Stanley Quick Flip GO Bottle

Stanley Quick Flip GO Bottle : Stanley GO The Quick Flip GO Bottle 24OZ Blush : Sports & Outdoors

What are stanley quick flip go bottle features?

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  • Perfect travel bottle: the quick filp go bottle can fit in most cup holders so it can ride along in your vehicle. The double wall insulation keeps your favorite tea, coffee or other hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours or cold for up to 12 hours.
  • Tough and durable: unlike normal mugs, this is manufactured using 18/8 stainless steel, meaning it can take a beating. Everything is made with bpa-free material so your drink stays safe to consume.
  • Leak resistant cap: this trigger action lid makes this travel thermos spill-proof and easy for one-handed use. The lid is designed with a push button, which opens mouthpiece on top. You can throw this in your work bag without worrying.
  • Easy to clean design: this bottle is made with a wide mouth tumbler opening that makes washing by hand a breeze. All components are also dishwasher safe to make clean-up easy for working men and women.
  • Lifetime warranty: ‘built for life’. Since 1913 we’ve promised to provide capable gear for food and drink, built to last a lifetime. It’s a promise we still keep. Stanley products purchased from stanley resellers come with a lifetime warranty.
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Stanley Quick Flip GO Bottle AMAZON : Stanley GO The Quick Flip GO Bottle 24OZ Blush : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

How do i purchase a replacement li?

Send the order number through the stanley website, their products have a warranty, if the lid is defective they will send you a new one.

Does anybody else smell a metallic/coin scent inside the bottle? This ceramivac tech was to suppose to eliminate that, but does not appear to work.

This item has a stainless steel liner. If you are noticing smell that won’t go away, we recommend to soak the inside with mixture of baking soda and vinegar repeatedly to remove it.

Can i order a new lid for my quick flip bottle

The lid is not sturdy for a 13 year old boys butt when he knocks it on the floor. I need a replacement lid.

Can i buy just the cap, i dropped my bottle and the cap broke?

For replacement parts, you may contact our stanley customer service team to assist you with the replacement availability.

Does liquid truly stay hot for 8 hours?

I can say i put coffee in at 6 am and it stays hot throughout most of the work day.

Why does this item pop up when i search for ceramivac? Isn’t that a little tricksy since its metal??

Because the quick flip comes in both ceramivac and steel form, it’s a related product. And yes it’s pretty tricksy

Does this one have the ‘ceramicac’ interior? It looks like it might just be a stainless steel metal inside

The inside is stainless steel

What is country of origin?

Made in china, and so far the only thing they have done right.

Are there smaller sizes available?

Classic trigger action travel mug is available in 12oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz. Sizes.

It comes with the original box?

No, the new ones do not come in a box. They have a wrapper on them.

Can i pour beer or carbonated water into this bottle?

Yes you can, i fill it with water for fishing, stays cold all day….. Enjoy

Can this tumbler ‘receive’ a different lid? Does anyone have lid dimensions?

I haven’t seen exchangeable lids for this thermos. The company’s customer service would be able to tell you if so.

Can it fit under a keurig coffee maker?

It’s 11 inches tall. I don’t know how tall your keurig is. But you can always pour your coffee into this from whatever you’ve been using. I love this stanley. The flip top is perfect and it doesn’t leak. And it doesn’t need a straw! Wheee! You can’t go wrong.

Do you offer lid replacements? I have purchased 2 bottles now because of a broken lid from a short height.

Unfortunately at this time we don’t have replacement lids.

Is it possible to get replacement lids for this?

I don’t know. I haven’t had to get a replacement. The one it has is built to last, though, so you may never need to replace it.

Is the bottle coated from the inside?

I can’t tell. It’s stainless steel with no visible coating inside.

What is the metal thing (circle) on the bottom? For

One metal clip is a lid lock and other is a clip that can be attached to a bag.

Can i put soda/pop carbonated drinks in this?

Of course. It will have the same issue as a bottle, if shaken or dropped the pressure will make it pop and explode when you open it but will be fine for day to day use. Keeps things hot and cold so good for any beverage. I use it for work, at end of10 hr day my drink is still cold by the end of the day. Easy to clean and carry.

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Have anyone ever found rust? I purchased a similar bottle and found rust on the bottom of the bottle after 6months of usage.

Nope. I’m so rough on mine, i’m surprised i haven’t killed it. It’s still doing its job like a champ and i use it every day, all day. Could you have set it down on something caustic? Or dropped it maybe cracking a seal? It’s stainless steel, shouldn’t be rusting….cracking a seal shouldn’t matter because again, it’s stainless steel. That’s a head scratcher. Maybe ask the company. Sorry i couldn’t have an absolute answer for you.

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Is there a plastic or epoxy coating on the inside of the bottle?

There is no epoxy or plastic coating on the inside of the thermos, it’s stainless steel. The wide opening also makes it really easy to clean.

