Starbucks Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Pike Place for Keurig Brewers — 1 box (40 pods)

Starbucks Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Pike Place for Keurig Brewers — 1 box (40 pods) Starbucks Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Pike Place for Keurig Brewers — 1 box (40 pods) : Grocery & Gourmet Food
Starbucks Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Pike Place for Keurig Brewers — 1 box 40 pods: In 1971, we opened our first store in seattle’s pike place market. Reflecting on our heritage inspired us to create this delicious blend with smooth body and subtle flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts. Brewed fresh every day in our stores, it’s a rich, satisfying and balanced cup. Starbucks k-cup pods are designed for use with the keurig single cup brewing system. Pike place is a registered trademark of the pike place market pda, used under license. Keurig and k-cup are trademarks of keurig green mountain, inc., used with permission.

What are starbucks medium roast k-cup coffee pods — pike place for keurig brewers — 1 box 40 pods features?

  • Flavor and roast: starbucks pike place roast is well-rounded with subtle notes of cocoa and toasted nuts, balancing the smooth mouth feel. It is a medium-roasted coffee: smooth and balanced with rich, approachable flavors
  • A premium cup: starbucks coffee is crafted with expertly roasted 100% arabica coffee beans
  • For keurig brewers: starbucks k-cup pods are designed for use with the keurig single cup brewing system
  • Enjoy at home: enjoy the starbucks coffee you love without leaving your home or office
  • Contents: includes one box of 40 k-cup pods of starbucks pike place roast coffee.
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Starbucks medium roast k-cup coffee pods — pike place for keurig brewers — 1 box 40 pods details:

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9.06 x 8.27 x 5.47 inches; 0.24 ounces

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Starbucks Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Pike Place for Keurig Brewers — 1 box (40 pods) AMAZON Starbucks Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Pike Place for Keurig Brewers — 1 box (40 pods) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Looking for specific info?

Why has the word torrefaction been added to this label? Is the product different than regular pike’s place roast?

Torrefaction is a specific process which produces a significantly lighter flavored coffee. Note: if it says torrefaction pike place it does not have the normal flavor of pike place.

Is this really caffe verona dark

Starbucks verona dark is just that and also at times i taste cocoa. I have not drank any other coffee in years and if i visit any one i take my coffee with me. I drink 6 to 8 cups a day and loved each one. Paula hulse

How much caffeine is in one kcup?

It is approximately equal to one cup of brewed coffee. As with coffee beans and ground coffee some k-cups are stronger than others caffeine wise.
Hope this helps!

Under the flavor and roast it indicates decaffeinated. Also in product information. Is it decaffeinated? Or not?

It would help enormously if people asking questions were clear about what ‘it’ is when asking questions about ‘it’. There are 25 flavors offered here at the time i am reading this, those of us trying to get more info from questions/answers have no idea which flavor you are referring to with ‘it’. Amazon, i have seen this so many times, with many different items, it is not helpful to others to publish such questions/answers without a clear reference to what exactly the item is.

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Does this work in the new keurig 2.0

Hi rana,
yes this is 2.0 compatible. You can tell because of the white rim around the top of the cup.

Do these have an expired date?

i just purchased this product and the freshness date is dec. 6 2018.

How do i discomtinue

If you’ve ordered from amazon, you just go to the orders site and remove the item you no longer want!

Are these 6 boxes k-cup or k-pod? I only want to buy k-cup as in cups, not in mesh. Can you please reconfirm?

The k-cups are the plastic containers, foil/paper seals, and grounds inside. They are reasonably recyclable, especially if you compost the grounds and recyclers will take rest, but ya’ ought’a collect the plastic cups in a little paper bag and take ’em in every year or so…the crap weighs only slightly more than air

Is this product popular with consumers?

It is a great tasting coffee. I reeder it frequently. One of starbucks best and most popular blends.

There is something fishy about what happens when you try to buy starbucks k cups on amazon prime. Can’t do it! Anyone know why?

