Stanley Classic Beer Stein with Big Grip Handle, Beer Party Mug and Tumbler, 24 oz

Stanley Classic Beer Stein with Big Grip Handle, Beer Party Mug and Tumbler, 24 oz : Stanley 10-02874-030 The Big Grip Beer Stein Matte Black 24OZ / .7L : Sports & Outdoors

What are stanley classic beer stein with big grip handle features?

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  • Keep it nice and cold: from the first gulp to the last sip, the stanley insulated beer stein keeps your brew refreshingly chilled. The secret behind the thirst-quenching thermal insulation. Vacuum insulated double walls that keep drinks hot for up to 1 hour, cold for up to 5 hours, and chilled for a whopping 20 hours. And with a large capacity of 24oz, you’ll have the power to empty 2 cans at a time and cut down trips to the beer cooler or fridge in the kitchen.
  • Meet the rugged legend: it’s the insulated beer stein that’s made its way into outdoor folklore. The beer stein cup that’s crossed paths with speeding bullets, category 5 hurricanes, and 4000ft drops and lived to drop jaws another day. It’s the stanley adventure beer stein. Made of 18/8 stainless steel and crafted to last a lifetime, this is more than just a mug – it’s a rugged heirloom. Whatever you throw at it, this legend will handle it.
  • Sip in comfort: whether you’re hanging out at that backyard bbq, sipping on some ale out in the wild, or cooling down with a lager in the pool, this insulated metal beer stein makes every sip an adventure in comfort. You’ll love the feel of the extra-large handle; a big grip that gives you a firm grasp through the most raucous of toasts. And thanks to the double-walled insulation, the exterior of this insulated drinking mug stays sweat-free as you enjoy a cold one.
  • A gift to remember: the stanley big grip beer mug is what every gift dreams of being when they grow up: practical, durable, and a recipe for countless compliments. Christmas, birthday, or anything in between, this insulated stein is just what you need to crown the occasion. That beer lover won’t just be blown away by the temperature retention, they’ll relish the ease of cleaning. This bad boy is dishwasher safe and can be quickly rinsed courtesy of the smooth interior.
  • Built for life: since 1913 we’ve promised to provide rugged, capable gear for food and drink – accessories built to last a lifetime. It’s a promise we still keep. Stanley products purchased from stanley resellers come with a lifetime warranty. So, whether it’s an epic hiking adventure out in the wild, a fishing trip with hopes of reeling in a prized muskie, or the day-to-day grind navigating the urban jungle, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back through it all.
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Stanley Classic Beer Stein with Big Grip Handle, Beer Party Mug and Tumbler, 24 oz AMAZON : Stanley 10-02874-030 The Big Grip Beer Stein Matte Black 24OZ / .7L : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

What kind of lid does it have? Is it like the 30 oz?

I bought the 24oz stein, there is no lid. Just a mug/stein.

Is there a lid with this? Or, is it possible to purchase a lid separately?

I’ve bought the xccme 30oz skinny tumbler replacement lids and they fit the 24oz stein that comes without a lid.


How much is the top inside diameter?

Top inside diameter is right at 9 inches

Diameter of interior?

The internal diameter is 76mm.

Why would you make a great stainless steel 24 oz insulated mug like this and give it a plastic handle???? I need a steel handle

The plastic handle is sufficient imo.

Version with lion figure on it has any diff?


I’ve bought four mugs ( in different days ) and i received only three. I’m trying to find a way to contact the seller but i couldn’t. Please contact m

Should be a link on the product listing.

Can the mug be left in the freezer?


Good morning, i need buy 100 pieces of this product. Please let me know colours and price for all?

This would be a question for the manufacturer or one of their representatives.

Cuanto kg pesa el producto ?

350 gramos

Can the handle be removed?

The handle screws into the mug. So we can extrapolate that we can unscrew the handle. I do not know if the handle can be removed cleanly.

Puedo pedir 3 colores diferentes en un mismo pedido?

Si solo que debes escoger cada color y los vas poniendo en el carro de compras y si los tres que escoja son del mismo vendedor a la hora de pagar le salen en un mismo pedido

Where can i get a lid for this??

You can’t not for this one

What is on the bottom?

The black metal bottom, a bar code label, and some words.
I have a jpg image, but for some stupid reason amazon only allows videos here.

Has anyone found a lid that works?

There is a version with a lid, but the lid is not needed, and it keeps the temperature normally.

Cuánto pesa?

500gr, con caja

It’s original?

Hi, yes, it is original and you can buy without fear! I ́m using here in brazil, a tropical and very warm country to drink my cold beers on the pool, and working perfect!

Can this mug be left in the freezer?

I do! So far the powder coating has not been affected, so i doubt that it ever will be. Makes for a seriously long-lasting and cold beer! Cheers

Seems the biggest complaint with this mug is damage due to poor packaging. What is amazon doing about this?

It was packed well.

I see two versions, one with lion figure on it the other has only stanley wording. Any info abt it ?

No difference

Stanley Classic Beer Stein with Big Grip Handle, Beer Party Mug and Tumbler, 24 oz AMAZON : Stanley 10-02874-030 The Big Grip Beer Stein Matte Black 24OZ / .7L : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Very nice insulated mug

After breaking the final 16 oz glass beer tumblers wanted a mug that would be safer and keep drinks cold. This insulated mug fits that criteria. The larger capacity allows ice cubes and with enough capacity at 24 oz to accomplish that.

