Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Remote Control & White Noise Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Colors LED Night Lights for Kids Room, Adults Home Theater, Party, Living Room Decor

Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Remote Control & White Noise Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Colors LED Night Lights for Kids Room, Adults Home Theater, Party, Living Room Decor

Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Remote Control & White Noise Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Colors LED Night Lights for Kids Room, Adults Home Theater, Party, Living Room Decor – –

What are star projector features?

  • 4 in 1 star projector night light – rossetta star projector combines a projector, nightlight lamp, white noise machine, and music player all in one device, which creates an extraordinary audio & visual experience. Features 14 vibrant colors that project shining stars and memorizing nebula cloud, the starlight projector brings the vast starry night skies indoors where you and kids can enjoy the peaceful galaxy in your bedroom or kids room. Enjoy the beauty of space in the comfort of your home.
  • White noise sound machine – the night light projector includes 19 popular white noise sounds that are both relaxing and soothing while you try to fall asleep or during meditation. Combining both the gentle sounds from the white noise sound machine with the baby-friendly memorizing rgb led night light will grant an unforgettable experience that will put any soul at ease. Both kids and adults can enjoy this fun and versatile dinosaur egg starry night light projector for every restful night sleep.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 speaker & voice control – the galaxy projector features a built-in bluetooth speaker. Connect your device via bluetooth to play some music through the galaxy light projector and watch in amazement as the little stars blink and nebula cloud moves rhythmically to the beat of the music. You can activate the sound function from the remote control and the night lights will flash and change according to the music rhythm or by clapping your hands, resulting in immersive experience.
  • Remote control & auto-off timer – along with the 4-in-1 star projector galaxy light, you also get a remote control that allows you to control color lighting, projection mode, brightness, speed, music selection, volume and timer. The auto-off timer can be set to either 1 or 2 hours and if forget to set the timer, the device will automatically power off after 4 hours. The remote control and auto timer are easy to use and provide flexibility when trying to set a timer to turn off at a certain time.
  • Great room decor & gift ideas – at rossetta, we value our customers and want to ensure every customer has a great experience. We provide 24/7 customer service in english and spanish if you need any assistance. All our star projectors are fcc, rohs and ce certified. It’s perfect for you to decorate bedroom, kids room, game room, home theatre, ceiling, wedding, anniversary and party decorations. Great gift for boys and girls during birthdays and christmas, and a cool gift for friends and family.
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Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Remote Control & White Noise Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Colors LED Night Lights for Kids Room, Adults Home Theater, Party, Living Room Decor AMAZON

Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Remote Control & White Noise Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Colors LED Night Lights for Kids Room, Adults Home Theater, Party, Living Room Decor – –

Looking for specific info?

How do i turn off the ladies voice? It’s really nice and relaxing…. “ppoowweerr offf!” then it’s all ruined. The volume control doesn’t affect it.

Unfortunately, i haven’t found a way to turn her voice off. I hear her say, “bluetooth mode”, every time i turn the projector on.. I set the
1 hour time for my son and i can’t tell you if she talks and says, “power off”, since i’m not in there when it goes off..??..
Sorry i couldn’t be more helpful.

Where does this ship from

This christmas light projector is fulfilled by amazon, and ship from amazon warehouse in usa. It will ship to anywhere that ships to.

Where can i find the safety information for this product? Thanks!

Dear valued customer,
thank you very much for your interest in our galaxy projector.
At rossetta, the health and safety of people and pets remain our number one priority. The most important factors for us to consider when setting up a night light are power sources and overheating. First, although most bulbs use a relatively small amount of power compared to other electronics, rossetta galaxy projector bulbs tend to draw more power than their ceiling or lamp-based counterparts. Since the device is intended to run for long periods of time, ensure that the outlet is not overloaded to prevent shorts and other electrical damage. Second, rossetta galaxy projectors also have an auto-off timer which you can set to turn off after 1 or 2 hours. No need to worry about leaving it on when trying to fall asleep. Will be off after 4 hours if forgot to set the timer.

Laser light
do not stare into the beam class 1 laser product
diode laser – max. Output < 1 mw

briefly looking into a class 1 laser will not instantly damage the eyes but starring into it would but that would be very deliberate and difficult for a child to do.