Buying starbucks k-cups here is like a part-time job, especially with the subscribe & save. As nq noted the prive of 96 cups with a subscription was jacked up to almost twice what i was paying when i began sub & save about 14 months prior. You need to constantly monitor what the price is well before your deadline for the sub shipping date. Or you will suffer a major sticker shock. Only product i’ve had a sub & save for and unlike anything else i’ve purchased on amazon, they charge your account almost a full week before your order is even shipped. I canceled my starbucks sub & save late nov 2021, yet they still have it showing as active! (they prolly will not allow this post)

Are these in original packaging? Many bad reviews because of this. Have they fixed this?

My purchase of starbuck coffee was in starbuck packaging. The coffee was flavorful and a wonderful beverage early in the morning. Good luck with your purchase.

Does this work in the new keurig 2.0

Probably not.
The 2.0 machine is a keurig mistake. Like beta was to sony. They are trying to force everyone to go through them to create coffee for there 2.0 machine.

How does it taste?

My husband loves it! It’s his second favorite after the sumatra dark roast. We use filtered or distilled water in our keurig, which maximizes the rich taste of the coffee.

How many calories?

We’ve never bought the carmel flavor. We did purchase starbucks toasted graham and they do not list the calories. For more information they tell you to call 1-866-901-2739. Hope this helps you.

Why such a huge price increase after 9 reorders

Well not sure but for me on the second order they increase the price. I cancel the order and the following day the same price show as an offer. I resume the schedule orders now up to my 3rd delivery same price as the first one.

How far out is the expiration date typically on these boxes of 10?

Last time i ordered the expiration date was less than 30 days from the time i received my 90 k-cups

What is an experation date for starbucks dark roast k-cup coffee pods — french roast for keurig brewers — 6 boxes (60 pods total)?

First box was mixed and expired 2-6 weeks prior. The seconds was dated to expire in 60 days

Does anyone know the expiration date on these?

The ones i received has an expiration date of january 24, 2020.

This used to be six boxes of twenty. Is it still six boxes of twenty, or one box of twenty?

One box of thirty two.

Starbucks kcup salted caramel cocoa is amazing! Starbucks k cup hot cocoa is totally blah…..totally ! I am stuck with 2 boxes why the difference?

Personally i’ve only tried the hot cocoa of the two you mentioned. Hated it. I do love their sumatra dark roast coffee.

Starbucks Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Pike Place for Keurig Brewers — 1 box (40 pods) AMAZON Starbucks Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Pike Place for Keurig Brewers — 1 box (40 pods) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

In under 24 hours i was sent cinnamon dulce latte pods in a seattle’s best coffee box. This is a starbucks product, it’s not a latte, it’s normal, coffee pods. I love toasted graham by starbucks. I’ve ordered it many, many times, usually from keurig directly. They were oos, so i used amazon who graciously sent ir within 4 hours the first time. It was stolen, having been left in the wrong place. I called, got a promis of a refund, advised to reorder.
I reordered, it was delivered overnight, thank you, but it’s not even close to what i ordered and although can’t return it, i was issued a full refund. I’m left holding the ball about disposal.
And need to waste more time, today, trying to find a seller who knows the difference between a latte and nit latte, who can read ‘toasted graham’ vs. Cinnamon dulce, who has clean, starbucks box, not an obviously recycled seattle’s best box.
And i’ll have to get a neighbor to shop for it locally in a grocery super store.

5Expert Score
Best way to buy pike place: in bulk on amazon!

We buy pike place at the store for nearly 4x as much as we get it in bulk–here at amazon. We had bought it for years like that, then decided to try the stores again, but we’re back. Nothing beats the coffee delivered from amazon. Highly recommend, and recommend the best coffee: starbuck’s pike place! Darker but not bitter at all. Rich chocolatey taste! As we say, the best coffee ever.

5Expert Score
Wonderful option for keurig users

We have three people in our household, and each has their favorite coffee. That is the burst feature of keurig machines – freedom of choice! This is a good one, although not my favorite!

5Expert Score
Love these so much!

I was buying donut shop k cups thinking coffee is coffee… It really isn’t. I realized going to starbucks was always better than the donut shop coffee cups. I bought these because they weren’t priced too much. What a difference. Now i’m getting my starbucks quality everyday. Definitely recommend these!