Stanley Quick Flip GO Bottle AMAZON : Stanley GO The Quick Flip GO Bottle 24OZ Blush : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Stanley flip go bottle

Awesome just as i expected i notice no one can beat stanley when it comes
to thermos, the durability and hot and cold maintained time is unmatched
this is another perfect spill proof thermos added to my collection.
Stanley all the way baby!!!

5Expert Score

I have had many travel tumblers including yeti brand. This particular one i put to the test! I put ice and water in it and left it, for 24 hours! Although the ice melted quite a bit, there were still pieces of ice and the water was still extremely cold! I would totally buy this again and again!

5Expert Score
It does and is everything that stanley says. A good company putting out a good product!

Since it is taller it tends to lean or fall when not in use. Be careful when using cup holders! It holds more coffee because of its size which suits me fine. Keeps hot liquids nice and hot!

5Expert Score

Nice simple, minimalistic design, what i was looking for. Easy to clean, keeps drinks cool, only thing i don’t like is the height…its a little tall for my taste

5Expert Score
Good size leak proof.

Holds water cold and leak proof. On the heavier side but. Expected for a. Metal container. Hard to clean bottom without using an extension sponge but i use only for. Water. It has a. Locking. Clasp which is. Helpful as i’ve had. Other. Bottles leak that are screw top closures. Would recommend.

5Expert Score
Best water bottle

I got this on sale because i love the brand and the color was nice. Actually love it, it’s my favorite water bottle. Goes to the gym with my, goes in the car, in the office, in the living room, bedroom nightstand. It’s great and not too big and not too small. Worth it. Get it in a color you like cuz you’ll have to look it at it all the time.

5Expert Score
Legendary stanley bottles

You can’t go wrong, it’s stanley. I remember my grandfather carrying his stanley lunch pail and bottle in the original hammer green color. I didn’t hesitate to order this iconic branded bottle.

5Expert Score
Love this cup for traveling

Totally leak proof, stays cold for a long time, every part is dishwasher safe!

5Expert Score
Keeps iced drinks cold for a long time

Love these water bottles to keep iced drinks cold for a long time. These have a convenient flip top with a large enough opening so that the water flows through freely, even with ice in it. No problems with leaking either.

5Expert Score

Stanley is always a good product! I have several different versions and their all good

4Expert Score
Practical, sturdy & attractive

Love this bottle. Only tried for cool and works well. My only problem is the pop up lid – pops down when i get to the bottom of the beverage, taps me on the forehead. Wrote to stanley, they replied that they have created a ticket. Two weeks have passed with no additional response. It’s not an end all but feedback would be nice, as i don’t know if all kids do that or just mine. I’ll update if there’s additional reply.

4Expert Score
Sometimes is lost water

Very good it keeps the cold and the heat and also the ice. The size is ideal for one person and to keep in the wallet but you must be careful since once it happened to me that the water was filtered. You just have to pay attention that it is really well closed

4Expert Score
Love this bottle. Definitely not lilac, though.

I love these bottles. I have two, and they’ve never leaked even though i often lay them on their sides in the car. Love the flip top, easy to use one-handed, easy to clean, latches to prevent accidentally pushing the button to open the lid. My only issue is with a misrepresented color. I ordered a ‘lilac’ one, but it’s a sad, flat grey. It’s disappointing, because i do enjoy pretty colored water bottles. I also have a ‘guava’ one, and it’s true to the pictured color.

4Expert Score

I bought lilac color, and as you can see in the picture, it is actually light blue color rather than light purple.
For 24oz, the bottle is somewhat bulky, but i like the quality. Very easy to clean

4Expert Score
Stanley go quick flip stainless steel

I drink my diet mountain dew from a bottle that i add ice to. I’m always trying new bottles trying to find the perfect one. I e heard good things about stanley so decided to try them. These are 24 ounce and 27 would be better for my needs. I fill it with nugget ice in the morning before work and by the time i get home, the ice has all melted. That’s a little surprising. Otherwise this bottle works good and keeps my drink cold. It fits tightly in a cup holder in the car.

4Expert Score
Love it, but color is way off

Functional, love the carry handle. My 9 yr old is carrying it. But the color is not as described. It’s a very pale gray color.

4Expert Score
Awesome, but heavy and bulky

Overall, this is a great water bottle. It’s keeps ice for at least 24 hours (haven’t tried keeping anything hot in it yet) and i would definitely recommend this for camping or hiking, but i would not recommend it for an everyday/all day water bottle. It’s very big, decently heavy and bulky and the lid falls into my face when taking a drink, which is annoying, but not a super big deal i suppose.

4Expert Score
Color not like picture

The bottle seems good so far but i was very disappointed on the color not lilac at all more like grey/baby blue

4Expert Score
Good size and easy to carry.

Improve the carrying handle.

4Expert Score
Nice color

This color is very cute

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