I’ve become so accustomed to using a coaster with a napkin with glass beer tumblers that i have to remember this saves paper use. These insulated types also don’t require a coaster so no worries that a chilled drink is going to leave a water mark on whatever surface they sit on. The wide base also makes them less tip prone.

Some mugs the handle is thin and a bit edgy that holding a filled mug isn’t very hand friendly. This handle has a rounded contour to be easy on our hands when drinking. Wish that the brushed stainless on the outside was just a bit lower by 1/4′ as some using this mug get lip marks on the colored area.

The best part is that these keep chilled drinks cold for many hours. Wife had hers filled with about 8 ice cubes at 3/4 full and left it on the table overnight. When getting up to do the morning routine some 8 hours later, the chilled water still had shrunken ice cubes remaining. Was curious about how cold it was when ambient temps inside the house were 79-80f, the fluke ir temp gun came back with 46f. Have not tried them with hot liquids since it’s summer.

Another nice aspect is that these are not glass so dropping them does not result in glass shards to clean up and potentially draw blood. Glass may be traditional yet performance with drinks is much improved with these. These are not a traditional on a table setting for guests yet for casual use these are a big win.

Very pleased. Lifetime warranty as well.

5Expert Score
A great coffee stein!

This is my go to coffee/all the beverages mug it’s tough and has bounce i’ve dropped mine from 30 feet working on a roof and have used it to apply blunt force to stuck objects and it’s still keeping drinks hot and cold. Primarily ignore the reviews for a lid as i’ve wasted $30 ordering the wrongs ones that were mentioned in reviews. Take the stein to a store and match the lid to save you time and money!

5Expert Score
Great beer stein

A lot to like. Big capacity. Insulated. Smooth drinking lip. Widen base. Lighter than glass. Unbreakable. Well made.

Liked it so much i bought two more.

5Expert Score
Awesome mug for hot and cold drinks

This mug is a great buy, guys.
The stein-style of this mug allows it to hold a lot of whatever you’re drinking.

I’m a bigger fan of the cold drinks, so seeing how long ice held in the mug was key.

As a test, i left it on the counter overnight with my leftover ice and around 7 hours later, there was still ice in the mug. That impressed!

If i have any suggestion, or ‘complaint’, it’d be that i’d like to have one of these mugs available in red!

Go get one. You’ll own it for years.

5Expert Score

It was discounted nearly 50% because someone scuffed it. Totally worth it, because these cups are nearly indestructible.

5Expert Score
New favorite mug

These things are awesome and the 16 oz tervis tumbler lids fit perfectly with these mugs.

5Expert Score
Hard to tip and keeps liquid cold !

Needed to have a something that was hard to knock over. This is it and it does keep soda (and other certain liquids) cold and stay cold a longtime. I will buy another, the same color !!! Update, it’s starting to pit in the bottom!! Will throw away. Will never buy this brand again.

5Expert Score

Dura mucho tiempo tu cerveza helada

5Expert Score


5Expert Score


4Expert Score
Coffee hot over an hour if you get an (unincluded) lid

The cup of coffee i poured into the mug is still drinkably hot 75 minutes later.

I attribute part of that to hijacking a tervis 16 oz cup lid. The mug doesn’t include a lid, which is bone headed.

Otherwise the mug is reasonably stable , slight feel of weighted base. It doesn’t fit my cup holders and, like the stanley admiral’s mug, you need a second cup if you need to reheat the beverage as it is not waveable (i think; its metal and i’d rather not run the test). It is easier to clean than the admiral and the tervis lid is easier to position. These came from amazon warehouse, which made them great buys. I have favorite ceramic cups but this one should withstand drops better . (ps. Liquid weld withstands the wave where gorilla glue softens. Buy this and you won’t have that problem)

90 minutes, still hot.

4Expert Score
Damn fine stein

It says i should mention value for money, durability or easy to hold.

I could say all those and more, and yet the true secret is that a tervis caps it all off.

Do it. And put it in the freezer…

4Expert Score

This stein works perfectly. It is not like a thermos that is completely sealed to keep temperatures for extended periods of time. But this works perfectly to keep beverages, like beer, at a nice temperature for a few hours as opposed to twenty minutes or so. Works great and would recommend.

4Expert Score
Insulates very well but quality is a concern

A metal piece jiggles around inside but doesn’t affect its ability to keep drinks insulated

4Expert Score
Almost perfect!

Only thing i’d change is that it be car cup holder accessible. Can’t rate durability yet, haven’t worked it through it’s paces….

4Expert Score
Not for long term heat retention.

The 16oz tervis lid fits good as other have pointed out. I use this for coffee but i didn’t want it to hold the heat as good as some might. I have a yeti rambler for that. I wanted this one because the price was right and it holds more than my yeti. 4 cups from my bonavita 5 cup brewer fills this stein perfectly. The handle is firmly attached with screws but has a small gap. So if you force it, it can wiggle but not easily. No glue.

4Expert Score
Muy buena inversión

Debería ser un poco más pequeña, de 500ml por ejemplo

4Expert Score
Next time put polybag in my order pleace

No polybag

4Expert Score
Great mug, but needs a lid

I really enjoy this mug, but it really doesn’t serve its purpose without a lid. So far i haven’t been able to find any lid that actually fits either.

4Expert Score
Stain and scratches

The mug is very good, it really keeps the drink cold for a long time.
Unfortunately they came with some scratches and stains. As they were a gift for family in brazil and wouldn’t have time to return and wait for new ones! They loved anyway.

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