Last but not least, inside the box, you can see the label for the safety information for rossetta projectors, rossetta projectors are laser lights that project thousands of colorful stars. The lasers we use are low-wattage, we split the main beam into thousands of smaller beams which are less than 1 miliwatts each, and wavelength is between 400-700nm. We are also registered with the cdrh (center for devices and radiological health) and take great precautions to ensure user safety. All in all, we would like to make all our customers stay healthy and safe with our projectors.

We look forward to working with you and hope you will be happy using it.

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Is there any way for me to use my phone as a remote control for the colors, lights, and other features?

Not this model. The 3.0 has an app you can download and use

What, specifically, are the 19 white noise sound effects, please?… I have searched, and have not been able to locate the answer to this question.

I’m sorry but i’m not sure of all of them because i can’t read the entire directions due to the print being extremely small and also poor eye sight from cancer. But i know a couple of them. The rainforest and the sound of the forest, like birds and other pleasant sounds. Ocean waves and light rain are the ones i listen to. Sorry i’m not more helpful, but enjoy.

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Can i set it to just one color setting? Or does it have to rotate between all the colors?

You have the option to say it to one color. You also have the option to mix the colors as well

Cam this model be controled with a phone app?

No. This projector is controlled by remote.

Is there anyway to keep the stars on the entire time, instead of fading in and out?

So yes the stars do eventually fade but they stay on as long as you want, but they do fade in and out. Their is an option where you can leave it on just the stars, instead of the aurora effect, but the only thing is you can’t change the color stars, they are only green stars. I hope that makes sense.

I did not get an instruction manual with mine. Is there a downloadable version?


How do you stop the projector from turning off after 30 minutes?

You can’t it will only be on for 1hr !

Almost everything is perfect. But i wish the stars weren’t green. Anyone know if you can change the green laser out for another color?

You can’t change the green laser, it seems the stars are only one color: green, but it’s still gorgeous nonetheless.

How can i order a replacement cord?

Good question! Mine never worked and i have never heard back from seller!

Can you disable the microphone and voice command?

The thing is garbage, it lasted about a couple of weeks if that. Now it just shuts off, the laser lights don’t come on and the remote is worthless. I do not recommend this product.

Does it project an actual representation of our galaxy or just random lights for effect?

Hi there! Unfortunately it does not show an actual representation of our galaxy or solar system etc.. This just shows what i would consider to look like as aurora borealis lights in multiple different color schemes and tiny green dots that you may turn on or off with the other lights, to portray stars. It’s still very beautiful though and the customer service through this company is impeccable! This just does not portray any sort of planetarium effects. So if that is strictly what you’re looking for, i would continue your search. Hope this helps some!

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Have the colors stopped moving for anyone else?

Mine did. But i turned it off and unplugged it. Then they started moving again.

Is there a way to change the green stars to other colors?

Unfortunately, the green stars can’t be changed to other colors, but you can turn off the stars. My kids love the green stars on the ceiling very much, please do not use laser shone directly in eyes and keep away from kids.

How do i turn it on?

It works off a phone cube and has to be plugged in. There are on/ off buttons on the side as well as a button for color choices. You can also use bluetooth with it. And it has a remote for different functions. Instructions are included.

Will it show up black light posters?

Not the same as an actual blacklight but it will make them glow

Are the stars white? Most i’ve looks at are green.

No, in the photos the stars look more white, but actually star lights are green very vibrant green but it’s still absolutely beautiful! Lights & colors are very vivid, i really love this projector and use it in my music room and bathroom.

With music, does it only quickly flash through all colors independently of the music? That’s what mine is doing. Incredibly quickly, to no beat.

This doesn’t really answer the question as the aforementioned button simply perfoms as the this individual mentioned (i.e. Quickly flashing, independent of music), nor does the speed button seem to pair it any more efficiently with the music. I’m assuming the product description is simply exaggerating when it says that you can have it interact with your music, but please do let us know if anyone has figured out how to actually make it to react to the particular music being played. Great device overall (and mellower music naturally pairs well with the preset nebula cloud movements anyways), but i was excited for – and feel a bit mislead – by the seeming inability to get it to actually respond/interact with one’s personal music.