5Expert Score
My favorite coffee

Absolutely love and i mean love cafe verona from starbucks it’s my #1 go to for coffee! The smell, the flavor it just makes me smile and enjoy my day just that much more

5Expert Score
Great price

This is such a great price for this coffee! I love me a starbucks coffee, so being able to make it at home is the absolute best!

5Expert Score
Love the flavor

Can only find cream brielle auto ship on amazon. I’ve been drinking it for a few years and love the smooth taste. Thank you amazon for caring this product

5Expert Score
The taste is most important!

I love this coffee! It has a great, relaxing flavor that i have to have as my first cup of coffee in the morning!

5Expert Score
Love those starbucks french roast k-cups

This is the best coffee i’ve ever tasted in over 60 years of drinking coffee.
These k-cups produce the flavor of perked coffee in minutes.
The price is good, no emptying grinds so it’s an easy, delicious coffee daily.

5Expert Score
My previous coffee left me with a dry mouth. This doesn't do that.

A friend brought me some of this to try. When i did i liked it.
I looked and my grocery store has it.
I didn’t compare prices yet.

4Expert Score
It gets the job done

I’m not a huge fan of keurig machines but that is what we use at work. I generally find the flavor from k-cups pretty weak and tasteless compared to any other form of coffee… Drip, nespresso, french press, etc. That said, starbucks does make one of the stronger and more flavorful cups out there. It’s no bob marley but it is drinkable and gets the job done. There wasn’t that much time before the best by date, probably why the price was lower than most listings. I see it has dropped another $10 in price to $45 for 4 x 24 packs. Must be trying to get rid of it to refresh stock. Bought another set to save some coin because their coffee can be pricey.

4Expert Score
This is based on my taste only

I like a more robust flavor than this provided. There is nothing wrong with and it tastes good, just not as good as my other brand. I compared it to victors and liked victors best. This is i believe just a bit more costly than victors also. But not prohibitive in the cost range.

4Expert Score
The real starbucks?

I’m still unsure if this is really pike place. I usually buy from sams club but needed it faster. The label on the kcup is a little different and it’s taste is a little off. It’s still definitely drinkable but not sure i’d reorder.

4Expert Score
Dark roast convenience heaven

My husband lives dark roast coffee and has tried just about every one out there. After tasting this k-cup version he instructed me to, from now on, only get starbucks sumatra for our keurig. We have a little more flexibility for our drip coffee, but when it’s a question of a quick cup from the keurig, he’s in dark roast heaven with starbucks sumatra.

4Expert Score
Good price and flavor

This was a good bye ,

4Expert Score
Descent but not great

This was a descent flavored coffee, but didn’t make me go this is a great cup of coffee

4Expert Score
Maybe not pumpkin…

They got it right, it’s pumpkin ‘flavored.’ it’s a bit weak both in taste and aroma but better than most i’ve tried. I’m starting to think that, short of drinking coffee from a hollowed out pumpkin gourd, it’s not going to get much better. 😉

4Expert Score
Good, even when out of date.

I ordered these on sept 16, 2022 and received them on sept. 17, 2022.
All 6 boxes had a bb date of sept 3, 2022. I like them very much but i’m sure they are even better if not so old.

4Expert Score
Great flavor!

I’ve tried several different flavors and always go back to the blonde roast.

4Expert Score
Very good deal, well packaged, but flavor feels off

My delivery and first order took a while, like two weeks for my first subscribe and save so i hope that’s not indicative of how it will be in the future? The k-cups arrived well boxed, in individual boxes, correctly, with an expiration date of 7 months away; sufficient, but also not great. They all have the proper starbucks logo so i have no doubt they are the real deal. The price was great, but i question the strength of the coffee and wonder if it’s due to it being so close to expiration? I remember sumatra being bold/strong and these just seem to taste flat and medium, a problem for me as since i had covid long ago and lost my sense of taste and smell and they only mildly returned, i must-have strong flavors and smells so i am super familiar with what i like and this seems ‘off.’ four stars for the boxing, the quality of the pods themselves, the order being correct, but one missing for lack of taste and boldness that i believe to be due to the coffee being older. I’m not sure i will remain on the subscribe option, which bums me out because this was a great and more affordable option.

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