expert Score
Very efficient

Love this peeler and the features on it. It’s sharp and works very well. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

5Expert Score
Looking for mango peeler.. Not mango color

Found this ‘mango’ peeler, didn’t realize it was just a mango colored peeler. But, i’m super impressed with how easy it cut through the mango skin. Really sharp, easy to hold.. Great peeler imo.

5Expert Score
Best peeler !!!

This is the best peeler i’ve ever used! You won’t be disappointed

5Expert Score
Best peeler i've had so far

This vegetable peeler is easy to hold and easy to use. I’ve tried other more expensive brands that didn’t perform as well as this one. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a vegetable peeler.

5Expert Score
Nice veggie peeler!

I am a peeler!!! I don’t like skins on veggies n fruits. I have had the same oxo peeler for years, and loved it! I bought this new one and i’m a super happy peeling 60 yr old lady

5Expert Score
Good value!

This was a good value. It’s easy to use and sharp.

5Expert Score
Love this peeler!

I’ve been looking fir a good peeler. This is it! Easy to use comfortable to hold. Just works great .

4Expert Score
Peels veggies and cuts nails

Comfortable design, easy to use, simple to clean, and sharp enough to slice your fingernail right into the nail bed….. I speak from personal experience.

Once my nail grew back enough that i didn’t need to keep it bandaged, i got the courage to try the peeler again. No further incidents, appears it was just an operator error.

4Expert Score
Razor sharp but doesn't fit my hand too well

Good for long strokes (carrots, cucumbers, mangoes) but not so good with smaller rounded fruits like apples.

4Expert Score

Great little gadget. The only thing that’s a pain is just when you start peeling a little too fast the blades get twisted around .

4Expert Score
Very smooth peeler, easy to use.

The pit remover at the top of the peeler makes it very easy and convenient to use.

4Expert Score
They work well.

I recommend

4Expert Score
Hard to grip

This a pretty decent peeler. Only issue is the handle is a little thick for my small hands. Otherwise, love it!

4Expert Score
Great veggie peeler

Easy to use.

4Expert Score
Good vegetable peeler

This vegetable peeler works well. Well designed. Recommended.

4Expert Score
Good to use


4Expert Score

Works well

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