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Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Remote Control & White Noise Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Colors LED Night Lights for Kids Room, Adults Home Theater, Party, Living Room Decor AMAZON

Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Remote Control & White Noise Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Colors LED Night Lights for Kids Room, Adults Home Theater, Party, Living Room Decor – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Nice display of lights on the ceiling

The lights look really nice displayed on the ceiling and on walls and is adjustable comes with a cover to view the lights on the device only if you choose. Different colored lights and can be choose the differnent patterns on the device. I have seen home theater displays in the stores where they do lighting in the ceiling. This sort of simulates that but will have to get creative to block it from being on the tv.

5Expert Score
Calidad helegancia

Calidad de la luz .. Para un cine en casa .. Complementa luces traseras del tv .. Q para mejor resultado con luces .. Pero aun asi hacen un trabajo enorme.

5Expert Score
Better then expected!

Got as a night light for my sons and my wife is now obsessed with the thing. It is pretty awesome though if i say so myself buying another for my wife. (facepalm)

5Expert Score
I love it!

I love lights and this was a perfect accent for a romantic night or a nice relaxing night. It’s calming especially with all the sounds to choose from as well.

5Expert Score
Thank you!

My wife loves light and shrooms. So i saw this while looking for something else. She loves it and i get peace and quiet.

5Expert Score

I love this but the thing is, it will randomly turn on then off then on again. I’m not sure if i got a broken one or if im somehow doing something wrong? It probably doesn’t happen to everyone though so i think it would be a great buy but just keep in mind it might do this

i just realized that my roku remote will turn the light on and off if it’s close enough, so there’s nothing wrong with it at all. I didn’t think my tv remote would work on it. It’s a great light, i love it and definitely recommend

5Expert Score
Very nice for relaxation

Very nice colors and i like that there are so many options for sounds and speeds etc. Great for relaxing and winding down.

5Expert Score
Stary night!

Amazing colors! Such a fun addition to any kids room

5Expert Score
I got this for my daughter and she loves it

I love how it doesn’t hurt my eyes.

5Expert Score
Love this night light

The light on the ceiling is beautiful and so many to choose from and the music is lovely

4Expert Score
Green dots instead of stars water reflection not aurora borealis good remote controller

Egg design is nicer than a round, oval, or square plastic box. Options on remote are good. Do not like the green dots that are supposed to represent stars. They look nothing like stars however you have the option to turn them off or have them fade up and fade out. This projection device mimics water reflections in the choice of 3 colors or 2 mixed colors. Does not mimic aurora borealis. I have been fortunate to have seen aurora borealis and do not know of a projector that can project them realistically. If you know of one please let me know!

4Expert Score
Overall pretty good product, but

Overall we really like this projector nightlight for our son, however, for the price of it, you’d think we would have received a usb base to plug the cord into. It’s the least the seller could provide.

4Expert Score
Beware of remote the battery heater up so hot couldn’t touch battery….

Son loves the light and sounds. We were laying on floor watching and listening for a half hr. Loved sounds and the difference light patterns. When he grabbed remote said it was super hot. I pop the back off and the batteries burned my fingers. The 1 was even stuck to the spring..

4Expert Score

I never give my feedback cause most things are not that great but this one is awesome. For 12 yr old and love it! Its super bright, sound is clear. Just wish it came with a regular cord.

4Expert Score
Start ceiling

Doesn’t cover the ceiling. Prefer ability to change from green star color.

4Expert Score
Little disappointed yet still adore it and what it can do

Isnt the best out, and the controller leaves a lot to be desired in ease if you are like me and ignore directions lol. I wish it took more space on the ceiling then it does but if you line up just right you can get all of ceiling, but i prefer it also to get some of the wall. I still recommended my friend to get one though.

4Expert Score
Great light

Great light. Reaches huge area.
Bluetooth speaker isn’t loud at all tho. But love the light.

4Expert Score
Nice enough

I like the idea, and the bluetooth, but green stars? Why not blue or white, like stars? I am not crazy about the green stars, think it show reflect nature, but nice to have. I like the nature sounds. Thanks

4Expert Score
Cool product

Very cool product !

4Expert Score
No fue lo esperado

Muy pequeño pensé que era algo más grande por el precio

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